Origin Story: Zoe

By | February 22, 2016

One of my favorite things is reading people’s origin stories. Knowing that so many different experiences led others to this kink makes me feel less alone. I’ve been meaning to write my own origin story for a while, but it always ends with me deleting it half way through. Hopefully I can make it through this time without the fear that my writing will be overly criticized.

Shortly after my 16th birthday, my mother told me that her friend Melanie from some group she belonged to needed an overnight babysitter and she volunteered me. When I showed up for the job, I discovered the girl I was babysitting was 14, but her mother didn’t trust her home alone all night.

When she introduced me to her daughter, Rachel, the girl threw a fit about being too old for a babysitter. Her mother insisted I wasn’t a babysitter – I was just someone old enough to drive that would be spending the night. Rachel wouldn’t hear it and started yelling and cussing.

After several minutes of this, Melanie left the room for a moment and returned holding a leather belt that was folded in half. Rachel immediately looked scared and began apologizing and promising to be good. Melanie just grabbed her by the hair and pushed her over the back of the couch. Then, while still holding the belt, she yanked down the girl’s pajama pants to reveal she was wearing a pullup. The pullup was pulled down as well to reveal Rachel’s bared bottom.

Melanie swung the belt hard down on the girl’s ass and she screamed. Over and over she spanked her, leaving welts and red marks across her ass and thighs. After about thirty strokes, she asked Rachel if she was going to calm down. Rachel nodded furiously through the bawling and yelled YES. Melanie swung the belt one more time with extra force, which made Rachel squeal.

I still remember what she said as she released her grip on Rachel’s hair.

“Pull your diaper up and get your ass in the corner.”

Rachel pulled up the pullup and then reached down for her pajama pants, but Melanie stepped on them and told her to leave them. Rachel just stepped out of the pants and walked to the corner next to the television and wedged her nose into it.

Melanie then told me that she had to stay in the corner for one hour and to let her know when her time was up. Then she finished getting ready and headed out. After she left, I spent the remainder of Rachel’s corner time staring at her ass. The pullup looked so out of place over her red and welted ass, but I couldn’t help wishing I was in her place. I’d had submissive fantasies before that, but never had they included diapers or anything beyond an OTK spanking.

I ‘babysat’ for Melanie a few more times before she was comfortable leaving Rachel home alone. I never got to witness anything else like that first night, but it was obvious that Rachel was wearing a pullup every time I babysat.

To this day, that event has shaped my kinks. Diapers, humiliation and spanking are my three biggest turn-ons and I hope to someday find the right dom-mommy or dom-daddy to take me under their wing.

Thank you so much for all that you do for the community. I love your site and until I find that special someone, it has been a great outlet for my kinky side.

~ Zoe

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