Story: Fantasies Come to Life

By | February 22, 2016

My Fantasies come to life.

For years, I was on line looking at websites, reading stories, and discovering all that there was about wearing diapers, kinky sex, adult babies, anything that sort of peaked my interest. I was always very shy about my likes, because I really did not know if my thoughts and feelings were normal. I would be in a chat and read converstations people were having about being bent over their Daddy/Sir’s knee and getting spanked for being naughty or just a reminder that Daddy/Sir loves them very much. My mind would always race and I would get so excited reading, and always wished some day I could experience that feeling too. I was a little bit nervous at first, but it did not take me long to realize I should have broken out of my shell much sooner.

I chatted for 4 years on a website and I had been sort of asking questions and just trying to get an idea of what was what, when I got a pm from one of the members in chat his name was Braden. He was very nice and we first chatted about what I knew, he asked me questions and I always answered honestly. He continued chatting, and than he e-mailed me a story, of something he would love to act out in real life, and he asked I read it, and if it sounded like something I was interested in we could meet up, in his city, my city or somewhere totally different and we could act out his senario.

Not really knowing what to expect I told him I’d read it and think about it. So I did just that I opened my email and read the story he had written. While I was reading his story I could feel my panties getting wet, and started rubbing myself, I was so surprised this had never happened to me before. Not thinking much of it I continued reading it, and was rubbing myself fingers slipped into my pussy. I had to stop reading because I was getting so turned on I wanted to cum so bad, started playing with myself more until I came. WOW, it felt so good and I was not even done the story. Once I came back from space I continued reading the story, and again I felt myself getting wet and needed to cum, so I came again. By the time I finished the story I had cum three more times. I was exhausted and went to sleep.

I woke up and noticed I had slept twelve hours. When Braden came back online he asked me if I had read the story and what I thought, I was hesitant to tell him what i thought because If i came that many times reading the story I couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen if I actually got to live it out real time.

I did not know what to do, tell him or not? Accept it or not? He than started to get impatient with me, and told me that I had to make a decision whether or not I wanted to meet him and live out this scene, or he would move on and find another lady to play with. He said he enjoyed chatting with me and he would like nothing more than to show me how fun it can be, and this would be a great way for me to see if this is really what I want. I had mentioned in one of our chats, I really wanted to find the perfect man and he later told me that If I live out this fantasy of mine I would know what to look for in a man and go for nothing less than. He gave me 5 days to decide.

I pondered and pondered and had dreams about the story I even read the story four more times in two days. Getting the same reaction getting so turned on I felt this was a sign I must live out this fantasy. It was everything I ever wanted and than some. So I didn’t even need the 5 days I let him know the second day and told him the truth about what happened while reading the story. He got upset with me at first, telling me I need to be upfront and honest with him ALWAYS. I apologized and he told me he would need to punish me so that I learn that it is important. Any relationship I would ever enter it would need to be that way as well.

So we made arrangements and planned to meet at a hotel in Florida, which was where he had a condo. We set the date, and as days came closer I started to feel nervous scared and excited. I read his email a few more times before that date.

I had my bags packed, and got ready. Once I got there I parked outside his condo, and he came down to greet me. We put my bags inside his condo, and left for dinner. It was a wonderful restaurant. We shared a bottle of wine. It was a wonderful evening. He picked up the bill and we walked to his condo. It was a nice night out. We got to his condo, and he said. Starting right now you will call my Daddy and you are my little baby. He than took my hand and walked me to the spare bedroom and said this is where changes would happen and If i felt I did not want to share his big bed I could sleep here as well. He layed me on the bed and had me pull down my panties. I was wearing a skirt. He spread my legs wide, and told me I was not allowed to move them. I felt so embarrassed, here I was spread open and he was gone. He came back with diaper and powder. He asked me to lift my butt and placed diaper in me, than he began to finger my pussy a little bit. He fingered me enough to get me all wet, than applied baby powder and closed my diaper up. He proceeded to take off my skirt, and told me to take off my bra, and I should wear a loose shirt, which he provided me.

So far I was feeling pretty good. He is such a caring man. We sat on the balcony, I was nervous because I did not want anyone to notice my diaper, but he said not to worry no one would see. I was thirsty and I asked him for a drink. I did not say it propery I said Braden may I have something to drink when I should have said Daddy may I have something to drink. He scolded me for not calling him Daddy the first time. He said now your spanking will be doubled. I gave him a look of fear, and he asked me If I had forgotten about the spanking I was getting for not being honest with him. After I asked him correctly for something to drink he came back with a baby bottle filled with wine, he had a glass of wine. He handed it to me, and said your just a baby, you can’t have a glass and consider yourself lucky that there’s wine in it starting tomorrow it’s water, juice and milk for you. I drank my wine, and enjoyed it, but my bladder was starting to fill and I needed to go to the wash room. I stood up and he asked me where I was going. “To the washroom” I told him. He told me, you are wearing your wash room, little babies don’t get to use the toilet that’s for adults.

