Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 2

By | February 22, 2016

My buns were still pink and sore from her earlier paddling and when the hard, unyielding oak instrument slapped them again, it was like an explosion of wasps had descended on my poor fanny.


I wailed miserably and scissored my feet, even though they were tangled within my plastic panties. With a stinging wallop, she delivered another and another blistering swat to my defenseless bottom, re-igniting the inferno that had only been dormant for a matter of a few hours.

Timmy had moved to a better position to watch my punishment and he watched with fascination as the paddle landed with ferocious impact, causing my bright red cheeks to jiggle helplessly before bouncing back to an even brighter and deeper shade of hot, angry red. He watched each stinging slap with interest followed by the reaction on my face as I cried unashamedly, the tears streaming down my face and making my cheeks wet. I hated the added humiliation of having someone else witness my punishment but at the moment, that was several notches down on my list of priorities.

I was kicking frantically as Ms. Johnson slapped my glowing globes harshly with her paddle, not missing any square inch. She worked in a rough circle, swatting the pale, tender sides that had thus far, escaped her wrath. I cringed and squirmed over her lap as she delivered each fearsome swat with frustrating precision. Soon, the entire surface was once again, a bright purplish-red, shiny and blotchy with the heat of a stove top.

I was wailing at the top of my lungs when Ms. Johnson finally stopped her assault on my rear and let me up. I could barely stand on my shaking legs and she scooped me up and placed me on the edge of her bed, sending another wave of searing pain all over my rump as it came into contact with her bed sheet.

?You sit right there, Sissy-boy,? she snapped, ?I have something for you that will serve our needs perfectly.?

I was too upset to think what she had in mind and out of the corner of my eye, I could still see Timmy watching me in silence as he sucked his thumb like a baby.

Ms. Johnson came back over to me with something in her hand although because I was still crying profusely, I couldn?t see what it was. Spreading my thighs apart to expose my genitals, she grasped my tiny, limp penis and began working it through a series of loops that appeared to be interconnected in a confounding design. Ms. Johnson?s top was still mostly open and I could easily see her big breasts swaying within the shiny cups of her push-up bra as she manipulated the contraption in her hands.

?This will put an end to your masturbating, once and for all,? she assured me as she wrapped the last loop around my diminutive scrotum. I felt her cinch it up snugly and then I heard the distinctive sound of a high tensile lock being closed which sent a shiver of dread through my being.

Wiping the tears from my face, I looked down and saw my little package trussed up within three loops of some sort of material that felt soft to my skin. Ms. Johnson pulled it one way and then another to test the security of the device until she was satisfied it couldn?t be removed.

?There,? she said with a smug smile on her pretty face, ?The next time you try to play with yourself, you?ll be in for a bit of a surprise.?

?Wha-what is it?? I sobbed pathetically.

?It?s a chastity restrainer that I use on especially troublesome masturbators like yourself,? she explained, ?You?ve proven time and again that you can?t be trusted so you?ve forced me to take greater measures to control you.

?Sissies that are allowed to play with themselves freely, undermine the discipline that I provide here?and I won?t tolerate it. Like it or not, your masturbating days are over.?

The finality in which she said that made me shudder but I was too frightened to try and prove her wrong.

?It?s diaper time for you, Sissy, and then into your crib for an early bedtime.?

I pouted in mute helplessness, stymied by her absolute power to do what she pleased with me. I chewed my lip in frustration as she pinned me into my thick diapers and pulled my plastic panties back into place. The whole time, Timmy watched in silence although from time to time, I thought I saw him smiling as Ms. Johnson dressed me for bed.

That night, as I sucked from the big bottle of warm milk Ms. Johnson had given me, I tried to tell myself that it wouldn?t be so bad, not being able to play with myself. After all, there were other things to life than masturbation. With my bottom still hot and stinging, I did my best to sleep on my stomach and minimize the fire blazing from within my warm diapers.

At the age of fifteen, I was used to waking up with a boner. Not only that, at my age, it took very little to get my diminutive wiener excited and this morning was no exception.

I was half dreaming of watching Timmy being breastfed by Ms. Johnson and the memory got me extremely excited. She had such big, plump boobs and it fascinated me to no end what it must have been like to kiss them and suckle from her warm flesh. That Timmy had been granted that privilege made me green with envy and not just a little jealous. I was dying to talk to him to find out firsthand what it was like.

