Origin Story: Diaper Punished

By | February 22, 2016

When I was eleven years old, my deadbeat mother dropped me off at my aunt’s house for a while so she could go to an interview. She never came back and I haven’t heard from her since. My aunt was not too happy about being stuck with me and she made sure I knew it. She had no children of her own and being stuck with me put a damper on her social life. The stress from my new living situation caused me to start bedwetting, which really angered my aunt. After my third wet night, she went shopping for diapers in my size. She was insistent that my bedwetting was simply caused by me being too lazy to get up and use the toilet. No matter how much I told her I couldn’t help it, she wouldn’t listen.

She had a plan to break me of my bedwetting by humiliating me until I stopped. Every night I was diapered for bed and if I was dry in the morning it would be a normal day. If, however, my diaper was wet I would spend the rest of the day in diapers as well. She even sent me to school on those days with a diaper on under my clothes. It was very humiliating, but over time I began to see the diapers as a security blanket. My bedwetting came under control only a few months after I moved in, but by that time I wanted to be diapered, so I kept right on wetting on a regular basis. My new found control actually gave me the power to wake up dry on days I had gym class, which prevented a lot of potential teasing at school.

I moved out at seventeen and indulged myself as the opportunity arose. I had a few relationships, but none of them lasted long after telling them about my diaper fetish. That is until I met my wife nearly ten years ago. We met at a local fetish club and I was immediately attracted to her dominant personality. On our first date, she made it clear that she was only interested in guys that would show her respect and take her lead. On our third date, I told her about my fetish and desire for humiliation. Rather than being disgusted, as my past girlfriends had been, she was intrigued and asked me tons of questions – many of them very humiliating to answer.

For our fourth date, she took me to a rental dungeon she had set up before the date. This was basically a 6 hour compatibility test where she tested me to see if I was truly willing to be submissive to her or if it was all just fantasy. She started off slow by asking for a massage and then moved on to disrobing me and strapping me to a padded bench. Over the course of a couple hours, she took turns using different implements on my upturned ass. Alternating between spanking implements and anal plugs/dildoes. My cock and balls were bound up tight with string and a leather parachute type device was fastened around the base of my balls and weights hung from it’s chains. She seemed happy with my submission and I was soon released from the bench.

Next, she led me to a large bed in the corner. She stripped down and climbed onto the bed. My cock and balls were still tightly bound, which caused some pain as her beautiful body got me excited. The large butt plug still in my ass didn’t help much either. Positioning herself against the pillows, she motioned to her beautiful vagina and ordered me to please her with my mouth. I dived it, but she was not easy to please. After an hour of oral service my jaw was sore, but I managed to hold on another twenty minutes to bring her to orgasm.

After recovering from her orgasm, she removed the bondage from my cock and balls but left the butt plug in place. As I lay on the bed, she retrieved a diaper from one of the bags she brought with her and as she fastened it tightly around my waist she told me that if I wished to serve her permanently I would have to do as she says at all times. I agreed.

She then laid out the rules for our relationship. I would be diapered at all times and would wear only the clothing she set out for me. She would control every aspect of my life – from potty priviledges to finances. I would also be responsible for all of the household chores and would be ‘loaned’ to her friends on occasion. Any refusal would end the relationship and all mistakes would be punished. I was a tad scared of the idea of being loaned out to her friends, but I was willing to endure almost anything to live the life of my dreams.

It turns out the friends she spoke of were professional dominatrix’s. They wanted to use me during certain sessions that called for humiliation and forced bisexual activities. The first time I was loaned to one of them, she had a client that wanted to be completely humiliated in any way his mistress saw fit. This time, she had me strapped spread eagle to a medical bench wearing a diaper that hadn’t been changed since the day before. The client was ordered by the mistress to open my extremely messy diaper and suck my cock until I came in his mouth. To my surprise and disgust, he did as ordered. Other times I was simply used as a playmate for clients that wanted to be babied.

I have lived a life of diapers and servitude for nearly ten years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will write more of my adventures over these past few years at a later date, so check back for more.

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