Story: Club Girl

By | February 22, 2016


Being homeless at 18 sucks. Being a homeless girl at 18 is even worse. Constantly fearing for my life and afraid every night that I will wake up to some pervert raping me. I guess that’s what happens when you live under a bridge.

My name is Aubrey and this is my life – for now. I grew up in a fairly normal family until my mom died when I was 12. My dad took it hard and started drinking heavily. He wasn’t physically abusive, but he was definitely verbally abusive. He constantly berated me for every little thing I did wrong. Blamed me for my mother’s death even. The day I turned 18, I left and didn’t look back.

Two months on the streets and I was already desperate enough to turn tricks, but I had a friend that offered another solution to my problems. She often got work at a local BDSM club where patrons would pay her good money to let them tie her up, tease her and even spank her. Because I was a petite girl, she seemed to think I would do great there.

It was a good suggestion. My first night, I was paid $800 to take a paddling on stage. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured for that kind money it couldn’t be too bad. The guy that paid me, led me up on stage, bent me over a padded bench and strapped me down. The skirt I was wearing was lifted to expose my ass and g-string panties. The deal was fifty swats with the oak paddle and I would earn $800. If I used my safeword “banana” the paddling would stop and I would be paid $10 per swat that I took.

On the first swat, I nearly screamed the safeword, but walking out of here with $10 wasn’t going to work. Besides, I figured if I gave in that quickly, nobody else would hire me. The second swat made me realize the first swat was more shock than pain. It definitely hurt, but it was bearable. By the tenth swat I felt as if a million tiny fire ants were biting into my ass. Tears flowed freely down my cheeks. By swat twenty, my ass actually felt as if it were going numb. After fifty swats, the crowd actually applauded as I was unstrapped from the bench and allowed to stand.

I headed for the bathroom to clean my face, but was stopped by another man who wanted to pay me to rub lotion on my bruised ass. Another $100 to let some guy rub lotion on my ass was definitely right up my alley, so I agreed. He sat on a nearby leather couch and had me lay across his lap. He used a liberal dose of baby lotion and spent 40 minutes massaging it into both cheeks.

That night, I stayed in a very nice motel room. I soaked my sore, bruised ass in the tub for 45 minutes and slept in a very comfortable queen size bed. As I lay in bed, I went over the events of the day and realized I actually liked being spanked. It hurt definitely, but it also gave me a high that I hadn’t felt in a long time. As much as that paddling hurt when it happened, I was rather enjoying the sensation of a well bruised butt.
Over the next few months, I became almost a celebrity at the club. I was the cute girl that could take a really hard spanking. My best paying customers wanted to spank a pristine butt though, so I had a take up to a week between hard spankings to allow the bruises to fade. During healing periods, I spent a lot of time in bondage being teased and tormented. I learned to take some fairly large butt plugs as well.

The customer that changed my life, however, was Jonah. I had seen him around with his wife, but they didn’t play a lot and when they did it was usually in a private room. When I met him, he told me he and his wife were looking for a diaper girl to play with. He offered me $500 to be their diaper girl for the evening. It seemed like easy money, so I agreed. They took me to a private room, where they pulled a few things out of a suitcase.

Jonah’s wife, Samantha, stripped me naked and then had me lie on the bed. Jonah lifted my legs straight up and placed a large disposable diaper under my ass. Then he pulled out a medium size butt plug and set it beside me. He greased up a finger and slipped it into my ass, fingering me for about thirty seconds. Once I was lubed, he placed the plug against my asshole and pressed it hard until it popped into place. My legs were dropped down and he sprinkled a liberal dose of baby powder all over my crotch before pulling the diaper up between my legs and fastening it tightly around my waist. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, I was actually enjoying this in some strange way.

With the diaper in place, I was stood up and Samantha pulled a very short little girl dress over my head. Once in place, it did nothing to hide the diaper I was wearing. In fact, it only barely covered the waistline of the diaper. A set of pink leather restraints were added next. They strapped around my chest, between my breasts and fastened tightly at my shoulder blades. A set of pink leather wrists restraints were then added and my hands were pulled behind my back and fastened to the straps around my chest.

After admiring their handiwork, they added a posture collar, which lifted my chin quite high and forced me to look down past my nose to see ahead of me. Then a pair of ankle cuffs with a twelve inch chain connecting them together. The finally piece of the outfit was a leash which was attached to the posture collar and used to lead me back out into the club.

