Story: Diapered Call Girl

By | February 22, 2016

I’ve always considered myself a people pleaser and, for the last few years, I’ve put that to the test as a high end call girl. Apparently I was right, because I quickly rose to the top of the scene in this city. The thing that sets me apart from all those other pretty faces is that I will take clients they deny. All those kinky, but wealthy, men out there that aren’t having their needs met – they come to see me.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Mr. Branson. For the first time in two years, I had a client looking for something new. Mr. Branson requested a 24 hour session in which he would put me through the paces of diaper discipline. Rather than try to explain it, I will just show you the relevant email correspondence we shared. Private information has been redacted.


Subject: Referral from L******

Dearest Miranda,

                I was given your information by my friend, L******. He told me that you specialize in fetishes and that you are open to being in the submissive role. I wanted to touch bases with you and see if you might be interested in making my own dream a reality. Below, I have tried to outline my desires as completely as possible, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

                It has long been my desire to subject an attractive young woman to a weekend of diaper discipline. This weekend would start off quite simply, with me putting you in a diaper. You would be given a set of rules to follow and chores to complete. Failure to follow the rules or meet deadlines would result in punishment.

The Rules:

  • Toilet is off limits. Diaper must be used if necessary.
  • Diaper must be visible at all times and cannot be covered.
  • No talking unless asked a direct question.
  • No requests for diaper changes. Your diaper will be checked and changed as I see fit.

Failure to follow the rules or do as ordered, will result in any combination of the following punishments:

  • Corporal Punishment – Spanking, Paddling, Whipping – This punishment will be applied to all rule violations.
  • Enemas or Suppositories will be used if I suspect you are avoiding use of the diaper.
  • Anal Plugs may be used during spankings or in addition to enemas and suppositories.
  • Mouth Soaping for any incidents of swearing.
  • Gags and/or Castor Oil will be used if you speak out of turn.
  • Corner Time after every punishment to reflect on poor decisions.

                I realize this may sound harsh, but punishments will only be used if the rules are broken or commands are not followed. If all rules and commands are followed, you could complete the entire weekend without punishment. All commands and chores will be realistic as well. I will not set unreachable goals in an attempt to illicit punishment.

                Sexual acts will be expected and I am well aware of the condom requirement. Since the subject of my kink is diapers, I would expect nothing more than oral sex.

                If this sounds like a fantasy you would be willing to fulfill, I would love to hear back from you.

  1. Branson


Subject: Re: Referral from L******

Dear Mr. Branson,

                I am intrigued by your request, though I must admit to not having any experience with that particular fetish. It does seem to be something I could commit to, but I have a few stipulations.

  1. A weekend for a new client with a new fetish is a bit too long. I am comfortable scheduling a 24 hour session though. If all goes well, we could do a longer session in the future.
  2. I am not comfortable with any public play. When we meet, I will not leave the premises for any reason other than absolute emergencies.
  3. While the risk of punishment seems low, my price rises rapidly if any marks are left on my person. Are you able to place a sizable deposit to ward against possible marking?
  4. Oral sex does not require a condom, but anything vaginal or anal does. Failure to follow this rule will also result in forfeiture of your deposit.
  5. Safewords must be respected. Any safeword that is ignored will also result in the forfeiture of your deposit. If a safeword is used, I will require a one hour break to compose myself. That hour will be added to the end of your session.

                The cost for a session of this type is $7,500 per day. An additional $5,000 deposit must be placed at the same time for marking. If I finish the session without marks, the deposit will be returned to you within 24 hours. If that is within your budget, we can discuss further details.

                I look forward to your reply.



Subject: Re: Referral from L******

Dearest Miranda,

                I am comfortable with your stipulations. A 24 hour session the first time is reasonable and I have no intention of including public play. Vaginal and anal sex are unlikely, however, I would like to reserve the right to it if the mood strikes me. Condoms are a requirement with me as well, so we will have no issues there.

                If punishments are earned, marks will be likely. My fantasy is more conducive to an environment without safewords, but I understand your concern. If I may be so bold, I would like to make a counter offer. Safewords will be available, but I would like to make them costly.