My natural inclinations being what they were, I slipped my hands under the baby blankets to stroke the fat, soft surface of my diapers, to give way to my needs. The slippery plastic panties felt wonderful to my touch and the cushiony cloth inside was like a personal pillow, caressing my pee-pee in its welcome embrace.

Somewhere, in the course of the night, I had wet myself although only enough as to be a mild annoyance in the cold light of day. My baby pants did a good job of trapping my body heat which meant the wet cloth was relatively warm to my skin. Spreading my legs, I reached down and began fondling the thick front but instead of the usual immediate gratification that I was used to, I felt a sudden jab of pain. Normally, my wee-wee would immediately rise to the occasion but to my shock and surprise, it was impeded by the restraining loops of the strange chastity device Ms. Johnson had put on me last night. I had forgotten all about it until now and I winced as the loops now pinched my little member viciously. Instinctively, I reached down the front of my diapers to tear the thing off of my genitals but I soon learned that it was secured with an uncanny design and I was completely unable to budge it.

It?s just a matter of easing my wiener carefully out of it, I told myself, but no amount of prying or fiddling with it could extract even the slightest part of my penis from its implacable grasp.

Looking through the bars of my crib, I spied Timmy watching me struggling. He was su-king his thumb again and I stopped what I was doing to sit up straight and face him.

?Hi,? I said, somewhat embarrassed.

He sat up as well and he grasped the bars of his crib as he returned my gaze.

?Hi,? he replied.

His hair looked tousled from his sleep and he was looking around like he needed something. I recognized the look of someone who badly needed to go pee and I knew he was in a dilemma. I watched him fidget in place and saw that his nightey was pulled back in such a way as to leave his thick diapers and pink plastic panties exposed.

?I hafta go potty,? he whispered frantically as he squirmed within his crib.

Suddenly, as if he had said some sort of subliminal key word, I also felt a strong need to go myself. Together, we looked at each other?two helpless sissies that were about to wet their diapers. I tried hard to stop it, but I soon lost the battle and I proceeded to flood my diapers. The pee saturated the front of my diapers and then began seeping inexorably into the seat. As Timmy watched me humiliate myself, I blushed in shame but once it was started, there was no way for me to stop it.

He was squirming in place, obviously debating what to do when I heard him let out a small cry of despair. As he clutched his crib bars with desperation, I could distinctly hear a subtle hissing sound as he began wetting his own diapers before me. Now it was Timmy?s turn to blush and his face turned a bright, scarlet red with embarrassment.
Finally, we both sat back, having little choice but to allow our soaking wet diapers to squish against our backsides.

Just as I always do, I felt very babyish at that moment, my sissyish lack of control verified once again before someone.

I sighed heavily and looked across at Timmy who was crying softly to himself.

?Don?t cry Timmy,? I said as I gazed over at him through my crib bars.

?Have you always worn diapers?? I asked.

He nodded slowly and I could tell he was greatly ashamed of the fact.

?My mommy used to diaper me before bed because I would always wet myself at night?? he began.

?But then I started having??accidents?, during the day too??

He looked away and then gazed down at the shiny vinyl outer surface of his wet diapers.

?My mommy would tell me I was just a sissy and then one day, when I had wet my pants at school, she found out I was wearing a pair of panties underneath that I had stolen from my cousin??

I listened with silent fascination as he told his tale.

She spanked me harder than usual and then told me I was going to wear diapers all the time?last week, she dropped me off here ?cause she said I needed what she called, ?sissy discipline?.
?I?ve already been spanked by Ms. Johnson four times,? he said with quiet desperation.

Even though I knew I should continue to try and console him, I was very eager to find out more about his breastfeeding session with her.

?What was it like last night?in her bedroom,? I began tentatively, ?you know?sucking from her boobies??

He turned away and I could see he was blushing again.

?I don?t wanna talk about it,? he replied, his embarrassment obvious.

?I know she?s strict?? I ventured, ?But she?s so beautiful too…?

I knew I was in awe of her and my admiration for her was plain to be heard in my voice.

?She has such big boobs,? I said in wonder, ?I would give anything to kiss those things.?

?She smothers me with them,? he said, his tears returning to his face, ?I can?t breathe?and she makes me suckle like a baby, drinking her milk.?

?Really?? I said in amazement, ?What does that taste like??

?I don?t like it,? he answered petulantly, ?but she makes me drink from both boobs even if I?m full.?

