Story: Barbie’s Diaper Discipline

By | February 22, 2016

“Piss yourself little baby!” Amber shouted in my face. This was the third time since I wet my pants on the field trip that they have bullied me into wetting my pants at school.

I struggled to break free, but all four girls had me pinned against the schoolyard fence.

“You gonna cry Piss Pants?!” Another girl growled as she held my chin in her hand and stared right into my eyes.

As tears formed in my eyes, all four girls broke into laughter. As my tears turned into outright bawling, Amber twisted me around and shoved my face into the fence, leaned in close and whispered loudly into my ear.

“Piss yourself right now or we’re going to throw you off that bridge.” Her eyes glanced in the direction of the walkway bridge that crossed the highway.

I didn’t need any more provocation than that. Relaxing my bladder, I felt the hot pee running down my leg and soaking my pants. Once again the girls burst into laughter as they released me and walked away.

“Does Baby Barbie need a diaper?” Amber’s comment was met with a renewed bout of laughter from everyone that had gathered to watch my ordeal. My name is Barbara, but everyone calls me Barbie.

While everyone around me made humiliating comments about my wet pants, I walked slowly back to the school to find the nurse – with the all too familiar tingle between my legs.


“You really need to go talk to the Vice Principal.” Nurse Barton insisted. She knew exactly what was going on, but Amber and her friends would never be punished unless I spoke out against them.

“That will just make it worse.” I insisted. It was a good excuse to keep my mouth shut, but the truth is I didn’t want it to stop. For some odd reason, I rather enjoyed being teased and humiliated by the girls. This type of thing happened once or twice and week and it always gave me the fuel I needed to masturbate once I got home.

“I understand that you’re afraid, but it’s never going to stop unless you stand up for yourself.” She said as she handed me a pair of school sweatpants to change in to.

I know she meant well, and I appreciated it, but I couldn’t exactly admit the truth. My only real fear was that Amber might actually go too far and throw me off a bridge or into traffic, but I knew it was all just big talk from a bully.

“You want me to call your Aunt to pick you up?” She asked after I finished cleaning up.

“She’s at work. It’s fine. I can’t miss class or my grades will slip. I’ll be fine. I promise.” I answered.

My aunt wasn’t actually at work. In fact, she didn’t work at all. She was a bum that lived off the life insurance my mother left when she died. At 18, I should have been given full access to my own money, but my aunt’s lawyer had managed to manipulate the courts to change it to twenty-five or upon graduation of college – whichever came first.

“All right dear. If you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

I made my way back to class and saw the stares of knowing eyes as I moved toward my seat. Amber was sitting across the room, obviously trying hard to hold back laughter.

“We have a quiz today Barbie. I hope you brought your Pampers… I mean papers!” Amber commented loudly and the entire room broke into a fit of laughter.

The teacher, Mr. Walters, just looked around confused. “Hush up everyone. Barbie, please find your seat.”

I blushed bright red with embarrassment, but at the same time I felt that familiar stirring in my loins and I realized I was getting wet with arousal. Desperately I wanted to touch myself and bring myself to orgasm, but I had to stem the tide until I got home.


Over the next few weeks, Amber and her cronies pinned me down and humiliated me several more times. Twice more I was forced to piss myself during lunch and every time Nurse Barton insisted that I go tell someone.

As bad as it looked from the outside, I was actually having the time of my life. I even prodded Amber a couple times in the hopes that she would step up her game and do something even more humiliating.

I finally got my wish, when they caught up to me on the way to school one day. Using duct tape, they secured me to the flag pole in front of school a full hour before anyone else arrived. Then they pulled my pants down to my ankles and wrapped a baby diaper around my crotch. It was too small, so they used the duct tape to make sure it stayed in place.       The final piece was to pin a sign to my chest that said ‘Call Me Baby Barbie’.

After admiring their handiwork, they stepped back and took several photos with their phones and began texting the photos to everyone in the school.

“Have fun!” Amber shouted as they walked away and left me there alone.

It was a little scary to be left there alone, unable to free myself, but at the same time it was amazingly arousing. My pussy was getting wetter than ever and I actually emptied my bladder into the diaper to make sure nobody would realize the real reason the diaper was wet.

Several students arrived over the next twenty minutes and all of them chuckled at my situation, but kept walking. I think most of them wanted to help, but feared the repercussions from Amber and crew. It wasn’t until the first teacher arrived that I was finally released.

Unfortunately, this time Amber had gone too far for the teachers to ignore it and I was called into the Vice Principal’s office after cleaning up. They had a video tape showing the entire incident, so it was no longer a matter of me remaining silent.

Everyone’s parents were called in for an emergency meeting. Amber and her friends were given the option of being expelled permanently or agreeing to 100 hours of community service and two weeks suspension. Their parents all jumped at the chance to avoid expulsion and agreed to the deal.

I was more than a bit disappointed that the humiliation was sure to stop. Even after their suspension, I doubted they would risk expulsion just to bully me. I just had to resign myself to the memories of those times.


A few days after that incident, Amber’s mother, Carol, came to my house to apologize for her daughter’s behavior.

“I know words cannot make up for all of the horrible things my daughter has done to you, but I wanted to offer my sincerest apologies for what has happened. Rest assured that Amber is getting the discipline she so desperately needs. I hope you will consider joining us this weekend for Amber’s 18th birthday party. Can I expect you there?”

At first, it seemed like a bad idea. The last thing I wanted was for Amber to be all apologetic for how she treated me. I wanted her to despise me, tease me, bully me. But then I figured maybe it would be a good chance to poke the beast and make sure the bullying continued. She would just have to be a little more careful about getting caught.

“Sure. I’d be happy to come.” I answered with a fake smile.

“Great. I don’t think it would be the same without you. Don’t worry about a gift. She is getting plenty already and she doesn’t need any more.”

“Sounds good. Thank you for inviting me.”

“Absolutely. And don’t worry about Amber’s behavior. She is learning a valuable lesson about bullying. I think you will be pleased by the change in her attitude.”

I could only hope that was not the case. Despite how Amber felt about me, I basically considered her my best friend. I just wish I had more friends like her.

After Carol left, I retired to my room and masturbated to the thought of Amber finding a way to utterly humiliate me at her birthday party. So many ideas of how that would transpire passed through my mind as I brought myself to several intense orgasms.