I had to go, so I started to wet my diaper, and after I peed I started rubbing my diaper it was feeling really good. He scolde me for touching myself and informed me I may only touch myself when given permission. He came over and felt my diaper, it was very wet, all that wine I had been drinking. He told me he would change me, and grabbed my hand pulled me to the bedroom. He set out some towels, and asked me to go and lay on them, spread my legs so he could change me. I layed on my back spread my legs, and allowed him to change me. He had me laying there for a little while I was wondering what he was doing, just as I wanted to sit up to see where he was he came to my side and said where do u think your going, time to change you little one. He undid my diaper and took wipes and cleaned me, when I was clean he fingered me than stopped. He told me to get up. He sat on the bed and told me to lay over his knee, he would give me my spanking now. At first I asked him is this really nessessary, I will be good. He told me when he makes a promise he keeps it and he told me he would spank me so he will do just that. There I was, with just my shirt laying over his lap ready for a spanking. He started spanking me with this hands, which was not bad, than I could feel him reach, and he was reaching for a paddle. He than told me to count these he would give me 10, and I was to say “Thank you Daddy” after each.
WACK ” One Thank you Daddy” WACK “Two Thank you Daddy” WACK “Three Thank you Daddy” WACK “Four” … WACKK WACK!. ” five six Thank you Daddy” You did not thank me for your Forth spanking, he told me. Next time I start from the beginning. WACK WACK WACK ” seven eight nine Thank you Daddy” he waited and waited for the last one. Ask me for it he told me. I said ” what”. He told me he needed me to ask him for my last swat. “Please Daddy May I have my 10th spank” I said quietly. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!.”Owwwwwee Ten THank you Daddy” The last one really hurt. He than rubbed my sore bum, and told me I had done a good job. I tried to get up and he held me down, and asked me where I thought I was going. I thought I could get up because my spanking was done but he had other things in mind.

I could hear him opening something I couldn’t see what he was doing as my face was looking at the floor. I could feel him move, as I felt movements while on his lap, He than told me. he was going to take my temperature. I weakly said ok. He than said how about you ask me to insert this thermometer in your butt. I was in shock, this was getting embarrassing. “I am waiting he said, or do you need another spanking” “Daddy, please insert that thermometer in my butt,” i said quielty He gave my butt 10 quick wacks, and said that I need to speak up.
So I said again louder, and he said of course, He told me he would put some KY on it first. He than put a little ky on my anus too. I squrimed a little bit, stay still he told me, and than slowly inserted the thermometer into my butt. It felt so weird, but at the same time I was liking it. Occasionally he’d pull it out and insert it back in. After a while he brought his hand to my pussy, that was feeling little wet. “you like this hmm my little girl” He said to me. I did very much enjoy it. He pulled it out and it was quickly replaced with something that felt bigger, it didn’t hurt but I sure felt pressure. Oww was my reaction what is that? He told me it was s butt plug and would remain in me until bed time. He than had me lay on my back again.

I laid on my back and he started rubbing my pussy, it was getting so wet, he told me I wasn’t allowed to cum until he gave me permission. He than reached again and pulled benwa balls out and inserted them into my pussy. I moaned each time he inserted two. Than he diapered me up. He than told me I could stand up and get on my knees, and crawl around the house. I crawled around i could feel the butt plug in my and the benwa balls moving around I was getting soo turned on. He told me to crawl to the living room, and he would meet me there. He came and met me told me to get on the couch, and showed me a vibrator he had. He put it up against my diaper and started rubbing it around. I was getting so turned on I was moaning. Please Daddy I started to Beg please I need to cum, this feels so good, He told me few more minutes. I started to stress I felt I could cum any minute. Oh please I begged again. He smiled turned off the vibrator, and let me cum. I filled my diaper with cum. He than had me lay on the floor and he said he’d take my diaper off. He also took away the benwa balls. He had a diaper as well and told me to move my butt, and I looked a little surprised because I thought what about the butt plug. He than said I would keep the butt plug in a little while longer. Closed the diaper and we went back outside because it was so nice, and enjoyed the stars.

My eyes started closing and he looked at me and saw that my eyes were closing. He walked over to me and told me to go to the bedroom and lay on my back he’d change me into my night time diaper, and we’d go to sleep. I went ahead he followed. I was feeling, so happy that things were going so well, and the first part of his email I already lived.

He joined me changed me, and we went to his king bed, crawled in with him and we cuddled, he patted my diapered bum, and rubbed my pussy on the outside of my diaper it felt so good. Did not take much for me to fall asleep.

to be continued.

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