Story: My Loving Wife, Amy

By | February 22, 2016

Part 1

“Good morning sleepy head how are you this morning?” I was asked by my loving wife.

“I’m feeling great this morning thanks,” I replied.

“Are you wet as usual?” She still asks even though I am wet every morning.

“Yes I think I am, can you see for me?”

Amy, my wife, slides her finger into my plastic pants and confirms that I am wet indeed but she can also see my lump in the diapers.

“What is this?” She asks while sliding her finger closer to the lump in my diaper.

“I dunno what is it?” I respond.

“Well it seems like someone is ready for some action this morning. Are you going to be a good boy and play nice this morning? We don’t need another spanking like the other morning, do we?”

“No mommy we don’t. I didn’t like the new paddle, it hurts.”

“Well there won’t be any paddle this morning, I am going to be late and don’t have much time for baby games. Mommy has her period today and you aren’t allowed to play down there so I am going to help you out this morning. I know how much you like to play with your self so today I am going to let you but momma is going to watch you so you don’t hurt yourself ok?”

“Ok mommy but what about you aren’t you going to get worked up watching me?”

“Yes I will but I can take care of that in the shower, just like I caught you a few times.”

“Sorry, I remember the spanking I got for that. I also remember I had to satisfy you for a week after that with my baby mouth, and no relief for me.”

“Yes but you got to hump the bed and cum in your diapers like a baby too.”

“I know, mommy my pee-pee is itchy, can you touch it?”

“No baby, I am going to take off you diaper and let you play in your plastic pants so I can watch, ok?”

“Ok mommy.”

With that Amy pulls my plastic pants down on the side and takes off my diaper pins. I have four pins, two are yellow ducky’s and the other two are plain white Gerber pins. She get all four pins out and tells me to lift up so she can pull the diapers out from under me. She tugs the wet diaper out from under my butt and holds it to her face to see the damage I did over night. She inhales the wet aroma and comments that I smell sweet this morning. We agree that the bottle of apple juice she fed me while I was going off to sleep helped me smell nice. She held the wet diaper to my face so I could smell it then she dropped it on my face and told me to suck some of my own pee out of it. I did and she had me spray it in my plastic pants that were being pulled up tight on my body. She then took the wet diaper and squeezed some of it so it dripped into my pants.

“There now you should be wet enough to play nice.” Amy said, “Now be a good boy and make your pants all sticky.”

“Ok mommy, I play nice in my panties.”

I slid my hand down to my plastic pants and let them run over the soft texture. The smooth feel of my semi-transparent pants lets mommy watch the action while I slid my pee-pee around. I could feel the warm diaper on my chest starting to let a little trickle of pee run down my side. I told mommy I was leaking and she said that’s what the plastic sheets are there for. The tickle made me feel like a little boy who’s pants are leaking and mommy doesn’t care. Amy moved to across the room and started to get her clothes ready for the day. She watched me play through the mirror on her dresser. She can see my hard-on sliding around in my slick plastic pants, she can hear the slippery slap of it as I thrust upward. I am getting close and she knows it so she opens the drawer on the dresser and get out the paddle. She comes closer and I see the paddle in her hand.

“What are you doing mommy, I am playing nice?”

“Well we don’t want you to loose sight of who’s in charge of the baby. I don’t want you to cum too soon, so it looks like we need a little warming of your butt. Roll over so I can remind you not to cum yet.”

“No mommy, remember what happened last time you spanked me like this, I came all over your dress. You can’t spank me while I am in plastic pants with my boner so close to shooting.”

“Well baby that’s why you are in plastic pants, so you don’t get your baby goo all over mommy. Last time your panties were around you ankles and that’s why you got mommy all gooey. I know how to handle little boys like you, remember how I used to handle my brothers. They never got their spunk on me because I made sure they wore their plastic pants during every spanking, my mommy taught me that. Now turn over so I can warm you bottom before you cum.”

“No mommy don’t, I wanna cum by myself, I am a big boy I can do it.”