A few days later, I found myself getting ready to attend Amber’s party. It was shaping up to be a bad day, as I knew she would just apologize and everyone would be satisfied with the result. Everyone except me. Even if I pushed her buttons, I knew it was unlikely the bullying would resume. The entire thought process was depressing, but I had promised Carol I would attend.

I got to their house a few minutes before noon. Several guests had already arrived and the front door was wide open. All of Amber’s friends looked at me like I was crazy for being there and I had to agree.

As I made my way through the house, I noticed that Amber was conspicuously absent. Carol was busy setting out snacks when she noticed me in the living room. She just gave me a nod and continued with what she was doing.

“Everyone dig in! There’s lots of snacks, sandwiches and drinks. Don’t let it all go to waste. Eat up.” Carol spoke loudly, so everyone could hear.

“Where is Amber hiding?” Another woman asked.

“She’s trying to avoid the party. I’ll get her in a few minutes.” Carol responded.

The majority of the guests crowded around the table and began loading food onto paper plates. I held back, waiting for it to die down a bit before I partook. However, I did grab a soda to satiate my thirst.

I felt a bit out of place, as everyone else seemed to know each other. Even the other students from school weren’t people I really knew. They all had people to talk to and I just felt like a wallflower. I just stood there, eating finger foods from my plate, as I watched everyone else.

Twenty minutes later, Carol spoke up.

“I’m going to bring out Amber. I’ll be back in just a few minutes.” She said, before disappearing up the stairs.


“Oh my…” “What the…” “Holy…” Was just a few of the muttered comments I heard, before I looked around to see what elicited such a reaction.

It only took a few seconds to follow everyone’s gaze to the stairs. Looking up, I saw Carol dragging Amber down the stairs by her ear. The reaction from the guests, however, was due to the fact that Amber was wearing a large adult diaper and a short pink t-shirt.

Amber’s left hand was holding onto her mother’s arm in a vain attempt to reduce the twisting on her ear, while her right hand desperately tried to pull the shirt down to cover the diaper. Neither seemed effective, as Carol easily led the girl down the stairs and the shirt was far too short to cover her shame.

Everyone just stared in silence and awe as Amber was dragged into the living room in front of all of the guests.

“I see everyone has noticed Amber’s new wardrobe. This is her punishment for being a bully and nearly getting expelled from school. Apparently I didn’t raise her right the first time, so we’re giving it another try.” Carol announced.

“Shameful.” A woman near the table spoke up. “She deserves it.”

“I agree Annie.” Carol responded. “But Amber here says she isn’t feeling well. I think she just didn’t want to come down to the party, but we’re going to make sure she’s okay.”

Carol twisted Amber’s ear once again as she led her to a wooden chair that was sitting near the corner of the room. She sat on the chair and pulled Amber down until she was lying across her lap, diapered butt in the air.

I had noticed the diaper bag sitting near the chair earlier, but didn’t realize it was for Amber until Carol reached inside. She pulled out a rectal thermometer and made a scene of putting a disposable cover over the tip. Reaching around Amber’s hips, she began to unfasten the tapes on the diaper. Amber reacted by trying to hide her face with her hands.

With the tapes on one side of the diaper released, Carol had no problems pulling the diaper down just low enough to expose Amber’s ass. The room was dead quiet as she guided the thermometer between her ass cheeks and inserted it right into her rectum. Muffled sobs came from Amber as the thermometer was left in place for a few moments to get a reading.

“Just as I suspected. No fever.” Carol announced as she pulled the thermometer from Amber’s ass.

The thermometer cover was wrapped in a tissue and placed on the floor next to the diaper bag as the thermometer was dropped inside. Carol once again reached into the diaper bag and removed a small white tube. She twisted the cap to remove it and inserted the tube into Amber’s ass. She squeezed whatever was in the tube into her colon and then discarded the tube.

Once again, Carol reached into the diaper bag, but this time she pulled out a large wooden hairbrush. A bit of noise erupted in the crowd as some of the guests realized what was coming.

“No fever means we have a liar on our hands and liars get spanked.” She said to nobody in particular.

“Damn straight.” Came a single comment from the other side of the room.

Amber’s right hand immediately swung around in an attempt to cover her ass. Clearly she also knew what was coming. Carol just grabbed her by the wrist and twisted her arm up to the middle of her back and held it there.

Without warning, Carol suddenly began swinging the hairbrush hard and fast. It landed square on Amber’s ass as she alternated from cheek to cheek in no specific pattern. Amber struggled, but Carol seemed quite adept at holding the girl in place. I counted up to sixty blows, but Amber’s loud bawling and sobbing made me loose count.

The spanking went on for several minutes and nobody could pull their eyes away. By the time Carol finished, Amber’s ass was bright red and speckled with welts. As calmly as when she started, Carol just put the brush back into the diaper bag and busied herself with refastening the diaper.

Amber was still bawling her eyes out when Carol lifted her to her feet. The girl seemed to be out of breath and she began rubbing her ass through the diaper as soon as her arms were free to do so. Carol just pushed her nose into the corner and told her to stay put.

It wasn’t until after a few minutes of staring at Amber in the corner that I realized my panties were soaking wet. That was easily the most amazing thing I had ever witnessed and I was suddenly very envious of Amber. I had to pull my gaze away and focus on food to avoid being singled out for staring.

Just as I was finishing my plate, a loud fart echoed from the corner where Amber stood. The room once again went quiet, as everyone turned in surprise. A moment later, another loud fart echoed through the room.

Amber’s sobbing was suddenly renewed, as we watched her spread her legs ever so slightly just before a particularly loud and wet fart issued forth. This time, however, it was followed by a loud groan from Amber as a visible bulge suddenly appeared in the seat of her diaper. Putting two and two together, I realized the tube Carol had squeezed into her ass must have been a laxative.

“Ewww.” “Gross.” “My god!” Were all heard from the crowd, as Amber relented to the pressure several more times and created quite the large load in her diaper. Carol, on the other hand, seemed unaffected and perhaps even pleased.


As everyone watched Amber, Carol made her way across the room to me.

“Come with me.” She said, as she took me by the hand and guided me to the den.

In the den, she offered me a seat on the couch and then sat in the chair across from me.

“I hope this shows you that I’m very serious about making sure Amber leaves you alone. I only regret that I hadn’t found out about the bullying sooner and for that I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. I don’t blame you.” I assured her.

“I appreciate that, but I do accept responsibility. I should have raised her better.” She spoke softly.

