Blog: Shopping with Addie

By | January 21, 2010

This morning I had another great session with Addie. I really wish she was comfortable with photos and videos, but alas I must respect her wishes. Anyways, I had something extra special planned for her this time. She has expressed interest in the dangers of public play, meaning she wanted a situation where she was not obviously diapered in public but in a position that she could expose herself.

When she showed up this morning, I had everything ready for her. I stripped her down, laid her on the bed and placed a Bambino diaper with two stuffers under her ass. Then, I pulled out a large 10″ cock shaped dildo, lubed it up and slowly inserted it into her ass. The base of the dildo was much thicker than the tip, so it stretched her out to the point of pain once it was completely inserted. The diaper was then pulled up and taped into place. Once she was diapered, the dildo had several inches of space to slide out of her ass before being blocked by the diaper. This ensured the dildo would stay in place, but not always completely inserted to the painfully thick base. Addie was then dressed in a cute blouse and a pleated skirt that was just barely long enough to cover her diaper while standing. We then walked three blocks to the nearest shopping center.

Once we arrived at the shopping center, I would give Addie simple tasks to complete like grabbing an item from the bottom shelf. She had a choice of either bending her knees and kneeling down or bending at the waist. Kneeling down would cause the diaper to tighten on her ass and force the dildo almost completely into her ass, but the diaper would remain hidden by the skirt. Bending at the waist would allow the dildo to move less, but would pull the skirt up and expose her diaper to anyone standing behind her. Every time I gave her a task to complete, she would glance around first. If nobody was nearby, she would bend at the waist. If she saw someone, she would kneel down and force the anal intruder deep into her ass.

We shopped for about an hour and then headed home where I removed the dildo, but replaced it with several glycerine suppositories before refastening the diaper. I then locked her into the pillory for a couple hours while I got some work done. Once she had sat in a very messy diaper for a while, I released her from the pillory and gave her clothes back. We talked a bit about the day and she was very appreciative of the experience. She then left for home still wearing the very messy diaper. She is coming back again in two weeks, so I need to come up with another great scenario…

2 thoughts on “Blog: Shopping with Addie

  1. littleDee

    love the plug kept in by the diaper scenario….ever tried inserting a banana or two before the plug? …..they have a suppository reaction…..

    love all your work, keep it up.



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