It was a bit embarrassing to walk around here in a diaper like this, but everyone knew I was a paid submissive. Jonah and Samantha sat at their regular couch and I was forced to simply kneel at their feet. After about thirty minutes, the plug in my ass began to burn a bit and I asked if they might remove it. I didn’t expect them to agree, but was quite pleased when they did. Jonah simply reached down the back of the diaper and roughly removed it from my ass. He wrapped it in a towel and placed it into their nearby bag.

Unfortunately, the burning sensation didn’t stop and I quickly began to realize I desperately needed to poop. I struggled to hold it until play time was over, but when I realized that wasn’t going to happen, I asked for permission to use the bathroom. Jonah simply said “You’re wearing your bathroom” and then placed a ballgag into my mouth and strapped it tightly around my head.

They then stood up and led me by the leash to the front of the club where several people were having a conversation about subspace. Jonah spoke up and was talking about how you can get a sub to do almost anything if they’re in the correct headspace. When someone asked “Like what?”, he moved me into the middle of the group, looked me straight in the eye and demanded that I shit in my diaper. Under normal circumstances, I would not have done that, but I had spent the last thirty minutes desperately trying to hold it in and his order to relieve myself was all it took for me to lose control. In front of all these people, I quite loudly filled my diaper.

I expected them to be disgusted and possibly kick me out of the club, but every one of them seemed amused at my humiliation and asked Jonah how he managed. He told them that when he inserted the plug in my ass, he had also inserted a fast acting suppository. This caused a fair bit of desperation, which he exploited. When someone is desperate enough, they will fall into subspace without realizing it and with only a hint of direction, they will do things they normally wouldn’t do. His point was punctuated by another loud fart from me and a fresh load of poop to join the first. This earned a couple of giggles, which turned my face beet red.

As humiliated as I was, I was also incredibly turned on. He was accurate about the subspace comments, because at this point I would do anything he asked. I stood there in my mess for about an hour as they discussed multiple topics. I didn’t mind though, because I was so turned on I could think of nothing else. The conversation ended when thirty minutes to closing time was announced.

At this point, Samantha came to pull Jonah away and they led me back to their private room. The gag and collar were removed first. Then the restraints were removed. I was laid down on the bed and the diaper was removed. Samantha cleaned up with a handful of baby wipes and my clothes were returned. Jonah then paid me the agreed upon sum and we parted ways.

I saw them in the club several times over the next several weeks, but they never gave me more than a nod and a smile. This was very frustrating, because I really wanted to be their diaper girl again. I masturbated to the thought on a nightly basis even. As time went on, I began to wonder if I had disappointed them in some way.

After two months, the frustration had become too much and I decided to talk to them about it. When I approached them, they seemed quite pleasant and invited me to sit with them. I asked if they were disappointed in me and they insisted they weren’t, so I asked why they hadn’t talked to me since. Samantha spoke up and said they simply couldn’t afford it. They enjoyed coming to the club, but their finances rarely allowed them to do much beyond watch.

I felt quite foolish for making such assumptions and apologized to them. As I apologized, I saw an opportunity. I told them that I felt terrible for assuming the worst and offered to give them the night at no charge if they would have me. Samantha said it was very sweet, but that I didn’t need to give up a night of good money for them. And with that, my plan failed. There was no other choice than to tell them the truth.

It was very difficult, but I had to admit to them how much I enjoyed being their diaper girl the last time and wanted to do it again. The both perked up a bit and accepted my offer of being their diaper girl for the rest of the evening. Jonah took me by the hand and told me that I needed to be punished first for trying to manipulate them. My mind dipped a little into subspace at the thought of being punished for an actual misdeed.

Jonah grabbed my hand and led me a short distance to a pillory near a wall. He pushed my neck and wrists and into the correct holes and then closed the stock to lock me in. He moved around by my head to make sure I could see him unfasten and remove his belt. He squatted down to meet me face to face and informed me that what I did was the same as lying and I was going to receive fifty swats with the belt to teach me a lesson. He then moved around behind me and pulled my shorts and panties around my ankles. Then he lay fifty hard strokes of the belt across my ass.

After releasing me from the pillory, Jonah told me to follow Samantha while he went out to the car to get something. I reached down to pull up my shorts and panties, but he grabbed me by the back of my neck and told me that I wasn’t told to do that. As he left the building, I shuffled behind Samantha with my shorts and panties still around my ankles.

