Story: Extreme Punishment

By | February 22, 2016

Jack Wexler had a reputation on campus. A star athlete on the basketball team made him popular. He was handsome, everyone agreed on that. What Jack Wexler had going for him as an athlete and in the looks department were nothing compared to his ego and sexual appetite. There were plenty of girls to fill his needs, but he never slept with the same girl twice, or talked to them after he’d used them.

Nor was Jack Wexler willing to accept no. One girl filled his dreams and his desires and she was as inaccessible to him as the gold in Fort Knox. Jack, however, had a plan. Unfortunately, he had no idea he was being kept under surveillance, or that his plan was known to Michelle’s sorority.

Michelle attended the party at Jack’s house, but did not mingle with the jocks. When her Shirley Temple was empty Jack gallantly offered to provide another. Michelle nodded, not even looking at him. Fierce anger flared in Jack, but he kept it hidden as he stalked off to get the drink refilled. Pouring the drug into the drink was accomplished and he brought it back to Michelle.

Wendy distracted Jack long enough for Michelle to give her drink to Daphne, and take a replacement without the drug. Jack watched Michelle drink with a knowing smirk on his face. Daphne offered him the drink he’d mixed for Michelle. He nodded, still watching, and hurled it down his throat.

Twenty minutes later he was in the lab and Dr. Banks was injecting the nanobots and chips. When she was finished they took Jack back to his room. Several of the girls had spent most of the night cleaning it, disinfecting it, and putting new sheets and blankets on the bed. Michelle artfully arranged herself on the bed, naked and beautiful, and they placed Jack on the floor, his chin and arms propped on the bed.

Jack woke up with a start, when he slid off the bed and hit his head on the frame. Rubbing his forehead he ran his tongue around his mouth and made a face. Getting up he pulled a bottle of beer from his refrigerator, popped the top, and drained it in one long series of swallows. He watched Michelle stir and open her eyes.

“Damn girl! You are one beautiful brainiac!” He said with a smirk. “Guess your will wasn’t as strong as you thought!” He added with a sneer.

“Oh please!” Michelle said, sitting up, stretching and yawning. “Do you think I’d be in you room if I thought for a moment you could get it up?” She asked, laughing.

“What the hell do you think happened last night?” Wexler asked with a tight grin. “I gave you a rufee!”

“You know, from what the other girls said, I expected more somehow.” Michelle said, ignoring him and standing up.

“I’ll show you more!” He said, smiling, as he reached down to grab himself and wave his piece at her. He looked down in concern because things weren’t responding correctly.

Michelle yawned a pretty yawn, as though completely bored and began to get dressed. “If you couldn’t last night, what makes you think you can now?” She asked as she slipped into her panties.

“Oh God!” Wexler said. Michelle was beautiful, sexy, everything he wanted, and he was watching her dress and nothing was happening!

“Jack, move your hand or you’ll pee on your hand.” Michelle said matter-of-factly.

“Huh? Hey!” Jack jerked his hand away as he urinated on the floor. He ran for the bathroom, which was outside his room and down the hall, but by the time he got there he was empty.

“Way to go Jack! You got so drunk you pissed all over the hall!” Somebody said. Jack heard people laughing.

Chagrinned he walked back to his room. Looking at the small stream of urine on his wooden floor he blushed deeply. Michelle held up an adult pull-up, decorated with the words ‘baby’ on the front.

“Put this on.” She said, making a motion with her other hand.

Jack paused when he had the pull-up on. He looked at it, then at Michelle.

“Put your pants on over the diaper.” Michelle said.

Jack reached for his jeans and slid them on. When she handed him a T-shirt he put that on without comment. She told him to clean up the urine in his room and in the hall and he did as he was told. He could hear the diaper crinkling as he moved. When he was finished with the cleaning he went back to his room.

“What are you doing?” Michelle asked when he began to unbutton his jeans.

“I’m taking this damn diaper off!” He snapped.

“Is it wet?” She asked with a little smile.

“No!” He replied.

“Is it messy?” She asked.

“No! What’s with the twenty questions?” He asked, not realizing his hands had paused at his button, but had yet to undo it.

“You can change it when it’s wet or messy.” Michelle said. She pulled out a drawer and showed him it was full of diapers where his underwear had been. “If you go without a diaper and pee and mess in your pants and then you will come crawling on all fours to my sorority house and beg for a diaper.” She replied.

When she was gone he scowled, took off his pants and the diaper, and tossed it into the trashcan. He searched his room but there was no underwear other than diapers, so he pulled his jeans back on and went to class.

Half way through his first class he wet himself and then nearly fainted when he messed himself.

“Oh God!” He screamed as the pain hit. “Oh God! What did she do to me?” He cried as he landed on the floor.

The students left the room quickly, holding their noses, and Dr. Banks watched with a little smile as Jack began to crawl. He heard all the catcalls and insults but he could say nothing. He tried to crawl back to his own room but he knew it wouldn’t work. The sorority house was in a public spot and several students followed, laughing, as Jack cried and crawled.

Unable to lift his hands high enough he knocked on the door with his head. When the door opened Michelle stood there. He knew it was her, he’d watched her put on those shoes. But he couldn’t lift his head to look at her!

“Jack! What do you want baby?” Michelle asked, as though she were talking to a little baby.

“Please! I need a diaper! Please! Please let me wear a diaper!” He cried

“Crawl to your house, clean yourself up, and we’ll come over to put a diaper on you.” Michelle said. “Hurry up now. You’ll have holes in your jeans by the time you get there. Be sure to wash your hands and shower. Throw your jeans away. You won’t want to wear anything but a diaper and a T-shirt anyway.”

Still crying in pain Wexler crawled all the way to his dorm, up the steps because no one would let him in the elevator, and did as he was told. Students followed, interested now in what was going to happen next.

Once in the shower he was able to stand, and the pain went away. When he was out of the shower he walked to his room, his face red, the towel wrapped around his waist. Michelle and three other girls from her sorority were at his door.

Michelle gestured for him to enter and he did, bashfully, ashamed and confused. When Michelle told him to lie down on the bed he did. Three of the girls used hot wax to remove all the hair on his rear, between his legs, and everywhere the diaper would cover. He screamed each time they pulled a strip away to the combined chatter and laughter from the hall.

When they were finished Michelle put a cream on the area where the hair had been removed and Wexler began to feel very relaxed. They slid a new pull-up diaper on and then pulled a T-shirt over his head. Two of them put his shoes on and then Michelle patted her work.

“You may go to class now.” She said.

Obediently Wexler rose and walked out, taking the correct books for his next class, seemingly unaware all he wore was a diaper and T-shirt.

“How did you do that?” A girl asked as she watched the tall athlete walk away.

“Secrets are best kept, don’t you think?” Michelle said.

“What happens now?” Another student asked.

“I imagine they’ll take him to the hospital and put him in the psyche ward for a few days.” Michelle replied. “I’ll let Dr. Banks know what’s happening so she can alert the doctors at the hospital.”


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