Story: Baby Susan

By | February 22, 2016

“One more word from you susan and I’ll spank that bare bottom again “said susan’s mother harshley, now put your dummy back into your mouth and face the corner like I told you!!.The fifteen year old sullenly returned her dummy back to her mouth sobbing to herself and turned to face the wall. Her mother looked at her pretty 15year old daughter standing facing the corner, her bare red bottom on full display with her navy school skirt pinned up at the back with a pink nappy pin. Around Susan’s knees was the soddon nappy and pink frilly baby pants that her mother had pulled down prior to her bare bottom spanking.

For the past few weeks, susan had been continually wetting the bed and her knickers for no apparent medical reason and her mother had ran out of patience with her daughter. On the previous friday, Susan had been sent home from school with a note from the school nurse explaining that she had wet her knickers in class and not for the first time that week. This was the last straw for Susan’s mother and she then decided that as Susan was acting like a baby she would be treated like one.

On the saturday morning , Susan’s mother began to prepare for her new baby before susan was awake. Many of the required items had been bought the evening before and whilst Susan slept, her mother began removing all her big girl items from the wardrobes and drawers. Leaving only Susan’s school uniforms hanging in the wardrobe. She did however remove the girls navy blue school knickers as she decided that Susan will not be needing these for a long time.

Susans mother stopped and remembered her time at hardy school for girls. She remembered the strictness of the school and how any disobediance of the school rules were punished by over the knee spankings, slippering or caning and always on the bare bottom. Knickers were always taken down and this she remembered from her own experience had been most humiliating in front of her classmates and on one occassion the whole school during assembly. The reason for her sending her own daughter there 20 years on was the level of education aquired and the old school values that were still present. Even today, the school head performed spot checks on school uniform. Girls were lined up and the headmistress would personnallyinspect each girl. All girls wore Navy blue skirts, white blouses, white knee length socks and black patent shoes with straps. School ties were worn correctly and navy cardigans were worn buttoned up. During inspection each girl was ordered to raise her skirt and allow the mistrissto check she was wearing her regulation navy blue school knickers. If girls were wearing underwear that was any different, she was ordered to remove her knickers at once and report to the headmistriss for 3 strokesof the cane on her bare bottom. After her punishment, she would spend the rest of the day without knickers and would have to go to the nurse at end of the day to reclaim them. Many of the girls had tried it on in the past and paid the price of being caught. Not only were they caned, but if they had PE or outdoor games that day, they were often very embarressed. The correct uniform for indoor games was a white Sports top and navy knickers,if you had been unfortunate to have had your knickers confiscated earlier that day, then the pupil would be running around the gym without underwearand often with the three tell tell stripes across her bottom. Outdoor games such as hockey and netball were played in the same uniform but the girls also wore Navy games skirts. many times as the girls skirts rode up during games, the bare bottoms were exposed to tell the school they were being punished.

Susan’s mother gently prodded her sleeping daughter, ” Susie wake updarling its time for mummy to get you ready.” Susan woke up and found her mother sitting on the side of the bed. Why had she called me susie the girl wondered, she hasn’t done that since I was a small child and she knows I hate it now. Susans mother pulled back the sheets and discovered that she was wet again. Susan’s nightie was bunched around her waist and she was laying in a very wet patch. Her small bush of pubic hair protuding just reminded her mother of how young and pretty she was.

” I will go and run you a bath while you remove those wet sheets and nightie” her mother said and off she went to the bathroom. Susan did as she was told and followed her mother into the bathroom to find a soapy bathwaiting for her. ” Thanks mum” she said and went to close the door but her mother stopped her and ordered susie into the bath. ” I’m quite capable of bathing myself mother” susie exclaimed as her mother picked up the sponge and began washing her daughters back and neck. Susans mother now provoked decided to explain to her daughter how things were going to be now on!! ” Firstly susie, as you cannot seem to stop wetting your bed and your knickers like a little baby, you are in no position to decide whether or not you can bathe yourself. I am no longer going to wash your soddon sheets and pee stained knickers and have decided that as you act like a six month old baby, I am going to treat you like one until further notice.I will tell you this right now, this punishment is going to last for atleast the next six months and probably for 18 months”.