                For the term of our session, I will pay you $20,000 if we make it through the entire day without a safeword. On the chance you use a safeword, that amount will drop to $5,000. Either way, you get paid a significant amount of money, but I get the peace of mind knowing that a safeword is unlikely. Would this be acceptable?

  1. Branson


With that, we had reached an agreement. After I checked his references, I agreed to have the session at his apartment. I was hesitant to meet him at his home, but his references were immaculate and he insisted his apartment housed the supplies necessary for a proper session.

So, here I am at 7pm in front of his door. His apartment is the entire sixth floor of a very nice high rise in the city. More than a little nervous, I reach out and ring the doorbell. A moment later the door is opened by the man I had seen in photos when checking references.


“Yes Sir.” I responded, wanting to give the best possible first impression.

In our correspondence, he had insisted that he wanted the session to begin immediately and skip the traditional introduction phase. With that in mind, I answered only his question and otherwise remained quiet.

“Come in.” He stepped aside and opened the door wide as he gestured for me to enter.

I stepped through the door and he shut it behind me.

“Thank you.” I responded instinctively. Immediately realizing my mistake, I knew what was coming.

“Ten seconds in and you’ve already broken the rules.” He said with a clear smile in his voice.

I almost apologized for the violation, but realized that would be a second violation. I felt his hand touch my lower back as he guided me forward a few steps into the foyer.

“Strip.” He commanded with a suddenly stern tone to his voice.

It only took me a moment to undress, as I was only wearing a dress, flat shoes a panties. As I removed them, he took them from me and placed them on a nearby table.

Once I was naked, he took me by the hand and led me down a hallway to a room at the end. The room was large and filled with all sorts of furniture and equipment. The most notable of which was an adult sized nursery layette in the near corner. Crib, changing table, stacks of diapers and an open closet filled with clothing.

Another corner of the room was set up like a doctor’s office with a medical exam table as the centerpiece – only this one was equipped with restraints. My eyes were immediately drawn to the hospital pole standing near the counter with a large red enema bag hanging from the top.

The final corner was filled with a multitude of different BDSM furnishings; St Andrews Cross, pillory, spanking bench, cage and more. The walls seemed to be decorated with different restraints and punishment implements.

I didn’t exactly get a tour as he pulled me to a chair sitting near the crib. He sat down without letting go of my hand and then looked up at me.

“Over my lap.” He ordered.

A few clients in the past have spanked me. It’s not my cup of tea, but I have found I am resilient. As much as they hurt, I’ve always been able to endure even the worst spankings. I moved beside him and sprawled myself across his lap. He adjusted me a little higher, so my ass was sticking right up in the middle. My feet and hands were unable to touch the floor, thanks to the height of the chair, so I grabbed onto the chair legs for support as my legs dangled.

SMACK! Without warning, I felt his hand land hard across my right cheek. SMACK! Another swat on the left cheek. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Without pause, he landed about two dozen swats, alternating between left and right cheek. It hurt. A lot. He was clearly experienced with spanking and knew how to spank properly.

I felt blood rushing to my ass as the onslaught continued. I could feel myself beginning to sweat and more and more swats struck hard across my ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! It went on for at least five minutes before he paused.

He shifted a little and a quick glance over my shoulder revealed he was reaching for something on the nearby dresser. When he pulled his hand back, he was holding a large wooden hairbrush. Oh boy. This was not going to feel good.

“It seems you require a bit more aggressive adjustment.” He commented.

I wasn’t sure what I had done to warrant the comment, but knew I had to brace for the next impact.

POP! OUCH! That fucking hurt! One swat with the hairbrush and I was suddenly sweating harder than ever. How many would I have to endure? Would I be able to resist the urge to use my safeword? POP! POP! POP!

Suddenly, as tears began to fill my eyes, I realized the meaning of his comment. He intended to spank me harder and harder until I broke down and cried. Desperately wanting the assault on my butt to cease, I released those mental blocks and allowed myself to cry.

At first, it was just a few tears, but after a few more swats I was downright bawling and blubbering. I could feel snot bubbles forming in my nose and I felt out of breath. Sweat poured off my forehead and my ass felt like it was literally on fire.