She led me to their private room where I was stripped naked. Samantha then grabbed a straitjacket out of a nearby bag and held it up for me to place my arms into it. She fastened all the straps except for the crotch straps. Just as she was tightening the straps, Jonah returned with a small hard suitcase. My world went black when Samantha placed a blindfold over my eyes and fastened it behind my head.

I felt their hands guide me down on the bed until I was lying on my back. I heard them moving stuff around and at one point heard one of them leave the room only to return a few minutes later. The anticipation was killing me and when I finally felt Jonah lift my legs into the air and place a diaper under my butt, I nearly had an orgasm. It was a different type of diaper this time though. It felt like I was lying down with a pillow under my ass and quickly realized it was a pile of cloth diapers.

The diaper was left open for a couple minutes until I felt Jonah once again raise my legs into the air. Then I felt Samantha stick a lubricated finger into my ass. She dipped it in and out several times and then went to two and three fingers. After about five minutes of fingering my butt, I felt something hard press against my ass. I remembered how last time they had used the suppositories before the butt plug and assumed the same thing was happening again. I was wrong.

After the hard intruder was placed into my ass, I heard a whooshing of sound and then felt the intruder expand inside of me. I tensed for a moment and then relaxed. I had to trust them. After several more pumps, the intruder seemed huge and I desperately felt like I needed to poop. I moaned a bit, which was met with a question from Samantha about whether I should be gagged or not. Jonah simply said not yet and they continued with what they were doing. There were no more inflations, but I could feel them doing something with the plug.

A few moments later, I figured it all out when I felt the hot water begin to flow into my ass. I freaked out for a second, but a reassuring rub on my head calmed me down. The water flowed for several minutes and I could myself cramping. When the water finally stopped flowing, I was crying. I felt them both move onto the bed on either side of me as they kissed my forehead and let me know that everything was going to be alright.

Once I calmed down, Samantha continued to caress me as Jonah moved down and deflated the plug. He held the plug in place to make sure I didn’t make a mess though. After a few more moments, he told me not to let it leak as he pulled out the plug. I knew I couldn’t hold it for long and apparently so did they. The stack of diapers was pulled up between my legs and pinned tightly into place. Then a large pair of plastic pants was pulled up my legs to cover the diaper.

Samantha removed the blindfold, as Jonah helped me to my feet. Once standing, I realized I couldn’t touch my legs together. The diaper was so thick, I was forced to waddle around. The straitjacket just made it worse. Jonah quickly fastened the crotch straps on the straitjacket and then they both led me out into the club. Rather than take me to their regular couch, they took me up on the stage and locked me into one of the standing cages. Then they both returned to the couch to watch.

I could see a lot of people in the crowd staring at me. Many of them giggling and pointing. It was beyond humiliating and I was in heaven. Within five minutes, my bowels failed me and I once again made an embarrassingly loud mess in my diaper. The diaper immediately began to sag and there was no way to hide what I had done from the crowd. Wave after wave of cramps hit me and I just filled the diaper more and more. It must’ve been a very large enema.

The straitjacket was making me sweat badly and the enema had sapped most of my energy. After about an hour in the cage, I was finding it hard to stand. Jonah noticed and brought me a baby bottle full of energy drink and fed it to me through the cage bars. It was yet another humiliating task, which delighted the people in the crowd and reignited the fire in my pussy.

After two hours in the cage, Jonah released me and led me back to the private room. If it wasn’t for the crotch straps on the straitjacket, I’m pretty sure the diaper would have fallen down to my ankles. Once we were back in the room, the straitjacket was removed and Samantha spent the next twenty minutes removing the filthy diaper and cleaning me up. Once clean, a regular butt plug was inserted into my ass and two thick disposable diapers were placed under my ass. My pubic area was covered in baby powder and the diapers once again fastened nice and tight. A simple t-shirt came next, which once again did nothing to cover the diapers. We then went back into the club and they sat at their regular spot and I knelt on the floor in front of them.

We had a long conversation about different things. When I told them I was homeless and worked here in order to pay for motel rooms, they began whispering to each other for several minutes. Samantha then asked if I would like to come stay with them for a while. My smile gave away my excitement at the idea, but I had to be polite and told them I wouldn’t want to put them out. I wasn’t even sure exactly what they were offering. Jonah simply stated that it wouldn’t put them out, because I would have to earn my keep. I would have to be submissive to them and do as I was told if I wished to stay with them. There would be house rules and I would be punished if I violated them. That was exactly what I was hoping to hear. I said yes.