Susan was ordered to stand up in the bath whilst her mother continued to wash her daughter. She was about to protest when a her mother gave her a hard slap on her wet bottom and told her not to say a word. Susan’s mother then produced a razor and soaped her daughters pubic area, ” Susie you are now a baby and Babies do not have any body or pubic hair ” she explained. She then removed all traces of Susan’s maturity and continued to explain the new regime. ” Starting immediatly, you will be kept and treated like a six month old baby girl. You will wear nappies and frilly pink baby pants 24hours a day and will use your nappies for their intended purpose. You will not be able to use the bathroom under any circumstances and I will make no secret of your baby status to anyone.

” Susie immediatly burst into tears and at the thought of having to wear nappies and was utterly mortified as her mother continued. ” In future I will dress you , feed you, bath you, change your wet and dirty nappies and put you to bed. You will be dressed in baby clothes at all times with the exception of school, Whilst you are now a baby full time, your education is important and you will continue to go to school but in future you will be wearing your nappy and frilly baby pants under your school skirt instead of your navy blue school knickers”.

Susan’s mother continued, ” Any disobediance or bad behavour will result in me immediatly taking down your nappy and Baby pants and putting you over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. And trust me I will spank you wherever we may be and in front of whoever is present young lady. After any spanking, you will stand in the corner for one hour with your nappy round your ankles and your baby dress pinned up at the back. I won’t care if we have or are expecting visitors during this punishment, it will be carried out immediately.” Susan’s mother ordered the sobbing girl out of the bath and began to dry her. She continued to explain the new life for baby susie, ” I want you to know susie that I will not keep your baby life a secret from anyone.Whilst you are at home you will be dressed in your baby clothes and your nappies and frilly baby pants will always be visible to whoever is present. If your friends visit they will see you as a baby and you will be spanked in front of them and also sat on the potty in front of them whenever it’s neccessary.When we go out shopping or to the park or beach or to visit any of mummys friends, you will be dressed as a baby and again your nappy and frilly baby pants will be visible for all to see.”

Susie could not believe what she was hearing and cried uncontrollably as her mother led her back to her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She picked up a large white fluffy nappy and slid it neatly under susan,s bottom. She then picked up a tub of nappy cream and began to rub it into the girls now shaved and hairless pubic area.

Lifting the sobbing girls legs high in the air, she began rubbing the cream into the girls small bottom and then sprinkled an ample amount of baby powder into the girlsnappy area. Quickly and expertly she then drew the nappy up between the girls legs and pinned it tightly on either side with large pink nappy pins. Next she put susies’s legs through a pair of pink frilly plastic baby pants and pulled them up securely over the bulging nappy, tucking in all parts of the nappy that were outside of the leg and waist holes. Susie tried to pu her legs together but found the nappy so bulky that this was impossible. Next her mother pulled a pair of white ankle socks over her feet. These had pretty pink bows on either side and looked very babyish.Then to susie’s suprise and astonishment, her mother produced a short babydress with puff sleaves and a smocked top in pale pink and ordered susie to sit up whilst she pulled the baby dress over the girls head and zipped it up at the back.

Susies mother then brushed the poor girls hair and tied her hair into two pig tails with pink ribbon To complete the baby attire,a dummy attached to a piece of matching pink ribbon was put over her head and the dummy placed into her mouth. Susan still in tears was then led over to the full length bedroom mirror and stared in horror at the reflection of herself. her hair tied up in pigtails with ribbons that matched her pretty but very short pink baby dress that left her nappies and frilly baby pants clearly exposed. Susan looked every bit the baby she was now to become and her mother delighted in continuing to expain the new rules. ” From now on susan, this is how you will be dressed when you are not at school. As I told you earlier, I don’t care if we have company or not, or if we are visiting, shopping or simply at home on our own. You will NOT touch or attempt to remove your nappies at any time and I or whichever grown up is present will change your nappies when they need changing. In future after I have fed and changed you when you come home from school you will be put to bed at 6:30pm every night unless we have company and I allow you to stay up until 7:30pm. If I have to go out and you can’t come with me I will have a baby sitter for you, who incidently will spank you in the same way as I will if you are naughty. All bare bottom spankings will result in you standing in the corner or put to bed immediatly.”Susan was then led down stairs and due to the thickness of her nappy she could only waddle like a baby. Her mother sat her down at the kitchen table and produced a baby bottle of warm milk for her.