“Ten more for good measure.” He said as he leaned down to see my face.

POP! POP! POP! These swats were even harder than before and I struggled to simply make it through the final ten. On the tenth blow, the relief was so overwhelming, I muttered under my breath “Fuuuu…”, but I caught myself before finishing the word.

“What was that? Did you swear?” He demanded to know.

“No sir!” I answered, desperate to avoid more spanking.

“And now you’re lying. I heard what you said. You are really in need of discipline today, aren’t you?” He asked.

Not wanting to make my situation worse, I answered affirmatively. “Yes Sir.”

He caressed my ass for a moment, then helped me to stand. I stood there, scared of what was coming next, but he simply pulled me close for a hug. As he held me, he rubbed my ass and I broke down and cried into his shoulder.

After a few minutes, he pulled away and looked me in the eye.

“You have a little more punishment coming, but you were very good taking your spanking. Would you like to get it over with now or would you like a break first?” He asked.

As much as I wanted a break, I knew the best decision was to simply get it over with. The dread of waiting would be unbearable.

“Now please, Sir.” I answered.

“Very well.” He said with a smile.

He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the changing table, where he laid me on my back. My hands were positioned on the table next to my head, which seemed odd at first. However, it made much more sense when he pulled a set of stocks from under the table. It had three holes – one for my neck and two for my wrists. He put it in place and attached it to the changing table, effectively locking me in place.

“This is for speaking out of turn.” He said as he opened a drawer and removed a small bottle and a plastic syringe.

The writing on the bottle said Castor Oil, which really concerned me. I know I had agreed to that particular punishment, but everything I read about it was horrible. It was a punishment they once used on children, which causes uncontrollable diarrhea after a few hours. Knowing that I would soon be in a diaper, I deduced the expected result – a very messy diaper.

“Normally, you would only get one tablespoon, but since you spoke out of turn twice you will be getting a double dose.”

He placed the syringe in the bottle and pulled back the plunger until it was filled to the two tablespoon marker. The syringe was then placed between my lips as he slowly squeezed it into my mouth. I struggled to swallow it, but it tasted awful and I almost gagged.

As I tried to rinse the taste out of my mouth with saliva, he was busy preparing for the rest of my punishment. A long pink spreader bar was placed between my ankles and fastened. A short length of rope was tied to the center eye hook in the spreader bar and attached to the stocks that held my neck and wrists. The result was my legs spread wide and pulled up high, exposing my ass and pussy.

Another drawer was opened and he removed a large douching syringe and a steel bowl. Next, he ran the water in the sink until it was the correct temperature and filled the bowl half full. At first, I thought he intended to douche me and I almost spoke out of turn to explain that was not okay. The fear of further punishment, however, kept me quiet. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, a douche was not his intent.

“We need to make sure you’re hydrated when that castor oil kicks in.” He explained as I felt the syringe tip being pressed into my ass.

He was giving me an enema, not a douche. I was suddenly very glad I didn’t speak out of turn again. Several times he refilled the syringe and injected the water into my ass. After the sixth injection, I felt a desperate need to relieve myself and I began to whimper. Two more times he injected my ass with water, then I felt something else pressing against my sphincter.

The new object spread my ass wider and wider as he pressed it in and I realized it was a butt plug. I tried hard to relax, but it still hurt. Wider and wider the plug spread until I was on the verge of yelling my safeword. Just as I was about to bring it to voice, I felt the widest part of the plug pass and come to rest on the base. I let out a loud sigh as the pain gave way to discomfort.

He walked away for a moment and I watched as he retrieved a large disposable diaper from a nearby cabinet, along with two large pads, a bottle of baby powder and a tube of rash cream. The diaper appeared to have some sort of teddy bear prints on it and I wondered where he would have gotten such a thing in adult sizes.

Barely able to see over the stocks that held me in place, I watched as he unfolded the diaper and placed the two pads into the middle of it. They effectively tripled the thickness of the diaper, which oddly made me feel better. If I was going to be forced to use a diaper, the last thing I wanted was a leak.