At this point, Samantha noted that it was getting late and it was time to go home. I wasn’t sure if that meant me as well, because I still had to get my stuff from the motel. They led me back to the room where they packed up their stuff. My question was answered when Samantha folded up my clothes and placed them in her bag. As excited as I was at seeing this, I also realized I was wearing only a t-shirt and diaper. I asked about my clothes and Samantha said I wouldn’t be needing them anymore.

I hesitated when they tried to lead me out of the club with my diaper in full view. The last thing I wanted was to be arrested for indecent exposure or something. Jonah simply grabbed my wrist and admonished me for delaying them. Luckily their car was very close to the door and nobody was in the parking lot. Jonah strapped me into the back seat and then climbed into the driver seat himself. Samantha asked where my motel was and I gave them directions. When we got there, Jonah opened the back door and let me out. He had my motel key in his hand and unlocked the door.

We gathered up my belongings and put them in the car, then Jonah starting leading me to the motel office to turn in the key. Again, I hesitated. Jonah grabbed me by my cheeks and stared straight in my eyes as he told me that I had already earned a trip over his knee with the hairbrush for hesitating at the club and if I didn’t get my ass in gear, he would add the paddle. Walking into the office of the motel where I had been staying for the past several months and turning in my key while wearing a diaper was by far the most humiliating thing I had ever done. The guy behind the counter was very professional though and gave no indication that he even noticed anything.

Back in the car, we headed for my new home. On the way there, Samantha told me the house rules.

1. I will be diapered at all times and the bathroom is off limits unless I am cleaning it.
2. I am not allowed to ask for a diaper change. They will be changed when Jonah or Samantha feel it is necessary.
3. I will be responsible for all of the household cleaning and Samantha will teach me how to cook. However, being a cook by trade, she will still cook most meals.
4. I will do as I’m told, when I’m told or I will be punished.

She went on to explain that I would not always be publically humiliated as I was today. My diapers would only be exposed in situations that they deem appropriate and it is not my place to dispute their choices. That made me a feel a lot better and I began to relax a little more.

It took about 45 minutes to get to their house, which was in a very private farm like setting. Jonah parked in front of the house and then opened my door and let me out. He helped me grab my things and carry them into the house. In the house, Jonah opened a closet under the stairs and placed my belongings inside. He commented that I would not need them any time soon.

They then led me upstairs to a nursery that they had built. There was a large changing table, a crib and a closet full of clothing in one corner. The other side of the room looked more like a dungeon with paddles, sex toys and bondage equipment hanging on the wall. There was also a pillory, a spanking bench and a gynecologist’s chair.

Jonah lifted me up onto the changing table and untaped the double diapers I was wearing. Next, he pulled the plug from my ass and placed it in a nearby bowl for cleaning. I was then pulled off the table, naked, as Jonah led me to a nearby chair where he sat down and pulled me across his knee. Samantha handed him a hairbrush and he gave me five hard swats before explaining that this spanking was for hesitating at the club and the motel. Then he gave me another ten swats and paused to explain that I was not allowed to feel shame in public. If they want me to do something, I will do it. After another ten, very hard swats, I was bawling and he asked if I understood him. I tried to stop blubbering long enough to answer him, but it wasn’t fast enough. This time he went to work on my ass with the hairbrush until I was fighting to get off his lap and snot was hanging from my nose. Again he asked if I understood. I quickly yelled out “YES SIR!”. He seemed satisfied and helped me to my feet.

Samantha then took my hand and led me to the bathroom where she had just run a warm bath. She cleaned me all over and then dried me from head to toe. Back in the nursery, Jonah again lifted me onto the changing table where he rubbed lotion into my very sore ass and then covered my entire diaper area in baby powder before taping on a fresh disposable diaper. Samantha picked a pair of pink footed pajamas from the closet which they dressed me in. I was then given a baby bottle that had been sitting nearby to drink. It was filled with apple juice. Jonah carried me to the crib and closed the gate. I realized at this point that the crib gate was close enough to the ceiling, that I couldn’t get out of the crib without help.

