Letter: Searched While Diapered

By | February 22, 2016

I got pulled over today by a cop that thought I had thrown a lit cigarette butt out my window. Problem is, I don’t smoke. It was the driver in front of me that flicked his butt and it bounced off my windshield. Anyway, it reminded me of something that happened when I was eighteen.

My driver’s license had been suspended for failing to pay off a speeding ticket and I got pulled over again. The cop had me exit the car, so he could search me and my car. While patting me down, he got to my waist and heard the crinkle of my diaper through the pants. It was obvious he thought it was the crinkle of a baggy full of drugs and said “So what do we have here?”. My response was simple… “Not what you think”. He pulled back the waistband of my jeans, expecting to find drugs, and found a diaper. I’m pretty sure he was more embarassed than I was, as he apologized and rather than give me a ticket he just insisted I walk home.

The moral being… Diapers saved me from a $500 ticket for driving with a suspended license! LOL


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