I felt him position the diaper under my ass, then the spreader bar was untethered from the stocks and removed from my ankles. My legs were lowered and I felt like my ass was resting on a pillow. The tube of rash cream was opened and he squeezed a liberal amount onto his fingertips.

“This will form a barrier and prevent any infections from wearing a dirty diaper.” He explained as he began to rub the lotion all over my pussy. As much discomfort as I felt, I was glad he had the foresight for such considerations.

After wiping his hands clean with a cloth, he opened the bottle of baby powder and coated my entire diaper area with the sweet smelling talc. The diaper was then pulled up between my legs and carefully aligned. There were four tapes – two on each side – that he carefully attached so they were tight, but also lined up correctly.

Satisfied that the diaper was fitted properly, he removed the stocks from my neck and helped me to sit up. It was difficult, due to the bulk of the diaper and the large plug in my ass. As soon as I sat up, the need to defecate became even more pronounced and I groaned.

“It will pass as soon as your body absorbs the water. I promise.” He insisted.

He helped me to my feet and I realized I was unable to stand properly with the huge amount of padding between my legs. When I looked up at him, he simply smiled.

“Corner time for one hour.” He said in a matter of fact tone and I remembered his email promising corner time at each punishment.

As he took me by the hand, I had to waddle across the room to follow him. When we reached the corner, he pulled my hands behind my back and cuffed them together. Then he reached into yet another drawer and pulled out a bar of soap. I sighed in disappointed when I realized what was coming.

“Open wide.” He ordered as he held up the bar.               I opened my mouth and he slid the bulk of the bar past my teeth until it touched the back of my tongue. I almost gagged, but managed to compose myself.

“Now bite down.” He insisted. I bit softly at first, but a harsh glance from him spurred me to bite a little harder. Once my teeth were planted firmly into the soap, he turned me toward the corner and pressed my face against the wall.

As he walked away, I realized just how much of a predicament I was in.  A bruised butt filled with a half gallon of water, held in by a large butt plug and covered in a thick diaper. The taste of castor oil now seemingly enhanced by the bar of soap prying my jaw open. The feeling of desperately needing to shit was almost overpowering and I didn’t know if I could handle standing here for an hour.

After a few minutes, my mouth began to water, which just made the soapy taste worse. I had to tilt my head down a little, so the drool would run out of my mouth instead of down my throat. As I glanced down, I realized he expected the drooling when I saw that I was standing on an absorbent puppy pad.

I tried to push the soap out a little with my tongue, but it was no use. Having bitten down so hard, it was now wedged tightly between my teeth. Having my hands bound meant it wasn’t coming out without help. With my tongue pressed down and the soap pressed in so far, all of my taste buds seemed to be in contact with the bar.

On the plus side, the need to poop began to subside. He was right about my body absorbing the water, but it didn’t make the experience any less uncomfortable. Also, knowing what the castor oil would soon do to me, I figured there was probably another reason for it.

The longer I stood facing the corner, the more I pondered my situation. I had arrived here under the delusion that I would not earn any punishments at all and this would be a cakewalk session. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Three infractions in my first hour; speaking out of turn, cussing and lying.

The thought crossed my mind that I deserved this punishment, but I had to try and erase that thought from my mind. This was a session and I needed to remain neutral and professional. This isn’t the first time I began to fall into that mental trap. Deep down I craved humiliation, but this was not the place for that. Despite the wetness in my crotch at the moment.

As I struggled with my inner demons, Mr. Branson returned after the promised hour. Grasping the cuffs between my hands, he pulled me out of the corner. In his other hand, he held a washcloth that he used to grip the bar of soap. It took a little wiggling on his part, but he managed to remove it from my mouth.

“Lesson learned?” He asked.

“Yes Sir.” I responded.

“On your knees.” He commanded as he pressed down on my shoulder.

I bent my knees and allowed myself to be guided to the floor. The bar of soap was tossed into the sink and then he unzipped his pants. His semi-erect penis was pulled out and hung right in front of my face.

“Give me a nice soapy blowjob and then you can brush your teeth.” He said with a grin.