Before giving her the bottle to suck on, her mother tied a pretty white satin bib around the girls neck with ” Baby” in large letters embroidered into it. Susan suckedon the nipple of the bottle and began pondering how she was going to manage on monday at school wearing nappies and frilly baby pants under her navy school skirt. perhaps she could take them off when she got to school and she still had a pair of navy Knickers in her locker she could change into. The utter shame and mortification she would endure if her classmates found out was too much for the poor girl to bear and she burst into fresh tears again.

Susan’s mind began to wander back to the previous Monday at school, She had been shopping with her best friend Jenny the weekend before and they had bought some rather sexy underwear. Both had vowed to wear their new purchases to school on the monday and had laughed with nervous apprehension at the thought of a spot check that day and the resulting caning that would follow. Netherless they had decided to risk it and with no spot check that morning were giggling and making jokes during lessons.

Susan had been warned to stay quiet and to stop misbehaving earlier and her teacher was getting more than annoyed that her warnings were going on deaf ears. Without further warning her teacher bellowed “Susan bards come out here this instant ” . Susan got to her feet and proceeded to the front of the class to face her now fuming teacher. ” I have warned you enough times already today and now I’m going to give you the spanking of your life” with that the teacher placed a chair in front of the giggling girls and pulled susan over her lap with her bottom facing her classmates. Susan’s short skirt was pulled back over her back and her new pretty undies were displayed to all. ” Susan, these are not your regulation navy blue knickers and for a serious breach of school rules you not only will recieve a spanking from me, but will also be caned by the headmistress at break time today”. She then pulled susan’s knickers down to her knees and proceeded to spank her bare bottom until susan was screaming for her to stop and crying like a baby. At the end of thespanking, susan was told to take the customery position in the corner with hand on head. She was about to pull her knickers back up when the teacher instructed her to leave them round her knees and stand in the corner. The teacher then proceeded to tuck her skirt up above her red bottom and leave her in full view of the class and whoever went by the classroom door.

At break time, she was instructed to remove her knickers and hand them over.she was then marched down the corridoor with her skirt still tucked into the waistband and her bottom and pubic bush on full display to the othergirls. During break she was caned for improper uniform dress and spent the rest of the day without knickers and with a very sore bottom.Susan was awoken from this memory by her mother taking her bottle and replacing it with another full one. This one tasted slightly differently but susan could not place the potent laxitive her mother had mixed with the milk. Her mother was looking forward to some interesting results later that day when she planned to take susan shopping.

Susan’s mind went back to her earlier thought, ” What if I had been sent to school wearing my thick nappies and frilly baby pants ” she thought.”How would I have ever lived down being called up in front of the class and having my teacher raise my schoolskirt and expose my nappy and frillies for everyone to see ” .Her thoughts continued down the same path, ” Would my teacher have taken down my nappy to spank me, What if it had been wet??. everyone would have seen my baby smooth pubic area” The sheert hought of all of this was beginning to frighten her and without realising it she flooded her nappies.

Susan’s mummy noticed the expression on her daughters face and smiled to herself. The diartetic in her bottles had not had time to work yet but Susan had soaked her nappy and was looking very uncomfortbale. Mummy decided that she would leave her in the soaked nappy for a while and instucted Susan to get down from the table and wait for her in the lounge. Susan could only waddle to the lounge, the bulk of her now wet nappy caused it to sag quite heavily and made walking normally almost impossible.

When she had left the kitchen, her mother picked up the phone and called her old friend ” Jack, I would like you to come round and complete the plans as we discussed. Have you managed to finish what I asked you ? ” ” Thats great, I will take Susan shopping and keep out of your way until this evening. see you tonight. Susan is in for a big suprise when she come home “.