Jonah and Samantha went through their own bags from the club. They cleaned the toys and put everything back in it’s place. By the time they were finished, the bottle was empty, so Samantha replaced it with a pacifier and they both said good night as they left the room. I was exhausted, but I was also quite turned on. I rubbed myself through the diaper until I had a violent orgasm, then drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I had the typical urge to pee. Knowing the rules, I struggled to let go of my inhibitions and wet the diaper, but it was proving to be harder than expected. It took about 30 minutes of trying to find a position that worked before I was able to pee into the diaper. It was absolutely orgasmic. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be resigned to diapers for the foreseeable future and knowing that I would be expected to use them for everything.

It was another hour before Samantha came to let me out of the crib. I thought she might change my diaper, but she didn’t. She simply led me to the kitchen where breakfast was waiting. There was a large high chair at the end of the table. Samantha removed the tray and motioned for me to sit down. Once I was in the high chair, she reattached the tray and handed me a plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon. As well as a sippy cup of juice. I was very hungry, but it was a lot of food. I ate what I could, but left a bit on the plate. When Jonah noticed, he told me to eat every bite or I would be punished. As hard as it was, I finished everything on my plate.

After breakfast, I made the mistake of asking if my diaper was going to be changed now. I had figured since I didn’t ask them to change it, it wasn’t a rule violation. They disagreed. Jonah told me my punishment was going to be one hour on the time out stool. It didn’t sound so bad, but I was wrong. Jonah opened a nearby closet and pulled out a short stool with a large dildo sticking out of the top. It also had two restraints on the side of the seat. I was stood facing the corner as Jonah removed my pajamas, untaped the top tabs on my diaper and pulled it down just below my ass. At the same time, Samantha was placing a liberal dose of lubricant on the dildo. I was guided down until the tip of the dildo touched my ass. Jonah began pressing insistently down on my shoulders to force me down further and further onto the dildo. It spread my asshole open almost painfully, but he kept pressing me down. Within a minute, I was fully engorged by the large rubber phallus. It wasn’t really painful, just excrutiatingly annoying. My wrists were then locked into the side shackles, which prevented me from standing up.

After fifteen minutes, I began to whimper a bit, so Jonah placed a ballgag into my mouth and informed me that whimpering was the same as complaining, so now I would spend two hours in time out. I don’t know if excrutiating is really the right word to describe it. Imagine, if you will, feeling a desperate need to poop but being unable to. I guess I would liken it to how someone with really bad constipation might feel.

After the two hours were up, my wrists were unlocked and I was helped up. Feeling the dildo come out of my ass was actually an amazing feeling. As Jonah refastened my diaper, I realized the dildo had churned up my insides and I would need to mess real soon. I apologized for breaking the rules and Jonah gave me a big hug. He told me that once I learned the rules, the punishments wouldn’t be quite so frequent.

Samantha led me back to the nursery where my still soaking wet diaper was changed. Then she went to the closet and chose a sundress that was just long enough to cover my diaper. She pulled it over my head, then retrieved a pair of ankle socks and canvas shoes. Once she was satisfied with my outfit, she told me we had some shopping to do in town. It was a scary thought, but I had learned my lesson and knew better than to question her. My only solace was the fact that the dress really did seem to cover my diaper.

As I said before, their house was in the country and surrounded by farm land. That meant the trip to the grocery store took almost thirty minutes. I could feel the urge to poop building up the entire trip and I desperately hoped it would subside. It was a foolish hope, however, as I had a big breakfast and I have always been very regular about having my daily bowel movements shortly after waking up. Sitting in the car helped, but as soon as I got out of the car, a particularly intense cramp hit me and I filled the diaper quite loudly. Samantha gave me a sideways glance and then lifted the back of the dress and pulled out the waistband of my diaper to verify that I had just shit myself. She curled her nose and stated that she hadn’t brought any diapers with her, so I would just have to sit in it for a while.

We shopped for over an hour and she bought a cart full of food. Every time she needed something, she would point it out to me and I would fetch it. That wasn’t so bad, except for when the items she wanted were on the top or bottom shelf. Stretching up or bending over caused the dress to ride up and expose my filthy diaper to anyone that might be watching. When she noticed a cute guy staring at me in the soda aisle, she smiled at him and then told me to get a case of soda and put it on the bottom of the cart. I tried to maneuver myself so I could bend down without exposing my diaper to him, but she wouldn’t have that. She maneuvered herself to make sure he got a good view of my dirty and stained diaper. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when I bent over she swatted me on the ass and winked at him. He turned red and walked away.