I moved my head toward his cock and slurped it right up into my mouth. It was difficult at first with my hands still bound behind my back, but I managed. It only took a moment for him to get fully hard and then it was much easier.

His cock was much larger than I had expected. Perhaps nine inches long and more than adequate in girth. It stretched my lips, but I was well versed in giving phenomenal head. Several times I took him all the way in and down my throat. He seemed pleased that I was able to deep throat him, as he was clearly trying to hold back his orgasm. Within five minutes, however, he shot his load straight down my throat.

A few moments passed as he recovered from his climax, then he helped me to stand. The cuffs were removed from my wrists and I was guided to the sink.

“Brush your teeth thoroughly or you’ll end up tasting it later.” He said as he handed me a brand new tooth brush and tooth paste.

I spent about five minutes brushing every nook and cranny of my mouth, trying to get every last bit of soap residue out. It was horrid, as the brushing itself was making suds of the flakes that were still lodged in my teeth. It took a fair amount of rinsing to get it all out. Once the rinse ran clear, I put down the brush and waited quietly for his return.

As I stood there, I felt a rumbling in my stomach and I realized the castor oil was finally kicking in. How was I going to deal with diarrhea with a huge plug still lodged in my ass? Another few minutes passed and I had my first cramp. This was not a minor cramp either, as it made menstrual cramps feel like tickles. Immediately after that cramp, I felt and heard bubbling in my colon and I suddenly felt a desperate need to shit. Another cramp caused me to double over in pain and desperation just as Mr. Branson returned.

“Looks like the castor oil worked a little faster on you than most.” He commented as he helped me to stand.

He led me to the crib and had me stand facing it with my hands on the mattress. He carefully unfastened the top tapes on either side of the diaper and pulled the diaper down to just below my ass. Grabbing the base of the plug, he began to pull slowly but firmly. As the wide part of the plug passed my sphincter I cried out in pain, but it was quickly replaced with relief.

With the plug removed, I desperately tried to hold in my bowels as he pulled the diaper back up and refastened the tapes. He opened another drawer and pulled out a large pair of clear plastic pants and held them for me to step into. As he pulled them up my legs, I lost control of my bowels and released a loud, wet fart into the diaper.

I could feel my face flushing with embarrassment as he pulled the plastic pants over the diaper. As he pulled it tight, I realized there was a chain in the waistband of the plastic pants and I heard the click of a padlock at the small of my back. I was now effectively trapped in the diaper until he decided to unlock them.

“Climb up.” He ordered as he patted the mattress in front of me.

I lifted my leg up to the mattress to climb in, but it was situated a bit too high for my tiny frame. When I struggled to pull myself up, he placed his hands on my waist and lifted me onto the mattress. Of course, this elicited another wet fart which sent a wave of renewed humiliation throughout my body.

Laying down on the mattress, I could feel the plastic sheet under the satin. Considering how thickly I was diapered and the added security of the plastic pants, I figured it was more for humiliation than protection. My head came to rest on a doll shaped pillow just as another cramp hit me and my ass released another monstrous fart. It seemed to resonate against the diaper, which almost made it seem louder.

He walked away for a moment and returned with a set of pink padded mitts. Still focused on the cramps, I barely noticed as he pulled the mitts over my hands and secured them at my wrists with another set of small padlocks. Tightly they encased my hands and I knew they would be useless until the mitts were removed.

In an almost sadistically paternal way, he bent forward and kissed my forehead before placing a larger than normal pacifier in my mouth. The side of the crib was then pulled up and latched in place. Looking up, I could see that there were bars on the top of the crib as well, effectively making it a cage.

“That binky better still be in your mouth in the morning or there will be consequences. Good night and sleep tight.” He said as he moved to position a baby monitor camera on the other side of the room.

As soon as he turned off the lights, I felt a massive cramp hit my colon and I knew this was the big one. I had to lift my knees to accommodate, as the massive bowel movement pressed hard against the confines of the diaper on its way out.. The feeling of my own poo spreading between my ass cheeks and up into the front of the diaper was just overwhelmingly humiliating and I began to sob to myself.