My wiener was once again struggling against its bonds as he described the scene which I could still see so easily in my head. She was just so awesome and even though I had seen little of her except for her stern, disciplinary side, I was still infatuated with her.

?Tell me??

Just then, the door to the nursery opened and Ms. Johnson strode in, interrupting me in mid-sentence. I saw she was wearing a much more casual outfit today, a pair of short, snug fitting white shorts that showed off her long, smooth, creamy thighs. Her tight halter top was a light pink color and it hugged her voluptuous chest in the most mouth-watering way imaginable. I stared at her big, jiggling bosom with rapt fascination, unable to take my eyes off it.

?And how are my two little diapered sissies?? she asked with mock sincerity.

Looking across at Timmy, I could see him sniffling about his wet diapers and he blushed as Ms. Johnson reached down and squeezed his thick, padded bottom.

?Wet as usual,? she commented as she unlatched his crib, ?Well, it?ll just have to wait until after breakfast. I?m sure you?re quite used to going around with wet diapers, aren?t you Timmy??

He sniffed and then shook his head no, keeping his eyes downcast in shame.

Suddenly, Ms. Johnson reached down and pulled his nightey up in back, bringing her hard hand down to swat his exposed diapered bottom. It landed with a loud thud, bucking poor Timmy forward as he gasped in shock.

?Answer me when I speak to you!? she snapped.

The tears tumbled down Timmy?s face as he looked up in fear at his busty tormentor, an expression of abject remorse now showing.

?Ye-yes Ma?am!? he quaked in terror, ?I?m v-very familiar with wet diapers.?

?Just like a little baby aren?t you?? she asked, ?Except that you?re a big sissy now that still wets his diapers.?

?Yes Ma?am,? he replied sorrowfully.

My eyes were glued to her firm, round buns that were tightly wrapped in her shorts while she stood towering over the cowering sissy Timmy. She had such long, trim legs that she was much taller than either of us which caused us to fear her, all the more.

Abruptly she turned around to face me and I think she caught me staring at her sexy bum.

?And what about you, Little Miss Priss??

As she took the few steps to cross over to my own crib, her fabulous breasts jiggled within her snug halter top.

I grew suddenly afraid, as if no matter how I responded would earn me a trip over her lap.

?I wet my diapers, Ms. Johnson!? I suddenly burst out in a sissyish confession of guilt.

She crossed her slim arms over her ample chest and shook her pretty head in understanding.

?Just as I expected,? she nodded.

?Well don?t you sissies worry; both my highchairs are covered with practical waterproof vinyl, for just that reason,? she said with a cruel smile, ?Maybe if you have to sit in your wet pampers for a while, it?ll teach you a little lesson and you?ll make more of an effort to control yourselves.?

She unhooked my crib bars and swung it open, grasping me by the wrist and pulling me out. I was both amazed and delighted at the extremely low scoop cut in her halter top, which served to reveal her deep cleavage and give me a glimpse at her delicious breasts. I could feel myself getting hotter just stealing sidelong glances at her unbelievable profile. What a body she had!! And to think that lucky sissy Timmy had nursed from those twin melons of pleasure?it was almost too much to believe!

We went out into the kitchen with her holding our hands like we were two toddlers who needed their mommies. Her maid in the French uniform was waiting there for us and I saw her testing the temperature of a big baby bottle filled with warm milk.

?Well there you are!? she said sweetly as she saw me sheepishly entering the room, my diapers sagging from all the pee.

She helped me into the tall highchair which I soon found had nothing to support my feet on. This left me helpless while she secured my wrists on either side of the sturdy plastic tray with a pair of Velcro straps.

?This will keep mommy?s little baby from getting into any trouble,? she assured me.

I felt very babyish as my wet diaper squished against my damp seat and between my thighs, reminding me of how childish I really was. In addition, my feet swung uselessly in the air preventing me from using them to resist with.

As soon as my wrists were taken care of, her sexy maid pushed the warm rubber nipple of the bottle in between my lips, whereupon I was soon rewarded with a steady supply of warm milk. I whimpered in helpless frustration as I was forced to swallow mouthful after mouthful of the hated liquid. The hole at the tip of the nipple was just large enough so that as long as the bottle was tipped upward, milk would flow freely out of it without requiring any sucking on the part of the recipient. This meant that as long as she held it in place, I would be forced to drink and swallow the entire contents, going at her pace, not mine.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Timmy being spoon fed some sort of baby mush by Ms. Johnson. While her sexy maid was generously well endowed, Ms. Johnson certainly had the bigger br.easts between the two of them and I gazed longingly at her big, round globes.