After paying for the groceries, we loaded them into the trunk of the car. When I pushed the cart back to the cart return, Samantha pulled out a towel and laid across my seat. She said she didn’t want the seat to get messy if the diaper leaked. Sitting in a very messy diaper for the long trip back hadn’t even occurred to me. When I sat down, I felt the mess spread all over my diaper area, including up and around my vagina. It was both disgusting and amazing at the same time.

The trip home was quiet, so I was left to my own thoughts. Feeling myself squish around in the very messy diaper was disgusting and yet pleasurable, but the more I thought about it the more I realized the possible downsides. A woman’s vagina is very delicate and sitting in this type of mess for an extended period of time is bound to increase the chances of a yeast infection or worst. I wanted to ask Samantha about it, but was worried it might be considered a rule violation. Samantha, however, noticed my discomfort and asked if it was because of the diaper or if I had something on my mind. Risking another punishment, I told her what I was thinking. She assured me that the cream they used at diaper changes was very good at preventing such infections and I would be fine. That made me feel much better and I actually began to enjoy the sensation of the very messy diaper a bit more.

When we arrived home, I helped Samantha carry in the groceries and put them away. Jonah entered the kitchen while we were emptying bags and made a verbal note of the state of my diaper. “Smells like someone made quite the mess” and “Perhaps a thicker diaper next time you girls go shopping.” It was embarrassing to be the subject of such comments, but it just reinforced how horny I was at that moment.

Once the dishes were put away, Samantha lead Jonah and me to the living room. She stood behind Jonah and reached around to unfasten his jeans. They both stared at me while she pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. I thought they were going to start fucking right there, but they had other ideas. Samantha stroked Jonah’s cock until it was hard and then told me to get on my knees in front of him. She ordered me to kiss the tip of his dick, which I did. Next, she said she was going to make lunch and that I should learn to properly thank my new Daddy. As she turned to walk back to the kitchen, she added that if I made him cum before lunch was ready I would have my diaper changed before eating. Otherwise, I would have to wait until bed time.

Jonah buried his cock in my mouth and I did my best to pleasure him. I really wanted to seem like I knew what I was doing, but this was literally the first cock I had ever sucked. I tried moving my tongue around the head and used my hands to cup his balls, but he didn’t seem that into it. After a few minutes, he suggested that I try to deep throat him. I don’t exactly have a big gag reflex, but trying to fit his larger than average cock down my throat was really kicking in the gag reflex. When I noticed his reaction every time I gagged, I realized that was part of the fun for him, so I kept doing it. At that point it only took a few minutes before she shot his load into my throat. It was a very weird sensation and I felt like I was choking, but I managed to swallow it and maintain my composure.

He took a moment to recover from the orgasm and then lead me to the nursery for a diaper change. The mess in my diaper was bad and spread all over, so he took me into the bathroom and stood me in the shower before fully removing the diaper. The filthy diaper was put into a plastic garbage bag and Jonah used the removable shower head to get me completely clean. When he cleaned my pussy with the massaging shower head I nearly had an orgasm. He used a soaped up luffa to clean every nook and cranny of my body before toweling me off and leading me back to the nursery. He placed two thick disposable diapers under my ass and then cut holes into the first diaper to allow it to drain into the second diaper. Both were taped up tightly. Jonah retrieved a simple sports bra from a nearby drawer and helped me into it. We then went back downstairs to the kitchen for lunch where I was once again put into the high chair to eat. Samantha seemed pleased that I was in a fresh diaper and placed my lunch on the tray in front of me. She had made club sandwiches and homemade chips that were absolutely delicious.

After lunch, Samantha dressed me in a t-shirt, overalls, long socks and brown boots. She dressed herself similarly, minus the diaper of course. Then we went outside where she showed me how to tend her garden. We pulled weeds, watered the vegetables and picked a few ripe tomatoes and peppers. It was hard work, but it felt like honest work. While we tended the garden, Jonah was busy in the barn feeding the chickens, pigs and their one horse. Samantha told me that I would eventually learn to help with every aspect of running a farm.

The following week was much of the same. I earned my fair share of punishments and was spanked at least once per day. I also spent another two hours on the time-out stool for cussing. Other than that, I worked hard most of the day. Farm chores in the morning, housework in the afternoon, followed by more farm chores in the early evening. After dinner, I had some free time to myself to use the computer or watch television. Even though I was basically their property, they treated me very well. As long as I followed the rules, I could be very comfortable here. The fact that I was constantly turned on just made it better.


