Origin Story: High School Humiliation

By | February 22, 2016

Hi MrWashington! Been a fan for a while, which I probably shouldn’t tell you since I only turned 18 last month. :p I just wanted to share my own story, which is one of my favorite things about your site.

My name is Marjorie and I’ve been a ‘little’ and diaper fetishist for as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I had a bedwetting problem and my mom put me in diapers every night for bed. When I outgrew those at about 12, she started buying pull-ups. I hated the pull-ups, because that was when she decided that I could put them on myself and didn’t need her to do it for me anymore. By that age I wasn’t actually a bedwetter anymore and just peed at night so I could still wear diapers. So I just started drinking a lot of water and peeing in the pull-ups until they leaked. Mom go frustrated and took me to the pharmacist for advice and he suggested ‘adult undergarments’ and showed us the adult diaper aisle. She almost bought a pack of Depends, but the pharmacist suggested the Molicares if I was prone to leaking. In hindsight I should have hugged him!

Because I had been putting the pull-ups on myself for a couple months, Mom thought I would be find diapering myself as well. Even though I could have easily, I intentionally put them on crooked until she just got tired of fixing them for me and began diapering me at night again. Keep in mind that it was not sexual for me back then. I was just a little and wanted to be cared for.

When I was 16, my feelings about diapered changed dramatically. My younger sister secretly took a cell phone picture of me walking from Mom’s room to my bedroom wearing only a diaper and pajama top and sent it to everyone she knew. By the next day, it had circulated all over the school. I wasn’t surprised by anything, because my friends had told me it was circulating before I got there. I was just hoping nobody would say anything. Lucky for me, kids can be mean. And I only say lucky, because I discovered something about myself from that all of it. It turns out I rather like being teased and humiliated. Every time some mean girl would call me a big baby or ask if I needed my diaper changed, I would blush bright red and almost cry, but deep down I loved it and wanted it to continue.

At one point, this really cute boy I knew told this group of girls to leave me alone and escorted me to my locker by the hand. Just before heading to his own locker, he whispered to me “I would change your diaper any time.” And I couldn’t help but swoon. Did he like that I wore diapers or was he just being supportive of the girl that was being bullied?

That same day we had an emergency assembly and the principal made a speech about bullying and assured everyone that it wasn’t tolerated. Even a hint that it was happening and the guilty person would be expelled immediately. I actually felt disappointed that he was putting a stop to this new thing I seemed to love so much. Of course it didn’t really stop. It just became more subdued and quieter.

My sister’s punishment was to have her cell phone taken away for a month and she had to take a class at the community center about proper cell phone behavior. Mom also told her she was going to wear diapers to bed for a week to learn what I had to go through, but she gave up on that after one night.

Once I realized diapers were very sexual for me in terms of humiliation, I just felt weird about my mom diapering me so I started doing it myself correctly. I still missed letting my little side out when she would diaper me, but the sexual energy was simply too strong to ignore. I still live with Mom until I go to college in the fall, but I now have a boyfriend that loves my little side and we wear diapers together as often as possible. He is also a big fan of your site!

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