Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 1

As my mom rang the doorbell of the upper middle-class home, she held my hand firmly. I fidgeted nervously as another stream of warm pee escaped into my already wet diapers. The thick cloth was already soaked between my legs and my snug plastic panties kept it in uncomfortably close contact with my skin. I… Read More »

Story: Baby Susan

“One more word from you susan and I’ll spank that bare bottom again “said susan’s mother harshley, now put your dummy back into your mouth and face the corner like I told you!!.The fifteen year old sullenly returned her dummy back to her mouth sobbing to herself and turned to face the wall. Her mother… Read More »

Story: The Deception

Karen Stone looked at her watch and wiped the sweat from her brow as she worked diligently in her testing lab. “Late as usual,” she thought. Genetic research was becoming a growth industry, along with electronics, computers and the world wide web. She found herself working later and later these days as she struggled to… Read More »

Story: Reform School

Melanie arrived at the school fifteen minutes late. As she drove up to the main entrance, she saw Peter Andrews waiting for her. Melanie smirked. She and Peter had met three years earlier, in graduate school. They had taken an instant dislike to each other. He constantly made lewd advances, despite her incessant rejection. Once,… Read More »

Story: White Badge of Shame

“Unit 1 Charlie Bravo, dispatch…” the squad car radio squawked. “…unit 64 will meet you at hospital on Lancaster and 5th. Acknowledge”. With a sigh, Officer Jackie Akira responded to the radio call. It had been a long day, and the rookie officer was tired. Well, she thought, she only had to do this security… Read More »

Story: The Gambler

I’ve always been an incredibly bad gambler, but I was hooked. For some reason, I just couldn’t stop. It cost me everything; my wife, my job, my family, and almost my life. Six months ago, I was in deep. I owed a bookie over $60,000 and without a job I couldn’t afford to pay it… Read More »

Origin Story: Diaper Punished

When I was eleven years old, my deadbeat mother dropped me off at my aunt’s house for a while so she could go to an interview. She never came back and I haven’t heard from her since. My aunt was not too happy about being stuck with me and she made sure I knew it.… Read More »

Origin Story: Manny’s Life

The following is a mostly true account of my life in diapers. I say mostly, because it’s impossible to remember every single detail or verbatim conversations. Overall, however, it is pretty much accurate. My desire for diaper dominance started during puberty. I don’t recall ever having any desire for diapers before then, so it is… Read More »

Story: Nanna Takes Control

Mother was furious. I was used to that. I smirked at her as the baby sitter stalked out of the house. Earlier that evening I’d locked her in the bathroom using pennies to jam the door tight so she couldn’t open it. I was fairly drunk by then anyway. The carefully hidden liquor had been… Read More »

Story: My Loving Wife, Amy

Part 1 “Good morning sleepy head how are you this morning?” I was asked by my loving wife. “I’m feeling great this morning thanks,” I replied. “Are you wet as usual?” She still asks even though I am wet every morning. “Yes I think I am, can you see for me?” Amy, my wife, slides… Read More »