“From what I can tell, you’re a great mother.” I spoke honestly, even though my reasons for thinking she was a great mother were different than was expected.

“You don’t think I’ve gone too far with this punishment? I believe in the punishment fitting the crime, but I second guessed myself so many times before I decided to just do it.”

“Not at all.” I insisted. “I wish I had someone that cared enough about me to do that.”

The confused look on Carol’s face made me realize I probably should have worded that differently. A bit of a Freudian slip there, as I basically just told her that I wanted that type of punishment. I hoped she didn’t catch it, but she was too clever.

“Do you not get appropriate discipline at home?” She asked.

I swallowed hard before I answered.

“I live with my aunt. She only cares about the money my mom left in her life insurance. She doesn’t care about me at all.” I was beginning to get a little emotional talking about it and I had to fight back tears.

“I’m so sorry. Every girl needs to feel like she’s loved and cared for. You deserve so much better.”

Her words triggered a lot of pent up emotions and I began to sob quietly. She moved to the couch next to me and pulled me close for a hug. I spent several minutes crying into her chest as she stroked my hair.

Once the crying ceased, she spoke again.

“Is that why you never said anything about the bullying? Because you didn’t think anyone would care?” She asked.

“Not really. It’s hard to explain why.” I suddenly felt very close to this woman and I wanted to tell her everything, but I was so afraid.

“Take your time. Help me to understand. Nothing you say is going to bother me. I promise you that.” She promised.

“Well. Um. I guess… I kinda liked it.” I admitted. “Does that make me weird?”

“Not weird at all. Sometimes, when people are neglected, they seek attention in any way they can get it. It’s perfectly normal. In fact, it could have been really bad. Some of them turn to drugs, crime or worse.” She explained.

Suddenly I didn’t feel quite so ashamed about my need for humiliation and I wrapped my arms around Carol in appreciation.

“I wish you were my mother. Amber is so lucky. I wish I was her.”

Carol held me close and patted my back as I slowly recovered from my meltdown. After a few minutes, I was feeling much better and sat up on my own. Carol handed me a tissue, which I used to wipe the tears from my eyes.

Carol seemed pensive as we sat there and I began to feel a little uncomfortable. Convinced she was angry with me, I had to ask.

“Did I do something wrong?”

She seemed surprised by the question.

“No. Not at all, dear. Just lost in thought.” She answered with a forced smile.

“Is there anything I can do?” I offered.

She just smiled at me for a moment before answering.

“Do you really wish someone would discipline you the way Amber is being disciplined?” She asked with a shaky voice, clearly unsure if it was an appropriate question to ask.

My heart skipped a beat at the thought of being subjected to what I witnessed that day. Part of me was screaming YES, but another part of me didn’t want anyone to know that I wanted that.

“Sort of…” I answered, unsure of how to respond.

“Sort of?” She asked in a tone that made it clear she needed a better answer.

“Well, I really do, but I don’t want people to think I do. I don’t know if that even makes sense.” I answered flustered.

“It makes perfect sense actually.” She said with a smile.

“Then I think you understand better than I do.” I responded jokingly.

“Then let’s be clear. If I can give you that…” She pointed toward the living room to imply Amber’s punishment. “… without anyone knowing you wanted it, it is definitely something you want?”

The realization of everything was hitting me at once and I was suddenly unable to speak. Instead I just nodded affirmatively, which was met with a broad smile from Carol.

“Very well then. You go to the bathroom and wash your face and go enjoy the party. I have some things to do.”


Upon returning to the party, I saw that Amber still stood in the corner, but there was now a very clear brown stain visible in her diaper. Carol had not yet returned from the den, but made an appearance a few minutes later.

Carol mingled for a few moments, as she grazed on some of the food. Several women praised her on her choice of punishments and agreed that the punishment should always fit the crime. She made a show of checking Amber’s diaper and then took her place near the chair again

“Excuse me folks. You’ve all witnessed part of Amber’s punishment, which I thought was well deserved. Bullying is never okay and should always be severely punished. Bullying can lead to some very dire situations.”

Someone clapped at her statements and then everyone else joined in. She just smiled and waited for it to end.

“That being said, I have learned that Amber is not the only guilty party here. It turns out someone has perpetuated a ruse against my daughter and her friends designed to get them expelled from school.”

My heart began to race when I realized what was happening. I was suddenly very much regretting my conversation with Carol. When she made her offer, I assumed it would be something in the future. After I had time to mentally prepare myself.

“Barbie, can you come up here please?” Carol looked at me expectantly.

I just froze in place as my heart felt like it was about to beat out of my chest.

“Barbie. Now please.” She spoke again.

When I didn’t move, she walked toward me and took a firm grip on my left ear. Twisting it hard, she pulled me across the room to the chair.

“Manipulators don’t make it very far in this world and I think Barbie needs to learn that lesson the hard way. So, she will be joining Amber in her punishment.”

Carol sat on the chair and twisted my ear again until I positioned myself over her lap. My dress was flipped up to reveal my panties underneath, which she pulled down to my knees. She reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a fresh cover and the thermometer.

“To be fair, we need to make sure Barbie isn’t feeling under the weather as well.” She said to the room.

I felt her hand prying my cheeks apart and then felt the thermometer being inserted into my ass. She held it there for a few moments to get a good reading, while I desperately tried to compose myself.

“Fit as a fiddle.” She announced after removing the thermometer.

Once again, she rummaged through the diaper bag and removed another of the small tubes she had squeezed into Amber’s ass. It dawned on me that I would soon be filling a diaper myself and I felt all of the blood rush out of my face.

As soon as she squeezed the laxative into my ass, I could feel it working. It was an odd sensation, but I didn’t have much time to focus on it. Carol removed the hair brush from the diaper bag and rested it on my ass. She reached around to grab my right arm and twisted it up to the center of my back. In this position, I realized that I could not interfere with what was about to happen. Her body blocked my left arm and she held my right arm in a vice like grip.

“OUCH!” I shouted as the first swat of the brush struck my left cheek. “OOOH!” I shouted when it struck my right cheek. I had never been spanked before and I quickly realized this was not what I expected. This was just straight up painful. All of those fantasies I had about getting spanked suddenly seemed so unrealistic. After ten swats, I was struggling to get off her lap, but she held me tight.

“Please stop! I can’t take it!” I begged, but was ignored.

