Letter: Straight Diaper Boy/Gay Daddy Dom

By | February 22, 2016

Hi DaddyJ/MrWashington! I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but my daddy and I met you a while back at a party in Seattle. I saw that you posted a letter from another straight diaper boy that had a daddy and I figured I would share my similar story and hope you can post it. 😀

You see, in addition to my desire to be forced into diapers, I also have a fetish for being overpowered and humiliated. For years I looked for a woman large enough to overpower me, but since I’m 5’11” and 165 pounds it proved to be much more difficult than I hoped. I paid several women that offered wrestling services to overpower me, but most insisted that I just let them win which defeated the purpose. The ones that didn’t require me to take a fall were easily overpowered by me and again it defeated the purpose.

After a decade of looking for a woman that probably doesn’t exist, I met Dan at a wrestling fetish meet up. He was an intimidating figure – looking like a Hell’s Angel with a gym membership. Everything was very platonic at first, as we discussed our kinks and I told him how long I had searched for the right woman to wrestle me to the ground and force me into diapers. Attending these events always gave me an outlet for my need to be overpowered, but it was always wrestling with other men and didn’t give me the true thrill I was after.

Dan asked if I wanted to wrestle and I agreed. It was clear he would win and a lopsided beatdown on the mat was exactly what I needed at the time. It went as expected, with Dan pinning me over and over. At one point, while holding me face down with my leg and arm pinned, he whispered in my ear:

“Maybe I should put this little weakling in a diaper like the baby he seems to be.”

That was all I needed and I could feel my dick getting hard inside the cup I was wearing.

“Why don’t you cry for momma baby boy?”

My cock was rubbing against the cup as I struggled to free myself and after only a few moments I came in my pants. Dan knew what happened right away. He let go of my arm and slapped my ass hard, then said “Go change your pants diaper boy”.

Even though wrestlers cumming in their pants wasn’t uncommon, I was still quite embarrassed by it. There was also the fact that he referenced diapers during our foray, which was something I wasn’t really open about to the wrestling community. Even though he had just told me to go change my pants, he took hold of my arm and walked me off the mat and back to where we had been talking. He then spent fifteen minutes trying to convince me that what I really needed was a daddy, because there weren’t many women in the world that could overpower me and even fewer still that would be okay with diapers. When I admitted that he may be right, he smiled at me and asked if I wanted to come to his place. I knew I was in an odd head space at the time, but I still agreed.

We took his car, since I had walked to the event. He asked where we could stop to buy diapers and I told him I had a few in my bag, which I always kept there just in case. His house was nice and I could tell he made a good living. Even though he lived alone, he had five bedrooms and a large bonus room with a gym and wrestling mat.

Right away he became very domineering and told me to strip down to my wrestling shorts. I was intimidated, but feeling quite submissive at the same time, so I stripped down. After stripping down himself, he just grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me across the room.

“I think it’s time someone gave you the discipline you clearly need.” Was what he said as he sat down and pulled me across his knee. In hindsight, it seems silly, but I was really confused about what was going on at the time. It wasn’t until I felt him pull my shorts down and slap my ass that I realized he was spanking me. It took three smacks before I came to that realization and started to fight back. I managed to twist myself nearly off his knee before he put his other leg across mine and stopped me. I started trying to pull myself off his knee with my hands, but he was too strong. Finally, I was relegated to reaching behind me and trying to block the blows as he spanked me harder and harder, but he just grabbed my wrist and twisted it up between my shoulder blades.

He spanked me long and hard until I was blubbering and bawling. Being spanked was never one of my interests and rightfully so. It was just plain painful. However, it had the intended effect of dropping me into subspace really hard. When the fight left me, our exchange went something like this:

“You want me to stop?”

“Yes! Please stop! Please! Please! Please!”

“If you want me to stop before I’m finished, you’re going to have to beg me to put you in a diaper.”

“Please put me in a diaper! Please stop hitting me! Please!”

“Who’s the crybaby?”

He smacked me a few more times.

“I’m the crybaby! Please put me in a diaper! Please stop hitting me!”

I was in serious distress and really just wanted it to stop – and it did. He held me there for a moment and then told me to go put my nose in the corner while he gathered some things. I started walking toward the corner and pulling up my shorts, but then he grabbed me again.

“Did I tell you to pull up your shorts?!” He seemed genuinely upset.

“No! I’m sorry!”