Susan’s mother went into the lounge and instucted her daughter to follow her upstairs. Once in her bedroom, Susan was laid on the bed and her mother pulled down the frilly baby pants and unpinned the soggy nappy. ” Lift your legs babykins, lets get you nice and clean, ready for a nice dry nappy.” Her mother gently began wiping Susans bottom and hairless privates with a soft flannel. She then proceeded to rub a large amount of zinc cream into Susan’s nappy area. This was followed by a large dusting of baby powder, Lifting her daughters legs high in the air and gently rubbing the powder into her bottom, Susans mother informed her that they were going out for the day and reminded Susan of the punishment for any naughty behavour whilst they were out. ” Don’t think for one moment that I won’t take down your nappy and spank your bare bottom in the shopping mall. I warned you yesterday that I don’t care who see’s my baby in her nappies and who see’s her have her bottom spanked if neccesary.” Her mother then folded two thick nappies together and slid them under Susans bottom. Quickly pinning the nappy on both sides with pink nappy pins. Next came the frilly pink baby pants which were pulled up over the bulk of the nappies. Susans mother pulled a pink Tshirt over her daughters head which had a nice picture of a bunny rabbit embroided into it.

” Now Susan, I suggest you put your school skirt on over the top of your nappy. I need to see what it looks like anyway because this is what you will be wearing on Monday to school. You can keep those pretty white ankle socks on, I think the bows on them match the pretty ribbons in you hair” Susan gave her mother a horrified look. ” Surely you won’t make me wear these outside mummy ” she sobbed.

“One more word from you my girl and I will make you wear your matching baby dress also. You are a baby from now on Susan, You wet the bed like a baby, You wet your knickers like a baby and you have wet your nappies like a baby once this morning already. Now put your skirt on and come downstairs immediatly. We are going shopping to buy the rest of your baby attire and all the things I will need to cater for such a big baby.”

whilst mummy went down stairs, Susan stepped into her pleated navy school skirt and pulled it up to her waist. she went to the mirror and was shocked to see that because of the bulk of her nappy, the skirt only just covered her secret and she would have to be very careful when she moved. If she bent down everone would get a very clear view of her baby nappy and frilly plastic pants. In the kitchen, Susan’s mother was preparing a baby change bag with some spare nappies, frilly baby pants, cream, baby powder, wet wipes and a couple of bottles full of nice warm milk for her new baby. she expected the diaretic and laxitives to work whist they were out shopping and susan would need at least two or three nappy changes before this evening.

AS Susan came down stairs her mother looked up at her and couldn’t help smiling to herself. Susans nappy and baby pants were very visable from the bottom of the stairs and she looked very much like toddler of three rather than her 15 years. Susans mother told her to go and get into the car and followed her out, before she left however, she popped Susans pink dummy attached to a ribbon into her handbag.

When Susans mother reached the car, Susan was already strapped into the front seat, “Excuse me young lady, what do you think you are doing, Babies are not aloud to sit up front, now get into the back seat like a good girl”.

Susan did as she was told and her mother reached over and put her belt on. Before closing the door she took out Susans dummy and pinned the ribbon to Susans sweater with a pink nappy pin. ” Put your dummy in your mouth and keep it there until I say you can remove it” Susan was instructed. Her mother went on to tell her that if she removed the dummy for any reason she would not only be made to use it constantly around the shopping centre, but she would also receive a bare bottom spanking at the first opportunity. As they drove to the shopping centre, all Susan could think about was whether she could keep her shame a secret while they were shopping, she wondered what additional attire and supplies her mother intended to purchase and she was in deep in thought before she realised that the car had come to a halt at the traffic lights in town and people were staring and laughing into the car window at the sight of this big girl sucking on a dummy in the back seat. Susan immediatly spat out the dummy and burst into tears. ” PUT THAT DUMMY BACK IN YOUR MOUTH AT ONCE MY GIRL !!! ” her mother barked. ” I warned you what would happen if you took it out and I mean’t it.”

“You are now in for a very sore bottom later and don’t think I will forget. You will learn that when I say something, I really mean it” she continued.

They arrived at the car park and Susans mother unbuckled her daughter who was still sucking her dummy and sobbing to herself. Her mother then removed the dummy and unpinned it from her sweater. ” Susan, as this is only your first real day under your baby punishment I will not make you use the dummy in public today. You will however still get the spanking I promised you earlier. As you get further into your new role as the baby of the house again, I will make you use your dummy in public without any hesitation or embarrassment.”