I don’t know how many swats I received, but I guessed it to be the same as Amber. Halfway through, I had broken down and began bawling and sobbing myself. I now very much regretted my conversation with Carol, but I wouldn’t be able to tell her I changed my mind until we were alone. My ass felt like it was being attacked by a horde of angry fire ants when she finished.

Carol helped me stand up, then removed my panties and dress right there in front of everyone. I stood there, wearing only a bra, modestly trying to cover my pussy. Carol pulled a large disposable diaper from the bag, along with a bottle of baby powder.

“Lay down.” She ordered.

Not wanting to be spanked any more, I did as I was told. I winced when my butt touched the floor, but Carol just reached out and took hold of both my ankles in one hand and lifted them into the air. With my butt an inch or so off the ground, she slid the diaper under me and sprinkled baby powder all over my ass.

My legs were brought down and spread wide to accommodate the diaper. I blushed as everyone could clearly see my most intimate bits. Carol sprinkled even more powder all over my pubic area, before putting the bottle away. The front of the diaper was pulled up tight between my legs and she took her time lining up and fastening the tapes.

With the diaper now firmly in place, she stood me up and pushed my nose into the corner opposite Amber.

“Keep your hands in front of you and your nose in the corner unless you want another trip over my lap.” She warned.

I stood there, still reeling from the painful spanking. Only fear of another beating prevented me from trying to rub away the pain. It only took a moment for the humiliation of what was happening to sink in and it hit me hard. My thoughts were pulled away, however, when I felt the laxative fully kick in. All of a sudden, I desperately needed to shit and that was not something I was prepared to deal with. Even though I knew it was hopeless, I clenched my cheeks together and hoped for the best.

As the pressure built, cramps started to form in my belly. Desperately needing to relieve some pressure, I tried to release a little bit of gas, but it turned into the loudest fart I had ever felt in my life. It seemed to echo against the plastic backing of the diaper, which just made it worse.

The room went quiet when that first eruption hit and I could feel dozens of eyes on me as another cramp forced a second loud wet fart. Moments later, I realized the gas had been expelled and all that was left was shit. Another massive cramp hit and I felt it all trying to escape at once. I could feel it pressing against the diaper as it escaped my ass and then felt it squishing up between my ass cheeks and down into my crotch.

As the shit forced its way into the front of the diaper, I felt the first truly unbearable humiliation of my life. The sobbing returned and I wanted nothing more than to crawl inside a hole and hide. At that moment, I was certain I would never recover from such utter loss of self.

My bowels continued to empty as the bawling continued for several minutes. It occurred to me that my face was pressed painfully against the corner, so I pulled back ever so slightly. Immediately, I heard loud footsteps, then Carol grabbed my arm and twisted me around.

“I told you to keep your nose in the corner!” She admonished.

I didn’t have time to apologize as she pressed my nose into the corner and began swatting the seat of my diaper, squishing in the huge mess and provoking more sobs. Her hand came down hard on the seat of the diaper about twenty times before removing her hand from the back of my head and walking away.


I’m not sure how long I was in the corner. Carol came to get me after a while and pulled a t-shirt over my head. Then she took me by the wrist and led me outside to the backyard, where I saw Amber standing next to the picnic table that held her birthday cake.

I stood next to Carol as she lit the candles on the cake and then led everyone in a rendition of the birthday song. After Amber blew out the candles, I was relegated to a small table in the corner where I had to sit in my own mess in silence.

After dishing out the cake, Carol took me by the hand and led me to the table covered in wrapped gifts. One of Carol’s friends handed Amber the gifts, one at a time. All eyes were on Amber as she slowly unwrapped the gifts. As she tore off the wrapping paper, it was revealed to be a package of adult diapers. Several people chuckled and I could see tears form in Amber’s eyes.

Box after box was opened to reveal more and more humiliating gifts. There was a gift set of baby bottles, an adult footed sleeper, a set of very large pacifiers, and other items designed for infants. When the pacifiers were revealed, Carol made a show of removing two of them and popping them into mine and Amber’s mouths with orders to keep it there.

Every time one of her gifts got a chuckle from the crowd, I felt that familiar twinge of regret for getting myself into this mess. As much as I wanted to just walk away, I had to avoid any more of those spankings.

After the gifts were opened, Carol announced that it was time for our nap. She took us both by the wrist and led us back into the house and up the stairs. We stopped at the first door on the right and Amber was ordered to wait for her mother in the bathroom. Then, Carol led me into what was clearly Amber’s room. Right there in the corner was an adult sized medical crib with steel bars.

“Hop in.” She ordered as she motioned to the bed.

I had to stretch to climb in and when I did I could feel the huge load shift between my thighs. Apparently she wasn’t planning on letting me clean up before my nap, which worried me.

“I had a chat with your aunt after our talk. She agreed to let you stay here for as long as I’ll have you. So this is going to be your life for the next few months. How does that sound?” She removed the pacifier from my mouth to allow me to answer.

“Months?! I thought this was just…” I let it trail off, unsure if I should speak.

“Just what? Today? I planned to keep Amber in diaper discipline until she finished her hundred hours of community service. I think it’s only fair that it applies to you as well.” She explained.

“That’s too much. I can’t-” My argument was cut off when Carol popped the pacifier back into my mouth.

“It’s a little late for that. For the next few months, this is your life. Get used to it. As much as I want to help you grow and give you the humiliation you love, I also need to make sure you learn what discipline is really about.”

Her words made her intent quite clear and I was suddenly very fearful. I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I began to understand the weight of what I had gotten myself into. Months in diapers was not what I had expected. It all hit me like a ton of bricks and I began to sob yet again.

“A few months in diapers will do you some good. You’ll see.”

Every word she spoke just made my stomach churn. I felt like I had been tricked into this, but I knew better and I hated myself for letting this happen.

“Oh and the rules are simple. No toilet privileges. Diapers only from here on out. You will be changed twice a day; once before breakfast and again before dinner. If you ask for a diaper change at any other time, you will be punished. You aren’t allowed to cover your diapers in the house and you’re only allowed to wear what I give you when we go out. Other than that, you just do as you’re told and everything will be fine. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am.” I muttered through the pacifier.

The rail on the side of the crib was pulled up and I heard a click as she closed a latch near the top. Looking up, I realized it was a keyed lock and I was now trapped inside the crib until released.

