Story: Thomas Gets His Wish

By | February 22, 2016

Chapter 1: Thomas

I really don’t remember how I came to enjoy diapers and humiliation. It’s just always been something I’ve enjoyed. Even at puberty age, I would have these odd daydreams about being kidnapped by gypsies and forced to live as their diapered slave. Despite my desires, I rarely had a chance to do anything about them. My parents were overprotective and would never understand. When I was old enough to go to college, I moved eighty miles away to get an education. My dad rented me a room from a nice lady about half a mile from campus and I finally had the privacy to act on some of my desires.

One of the first things I did was jump on my computer and start searching for any diaper related material I could. There was a surprising amount of it available. My favorite find was a social networking site that catered to AB/DLs to help them find potential friends and partners. I posted my own ad, added some pictures and made a few friends. Like most diaper fetishists, I wasn’t having much luck finding a woman that wanted to diaper and dominate some strange guy.

Then, just when I thought it was impossible, I got a message from a lady that just joined the site. She told me she loved my profile and saw that I lived in the same city as her and would like to chat. We chatted back and forth for a while, then she asked if I had a webcam. I didn’t, but promised to buy one the next day. She said before we ever met in person, she wanted to see me on webcam to make sure I would do as I was told.

I rushed home after class the next day with my brand new webcam. I hooked it all up, then waited for her to come online. She didn’t show up on the webcam, but she could see me. She insisted she wanted to maintain her privacy until she was sure I was the one she wanted. That first day we established that I didn’t have the props necessary for most of the tasks she wanted me to complete, so she settled for telling me to wet and mess my diaper on camera. She asked for my address and told me she was sending me a box of props that I would need.

The very next day I arrived home to find the promised box sitting on the front porch. It had no address labels, so she must’ve come to my place and delivered it herself. It turned me on to think she had been so close. I opened the box to find an enema kit, a good sized butt plug, a penis shaped dildo and a ball gag.

We connected again that night and she put me through the paces. First she insisted that I pull my diaper down just below my ass, then lube the dildo and fuck myself in the ass for ten minutes. I obeyed. Next she told me to fill the enema bag in the bathroom and hang it from the hook on the wall. She had me bend over the edge of the bed and give myself the full enema. Once the bag was empty, I had to insert the butt plug to prevent an accident and then once my diaper was pulled back up I had to sit back down at the computer. We talked for about an hour and then she signed off telling I could remove the plug, but not the diaper until morning.

This went on for a few more days. Every day she had a new assignment for me to carry out on webcam and I did them all. Then, one day, she got very serious and asked if I truly wanted to live this lifestyle. I told her I did and she insisted that I think about it long and hard, because if she agreed to take me as her slave there would be no turning back. She told me she was going to activate her webcam the next day and we would discuss if I was truly ready to move on to the next stage.

I thought about it a lot and knew this was a chance of a lifetime. No matter what it took, I had to live my dream. The next evening I signed on and so did she. She asked for my answer and I told her I wanted it more than anything. Her webcam then activated and what I saw nearly made me shit myself. I probably would have if I didn’t have a plug in my ass under my diaper. There on the camera was my landlady!

Suzanne smiled at me and explained that she found my stash and figured this was the only way she thought I would talk to her about it, so she pretended to be someone else. After explaining herself, she told me she was very serious about her previous offer and how she would love to have her very own slaveboy. Her terms were simple…

“I have recorded every humiliating act you performed on webcam for posterity. If you choose to truly go through with this, I will save them as leverage. If you ever disobey me or try to back out, I will show them to anyone that will watch. Starting with your family. If you decide not to go through with it, I will destroy them and nobody will ever know they existed. You have ten minutes to make a decision. In ten minutes, I will be going downstairs. If I see you bent over the dining table with your diaper at half mast and your plugged ass bared for your first spanking, then we have an agreement. If you are not there, I will destroy what I have and we will never speak of it again.”

The conversation then ended abruptly. I thought about it for a minute, more than a little embarassed about who was on the other end of the camera. Even still, I knew this was a chance of a lifetime, so I walked to the dining room, pulled my diaper down to my knees, bent over the edge of the table and waited. A few minutes later Suzanne walked into the room carrying a leather belt. She had a broad smile on her face and told me she was glad I decided to accept.

The sharp smack of the belt landing on my ass came next. It stung, but it was just the first. I lost count at forty, but it went on well beyond that. I was balling my eyes out by the time she finished. What had I gotten myself in to?!?

