Letter: Maria’s Story

By | February 22, 2016

Hey DaddyJ! Big fan! My name is Maria and I’ve been a member since I found your site a couple years ago. My Daddy and I have gotten a lot of ideas for our own punishment sessions from watching your videos. I don’t want to sound like a creeper, but you are one of my heroes. I know you like to post people’s life stories, so I thought I would write and see if you would publish mine.

For some reason, I have no idea where my kinks developed or what triggered them. My family was very normal and loving, but I always just craved something more. For as long as I can remember I wanted to wear diapers and always volunteered myself as baby when playing house with my friends. We would use towels for a diaper and I reveled in the inevitable teasing from my friends.

Ageplay is not really my thing, but I love to be teased and humiliated for wearing diapers. When Daddy treats me like a baby, it’s very embarrassing and so very hot! I always blush when he hands me a bottle or sippy cup, but the moisture in my diaper betrays my excitement.

To the point of this writing…

I met my Daddy online a little over a year ago and we had an immediate connection. We did the Daddy/LG thing for a while online(email, skype, messenger) and it was amazing. He always knew just the right thing to say to get me hot and bothered. After about three months of online romance, we decided to finally meet.

Our in person meeting was even better than expected. We spent a weekend together and he kept me in thick diapers the entire time. I still remember when I first showed up at his house and he immediately checked my diaper. Of course I had chickened out and removed it before I showed up, irrationally thinking this was all some huge charade designed to publicly humiliate me.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the kitchen, where he bent me over his knee and gave me the first spanking of my life. It hurt. A lot. But I loved the sensation of being punished like this and knowing that I deserved it for breaking a promise really put me into a great head space. He spanked me for several minutes until I began to cry, which is required for all spankings. Daddy insists the real punishment doesn’t start until the tears begin to flow.

After my spanking, he gave me a great big hug. As he held me, he stroked my hair with one hand and my ass with the other. I had never felt closer to another human being in my life.

It only took a couple of visits before I decided to move in with Daddy. It was a couple hundred miles from home, but I knew this was the next step for me. As we were making plans, Daddy laid out the rules.

– Diapers at all times. No toilet privileges without permission.
– Since Daddy makes a very good living, I am now a homemaker. All household duties must be completed each day.
– Back talk, cussing and negativity are not permitted.
– I must stay in shape by using the home gym every day.

Those are the general rules, but Daddy has since added several more specific rules over time that I won’t bore you with.

I have lived the entire last year in a permanent state of diaper punishment. Daddy is very good at humiliating and teasing me and I adore him for it. I consider myself a very lucky girl. 😉

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