After she left the room, I had a lot of information to process. Many thoughts ran through my head as I cried quietly to myself. The filthy mess in my diaper was beginning to itch and I realized that none of this currently aroused me. Despite my discomfort, it only took a few minutes to cry myself to sleep.


“Wake up sleepyhead.” I opened my eyes to see Carol standing above me.

I yawned and stretched out as she pulled back the blankets and pulled me to my feet. My diaper felt heavy and I was worried it would sag so far as to fall off, but she seemed not to notice. I followed her out of the room and down the stairs, where Amber and her friends were sitting on the couch. All four girls just glared at me as Carol led me to the middle of the room to stand before them.

“Amber, as I explained earlier, it has come to my attention that Barbie here has been intentionally inciting you to bully her in an attempt to get you expelled from school.” Carol explained.

Amber just nodded her head, grasping onto this excuse for her behavior. Suddenly she was redeemed and I could see a smirk cross her face.

“Girls,” She spoke to Amber’s friends, “you’re all very lucky that I learned of this when I did. I had already made arrangements with your mothers to dish out the same punishment to each of you, which you would have received instead of Barbie.”

The three girls had varying looks of anger and fear in their eyes at the realization that they were almost subjected to the same humiliating treatment.

“Now that the truth is out, there are going to be some changes around here. Each of you was given one hundred hours of community service for the part you played in the bullying. Barbie here will be completely all four hundred of those hours in your place. Until she has finished every last bit of community service, she will be living here and will be subject to the same diaper discipline I had in store for Amber.”

All four girls had a mixed look of contempt and mischief on their faces and I knew this was going to go from bad to worse.

“I already ordered several things for Amber’s punishment. We already have the crib. The high chair, changing table and a few other items are on the way. Those will now be for baby Barbie.”

All four girls chuckled at the baby reference, which made me blush.

“Amber, as I promised at your party, we will go shopping tomorrow and get you some appropriate gifts for your 18th birthday. How does that sound?” She asked.

“Sounds good to me.” Amber responded in a cheerful tone.

“Great. I’m going to get Barbie cleaned up, then I will take you girls out to dinner to celebrate Amber’s birthday the right way.”

“Sweet!” “Nice!” “Mmmm….” Were all spoken by the girls in unison.

“And Amber, in light of the spanking you received earlier today, I think it only fair that Barbie accept responsibility for that unfortunate event. Would you like to return the spanking after her diaper change or shall I?”

I looked at Carol in fear and hoped that she wouldn’t let this happen, but she just ignored me.

“You mean I can spank her?!” Amber asked in a rather excited tone.

“Of course you can. You are the wronged party.”

“Heck yes! I want some payback!” She almost shouted.

Carol just smiled at her daughter and then turned to me.

“Lie on the floor.” She commanded.

I squatted down and lay on the floor as ordered. As soon as my butt hit the floor, a waft of stench escaped the confines of my diaper and all four of the girls pinched their noses in disgust. Carol retrieved the diaper bag and pulled out a small box of baby wipes.

The tapes were all unfastened and she slowly pulled back the front of the diaper to reveal the brown mess beneath. The girls gagged a bit and then looked away. Carol seemed unphased as she used handfuls of wipes to clean every bit of mess from my crotch and between my ass cheeks. The filthy diaper was rolled up and set aside.

Reaching into the diaper bag again, she retrieved the hairbrush and handed it to Amber.

“Have a seat in the chair.” She told her.

Amber moved to the chair and sat down expectantly. Carol tried to pull me to my feet by my wrist, but I refused to budge. There was no way I could handle another beating with that infernal brush. Realizing I was being stubborn, she simply reached out and took hold of my ear. One quick twist and I jumped to my feet.

She dragged me to the chair and pushed me over Amber’s lap. She twisted my right arm up to my back and let Amber take a firm grip on my wrist.

“How long?” Amber asked, not sure of limits.

“Until you feel she’s had enough.” Carol answered matter of factly.

“OUCH!” I screamed as the first blow landed hard on my right cheek. Then again on my left. Over and over she brought the hairbrush down harder and harder on my ass. Still sensitive from my earlier bout with the hairbrush, I was in tears and begging her to stop within a minute. She didn’t.

Several minutes went by and I was covered in sweat. My ass felt like it was literally on fire. And yet the assault continued. Finally, I just didn’t have the energy to fight it anymore and just sort of collapsed into her lap and waited for it to end.

Once the fight left me, Amber no longer felt compelled to keep hitting me and lost interest. Without warning, she just pushed me off her lap and I fell to the floor. My hands went directly to my ass to try to rub away some of the pain, but it didn’t help. The blubbering and crying had me out of breath as I struggled to compose myself.

“Keep an eye on her while she cries it out. I’m going to get something to clean her up.” Carol said as she headed for the stairs.

The girls just sat on the couch whispering to each other and giggling during Carol’s absence. By the time she returned, I had managed to calm myself considerably. She had a small bowl of warm water and a wash cloth, which she used to wipe the sweat and tears from my face.

“Let’s go get you dressed.” She said as she reached out to help me to my feet.

Leading me by the wrist, she picked up the diaper bag and then headed upstairs to the room where I had napped. She only needed to gesture to the bed for me to know what was expected, so I took my place on the bed in anticipation of another diapering.

Carol removed a fresh diaper from the bag and then a large pad and baby powder. The pad was placed inside of the unfolded diaper before she slid it under my butt. A generous amount of baby powder was sprinkled on my butt and crotch, before the front of the diaper was pulled up.

As she situated the diaper for taping, I realized the pad made the diaper twice as thick. I could feel the added bulk between my legs and knew it was going to make walking awkward. Once the diaper was tightly taped, Carol paused to speak.

“Enjoying yourself?” She asked with a smile.

“No.” I responded as tears returned to my eyes.

“No? This is what you wanted and this is what you’re getting.” She insisted.

“But it hurts… so… bad!” My words were broken up by my sobbing.

“You poor thing. I know it’s not exactly what you expected, but it’s exactly what you need. Trust me. In a couple months you’ll be thanking me.” Her words cut through my mind like a sword and the sobbing intensified.

“I just want to go home. Please let me go home.” I begged after taking a moment to fight back tears.

“This is your home now. This is the only time I’m going to tell you this, so listen close. I am doing this for you. I know you don’t like the spankings and you’re probably not going to like a lot of things that happen around here, but I know you better than you might think. Once you accept that you have no control over any of this, things will get much easier. Trust me.”