Chapter 2: Ms. Anson

When Thomas and his father came to check out the room I was renting, my heart skipped a beat. My last three tenants were middle aged men going through divorce and they really weren’t much to look at. Thomas a different story completely. Eighteen year old hardbody college student. Oh how I wanted to just rip his clothes off right there…

It seems Thomas had delayed in filing his application for dorm housing and was left out in the cold. So, his father was helping him look for suitable and affordable room to rent. Since I offer cooking and cleaning as part of my room rental, I usually charge $500 a month. Afraid that might be out of their budget, I fudged a little and told them $300. I was willing to take the cut to have this hottie living under my roof. When I gave them the price, they gave each other a happy glance and said they’d take it. Thomas’ dad paid me for three months in advance and promised to send his rent check directly to me every month.

Thomas and I got along great. He seemed to enjoy my cooking, but reticent about me putting his clean clothes away for him. It was obvious he was hiding something and didn’t want me in his room, which sent up some red flags. As much as I liked him, I couldn’t have him doing anything illegal in my house. Rather than confront him and ruin our relationship out of something that might not exist, I waited until I knew he would be at school for a few hours and then carefully searched his room.

To my delight, what I found was nothing illegal but it was obvious why he didn’t want me in there. It seems Thomas is quite the submissive little boy – and when I say little boy, I mean diapers and all. He had a box in his closet with a couple of disposable adult diapers that had obviously been worn a few times. I guess a college boy can’t afford to buy new diapers all the time. There was also a few dozen handwritten stories detailing his fantasies of being forced to wear diapers, have sex toys shoved up his ass, enduring cramp worthy enemas and subjected to harsh spankings. If this was really what Thomas wanted out of life, this might actually put me in a position to collect the prize I had been eyeing for the last two months.

Next I logged onto his computer and checked through his history. I found an online site that he had visited a lot that catered to diaper fetishists by helping them to meet like-minded individuals. His password was saved to the login box, so I logged in and read through his profile. On his profile, he expressed his desire to find a woman to diaper and dominate him. He outlined all the activities he enjoyed and even had some photos of himself in diapers posted. After writing down the site’s information, I put everything back where I found it and went to my own room to start my plan.

I started my own profile on the same site, making myself sound like the exact woman he had been looking for. Then, I sent him a message introducing myself and spent the rest of the day researching more about all the things he had written about in his stories. Before Thomas even got home from class, I had gotten half a dozen emails from men on this site wanting to chat, which reinforced my resolve. It was obvious there was a shortage of dominant women looking to fill that role and Thomas was probably fairly desperate. Now I just had to hope he was truly interested and not just acting out a fantasy.

We had dinner together shortly after he arrived home from school and the whole time I kept stealing glances at his groin area trying to figure out if he was wearing a diaper, but his jeans were too tight on his ass for that. After dinner he disappeared into his room, so I waited about twenty minutes and went to my own room to see if he had responded – and he did! We chatted for a bit online and I used the knowledge I had just gained while researching to hold a convincing conversation. Then something occurred to me. A common theme in all his stories was lack of control over his own circumstances. Every story had some sort of leverage held over his head that forced him to submit to the dominant woman in the stories. I quickly formulated a plan to gain that leverage. I told him to get a webcam, so he could prove himself to me before we met.

The next day, he logged on and announced he had purchased a webcam. I told him the first image I better see was his diapered ass. After about ten minutes of fiddling with his computer, I saw his image appear – diaper and all. I realized he didn’t really have the props he needed for the tasks I had for him, so I settled for making him wet and mess his diaper before we finished chatting for the night. It was funny to see him trying his hardest to mess his diaper, because I had lived with him long enough to know he did his business in the morning and probably had nothing to poop out. I knew he had no money, but so as not to give myself away just yet I asked if he had the cash to buy some props. Of course he said he didn’t, so I told him to give me his address and I would ship him some necessities.

The next morning, after he left for school, I went to a local adult store and purchased a dildo, a ‘medium’ sized butt plug that looked huge to me, an enema kit with a larger than normal nozzle and a ball gag. These were for the ‘care’ package I was going to leave for Thomas. I also bought a leather belt, a wooden paddle and some restraints in case things went my way. These I kept hidden away in my room.

I spent the next few days giving Thomas tasks to do on camera, using different variations of punishments I had read about online. He followed through with every one, no matter how uncomfortable it was. Every session was recorded for the leverage I knew was so important to his fantasies. Once I was absolutely sure about his resolve, I decided to go for the big reveal. I gave him one day to think about his future and if this was truly what he wanted. This was less for his benefit than me being a chickenshit and doubting myself. The next he was still insistent that he wanted to meet and make this a lifestyle, so I turned on my own webcam and gave him the shock of his life. Even through the poor quality of the webcam I could see him blush. I needed to keep up appearances though, so I insisted that he now make his final decision.