Susans mother locked the car and whilst they were standing in full view, she raised her daughters skirt and exposing Susans nappy to whoever may have been looking she put her hand down the back of the nappy and exclaimed in a very loud voice that Susans nappies were very wet and she would have to be changed as soon as possible. She then pulled the skirt down again,took hold of her daughters hand and marched towards the shopping mall.

The first stop they made was to a large chemist were Susans mother began piling many of the supplies into her trolley for her new baby, Nappy cream, baby powder, baby bottles, dummies, nappy pins, Bibs, baby wipes and jars of assorted baby food. She then picked up a large pink changing mat and a baby potty, turning to Susan and saying quite loudly that at least she could sit her on the potty in the kitchen, lounge or anywhere mummy happened to be. Susan cringed at the thought of sitting on a baby potty watched by her mother or anyone else and then the thought of having her mummy wipe her bottom before laying her on the changing mat and putting her back into her nappies and frilly baby pants.

Whilst they were paying for the shopping, her mother asked the sales assistant where the baby changing facilites were, the lady immediatly pointed to the mummy and baby room at the side of the store and after thanking her, Susans mother grabbed Susans hand and said outloud ” Come along darling, lets get your dirty nappy changed and make you more comfortable” . Both the sales assistant and the people in the queue behind stared in disbelief as Susan and her mummy disapeared towards the changing faciliies. The lady who was directly behind them in the queue turned to the others and made comments about the fact that she thought that young girls bottom stuck out and it was now very evident she was wearing thick nappies under her schoolskirt.

Back in the Baby changing room, mummy had removed Susans skirt completly and laid her daughter on the floor where she proceeded to pull down the pink baby pants and unpinned her very soggy nappy. She was in the process of wiping her daughters shaven smooth private parts and just as she lifted her daughters legs to wipe her now nappy rash sore bottom the door opened and two ladies came in with their toddler children. The ladies looked suprised at the sight but only made comment that no child is ever to big to put back into nappies.

Susans mother continued to clean and powder her as she talked to the two ladies about how Susan was wetting herself and the bed constantly and how now she was being treated as a little baby as punishment. One of the ladies watched the nappy change and commented how sweet she looked all baby smooth and hairless and didn’t it make sense not to have any nasty hair down there to get in the way when changing her nappies.

After mummy had put double thick nappies on Susan and pulled her frilly baby pants back up, she said goodbye to the ladies and they left the store. They shopped for most of the day and despite Susan taking care not to show her nappy under her short skirt, she was totally unaware of the clear exposure it was getting every time she rode the esculater up to the different shopping levels. Mummy of course was fully aware of just how many people were getting very good views and without Susan knowing it, she was the talk of most of the shopping centre within a couple of hours.

Susan underwent one more nappy change in the shopping area before mummy decided that they had enough supplies and they had to go because she had one more stop to make on the way home. They got back into the car and after putting Susans seat belt back on and re-pinning her dummy back to her sweater, mummy pulled a baby bottle from her bag and put the nipple into Susans mouth. Once again Susan was warned not to remove the bottle until the contents were completly gone.

Mummy set off with Susan drinking her bottle in the back seat and once again visable from the pedestrians who happened to look over.

They drove towards the outskirts of town before mummy turned into a street that susan new very well. Her best friend Jenny lived down here and Susan’s fear turned to utter mortification as they turned into Jenny,s parents drive. Once again Mummy undid Susan’s seatbelt but this time made no attempt to remove the pink dummy pinned to the girls sweater. ” please mummy take this dummy off me, Jenny will see it and laugh at me.” Susikins that dummy is the least of your problems now be quiet and come with me .” replied her mother.

As they approached the front door, it was opened by Jenny’s mother who looked at susan and remarked how sweet she looked but did not appear in the least suprised by the site of the fifteen year old looking so toddlerish with her dummy.

” Hi Jane, is everthing ready for us.” asked Susans mother. ” Yes Betty, everthing is finished as requested, I managed to get the last one finished last night.”