A little over a week after I moved in with Jonah and Samantha I got the answer to a question that had burning in my mind. Why was their house already decked out for a diaper girl like me? Did they have another diaper girl living here at some point? Did they have one that visited on ocassion? Maybe they hosted parties? I didn’t know and I hadn’t worked up the courage to ask for fear the answer might upset them.

One morning, while waiting for one of them to let me out of the crib, I heard them walking down the hall toward the nursery. When the door opened, Samantha entered the room completely naked with Jonah following closely behind. Her eyes were cast downward in shame as Jonah lead her to the changing table and helped her up. As he placed two disposable diapers under her ass, he noticed me watching them. He explained that when Samantha had her period, she would share my role as submissive diaper girl. He made it clear that she was still in charge of me, but that she was required to follow all of the same rules during her week in diapers. He took his time rubbing lotion into her diaper region and used lots of powder before taping up the double thick diapers. Once secured in her diapers, he put her in a short denim skirt and a t-shirt appropriate for working outside.

Samantha was sent to the kitchen to make breakfast Jonah opened the crib and let me out. My diaper was soaking wet and quite messy. By this time I had learned to mess early, before I had a chance to earn a punishment, so my diaper would be changed immediately. I was dressed in an outfit that matched Samantha’s.

In the kitchen, Jonah made a verbal note that we needed a second high chair as he strapped me in. Samantha was still cooking, so he placed a sippy cup of apple juice on my tray and walked out the kitchen door to the barn. A minute later he returned with a second high chair very similar to the one I was sitting in. It turns out he has spent much of his time in the barn this last week building it. He sat it next to mine and when breakfast was ready, he strapped Samantha into the new high chair and gave us both our breakfast.

Samantha seemed a bit out of sorts as she ate her breakfast and I asked if she was alright, but she insisted she was fine. As she sat there, she began to look downright uneasy. I saw her glance at Jonah who just smiled at her and then suddenly she lifted her butt as high off the chair as she could while strapped down and released a long, loud stream of farts. I could hear the unmistakable sound of her filling the diaper as she struggled to lift her ass high enough to make room in the diaper. I was blown away by what just happened, but didn’t want to be punished by getting too nosy so I just finished my breakfast like a good girl.

When we finished eating, I helped Samantha do the dishes and then we headed outside for chores. When we were alone, I asked her what happened and she told me Jonah had given her a mini-enema when he diapered her. She told me I would learn all about those before too long, which almost seemed ominous.

Samantha continued by telling me that I needed to be on my best behavior this week, because any time either of us broke the rules we would both be punished. She made it quite clear that she really did not like to be spanked, so if I caused her to be punished she would return the favor tenfold when her period was over. She was very serious, but I don’t think she realized her statement had the opposite effect and turned me on something fierce. Even though I hate being spanked, I love the feeling after a good, hard spanking. The promise of it being returned tenfold just made me want to break the rules even more.

I didn’t want to break the rules in an obvious fashion that might make Samantha hate me, but I definitely needed to do something to get in trouble. I stayed on my best behavior for the first two days. Samantha and I shared the crib at night and neither of us got changed until we had both messed our diapers. That meant that Samantha spent almost the entire first day in a messy diaper, because I only mess once per day and had already been changed that morning. Seeing Samantha being miserable in that itchy mess made me feel sorry for her though, so I forced myself to mess again shortly after dinner. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to warrant a diaper change for both of us.

During Samantha’s third day in diapers, I had come up with a plan to earn a punishment that hopefully would not alienate me from her. While working in the barn, I intentionally closed one of the stall doors on my finger and yelled “OW! SHIT!” as if it were instinctual. Jonah and Samantha both came running and after making sure my finger was okay, Jonah told me he was very disappointed in my language. Then he turned to Samantha and told her that she was responsible for teaching me these lessons and we would both need to be punished.

Jonah lead us both into the house where he lined us up facing the kitchen sink, bent at the waist, with our butts jutting out. He placed a bar of soap in each of our mouths and ordered us to bite down and keep it there until he removed it. The top tape of our diapers was unfastened and they were pulled down to our knees. Once he was satisfied with our position, he pulled his belt from his waist and doubled it over before giving me ten strokes across the bottom of my ass. Then he shifted a bit and gave Samantha’s ass the same treatment. She was clearly having a hard time handling it and almost buckled after the fifth stroke.