“Ok baby if you really don’t want a spanking you don’t have to have one today. We shall save that for when you are being really naughty. For now I see my threat has made you pee-pee stand straight up. It looks like you should finish. Oh, and you should finish soon, I have to get in the shower. Wow I am really late you either need to cum now or I am going to spank your boner till it goes away. You know I can’t leave baby here alone with a boner. I learned that from my brothers too, when you leave a boy with a boner all alone he will leave stains all over the house. Now I am going to get in the shower, when I get out I expect your panties to be filled with cum, ok baby?”

“Ok mommy I will try, if not please don’t spank me it really hurts with that paddle. I will try to be good and cum for you.”

With that Amy went into the master bathroom and started the shower. She came back a few seconds after the water started and took my wet smelly diaper off my chest and rubbed it in my face. She then took it into the bathroom with her and closed the door. I know my diaper pail is in there and that’s where she will deposit it, but probably not until she has rubbed it between her legs. I know my wife likes me in diapers or she wouldn’t put up with the games I like to play. I know she is in the bathroom right now rubbing my chilly wet diaper around her mound. I am thinking about this activity while I concentrate on filling my panties with sperm.

I lay back on the bed sweating and still slightly humping my plastic pants. The sticky goo that is filling my panties is sliding down my crotch and starting too slid into my butt crack. I am softly sliding my semi-erect pee-pee around in my pants when I hear the water shut off. I know mommy is clean and she will be looking to send me into the shower to get clean too. Sometimes I get a bath from her and sometimes I am expected to be a big boy and take a shower. I am thinking that today I will be sent into the shower to clean up my mess.

“Is my baby done, or do you need a few more minutes? Oh look at the mess you made, it looks like you are done. Did you have a good time?

“Yes mommy I did, am I going to get a bath today?”

“No sweetie I have to be to work so you are going to have to take a shower like a big boy. Do you need help with those pants to get them off?”

“No mommy I will take them off in the shower. I don’t want to get you sticky.”

“Thank you baby, maybe later we can play some more, ok? But for now mommy has to go to work.”

With that Amy got dressed and went off to work, leaving me to think about the next fun adventure we can have.

Part 2

“Morning sleepy head, did you sleep well last night?” Amy asked as she was poking me in the side of my ribs to tickle me.

“Yes mommy I slept great.” I replied.

“Well let’s get you out of that wet diaper fast so I can get you some breakfast, then it’s off to work for both of us.”

“But…” I started to whimper.

She could see in my eyes that I hadn’t peed yet. She knew that if she could get my diaper off me fast enough I wouldn’t be able to wet it. I loved wetting it first thing in the morning. Amy knew though that she had to be fast or I would wet while she was taking it off and that would defeat her plan.

Before I knew it I was unpinned out of my wet diaper and left to sit on the bed with nothing but my plastic pants on. I had been in this situation before, I knew what was coming.

“Ok baby you have two options this morning,” she said as she pushed me back onto my back. You can perform your little act and get it out of your system, or you can pee yourself in your plastic pants. If you pee thought you will have to change the sheets and wash them. I might still make you hump the wet sheets afterward too.”

I decided that less work was to cum there for her and let myself pee in the shower. So I slid my hand down to the plastic pants to grab for my slick pee-pee. I was already stiff from all the action and the morning wood of having to pee. She could tell this was going to be fun because my stiffy wouldn’t let loose its cream without first letting out some pee. She knew I would be washing the sheets later one way or another.

“Well little one, are you having fun?” She smirked at me letting me know that she was in charge and I was the baby.

“Yes mommy, but I really need to pee can I please let some out and then come back to perform for you?” I asked in pity.

“No little boy you can’t. I need to have you finish before you can go pee, that’s the rules.”

I was stroking the slippery cock my babyish plastic pants. I looked down to see that the pants I had on were the ones that had been bought at a yard sale some years back. They had a story behind them which Amy was sure to ask, humiliating me more than I knew. The pants had been for a 17 year old boy who had a bedwetting problem. The boy had been a bit heavy and the pants had to be specially made for him. They were actually adult sized and the mom had been tricked into spending more money than necessary. Still the pants had a good slippery surface inside that was the forethought of my mind now. My cock was sliding around inside the pants but I was feeling all keyed up and unable to cum.