Her argument seemed sincere, but I still just wanted to go home. The burning sensation in my ass was still present, which really soured me on this entire experience. How could she possibly think that I would thank her for beating me?

“All right now. We have to get you ready for Amber’s birthday dinner. Stand up.”

As I stood up, I realized just how thick the diaper was. I couldn’t even touch my thighs together and I waddled a bit as I walked across the room behind Carol. Shuffling through the closet, she chose a light pink sun dress for me to wear.

After pulling my t-shirt over my head, she replaced it with the sun dress. The hem was just low enough to cover the thick diaper, but barely. If I had to bend over, squat or reach for anything, my shameful state would be exposed to anyone looking.

“Can I wear something bigger?” I asked, hoping she would show pity on me.

“Do you need another trip across my lap before we leave?” She asked angrily.

“No ma’am.” I answered quickly, swallowing hard.

“That’s the only warning you’re going to get. You wear what I put you in and you don’t ask for anything else. Understood?” She admonished.

“Yes ma’am. Sorry.” I responded, thankful to avoid yet another spanking.

She pulled a pair of low cut frilly socks from the dresser drawer and a pair of canvas shoes from the floor. After she put them on, she moved me over to the dresser to stand in front of the mirror. The bulk of the diaper was actually visible through the dress, but I guess that was sort of the point.

Carol began brushing my hair and parted it right down the middle. Each side was pulled into a pigtail and tied off with little pink bows. The combination of pigtails, frilly socks and thick diaper under my dress really made me look like an overgrown two year old.

Part of me wanted to cry, but the other part of me couldn’t help but think about how humiliating this would be in public. I felt that familiar twitch in my pussy and I found myself coming back around to the idea of being here. The fear of being beaten was still persistent, but the joy of humiliation was all I cared about right now. How many people would notice the thick diaper I wore? Would they stare? Laugh? Worse? Images of a crowded restaurant standing around me, pointing and laughing, filled my head and I felt that familiar wetness between my legs.

Satisfied with my outfit, Carol took me by the wrist and headed downstairs – diaper bag over her shoulder. The girls were all ready and waiting, but couldn’t resist a chuckle at my expense. As soon as they did, they looked fearfully at Carol, fearing they would get in trouble for ‘bullying’.

“Don’t worry girls. You can tease baby Barbie all you want. She deserves it.” She smiled broadly as she spoke.

All at once, the girls burst into laughter as they discussed my ridiculous outfit, which only intensified when Carol pulled a large pacifier from the diaper bag and popped it into my mouth. I knew the pacifier would draw attention to me and wandering eyes would inevitably find the diaper bulge under my dress, but refusing would only lead to another spanking.


Carol ushered everyone out the door and into her minivan. When I reached for the seat belt, she slapped my hand away and fastened it for me. We drove across town to a family style Italian restaurant. As we walked in, so many eyes seemed transfixed by the pacifier still in my mouth. Only a couple people seemed to draw the correlation and were staring intently at the diaper bulge around my pelvis.

“Can we get a children’s menu for her?” Carol asked the hostess as she pointed at me.

“Those are only for…” She began to speak, then gave me a once over. “Oh. Sure thing.” She concluded quickly as she added a children’s menu and crayons to the pile of menus.

Of course our table was all the way in the back of the restaurant and being Saturday evening, it was quite busy. Even though there was a bit of background noise, I was acutely aware of the crinkling sound my diaper made as I walked through and I was positive everyone else could hear it as well.

The hostess placed the kid’s menu and crayons in front of me and handed out the rest of the menus, then asked for our drink order. When she looked at me, Carol ordered for me.

“Apple juice for her please.”

As they went over the menus, all I could do was sit there and try my best not to notice all the people casually glancing at me and clearly noticing the diaper under my dress. When the hostess returned with our drinks, my apple juice was in a plastic cup with a lid and straw. Carol hadn’t asked for it, so it drew a chuckle from the girls.

“I’m sorry. Was that wrong?” The hostess asked, suddenly worried she made a mistake.

“Not at all. You got it perfect. Thank you.” Carol assured her.

A moment later, the waitress showed up and asked for our order. After the girls ordered their meals, Carol spoke up.

“I’ll have the Eggplant Parmigiana and she will have the mac and cheese with hot dog slices.” She said, ordering from the children’s menu for me.

A minute or two after the waitress left, we all noticed a foul smell and I realized someone nearby had farted. When I noticed the girls looking at each other slyly, I realized it was one of them.

“Ewww. Mom, I think Barbie pooped in her diaper.” Amber spoke a little too loudly and several people at nearby tables turned to look at us.

“Don’t say poop in a restaurant, Amber.” Carol told her daughter.

“Barbie, did you mess your diaper?” Carol asked me as she turned my direction.

I shook my head no, but my face was beet red from the attention of the other tables.

“You better not be lying. Stand up.” She ordered as she pulled me out of my chair by my wrist.

I stood up and she turned me around so my back was to her. With her left hand between my shoulder blades, she pushed my torso forward a bit as she reached up under my dress with her right hand and pulled back the waistband of my diaper. By doing so, she lifted my dress high enough for everyone to clearly see the thick plastic diaper.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate.” A woman at a nearby table spoke up.

“My apologies.” Carol spoke. “She is being punished for bullying other girls, so I’m just making a point.”

“Oh. I see. Well, bullies should be taught a lesson. Carry on.” The woman responded with a visible glare in her eye toward me.

Carol made a little show of peering down the back of my diaper and then giving it the all clear. When she pulled the dress back down to cover the diaper, I noticed the other patrons were now finding my plight funny rather than confusing. Apparently people really dislike bullies.

I sat back down and kept my eyes down. Seeing people stare at me was just becoming too much. The tingle in my crotch had turned into a four alarm fire and it took all of my strength not to shove my hand down the front of the diaper.

I tried to push those desires out of my mind as I waited for the food to arrive. The girls chatted with each other and seemed to have gotten bored with teasing me for the moment. The slight reprieve was welcome, as it really gave me a chance to think.

When the food arrived, Carol pulled the pacifier out of my mouth and placed it on the table in front of me. She put a straw into my juice cup and handed me a spoon to eat my food. The mac and cheese was delicious, but I’ve never been a fan of hot dogs. Not wanting to risk punishment in such a public place, I ate them first and washed out the taste with the mac and cheese.