Several minutes later, I felt another large movement, but there didn’t seem to be room in the diaper for more. I tried to use my hands to push the mess aside, but the soft padding of the mitts made it impossible. The only option was to sit up on my knees and press my ass against the crib bars to spread the mess and make more room in the seat of the diaper. It was by far the most disgusting thing I have ever done, but it worked and I was able to force out a bit more.

Once I had finished with the humiliating task of filling the diaper, I was exhausted. Confident sleep would elude me, I lay down and tried to relax. I did manage to nod off for a while, but every hour or so I was reminded of why castor oil was used for punished as I was awakened by repeated uncontrollable bowel movements.

By morning, I had only accumulated a few hours of sleep. As tired as I was, more was not to be had. The loaded diaper I wore now caused an incessant itch that I could not scratch. Looking down, I could see that the diaper had managed to hold it all in, but my bladder was now full and aching for relief. As much as I dreaded the thought, I knew what was expected.

I had to position myself on my knees in order to coax my bladder to relax. After several minutes of fighting against years of potty training, I finally managed to release. Immediately I realized what a huge mistake I made, as the urine mixed the defecant already present. It created a nasty, soupy messy that I could feel squishing around inside the diaper. The itching also became almost instantly unbearable as I desperately tried rubbing myself against the bars and mattress.

Unable to scratch the torturous itch, I began to cry softly and I was quickly building up to screaming my safeword. Mr. Branson must have been watching on the monitor, because moments later he walked through the door.

“Does someone need a diaper change?” He asked in a condescending tone.

I simply nodded, unsure if it was a direct question.

“Alright darling. Let’s get you cleaned up and then we can discuss your punishment for spitting out the binky.” He said as he unlocked the side of the crib and lowered the rail.

I was so wrapped up in my situation that I didn’t even realize the pacifier had come out of my mouth while I slept. Glancing around, I saw it lying on the floor beside the crib. As much as I dreaded whatever punishment was to come, all I could think about was getting out of this disgusting diaper.

He helped me out of the crib and to a standing position. The simple act of standing up was difficult with the diaper squishing disgustingly between my thighs. The mitts were unstrapped and removed from my hands before he took my right hand and pulled me along behind him. Every step I took forced the filth in my diaper to rub between my ass cheeks and I couldn’t help but groan in disgust.

We headed straight to the bathroom where he directed me into the shower. The padlock was removed from the waist chain and he carefully pulled the plastic pants down and removed them. A large plastic bag was retrieved from under the sink and opened wide between my feet. Each tape was peeled off, but the diaper still clung to my skin. With a firm tug, it pulled away and fell with a plop into the bag.

The smell was horrid and I almost gagged from the pungency of it. Even Mr. Branson curled his nose as he quickly closed the bag and tied it tight. After setting the bag aside, he turned on the water and adjusted it to a warm temperature.

When the water was satisfactory, he pulled the detachable shower head down and began to carefully spray off the shit that still coated my diaper area. Looking down, I was immediately overwhelmed by humiliation as I watched the brown mess running down my legs into the tub. I covered my face with my hands in shame as he took his time alternating between the sprayer and bath brush. Five minutes of scrubbing went by before the water ran clean.

“Clean up.” He told me after hanging the sprayer back on the wall and handing me a wash cloth.

He left the room and I took a few minutes to enjoy the hot shower. The bruises on my ass were still sensitive, but the lack of itching was refreshing. Even though Mr. Branson had thoroughly cleaned my diaper area, I still felt dirty down there and did an extra good job of cleaning myself.

Mr. Branson returned while I was enjoying the hot spray on the back of my shoulders. He turned off the water and wrapped a large towel around me. Tenderly, he dried me from head to toe and seemed to enjoy this very paternal task.

With the towel still draped around my shoulders, he led me back to the nursery and lifted me up onto the changing table. A disposable diaper with a different infantile design was retrieved, along with another large stuffer, lotion and baby powder.

After squeezing a liberal amount of lotion into his hand, he rubbed both hands together to distribute it evenly. Then, he began applying the lotion to every part of my body. As good as it felt, my mind was focused on trying to figure out what punishment he had in store for me next.