Jane turned to Susan and said ” Susie you look so sweet in that outfit but I expect you need your nappy changing by now don’t you sweetheart” Susan looked aghast, how did she know ? , she burst into tears and then spotted Jenny coming into the hallway. Jenny took one look at Susan and could hardly contain her giggles.

Jane turned to Jenny and gave her harsh look. “Have you got everthing ready in the living room ? ” ” yes Mum ” Jenny replied and gave Susie a pitiful look.

As they all entered the living room, Susie’s face crumpled as she saw the many baby outfits which hung on hangers around the room. All the clothes were larger versions of the baby clothes she had seen in any department store and she realised immediatly that these were intended for her to wear.

” Look Susie “,said her mother, “Aunty Jane has made you a complete new wardrobe, look at these pretty dresses, pink ones, white ones, lemon ones, and all so frilly and babyish. “

” I have also made them with frilly baby pants to match, all your new outfits are nice and short to allow everyone to see your matching frilly baby knickers, I have even made you some cute little rompers with poppers on the crotch to make it nice and easy for mummy to change your nappies. “

” Don’t forget the baby bonnets, mittens and bootees mum ” said Jenny trying not to laugh again.

“Well Susie, what do you say to aunty Jane” asked her mother. Don’t you think you should say thank you and give her a nice kiss for working so hard to make all these pretty things for you to wear ?”

Susan burst into fresh floods of tears and in a moment of defiance and trying to save face with Jenny, screamed ” fuck you if you think I,m going to wear this shit!!!! “

In a moment, her mother had smacked her face and in the same movement grabbed Susan and pulled her down over her lap. ” I warned you earlier I intended to spank you for disobeying me and spitting your dummy out, now your going to get twice the spanking and in front of Aunt Jane and Jenny. Lets show Jenny just how much of a baby you really are!!! “

In seconds, mummy had pulled down Susan’s baby pants and unpinned the soggy nappy, letting it fall to the floor. She began to spank Susan’s bare bottom and did not stop until Susan was screaming for mercy and her bottom was bright red from the spanking.

” Right baby, go and stand in the corner and put your hands on your head, you will stand there for 30 minutes and if you dare move I will start your spanking again and may even let Aunt Jane and Jenny have a go.”

Susan, waddled over to the corner and put her hands on her head as instucted. Her frilly baby pants were around her knees and her mother went across and pinned up the back of her skirt with one of the pink nappy pins she had removed from the sodden nappy. She then put Susans dummy back into the sobbing girls mouth and again warned her not to remove it until told she could.

Jenny looked over to her friend, she could not believe this girl standing facing the corner with her bright red sore bottom on full display and frilly baby pants round her knees, was the same girl who only a couple of weeks earlier had been shopping for sexy underwear with her. Jenny suddenly realised she was going to have a lot of fun making the most of Susie’s baby punishment. The two ladies left the room and Jenny was left alone with the sobbing Susie, ” Well baby I can’t wait until Monday when we get to school, everyone already knows you wet your knickers, wait till they hear you wear nappies and those adorable frilly pink baby pants, not forgetting your little baby smooth pussy.”

” You Bitch!!” screamed Susie who was now furious at her so called friend making fun of her, ” I’ll kill you if you breath a word of this to anyone”

At that moment Susans mother came storming back into the room closely followed by Jane. ” Right young lady that’s it, you obvoiusly did not learn your lesson and have disobeyed me for the last time. Perhaps another spanking will make you realise I will not tolerate any more outbursts from you”

With that, she pulled susan over her knee and began spanking the girls already sore naked bottom until Susan was almost screaming. When she was finished, She instucted Susan to stand up and return to face the wall.

Susans mother then turned to Jennifer and asked if she would like to put the baby into her nappies and dress her in one of her new baby outfits ready to go home. ” yes please ” replied the excited Jenny, ” I know just the outfit to put her in ” ” I think she needs to be sat on her potty first ” said mummy. ” Jenny pop out to the car and bring it in would you “

A few minutes later Jenny returned with the Pink baby potty and Susan was instructed to sit on it and do wee wee’s for the grown ups. Whilst she sat there sucking on her dummy, Jane went to the kitchen and returned with a baby bottle full of warm milk and removing Susan’s dummy, she replaced it with the bottle. ” drink it all up baby ” chided Jenny as she smiled at the sight of her so called friend sitting on her potty in her lounge drinking from her baby bottle.