Strangely, I observed that Timmy wasn?t drinking from a bottle like I was and I wondered why. Could it be that he was going to be visiting Ms. Johnson?s bedroom for another delightful session nursing from her heavy, milk-laden boobs? I felt certain of it and it made me so frustrated I wanted to scream! My little penis was being strangled by my chastity device as I gazed at these two sexy babes before us and here the other sissy was getting all kinds of wonderful attention.

?After breakfast, I?ll take you both in to get your wet diapers changed,? Ms. Johnson promised us, ?And then, little Timmy has a big surprise waiting for him.?

She winked at the blushing sissy whose face was covered with baby food.

Why did he get to be so lucky?! I shouted inside. It wasn?t fair!!

It made me want to go out and do something obnoxious, just to get back at her, but then, I realized I?d probably just get my bottom paddled soundly for my efforts.

At last, I finished my bottle and Ms. Johnson?s maid began feeding me the same mush as Timmy had had. The latter was let out of his highchair and led into the other room while I was force-fed baby food. Her maid paid little attention to me as she shoveled the big, heaping spoonfuls of mush into my mouth and I struggled to keep up with her breathtaking pace. Often she would miss my mouth, either through carelessness, or by accident, and she?d smear the runny food all over my face. She?d chide me for my sloppiness and continue the feeding without making any effort to clean me up.

When I was finished, she undid the straps, rubbing my face with a warm washcloth and then she led me down to the nursery. When I walked in, Timmy was face down over Ms. Johnson?s lap, his diapers unpinned and pulled back, exposing his soft, round little bottom. A long slender tube ran from a hanging red rubber bag that looked as if it were now mostly empty, down to a thick rubber nozzle that was buried in Timmy?s quivering bottom. He was squirming uncomfortably and whimpering helplessly as Ms. Johnson kept the fat nozzle firmly in place. Once again, I found myself strangely aroused by the scene, that is, until Ms. Johnson turned to face us.

?I?m just about done here, Michelle,? she told her maid, ?Would you mind filling up another enema bag for Chrissey here??

My heart skipped a beat as I imagined myself, soon to be in Timmy?s position, getting my own hot soapy enema forced into me.

?No problem!? her maid responded enthusiastically.

Timmy was moaning weakly now, his soft little buns flexing and unflexing helplessly around the thick shaft of the rubber dildo nozzle buried deep inside his rectum. I watched with rapt fascination as Ms. Johnson used her immaculately manicured hands to squeeze and pat Timmy?s round cheeks.

??That?s mommy?s little baby?? she told him soothingly, ??Take it all in?that?s it?all that nice, soapy water?what a good little sissy…?

I could hear Timmy whimpering and crying softly but still, my little package was struggling to grow harder within my own wet diapers as I watched him.

Somehow, between the visual of her big breasts and her steady administration of the soapy enema into helpless Timmy?s bottom, I was getting horny as hell. On the other hand, the idea that I would soon be in his position, filled me with a strange and terrifying excitement.

Just then, Michelle returned with another rubber bag filled to bursting with hot, soapy water.

We heard the last bubbles disappear into Timmy?s rump and then Ms. Johnson slid the slippery dildo slowly out of his anus. He moaned loudly and sobbed pitifully as she helped him to his shaking feet. His face was a bright red and his stomach full as he glanced fleetingly up at me and then back at the floor. Even though part of me felt a measure of pity for the poor sissy, part of me was guiltily pleased to have been able to witness his purging at the hands of our sexy Mistress.

?Go release that Timmy,? she instructed the fidgeting sissy, ?And then come back here where I?ll dress you in your diapers for the day.?

?Yes Ma?am,? he squeaked, and he wasted no time in retreating toward the bathroom, struggling to hold his water as he limped away.

?And now, it?s time for our other sissy?s enema,? she said brightly to me.

Suddenly, I was very nervous as she reached over and began snaking my clinging plastic panties down my skinny legs.

?Please,? I begged her, ?Please don?t make me take that.?

Now that the reality hit me full force, tears began to fill my eyes as she took me gently over her lap.

?This is just what all sissies need,? she told me as she unpinned my wet diaper.

?No, no, no,? I sobbed, ?Please don?t make me, please??