When he finished with the lotion, he took a moment to wash his hands before placing the diaper under my ass. An excessive amount of lavender baby powder was spread across my ass and pussy before the diaper was pulled up tight and taped closed.

“Time for some breakfast.” He said as he lifted me from the table and helped me to my feet.

I followed him to the kitchen, where he led to me an oversized high chair and lifted me into the seat. A large tray was fastened in front of me and a gigantic pink bib was tied around my neck. I felt ridiculous, but it was better than being beaten.

First, he made a large baby bottle of apple juice and handed it to me. I was quite thirsty and immediately began sucking hard on the nipple. As I drank from the bottle, he made a plate of finger foods – carrots, celery, rolled lunchmeat and cubed cheese. Just seeing the food made my tummy growl and he gave me a knowing smile before placing the plate on the tray in front of me.

Even though I’m not a fan of carrots, I ate every last bite of the offered food. Partly to avoid punishment, but also because I was quite hungry. As I ate, he refilled the bottle one more time with apple juice, which I used to wash the last bites down. Apparently he had already eaten, because he seemed content to watch me eat.

Once my plate was clear and the bottle empty, he removed the tray and lifted me out of the chair. Grasping my wrist, he led me once again to the nursery. This time, however, we moved to the corner of the room that housed all of the BDSM equipment and I knew it was time for the promised punishment.

“Hands behind your back.” He ordered after positioning me in the middle of the room.

I did as instructed and felt him adjust my arms until they were crossed with my fingers touching the elbow of the opposite arm. A large leather cuff was wrapped around both wrists and strapped tight. Next, he placed leather cuffs around each ankle and fastened them to a narrow spreader bar. The spreader bar itself was connected to a recessed eye bolt in the floor, preventing me from leaving that spot.

Once bound tightly in place, he opened a nearby cabinet and pulled out a leather harness and a Hitachi Magic Wand. The harness was wrapped around my waist snugly and then the Hitachi was fitted into the crotch strap. He pulled it up tight between my legs and pulled it through the buckle hard to ensure the Hitachi was pressing firmly against my pussy through the diaper. The Hitachi cord was plugged into an extension cord and the switch was flipped to high. Immediately, I felt the pleasurable vibrations in my clit and wondered when he was going to add the punishment part.

“I’ll be back in a bit. I have some phone calls to make and some work to do. I’ll be watching you on the monitor if you need to safeword.” He said with a smirk as he turned and left the room.

Apparently this was supposed to be my punishment? I almost smiled to myself as I began to build to climax. After about ten minutes, I had my first orgasm and it was amazing. The Hitachi is definitely my favorite method of masturbation, so I was curious why he considered this a punishment. After another fifteen minutes, a second orgasm came to fruition. Then a third and a fourth.

By the fifth orgasm, I was beginning to understand this punishment. I was exhausted, but could do nothing to stop the Hitachi from eliciting more and more orgasms. I tried my hardest to think of other things, but the high powered vibrator wouldn’t let me ignore it.

After the sixth orgasm, I fell to my knees from exhaustion. After the ninth orgasm, I was laying on my belly, desperate for it to stop. At that point, I desperately wanted to use my safeword, but couldn’t find the energy to voice it. He must’ve have noticed my body language, because it was only a moment later that he came back into the room and switched off that infernal device.

He rolled me onto my back and cradled my head in his lap. He had brought a baby bottle of cold water with him, which he fed to my while I slowly recovered from my ordeal. The entire time, he simply caressed my hair as he waited patiently.

When the bottle was empty, he slowly removed all of my restraints. When he pulled the Hitachi away from my pussy, I could feel that the diaper was thoroughly soaked from my own wetness. With all of the restraints removed, he lifted me up and carried me to the crib.

“Take a nap sweetie.” He said softly.

He kissed my forehead and pulled a blanket over me, before pulling the rail of the crib up and latching it in place. Then he left the room after turning off the light. Exhaustion overtook me almost instantly and I dozed off. The next thing I remember is Mr. Branson waking me.

“Rise and shine.” I heard him say as he nudged me softly.

“Yes Sir.” I responded, struggling to wake myself up.