After a short explanation of why and how, I told him that I was very serious about my offer. If he wanted to live under my thumb, I expected him to be downstairs ready for his first spanking in ten minutes. At which point, the videos I had taken would be used as leverage to keep him in line. If he did not truly want this, then all he had to do was stay in his room and everything would be forgotten and the videos destroyed.

I turned off the camera and watched the clock and listened for any movement coming from his room. When I didn’t hear anything, I figured he had backed out. However, when I went downstairs holding the leather belt in my hand, I was pleasantly surprised to see Thomas bent over the table with his diaper pulled down and his ass held high. I commended him on his choice and, as I had read in his stories, made sure his first spanking was a memorable one.

Chapter 3: Preparations

The harsh spanking I had just received sent waves of doubt through my head. Fantasies of being spanked had always fueled my desires, but the reality was it just hurt. Then, Ms. Anson began massaging my ass and as the stinging subsided the warmth from the spanking spread into my groin and I really began to understand why being spanked was so hot. If you can endure the spanking itself, the effect on your body afterwards is just orgasmic. I lay there for about ten minutes as Ms. Anson rubbed my ass, tickled my balls and played with the plug still buried in my butt. Just when I was on the verge of orgasm, she pulled the plug from my ass and told me to pull my diaper up and get dressed.

Despite everything we had been through already, I had a hard time looking her in the eye. She seemed to enjoy it though, because it made me seem more submissive. Next she made comments about the fact that I was wearing a diaper I had obviously worn several times before and told me to get a fresh diaper. When I told her it was my last diaper, she told me to get some pants on because we were going shopping.

First place we went was the hospital supply store. We found the incontinence aisle and looked over the options. This place had a lot more options that the local national chain drug stores. I was used to wearing cheap, thin generics, but Ms. Anson noticed that the Molicare brand seemed to have a much larger bag with the same number of diapers, which meant thicker diapers. She placed the bag of Molicares in the cart and we continued down different aisles. She added a box of glycerine suppositories to the cart next and then diaper rash creme, baby powder and lubricant. When she was finished shopping, we went to the register and paid for everything. Then Ms. Anson asked the girl at the checkstand if there was somewhere she could change me. I turned beet red with embarassment, but the girl just told her there was a family restroom between the other restrooms by the doors.

The cart was too big to bring into the restroom with us, so she just opened the bag of diapers and took one out for everyone to see. Then she pulled me into the restroom and had me lie down on the small leather bed that was obviously put there for just this reason. My diaper was still dry, but it didn’t matter. She wanted to get me into the thicker diaper for the humiliation factor. All of my jeans are fairly tight, so fitting them over this new type of diaper was going to be difficult. Once she had me taped up into the new, thicker diaper she pulled my pants back up. It wasn’t easy, but we did manage to get them fastened. The thickness of the diaper left quite an impression on my pants though and you could clearly see the outline of a diaper.

Instead of going home after this, Ms. Anson insisted that I couldn’t go to school the next day showing off my diapers, so we needed to take a trip to the mall for some pants that would fit better. A lot of the folks at my college shopped at this mall, so I was mortified that someone I knew might actually see me. I almost chickened out and refused, but knowing that Ms. Anson could share those videos of me with my family brought me to my senses.

We went into a department store and headed for the men’s section. Ms. Anson explained to the saleslady that I had a problem and would need diapers for quite some time and needed pants that would fit over the diapers. The saleslady must have assumed I was sick or was in some sort of accident, because she treated me like a child. She unzipped my pants right in the middle of the aisle and checked the size of my pants, then grabbed a couple pair of jeans that had a slightly larger waist. She then led me to the changing rooms, but instead of going into a room, she stopped in the small hallway leading to them and pulled my jeans off exposing my diaper. Then she helped me try on the next pair of jeans and determined that they fit, but still made the diaper quite obvious. The next pair were a little looser and only someone staring at my ass would notice I was wearing a diaper. Ms. Anson bought four pair of the latter and thanked the saleslady for her help.