I was just timid and scared at that point. He literally just put arm around my waist from behind and held me at side completely off the ground, as he pulled the shorts off my legs. Then he gave me half a dozen more smacks before setting me back down. Completely naked, I rushed to the corner and waited for me. I could hear him going through my bag and some other things, but I was too afraid to turn around and look. And as much pain as I felt in my ass, I found myself in a state of subspace I had never been to before and I was on an endorphin high. At that point, I may have jumped off a bridge if he ordered me to.

After about ten minutes, he came back to the corner and turned me around. I saw he was holding a straitjacket, which was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. He held it up and demanded that I put my arms in, which I did. He turned me back around and pressed my face into the corner while he tightened all the straps. Then he pulled my arms around and fastened them behind me as well. The crotch strap was left dangling in front of me as he pulled me across the room to the mat. Instead of helping me to lay down, he just picked me up and put me on the floor.

He had two of my Bambino diapers out of my bag, which he unfolded and placed under my ass. They weren’t taped up yet though, because he had other plans. He opened a small leather case and pulled out a clear plastic chastity device. It took him a moment to find the right size ring, but then he popped it all together like he had done it hundreds of times. It was tight, but not entirely uncomfortable.

His next surprise was a butt plug that looked enormous from my viewpoint. I later learned it was only a medium, but it was scary enough that I started to struggle to get away. He had no problems holding my legs up as he lubed it up and slid it into my ass. It hurt like hell as he steadily pushed it in, with the widest part feeling like it was going to split me in half, but as soon as it passed to the base it felt fine. Of course I felt like I desperately needed to poop, but it wasn’t painful. Then he taped up both diapers before rolling me onto my belly and fastening the crotch strap of the straitjacket tighter than I would have liked.

After that, he just picked me up off the floor and tossed me over his shoulder. He carried me to another room that was clearly his bedroom. At the foot of his bed was a large footlocker with a few small holes in the side. He opened it up and made sure I got a good look inside before he spoke.

“You have a choice to make. You can sleep in the footlocker or you can sleep in bed with me. If you choose the bed though, I’m going to need a little oral satisfaction. Your choice. What’s it going to be?”

As much as I enjoyed the subspace I was in, giving another man a blowjob seemed like just way too much for my straight mentality. As scary as the thought was, I chose the footlocker. He seemed disappointed as he dropped me inside and I had to curl up to fit. When he closed the top, I got a little claustrophobic and had to focus on calming down. Probably fifteen minutes passed before the stuffiness and heat inside the locker got to me and sucking dick seemed like such an easy thing to do. Hoping it wasn’t too late, I yelled through the hole, asking if I could change my mind. A moment later, the lid opened and he asked if I was sure. When I nodded yes, he lifted me out of the locker and set me on the floor on my knees.

He was already naked and sporting a semi-rigid erection as he stood in front of me and waited for me to start. With my arms bound in the straitjacket, I had to guide my mouth over his cock and almost choked when I tried to go further than I should. I actually started to get aroused from sucking his dick, but the chastity device just made that an uncomfortable experience. It took him about five minutes to cum and he held my head in both hands as he made me swallow every drop.

Afterwards, we went to bed and I slept surprisingly well for the situation. The feeling of needing to poop passed after a while and I wet the diaper twice during the night. The next morning, he removed the straitjacket, but left everything else in place. He told me if I wanted this to be permanent, to give him a call. However, he wasn’t looking for just a play partner, so only call if I was ready to move in and make it real. He also told me the lock on my chastity device was a numbered plastic tab, so he could tell if it was tampered with. If it was removed before I saw him again, I would be punished.

He had called a cab and paid cab fare to get me back to my car, but it was an embarrassing trip as I felt like everyone could tell I was double diapered under my clothes. Of course, nobody said anything, but I was still incredibly nervous.

At home, I removed the soaked diapers and pulled out the butt plug. I wanted to remove the chastity device, but I hesitated. The idea of being in a D/s relationship with another man seemed ridiculous, but it offered more possibilities than anything I’d had before. I wasn’t ready to accept a full time thing just yet, but I also dreaded the promised punishment if I did decide to take that route, so I left the device in place.

I realize that I probably went into far too much detail, which is a tendency I have. To make a long story shorter, it took me about a week to decide that it was exactly what I wanted and I called Dan. He was pleased and we made arrangements for me to put my stuff in storage and move in as his permanent submissive diaper boy.

Now I wear diapers 24/7 and Dan is frequently wrestling me down for punishments. Even though I am not physically attracted to him, I very much enjoy sucking his dick and getting pounded in the ass after a grueling match. So, in closing, I would just like to say that is possible for a straight man to find the perfect partner of the same sex. 😀

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