Mommy could sense this and asked, “Does my little boy need to pee?”

“Yes mommy I need to I can’t wet my panties without going pee first.”

“Ok, ok settle down. Here I will get the diaper from the diaper pail and let you use it to soak up some pee. Ok, here don’t cry little one, mommy is going to make it all better. Here lift up and I will pin the diaper back on you.”

“But mommy my plastic pants are still on, won’t I get pee-pee everywhere?”

“Yes baby, but this is all I can do for you, lift up.” With that she pinned my smelly diaper back on over my plastic pants.

I was so stiff that it was hard to pee at first but I had to so bad that it slowly came to a full stream and I soaked the pants. I wet a lot and the stream spayed all over inside my plastic pants. I was soaked and it was leaking out. Some was soaking into the diaper but most was soaking the bed and I knew I was going to have to change it.

“Roll over now baby and squirm. You know how I like to see you wiggle around like a little baby trying to get you big boy wetting out. I like to see you try and be a big boy but just end up wetting yourself like a baby.” Mommy said.

I rolled over and instantly started humping. I knew it was going to happen after all that attention and building pressure from now letting out my morning pee-pee. I was in heaven, the feelings of my slippery penis sliding around in my plastic pants was so erotic that I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Now that’s a good baby; do your thing like a good boy. I know you can do it.” Mommy was slowly rubbing my hinny feeling the muscles flex and thrust.

I could tell I was close and then the smell hit me from my wet diaper and the wet sheets. I came in hard thrusts, shooting all over and letting some slide out onto the sheets. I was a mess, all covered in piss and slippery with cum. I smelled bad and mommy knew it.

“Ok now up and get those sheets off and down to the washer.”

“But mommy my wet diaper will drip all over.” I whimpered.

“Well then you will have to waddle so you don’t squeeze your legs together. Don’t make any more puddles to clean up.”

“Ok mommy I won’t make any more messes to clean up.”

“I am going to get into the shower when I am through I will get you out of that wet diaper. No touching it, I will remove it, understand little boy.”

“Yes mommy I will have it all cleaned up before you get out.”

She went in the shower and I heard the water running, but I could also hear a faint buzzing while I was getting the sheets off the bed. When I put my ear to the door I could hear her moaning. I knew mommy was playing with her self to the thoughts of what she had done to me. She really liked the power she had over me. Mommy loves me and I know it. I cleaned up the bedding and waddled to the washer to get things started. It was in the waddling process that I noticed that my boner had returned and I was getting a little more slippery in my pants. I stank of night time diaper and the sheets smelled just like it. I waddled back to the bedroom just as the water turned off. I knew that I could get a quick release if I hurried. I had pulled the covers off the bed and all that was left was the plastic sheet so I knew I could sit down and play. I must have let the bed springs squeak a bit because mommy was at the doorway soon enough to catch me in mid orgasm. I couldn’t stop, the waves of pleasure from my plastic pants and the smell of the wet diapers sent me over the edge. Mommy grabbed me during the last portion of my orgasm and flipped me over to my tummy to finish humping. While I slowly stopped thrusting she had gotten the paddle from the night stand and was unpinning the diaper from my crotch.

I was still in a daze as I was pulled over her knee and the plastic pants pulled tight for a spanking. I looked back at her with loving eyes and she looked at me. A silent moment passes between us and then she started her loving spanking of my butt. She was nice about it now because she had cum in the shower. She gently reminded me that baby’s shouldn’t touch themselves with out mommy being there, I might get hurt. She reminded me that I was her toy and I wasn’t allowed to pleasure myself without her approval. Then she ended the session with a few short hard slaps. My butt was stinging at I was being led to the bathroom for my shower.

Mommy stood me in the shower and washed me al over, paying special attention to my diaper area so I wouldn’t smell like pee-pee at work. I got some special shower gel and I was happily washed clean by my loving mommy.


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