The last stop before home was a large porn shop that mostly catered to women and couples. Again we were approached by a saleslady who offered her assistance. Ms. Anson told her she was looking for good strapon harness that would fit multiple sizes of dildo. The saleslady showed her to the area with the harnesses and she looked through them until she found the one she wanted. Then they looked at dildos that would fit the harness. At one point, Ms. Anson showed me one of the dildos and asked if I would like it up my ass. I was too embarassed to reply, because I could see the smile spread across the face of the saleslady. She asked again and I made the mistake of turning away from her. She grabbed my chin and turned my head to face her and once we made eye to eye contact, she said I better answer her question or she drop my pants and spank me right there in the middle of the store. At this point, the ever helpful saleslady piped in by telling Ms. Anson it was an adult’s only establishment and to feel free to spank me if needed. Ms. Anson got a huge smile on her face and pulled me toward a chair sitting nearby. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees, exposing my diaper to the two saleswomen in the store with us. Next she pulled me across her knee and began raining down swats. It didn’t hurt through the thick diaper, but pain was not the point. She wanted to reinforce that she could spank and humiliate me anywhere she chose.

After the spanking, she left my pants around my knees and continued her shopping. She picked out three different dildos in different sizes and paid for them. Just when I thought she was going to drag me out of the store with my pants still at half mast, she turned and told me to pull them up. The ride home from there was uneventful.

Chapter 4: Ground Rules

When we got home, we had a talk about what had happened so far. She was worried that she had gone too far by humiliating me in multiple public places. Even though it was a very scary and embarassing set of events, afterwards I felt great. So, I told her exactly how I felt and she seemed pleased with that. At this point she insisted it was time to lay some ground rules that we would both have to live by. My only request was that I be given time off when visiting or being visited by my family. She agreed. Her own rules seemed pretty basic…

  1. Ms. Anson makes the rules.
  2. Thomas follows the rules.
  3. When in doubt, refer to Rule #1.

In addition to her very simple rules, she explained what she expected from me. Diapered at all times. Do as I’m told, when I’m told. And I have to do well in school. At this point, she explained that since I had four years of college to look forward to, that would be a good guideline for things to come. Since I wanted this life, it would be mine for the next four years. Upon graduation, I would be given the choice to continue to move on with no repercussions. It all sounded great to me, so I agreed.

We talked about school and not wanting to be openly humiliated in that environment. She promised that I would never be openly humiliated in a school setting on purpose, but that if I mess myself during class then that is on me, not her. Other public outings were at her discretion, which scared me a little bit since I often saw people from school out and about. She did explain that she would never do anything where children might be watching, so any public humiliation would be mostly limited to adult venues. Her next comment about becoming regulars at the porn shop we had visited earlier sent chills down my spine.

In addition to the fetish oriented rules of our new arrangement, she told me she would post a list of chores every week and I would be expected to finish them or earn punishments. Since these chores would be easy to complete, failure to do so COULD incur a punishment that ignored our agreements about when and where I could be humiliated. As an example, she explained that should I neglect my chores I might be sent to school after a double dose of glycerin suppositories. Also, schoolwork and studying always came first. If it took eight hours in a dirty diaper to learn a lesson, then that’s what I would endure.

Overall, the rules were designed to give me what I wanted. A college education and the humiliation I had craved all my life. So, in return, I was also to be enrolled in a massage therapy class so I could learn to please her. I was also expected to become a master of cunnilingus. It was all worth it and I was eager to please her in any way I could for making my dreams come true.

Chapter 5: Ms. Anson’s New Friend

The first few weeks of this new lifestyle was a learning experience for both of us. I have always had my daily bowel movement shortly after breakfast, but I had to train my body to have it earlier. Ms. Anson insists on a schedule where I wake up, get showered, rediapered and then breakfast. With this schedule, having my bowel movement after breakfast meant going to school in a messy, stinky diaper. It only took a couple weeks of forcing myself to poop before it was time to get out of bed before I had retrained myself. Either way, I had a few close calls those first couple weeks trying to avoid stinking up the school. Luckily, Ms. Anson had acquired some plastic pants that were very tight around the waist and thighs and they did a very good job at holding in the smell.

Another thing I learned was that Ms. Anson really loved my ass. During every diaper change she would massage my ass cheeks and run her finger around my asshole. Every night before bed she would have me lay across her lap on the couch while she rubbed and patted my ass through the diaper. I also spent a lot of time with my ass plugged by either a butt plug or bent over the edge of her bed with her strapon buried in my ass. This also led to another big part of my new life.

