Letter: Husband’s Diaper Punishment

By | February 21, 2016

Hey MrWashington. Just thought I would drop a note explaining how your web site lead to the permanent diaper punishment of my husband. Hopefully you can post it, so others will know about his shameful life in diapers.

Early last year, I found a link to your web site in the browser history of our computer. My husband, Paul, had been cruising your site quite often, as well as many other diaper fetish web sites. Based on what I found, he seemed to have a particular interest in the diaper punishment themes. After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that he enjoyed seeing women in diapers and being punished. I love my husband very much, so I decided to surprise him by letting him know that I was open-minded about his desires.

Paul works at home, so I decided to put on a diaper and walk into his office. When I walked in his eyes widened and his jaw nearly hit the floor. Not sure what else to do, I gave him a little lap dance and rubbed my diapered ass into his crotch. It had the desired effect and we several hours of amazing sex that night.

The next day, we discussed how I found out about his fetish and pressured him to tell me what activities he wanted to do most. Despite everything I had already done, he was slow to open up to me and it was really starting to hurt my feelings. I began to think that perhaps he was only attracted to those young women on your site. However, when he realized how much it was hurting me, he finally opened up and confessed that he was far more interested in being diapered and punished than diapering me. This shocked me a bit, but I was still open to the idea.

After about twenty more minutes of talking, I got another diaper from the package and put it on him. He was clearly embarrassed, but also turned on at the same time. As we talked more, we began to hatch a bit of a plan. Paul really wanted to be my diapered slave boy and have me boss him around and control his entire life. I honestly didn’t think it was possible, because he’s always been very strong willed. When I mentioned that I couldn’t possibly force him to do anything, he proposed a situation that would put him in a situation to be completely at my whim. The ideas he had frightened me a bit at first, but I told him we would need to give it a couple weeks thought before doing such a thing. If he still wanted to do as he suggested after that time period, we would make it happen. He agreed.

Two weeks later Paul told me he was still as adamant as ever. He had spent that two weeks in diapers 24/7 and was making a real effort to do everything I asked. I found it to be quite nice not having to cook and clean and simply ordering him around. No more arguments for minor issues either. As he suggested, we spent a few days making changes. We removed his name from our online business, so I was the sole owner. All bank accounts were placed solely in my name, as well as the mortgage and cars. At this point, he was completely at my mercy. If he refused to submit to me, I could simply kick him out on his ass and he would have nothing. It seemed excessive to me, but he insisted he wanted complete and total immersion as my diapered sissy slave.

We quickly grew a collection of sissy outfits, diapers, diaper covers, spanking implements, butt plugs, enema equipment, etc. I have always been privately very kinky, so I was having a blast learning to use all these new toys. Paul is diapered at all times and usually wears a pink maid outfit around the house. He doesn’t have any friends and none of his living family are anywhere close to us, so his new lifestyle is open to anyone that visits our house. Mostly just my sister and a few friends. They all think it’s weird, but like that he has to do whatever I say. When he goes out for shopping or whatever else, he wears loose fitting clothing over his diapers. The toilet is strictly off limits. I change all his wet diapers, but have not yet built up the courage to change the messy diapers. When he messes, he must wait for me to give permission and then he changes himself.

Paul has been a member of your site for several years it seems, but I’ve only been a member for about nine months(since the start of Paul’s new life). I’ve used your videos as a tutorial on how to properly diaper punish my husband. Thank you so much for the great site and I hope you consider doing more videos of women using diaper punishment on men.


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