Story: Thomas Gets His Wish

Chapter 1: Thomas I really don’t remember how I came to enjoy diapers and humiliation. It’s just always been something I’ve enjoyed. Even at puberty age, I would have these odd daydreams about being kidnapped by gypsies and forced to live as their diapered slave. Despite my desires, I rarely had a chance to do… Read More »

Letter: Searched While Diapered

I got pulled over today by a cop that thought I had thrown a lit cigarette butt out my window. Problem is, I don’t smoke. It was the driver in front of me that flicked his butt and it bounced off my windshield. Anyway, it reminded me of something that happened when I was eighteen.… Read More »

Origin Story: Diapered After Accident

Hi there. My name is Julie and I wanted to share my story with you. I hope you are able to post it. 😀 At the age of 15 I had a crush on this boy that was really into skateboarding, but my friend insisted he only liked skateboarder girls. Even though I had never… Read More »

Letter: Straight Diaper Boy/Gay Daddy Dom

Hi DaddyJ/MrWashington! I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but my daddy and I met you a while back at a party in Seattle. I saw that you posted a letter from another straight diaper boy that had a daddy and I figured I would share my similar story and hope you can post it.… Read More »

Letter: Brandy’s Sorority Days

Hi MrWashington. My name is Brandy and I love your site. I’ve read a lot of the stories on here and watched so many videos. I wish I could get my husband to participate in such activities, but unfortunately he only does so very rarely. Anyways, I wanted to share my own origin story, if… Read More »

Letter: Castor Oil Punishment

Hello MrWashington, I would just like to say that I am quite displeased with you. Daddy was perusing your site and found a video where you gave one of the girls castor oil. He decided that it would be an appropriate punishment for me when I used the toilet without permission(I hate messing my diaper).… Read More »

Origin Story: Diapered in Foster Care

I need to preface this letter by pointing out that I really dislike self-pity explanations. That being said, I never knew my father and my mother was a raging alcoholic. Growing up, I had very little. Up until I was 12, my aunt lived with us and she was more of a parent than my… Read More »

Letter: Mommy Domme Extortion

I wanted to share a very embarrassing incident that happened to me a couple years ago in the hopes that it would prevent this type of thing from happening to someone else. I hope you are willing to post it. As an AB/DL, I have long struggled with my fetishes and have not always made… Read More »

Letter: Cross Country Move

A few years ago I moved from Arizona to Florida for work. After having everything planned out, I was notified by my new job that my start date would be delayed by five weeks and with that delay came a delay in my new house. They gave me an allowance to stay in a hotel… Read More »

Letter: Living the Life

I have been hesitant to write this just because so many people refuse to believe my story. However I have decided that I don’t really care who believes me. They can just come see for themselves if they want. All my life I wanted to be a sissy in diapers. I love cute girls clothes… Read More »