?Hush, little baby,? she cooed as she pulled the wet cloth back and stuffed it between my thighs, ?You?ll feel much better when you?re done and you?ll be all squeaky clean inside.?

She sounded so enthusiastic about it I found it very frustrating.

Before long, I felt the familiar blunt tip of her enema nozzle prodding eagerly at my hole, searching for access. With a sigh of defeat, I spread my legs and let her push the fat rubber dildo deep into my protesting rectum. I moaned involuntarily as she slid it in and around, teasing my hole with the thick, slippery phallus.

?I just know you?ll come to love this Chrissie,? she promised me, ?All sissies come to crave the feeling of a nice big piece of meat filling them up in back?it makes them feel satisfied and complete.?

I squirmed over her lap and whimpered fearfully, too afraid to contradict what she was saying. My back hole felt stretched to the limit but I had to admit, the dildo felt warm and pleasing to me?but it also made me feel even more sissyish, if that was even possible.

Ms. Johnson continued to pump me slowly with the dildo, waiting patiently for me to relax and quit fidgeting. When she was satisfied that I had calmed down, she released the clip and let the hot soapy water surge into my bowels.

I moaned again more urgently, as I felt the liquid gurgling its way deep inside me. I made a perfunctory attempt to rise but Ms. Johnson easily held me in place, ensuring that I remained helpless for her ministrations.

From time to time, she?d snap the clip shut, allowing the water to work its way deep into my insides, while she rubbed my bottom cheeks tenderly, giving me words of encouragement. Several times I was sure I would be unable to take even the slightest drop more when she?d prove me wrong by undoing the clip and sending another flow of soapy water surging into me. I moaned and squirmed, hating the fact that I was so weak and helpless with this buxom disciplinarian.

Somewhere toward the end, Timmy came back into the room, sucking his thumb and holding his other hand over his tiny privates in a childish display of modesty. Beads of sweat were on my forehead and I was gasping for breath trying to accommodate all the soapy water being forced into my rectum.

?Ohh!…ohh!…m-mommy!? I whimpered, ?Ohh!…oh mommy!…I want my mommy!?

?There, there, Sissy,? Ms. Johnson said as she patted my buns, ?This is just what mommy?s little baby needs.?

Timmy walked over and was gazing with interest at my predicament.

?Timmy, you can take a seat on the changing table, I?ll be right with you,? she told the curious sissy. Now it was my turn to blush as he witnessed my own session with the enema and I whimpered unashamedly before his wandering eyes.

At long last, the final gurgle of bubbles disappeared down the tube and into my backside, signaling the end of the enema. I immediately tried to get up but Ms. Johnson stubbornly refused to allow it.

?Not just yet, Chrissie,? she said, placing her free hand on my back to hold me in place.

I wanted desperately to get up and run to the bathroom but for some reason, Ms. Johnson was holding me down. She began pumping me once more with the dildo, teasing my hole with the fat rubber invader. I moaned helplessly as she pulled it out slightly, only to plunge it in deeply and make me squeal like a girl. A glance up at Timmy revealed that he was smiling as he watched me being punished and I was angry at his lack of compassion. How quickly I had forgotten about my own feelings upon seeing him take his enema!

Finally, Ms. Johnson pulled the slippery dildo out of my aching rump and she slapped my bottom to send me to the bathroom. I needed little encouragement and I practically ran down the hall to the restroom, my sides feeling like they were ready to burst.

Some time later, when I finally emerged from the bathroom, I made my way tentatively back to the nursery, since that was the only place I had any clothes. Michelle the maid was waiting there and she was humming to herself as she arranged a thick stack of diapers on the changing table.

?Ah, there you are,? she said when she saw me in the doorway, ?Come in and sit down so I can put you in your diapers, Sissy.?

I went inside and sat down on the now familiar changing table that was lined with pink plastic lace around its edges. Michelle was apparently unaware of my chastity device because she eyed it closely as she helped me get ready.

?Looks like someone?s gotten in trouble for masturbating,? she observed, looking me in the eye.

I blushed hotly as I looked back at her pretty face in embarrassment but said nothing.

?Around here, playing with yourself is a no-no,? she chided me, making my face get even redder.

She raised my ankles and began applying a sticky coating of diaper rash cr?me to my rump while she continued to discuss my ?problem?.

?Did you receive a spanking for playing with yourself?? she inquired, apparently wanting to make sure I had been properly punished.