I finished eating first and my mind wandered again to my desires. The wetness in my diaper was evident and I knew I would need to release my bladder to hide the evidence of arousal. As I shifted in the chair to find a comfortable position to pee, I felt the diaper rub against my pussy and I had an instantaneous orgasm. Not wanting to draw attention to myself, I sat perfectly quiet and held my breath until it passed.

A bead of sweat traveled down my face as the orgasm finished and I spread my legs slightly as I released my bladder. As soon as I began to pee, I wondered if the diaper would absorb it all. I had been holding it all day and the flow seemed to be non-stop for a full minute. I knew better than to question Carol about it though, so I just hoped for the best and was rewarded with a very warm, leak-free diaper.

As we were leaving, I realized the wet diaper had expanded quite a bit. My waddling was even more pronounced as I navigated through the restaurant. Outside, we piled back into the van and headed home.


“Time to get you ready for bed, little one.” Carol said as we walked in the door.

She took me by the wrist and led me back up to the room with the crib, where I was undressed down to my diaper.

“Bend over.” Carol ordered as she placed her hand between my shoulder blades and pushed me gently over the edge of the crib.

My breasts resting on the bed and my legs dangling over the edge of the mattress made me feel particularly exposed. She turned and left the room, so I maintained that position until she returned a few minutes later.

“That suppository wasn’t very thorough, so we’re going to get you cleaned out right.”

She was carrying a full, red enema bag with a long white hose. A large, black nozzle hung from the end of the hose. I had gotten an enema once as a child when I went to the emergency room for abdominal pain. I remembered how unpleasant it was, which brought me right back to the edge of tears.

The bag was hung from the foot board of the crib. The nozzle and a tube of lube were placed on the mattress next to me. Carol reached around and unfastened the top tapes of the diaper and slid it down just below my ass.

Carol picked up the nozzle and I watched as she smothered it with lube. The fingers of her left hand parted my ass cheeks and I felt the tip of the nozzle pressing against my asshole. She twisted back and forth several times until the tip slid past my sphincter. I grunted loudly when she quickly forced the rest of the nozzle deep into my ass. I was rewarded for the outburst with a sharp slap to my ass.

There was a bulb attached to the nozzle that I didn’t understand, until she picked it up and began to pump it. I felt the nozzle grow inside of me and I realized she was inflating it. Several times she squeezed the bulb, until the size of the nozzle once again made me yelp. Seemingly satisfied with my discomfort, she gave it one more squeeze, then tugged on the nozzle to make sure it was secure.

The inflated nozzle felt massive inside of me and I had this overwhelming feeling of needing to move my bowels. That sensation quickly faded, however, when she released the clamp on the tube and I felt the warm water flood into my colon. Within seconds, I felt the pressure build and it just kept building as the bag slowly emptied. By the time it was half empty, I broke down.

“Please stop. It’s too much. Pleeeeeaaaasee….” I begged.

She ignored me and made no move to even slow the flow. When the bag was finally empty, I had only a moment of relief before she spoke.

“You need to hold that for fifteen minutes.” She said.

At that point, the tears began to flow down my face and I was positive there was no way I could hold it for fifteen minutes. Fear got the better of me and I made the mistake of trying to reach around to remove the nozzle.

Carol grabbed both of my hands and pulled them up high on my back and held them there with her left hand. With her right hand, she began spanking me yet again. For the remainder of the fifteen minutes, she held my hands firmly and smacked my ass hard every ten seconds or so. Luckily, the pressure from the enema settled after the first few minutes, however the swats still hurt like hell.

“Hands above your head and keep them there.” Carol demanded as she let go of my wrists.

I did as told and waited for this all to be over. I felt the air being released from the nozzle just before she pulled it from my ass. The diaper was pulled back up quickly and the tapes refastened tight around my waist.

I felt my belly rumble and I knew another messy diaper was inevitable. Carol put away the enema supplies and then returned holding several things from the closet.

“Stand up and turn around.”

When I turned, she held out a pair of clear plastic pants for me to step into. As she pulled them up my legs, I realized they were quite tight and fit very snugly over the diaper. Next, she held out a pair of pink and yellow footed pajamas. She pulled them up my legs and over my arms before zipping it up to my neck. The pajamas were also snug, which made the thick diaper very obvious.

“Night night time.” She announced.

It was still early and I realized she was putting me to bed before 8pm. After I crawled into the crib, she pulled up the side rail and locked it in place. Just as she turned to leave the room, my belly rumbled and I released a loud, wet fart.

“Sleep well.” She said with a sly smile as she turned off the light and shut the door behind her.

The pressure in my colon was still present, so I decided to just get it over. I turned over to get on my hands and knees and just pushed. So much watery mess was released that I really worried about the diaper containing it all. There wasn’t much choice though.

After about thirty minutes of randomly releasing liquid bowel movements, I felt like I was finally finished and tried my best to sleep. I figured the best way to pass the time was not being awake to endure it. Even though I had napped earlier, the events of the day had me exhausted and I quickly fell asleep.


The problem with going to bed early is waking up early. Especially when you’re locked in a crib and have no choice but to wait for someone to let you out. The boredom of waiting I could have handled, but the disgusting mess in my diaper was another story.

Shortly after waking, I realized my bladder was strained to the limit. I had involuntarily been holding it in, but now I was out of options. Again I positioned myself on my knees and relaxed as much as could. As soon as the stream of urine started, I could feel it churning up the mess already contained in the diaper.

As gross as it was, I felt that familiar twinge of arousal as I slowly emptied my bladder into the shitty diaper. By the time I finished, I wanted nothing more than to finger myself, but I knew that was impossible. Instead, I lay down again and tried to doze a bit to pass the time.

I drifted in and out of sleep over the next few hours, but kept having very arousing dreams. Finally, it was too much and I found myself desperately trying to rub myself through the diaper. As thick as it was, it took some doing, but I managed to grind myself into my fist enough to reach orgasm.

“Oh my god! Gross!” I was startled by the sound of Amber’s voice from the doorway.

I turned to see her staring at me and realized she had witnessed the entire thing. She just gave me a disgusted look and walked away. I must’ve turned purple from the embarrassment at being caught masturbating in a messy diaper. A moment later, Amber returned with Carol behind her.

“She was masturbating when I came in here.” Amber tattled loudly.

“Is that true?” Carol asked as she looked directly into my eyes without blinking.