I realized at this point that I shouldn’t have caused this. She really couldn’t handle being spanked. After her ten strokes, he returned to my ass for another twenty strokes. Samantha was blubbering around the soap when she realized how many strokes he had just given me. Again, he shifted his stance and gave Samantha another twenty strokes. She was really bawling at this point and the tears were streaming down her face to mix with the soap in her mouth to create a little waterfall of suds on her chin.

I thought she might pass out when Jonah once again shifted to continue the spanking on my ass. After another thirty five strokes, I realized what he was doing. He intended to double each set until one of us faltered. Glancing at Samantha out of the corner of my eye I could see she was terrified. I knew I had to save her from this, so on swat thirty eight I pulled my hands away from the sink and tried to cover my ass. Samantha clearly knew what was happening as well, because she visibly calmed when I broke position.

Jonah ordered me to stand in the corner to wait for my follow-up punishment, then turned his attention back to Samantha. He told her she was only going to get thirty eight more swats to match my punishment and as long as she maintained position she would not share my follow-up punishment. She managed to maintain her composure and her position for the final thirty eight strokes of the belt. When he was finished, he removed the soap from her mouth and allowed her to rinse her mouth under the sink as he rubbed lotion into her ass. After a few minutes her diaper was pulled back up and refastened and she sent back outside to finish her chores.

He pulled me out of the corner and lead me back to the sink. I was put back into position and told not to move. He left the kitchen, but returned a few minutes later. I saw the enema bag out of the corner of my eye, but couldn’t see what else he had with him. He stood at the sink next to me as he filled the large enema bag with hot water some sort of liquid from a jar. He hung the bag from a hook in the cabinet next to my head and then disappeared behind me. A moment later, I felt the unforgettable feeling of an enema nozzle pushing against me sphincter. He worked it in quickly and then inflated it until I squealed. Without delay, he released the clamp and I felt the solution draining quickly into my rectum.

By the time the bag was half empty, I was already feeling cramps and began to whimper a bit in hopes he might slow it down or something. Instead he just forced a gag into my mouth and fastened it tightly behind my head. When the bag was finally empty, I was almost double over from the waves of cramps. After giving me a couple minutes to settle down, Jonah deflated the nozzle and pulled it slowly from my ass. I couldn’t wait for him to pull up my diaper, so I could release this monster enema, but he had other plans. The nozzle was quickly replaced by a large butt plug that he wasted no time putting into place.

Next, he told me he needed to finish my spanking, since I had lost my composure the first time. He grabbed his belt off the counter and laid into my ass for another fifty swats or so. I tried to count, but the pressure in my colon prevented me from counting straight. After the spanking was finished, he pulled my diaper back up without removing the plug and fastened the diaper tight. The gag was removed from my mouth and I was sent back outside to help finish the chores. As I was walking out, he told me he would remove the plug when the chores were finished.

Back in the barn, Samantha asked me what my punishment was and I told her. She hugged me and thanked me for taking the punishment. She said she knew that I could take a much harder spanking than that and knew I had purposely moved me hands to save her from the same fate. I didn’t want to ruin her image of me by telling her I earned the punishment on purpose.

It took us about thirty minutes to finish the chores and I was desperately waiting for Jonah to remove the plug. Samantha told me the liquid he added to the enema was most likely glycerin, which causes cramps and an incredible desire to shit. That was exactly how I felt too. Jonah seemed pleased with chores, so he unfastened one of the top tapes on my diaper and reached inside to remove the plug. As soon as he refastened the diaper, it was like a geyser in there. I erupted repeatedly and loudly for several minutes. I must’ve looked like quite the sight near the barn, leaning against a fence, filling my diaper as I contorted into all sorts of unnatural stances. I was positive the diaper was going to leak, but the doubled up disposables did their job and contained the mess.

The rest of the day was uneventful other than the smell constantly emanating from my diaper. Samantha tried to mess herself to earn us both a diaper change before bed, but she couldn’t manage. We ended up curled up next to each other in the crib that night with the constant odor of my mess at our nostrils. By morning, I was quite itchy and worn out from the events of the previous day. Samantha had no problems filling her diaper in the morning, as her bowel movements are as clockwork as my own. Jonah gave us both a shower together to get us clean and then we started our day all over again.

~ Chapter Three Coming Soon ~

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  1. Nathan

    Awesome! Kudos to the author. I love diaper punishment stories. The stricter the better. Super thick diapers, hard spankings and humiliating encounters. 😀

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