After ten minutes Susan was instructed to lay on the floor and Jenny knelt down beside her and began removing the rest of the girls clothes. When Susan was completly naked, Jenny folded two thick terry nappies and slid them under Susan, she then began to wipe her hairless vagina with baby wipes before raising Susans legs high in the air to continue wiping the girls very sore bottom. After cream and baby powder had been applied to the nappy area, Jenny proceeded to pin the nappy on both sides before pulling on a new pair of white frilly baby pants over the top.

With Susan tightly encased in her clean nappy, Jenny selected a very short, puff sleave baby dress with Yoked neckline and pullled this over Susans head and zipped it up at the back. Next she added a matching baby bonnet and a pair of little white booties with pink ribbons on. for the final touch she slipped Susans hands into a pair of white mittens and tied them at the wrists making sure Susan could now not use her hands.

” Oh, she looks so sweet and babyish ” said Susans mother, ” now lets try her new shoes on “. She then produced a pair a pale pink Mary Jane t-bar shoes and slipped them on Susan.

” Just a couple more things to finish of the transformation ” said Jane and produced a large baby bib with ” baby susie ” embroided into it. Jane tied the bib around Susans neck and for final effect slipped her new baby dummy attached to a pink ribbon over the girls head and popped it into Susans mouth.

Jane, Betty and Jenny looked down at poor Susan sitting on the lounge floor now dressed as a complete baby and sucking her dummy. ” she looks just like she did when she was 6 months old” laughed Jane.

Susans mother agreed and then turning to Jenny she asked ” How do you fancy babysitting some times, you know your mother and I quite often play bridge and like to have at least a couple of nights out a week. You may bring some of the other girls round when you want to ” Jenny jumped at the idea and agreed to baby sit any time she was needed. She was going to enjoy looking after this big baby and exposing Susans secret to as many people as she could.

With everything settled, Betty and her baby Susan left and returned home. Susan was exhausted from her ordeal and fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home. While she slept she again wet her nappies but without realising, she messed her nappies as well. Mummy knew immediatly, she had not forgotten even after all these years the smell of baby Susans messy nappies and she smiled to herself that despite all the tantrums and pleading, Susan was wetting and messing her nappy without realising it and therefore would be a baby for a long time to come.

When they arrived home, mummy helped Susan, who was still half asleep, into the house and up the stairs. Mummy opened the bedroom door and Susan stood aghast at the sight of what had been her bedroom.

The room looked exactly like a baby nursery, the walls were painted in a soft pink tone and nursery prints adorned the walls all the way round. Her carpets and curtains had been changed to soft pink and in the corner of the room was a large changing table with shelfs above, these contained a large stack of fluffy white nappies, a pile of assorted colour baby pants, some which were frilly, some transparent, some nappy pins, baby powder, baby wipes etc. Where her bed had been there now stood a large baby cot with high vertical bars and in the other corner there was a large nappy pail with the words ” SUSANS NAPPY PAIL ” printed in large letters.

” From now on Susan this is your nursery ” her mother explained. When I said you were to become a baby again I meant every word, now lets get your stinky nappy changed and get you ready for beddy byes”.

Susan was laid on the changing table and her mother removed her baby pants and very full and smelly nappy. after cleaning her up and applying the cream and powder, she was pinned into three night time nappies and a fresh pair of pink transparent baby pants were pulled up over her bulky nappy. Mummy then sat her up and removed the baby dress and replaced it with a pink T- shirt with ” BABY ” printed on the front. The T-shirt was again so short that it failed to cover the bulk of her nappy and see through baby pants.

Susan was then instructed to climb up onto the cot and her mother bent over and kissed the girls forehead. ” night night baby” she cooed and pulled the side of the cot up and latched it in place. Susan still sucking on her dummy was already half asleep as her mother wound up the mobile hanging above the girls cot. by the time mummy had drawn the curtains and closed the nursery door behind her, Susan was drifting off to sleep to the sound of the tune playing from the mobile. As she slept, she dreamt about the days events and without reailising it, she once again flooded her nappies.

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