?Yes Ma?am,? I mumbled, too embarrassed to look her in the eye.

?Good, you deserved it,? she told me, ?I know Ms. Johnson spanks hard, but sissies like you need to be paddled hard to teach you a lesson.?

?Yes Ma?am,? I responded submissively.

Effortlessly, she raised my ankles again and slid the tall stack of diapers underneath my coated bottom. As she let me down, I was treated to magnificent view down the top of her frilly maid?s uniform, revealing her substantial cleavage and the clasp of her bra underneath. Her big, soft br.easts mocked me with their closeness and I ached to be able to kiss them.

?Before long, you?ll come to accept your situation and understand that sissies don?t deserve orgasms like men do,? she explained, ?I know it?s hard for you right now, but the sooner you realize that, the better.?

She was powdering my little package and between my thighs before she drew the tortuously soft cotton up and over my crotch. She was so frustratingly sexy with her big, plump breasts displayed before me, while she continued to lecture me on the evils of masturbation.

?It?s best if you just forget about girls and trying to be a man?I?m pretty sure you?ll be in diapers the rest of your life,? she said with absolute confidence.

I whimpered and shook my head but she plopped a big pacifier into my mouth.

?There you go Baby, a soft wittw pacifier to sooth your sissy needs.? She spoke to me in a syrupy, condescending voice and a tear trickled out of my eye to tumble down my cheek. Michelle pulled the ends of the diaper together and snicked them closed with the bunny-headed diaper pins she had nearby. I felt very babyish again and unsure of what lay in store for my future. Was I destined to wear diapers forever? And when would I ever get to c-m again? I was going crazy after only 24 hours?what would it be like in a week?s time?

?Now?let?s see here?? she said as she thought aloud, ?what kind of plastic panties can we find for a big sissy like you? They need to tell the whole world that you?re no different from any other bed-wetting toddler, and yet?they should also affirm your feminine side too?

?These look like they were made for you,? she exclaimed.

In her delicate hands, she held forth a pair of pink, nursery print side-snap panties with a row of soft, fuzzy ruffles around the leg holes and waist.

?These are just darling,? she added, ?We?ll need to find an outfit that shows them off too.?

She threaded my feet through the babyish panties and then up my hairless legs, working them over the bulky diapers pinned around me. As she pulled and jerked on the plastic pants, her big breasts came close to my face and I could smell the scent of her perfume surrounding me. I wanted badly to nuzzle her soft bosom but I had to be content to stare at it instead.

When she finished, she went over to the closet and picked out two outfits that she then brought over.

?Today, you get to choose between two scrumptious outfits?which one do you like more?? she taunted me.

One was a frilly pink confection with a super short hem that I knew would barely reach the waistband of my diapers. The other one was a diaper shirt of sorts that had a pattern of pink lambs and blocks on the front, its short sleeves decorated with more lace.

?I?ll take the shirt,? I mumbled, unhappy with either choice.

?The dress it is,? Michelle said happily, putting the shirt away.

?No, I said the shirt?I want to wear the shirt!? I exclaimed, seeing her misunderstand me.

?I always make a point of dressing a sissy in clothes that he doesn?t like?that way, it gets you used to not having any choices. Because those days are long gone. From now on, everything will be decided for you?you?re much too immature to handle things yourself,? she told me in no uncertain terms.

Removing my nightey, she tossed it aside and lowered the soft, frilly dress over my head. Just as I expected, it was so short that it didn?t even come past my waistband. It also had a wide lace-bordered bib that covered much of the front and appliqu?s of diaper pins and baby bottles all over. Quite simply, it was the most babyish outfit I had ever seen in my life and I blushed at the thought of being seen in it. It was bad enough that this stunning babe was putting it on me–before long, everyone else in the house would see me as well and I cringed at the thought of it.
Michelle put some lace topped anklets on me and buckled a glossy black pair of mary janes on my feet.

?There you are Sissykins,? she said as she stood up and looked down on me, ?You?re all ready to go.?

She slapped my thickly padded rump for emphasis and then strode out of the room, leaving me to stare at my humiliating reflection in the full size wall mirror. For a moment, I twirled around and gazed at my big, bubble shaped bottom, bulging out from below my dress. The light shone off the shimmery pink plastic, serving to remind me that I was well protected for a long day of wetting.

I decided to go find Timmy and as I walked out of the room, I was forced to waddle slowly because of the thick bulk of my diapers that slid between my thighs.

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