“We only have a couple hours left. I was going to wake you earlier, but I dozed off myself.” He explained.

He motioned for me to climb out of the crib, so I shifted myself over and he helped me out. Taking me by the hand, he led me to the nearby chair. He sat down and pulled me close until I was sitting in his lap.

“I’m going to give you a minute to wake up, then I’m going to give you one final spanking. After that, you’re going to give me a blowjob. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” I responded, really not feeling I could handle a spanking at that moment.

“After that, you can clean up, put your regular clothes back on and I’ll take you out to nice meal. How does that sound?”

“Sounds great, Sir.” It really did sound good. I needed a real meal right about now.

He held me in his lap, as he rubbed my back with his right hand and my breasts with his left. It felt great, despite the feeling of dread from the impending spanking. After about fifteen minutes, he patted my diapered ass and motioned for me to stand.

“Time for your spanking little girl.” He said, as he unfastened the top tapes on my diaper.

With the top tapes loosened, he was able to pull the diaper down just far enough to expose my ass. He pulled me over his lap until my hands and feet were touching the floor, but my ass was sticking straight up in the air.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! No implements this time. Just his large hand landing hard across my cheeks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He alternated from one cheek to the other for the most part, but mixed it up a bit along the way. It hurt, but I was ever so glad it wasn’t something worse.

Regardless of the impact of the spanking, he kept it up until I was in tears. My ass felt like it was burning and I was already exhausted, so it probably came a lot sooner than it should. Once the tears flowed, he stopped the assault and began rubbing my ass instead. His fingers strayed between my cheeks and down to my pussy. He was clearly getting himself ready for a blowjob.

After I composed myself, he helped me to stand and refastened the diaper. Then he led me to his bedroom. He removed his clothes, climbed up on the bed and lay on his back. Then he positioned me in a sixty nine position, so the crotch of my diaper was straddling his face and my face was right in his crotch.

As I took his cock into my mouth, I felt him pressing his face into my pussy through the diaper. His hands were rubbing my ass through the diaper as well. His erection appeared rather quickly and it only took me about a minute to make him cum.

Even though he came rather quickly, we lay there for quite some time as he recovered from the orgasm. His hands never left my ass, so I just lay there and kissed his cock and thighs repeatedly.

“Thank you so much darling. This was all so amazing. Please, go get cleaned up and we’ll head to dinner once you’re ready.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said with a smile. Happy that I had done my job and made it through a very rough session without using my safeword.

While I was in the shower, I thought about the events of the last day and tried to decide if I would do it again. I figured he would ask me if I would during dinner, so I needed to be prepared with an answer. As bad as the punishments were, I think having a better idea of the rules beforehand would result in fewer punishments the next time. Besides, even though I didn’t enjoy the painful aspects of our time together, the humiliation was rather enjoyable.

As I was laying out my clothes after the shower, I decided to offer a little gift to him. Still naked, I went to find Mr. Branson.

“Sir. Would you be willing to diaper me for dinner? Something that can be covered easy enough preferably?” I asked even though I had strictly forbidden public play.

“Certainly. Follow me.” He said with a huge grin as he led me down to the nursery.

After helping me up onto the changing table, he went into the drawers and pulled out a pure white disposable diaper. No infantile prints on this one and he did not pull out a stuffer.

Once again, he used a good amount of baby powder after placing the diaper under my butt. Then he pulled it up snug and fastened all four tapes. When he helped me off the table, I realized the diaper was still fairly thick, but seemed a bit more discreet without the stuffer.

“Thank you.” I offered as I walked back toward the room with my clothes.

My dress did a good job of covering the diaper, as long as I didn’t bend over too far. It was going to be a bit nerve wracking to be diapered in public, but I felt like it would be a nice finish to our session. I wanted him to know that I was all right with everything that transpired.

Dinner was uneventful. I even wet the diaper in the middle of the restaurant and made a point of letting Mr. Branson know. As expected, he did ask if I would come back for a full weekend and I told him I would. We even set a new date for the following month to spend a weekend together. Perhaps I will write more about that visit, assuming it’s as eventful as this one.


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