Ms. Anson insisted on visiting the local porn shop fairly often. She liked reading the femdom magazines and getting new ideas. On our third visit there, she met the store owner – Barb. A heavy set lady in her 40s that explained to Ms. Anson that her husband was a skilled woodworker that specialized in unique bondage furniture. As they talked, she mentioned that her husband could easily build a playpen, crib and high chair for the big diaper baby. He could also build in special punishment functions if she wished. Of course Ms. Anson thought it was great, so she made an appointment to check out his shop that weekend.

That saturday, we drove out to their country home and we were shown into the large barn which was converted into a workshop. In the barn, we were introduced to Chuck – Barb’s husband. There were several pieces of furniture that had already been built, which he used to show us how some of them functioned. Ms. Anson got almost giddy with excitement when he suggested she could get a feel for them by putting me in them. She quickly had me locked into a pillory that had several adjustment options and then Chuck ran through the adjustment options showing how they worked and making suggestions for activities that could be performed in each position. After the pillory, he showed us the bondage chair that had a removable hole in the seat for ‘easy access’ and a kneeler that was designed for restraining someone during a spanking.

After showing us the furniture he had pre-built, he mentioned that his wife had suggested adult size baby furniture with a bdsm twist. He showed us some drawings he had made in anticipation and asked Ms. Anson what she thought and if she had any ideas. The first of the three drawings showed a large twin-sized crib with bars on the top as well as the sides. Because of the size, the side did not come down, but rather opened like a door. Of course it was lockable and additional restraints were set along the bars. The second drawing was a playpen with an arched wooden top that could be locked into place and was designed more for exhibition than security. The final drawing showed a high chair with lots of restraint options and a three inch hole in the seat that could be used for placing a dildo or anything else you might need access for. Ms. Anson loved them all and ordered them exactly as drawn.

Barb insisted we stay for dinner and Ms. Anson accepted. After being invited into the house, my pants were removed as per the rules and I was sent to sit on the living room floor as they talked and got to know each other. They told her about some of the fetish parties they attended and other bdsm events. I got a little scared when they invited us along, but I also knew that anyone that would be at these parties would probably not be anyone I would have to worry about sharing my secret. After dinner, we headed back home and Ms. Anson promised to visit often. Not sure if I should look forward to that…

Chapter 6: School

Going to school was a scary proposition. The risk of being caught and humiliated was very high and I became very paranoid. The diapers I wore were very thick and even though the loose fitting jeans covered them well, I was still afraid someone would notice my ass was disproportionately large or even hear the crinkling of the diaper. Classrooms are very quiet, so I found myself sitting perfectly still for fear of people hearing my diaper crinkle.

After a few weeks I began to get more comfortable with the situation as none of my fears became reality. I think this comfort caused me to drop my guard a bit, because at one point I was sitting in the library studying and one of the librarians walks up and whispers in my ear that my “undergarment” was sticking up out of the back of my pants. I quickly tucked it in, but I had no clue how many people had noticed and said nothing.

I did mess myself at school a few times, but luckily most times it didn’t stink much at all. Ms. Anson was very good at diapering me very tight, so I don’t think the smell could escape the confines of my diaper very well. The one time it did stink, I had been holding it for a couple hours, waiting for classes to end, so I could mess on my way home. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hold it as long as I had hoped and filled my diaper with five minutes left in class. People obviously smelled it, but they assumed someone had farted. If I had messed any earlier, they would have figured it out before class ended. That was a close call.

On occasion, as a form of punishment, Ms. Anson would insert a glycerin suppository or two into my rectum before sending me off to class. Something about the suppositories kept my mess from stinking excessively, but it was still very uncomfortable. It would take the suppositories about 30 or 40 minutes to start churning up my bowels and then I would fight for control for another hour, but eventually I always lost the battle and messed my diaper in a serious way. Often in the middle of class or while studying in the library.

If she was really looking to punish me, which happened the first time when I tried to refuse to open the door for the pizza guy, she would use two or three suppositories and then her new favorite toy – a butt plug with a hole running through it. This meant I really had no control over my bowels and I would walk to school in a messy diaper that was only going to get messier.

Beyond the messy diapers and public punishments, I had another problem. Being a good looking, athletic guy I had a tendency to draw the attention of many of the girls at school. They would flirt and as much as I wanted to flirt back, I knew it would only lead to utter humiliation. I often caught glimpses of some girls staring at my ass and I didn’t know if they could tell I was wearing diapers. I know at least a couple guessed it, because they would stare a moment and then a puzzled look would come across their face, followed by a knowing look and then they would look away almost embarassed themselves. One part of me kept telling myself they would assume it was medical and I didn’t need to worry. The other part wished they would bring it to everyone’s attention and humiliate me publically. Daydreams…

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