As much as I wanted to deny it, something told me it would just make things worse. I nodded affirmatively and looked away in shame.

“Well now. Amber was coming up here to let you out, so I could change you. But, since you seem to like your messy diaper so much, you can just stay in it until your chores are finished.”

The idea of being in this same diaper any longer disgusted me. As aroused as I was ten minutes ago, I was now just worried about rashes and infections. Thinking about it wasn’t helping, since I didn’t have a choice, so I tried to concentrate on other things.

Carol opened the crib and pulled my feet to the edge of the mattress and lifted me out of the crib. She removed the footed pajamas and replaced them with a simple t-shirt, exposing my diaper once again.

“Breakfast is ready downstairs. I want you to eat the plate that is set out for you, then wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. After that, you need to clean up the mess left over from the party. When it is finished to my satisfaction, I will change your diaper. Understand me?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I responded.

With that, we headed downstairs and I was acutely aware of the sludge sliding around inside my diaper. The diaper was already extra thick and the added liquid just made it even more swollen. I waddled more than walked and the itching was starting to increase.

In the kitchen, I found a plate of pancakes, eggs and sausage. I sat softly on the chair and felt the mess squish around yet again. The food was delicious and I finished it quickly, then set about washing the dishes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just breakfast dishes. It was also all of the dishes from the party.

After an hour of washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, I moved onto the rest of the house. The mess wasn’t terrible, so it only took me another two hours to finish. However, by the time I finished, the itching in my diapers was incessant and driving me insane.

Carol took her time going over the house, making sure I finished to her satisfaction. She paused a few times to point out things I missed, but finally agreed it was done. She led me back upstairs and into the shower to get cleaned up.

First, she removed my shirt and then pulled the plastic pants down and off. She placed an open garbage bag on the tub floor between my feet before unfastening the diaper and letting it fall into the bag with a thud. The nasty smell instantly filled the room and Carol turned to flip the fan switch on.

She removed the bag and tied it closed, then turned on the water and waited for the temperature to be right. The detachable shower head was then used to slowly cleanse the poo from my diaper area.

“Bend forward.” She demanded.

As I leaned forward, the shower head was pointed directly into my nether region. I could feel the effluent being washed down my legs, but the spray directly on my pussy and ass almost gave me an instant orgasm. Carol seemed to not notice as she used a scrubber to get every last bit of mess from between my legs. Once the shit had been washed away and disappeared down the drain, she lathered up a shower pouf with body soap and cleaned me from head to toe.

Now clean, Carol dried me off with a large, fluffy towel. It felt good and quite different than the last day of humiliation. As much as I enjoyed the humiliation, it had exhausted me and this little bit of comfort was a welcome change.

Back in the room, the towel was removed and I was once again laid on the bed. Carol unfolded another thick diaper and placed a stuffer on top of it. After sliding it under my butt, she grabbed a tube of rash cream and spread liberal amounts between my ass cheeks and around my pussy. Then a healthy dose of baby powder was sprinkled onto the area. The diaper was pulled up tight and the tapes fastened.

Once again I felt the familiar tingle of humiliation and wished I was somewhere private. Carol seemed to read my body language, as she laid down next to me and began to rub my pussy through the thick diaper. I didn’t know what to think of it at first.

“It’s okay sweetie. Enjoy yourself. Mommy knows what’s best for you.” She spoke softly as I felt her pressing harder against the diaper.

I didn’t need any more motivation than that, as I gave into the feelings and allowed myself to build to orgasm. My body trembled as I approached my first orgasm and continued to shake as it seemed to last for several minutes. Carol kept rubbing the entire time and I quickly began to build to a second. The smile on her face and referencing herself as Mommy triggered something inside of me and I had three massive orgasms in a row.

She stopped rubbing and reached around my waist and pulled me close. She held my head against her breast with one hand and lightly stroked my back with the other. For the first time in my life, I felt complete bliss and I began to cry tears of joy.

“That’s my girl. Get it all out. You’re in a safe place now.” She assured me.

I cried for several minutes and just held her close as she cuddled me. When I finally composed myself, she allowed me to sit up and gave me a tissue to dry my eyes.

“I know the last 24 hours has been hard. I wanted to make sure the first day was the hardest, so you would have a reference to judge by. Your aunt is really not a good person and I want to make sure you get the discipline and love that you need. This is the last time I am going to give you this option, so I want you to think about it. Do you want to stay here and be my baby girl? Or do you want to go back to your aunt and leave all of this behind?” She asked.

Up until now, I had resigned myself to living with my previous choice and regretted it. Now that the choice was mine again, it suddenly wasn’t so simple. Did I want this to be my life? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was exactly what I wanted. As much as I hated the spankings, her assurance that the first day would be the hardest had me wondering if the risk was worth it.

“I’m going to give you some time to think through it. If you decide you want to stay, you need to know that there won’t be another choice. You will be required to follow the rules or risk punishment. I am going to send the girls out for the day and will wait in the living room. When you’ve made your decision, come downstairs. If you are still in your diaper, I will take that as a choice. If you are dressed to leave, I will understand.”

She didn’t wait for any response from me as she left the room and closed the door.

I’m not sure how long I lay there weighing my options. The pros and cons were not so clear as I considered a complete loss of freedom for something as trivial as sexual stimulation. Were my desires for humiliation and control more important to me than all of my other interests? Finally, I decided on a proper decision and headed downstairs, wearing only the thick diaper. Carol smiled as she saw me walking down the stairs. Halfway down the stairs, I paused and spoke.

“I want this. I really do. But, I also have other interests. If I make this choice, will I still be able to pursue them?” I asked in a very nervous voice.

“Of course sweetie. Part of this is helping you to grow and expand. Those interests won’t just be allowed, they will be encouraged. However, diaper discipline will be permanent, so you will need to adjust to that paradigm. Do you understand?”

That actually sounded like a dream come true. Being able to pursue my dreams, but also being subjected to the humiliation and discipline I craved.

“Yes Ma’am.” I said with a smile.

“Does that mean you have made your decision then?” She asked.

I was too excited to answer and just nodded. Carol held out her arms, gesturing me to come to her. As I did, she pulled me close for a long hug.


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  1. Nathan

    Love it. I really hope you continue the story. I wish I could find someone to use diaper punishment on me like that.

  2. Rachel

    I liked the story it is how I want to be treated.Kinda just need to find the right person you know😂Oh and plz let it be continued…plz!

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