Letter: Zach Meets Stacy

By | March 21, 2010

I’ve had an interest in diaper discipline for as long as I could remember. Always fantasized about finding a dominant woman that would keep me in diapers and humiliate me. After a lot of searching and several bad relationships, I found Stacy – the woman of my dreams – on a fetish dating site. She enjoyed being in charge and was very dominant without being over the top in the fetish lifestyle. She loved the thought of keeping me in diapers and punishing me when necessary. Amazingly she even had no problems with changing diapers – be they wet or messy.

When we started our relationship we discussed many details and agreed that she would be in complete control of every aspect of our lives and I would be her diapered subordinate. The only problem was a small detail I had overlooked about myself. Every time I orgasm, I lose all interest in being submissive and diapered. Sometimes it only lasts for a short while, but other times it can last for days. This is actually a common problem for many men, but it was threatening our relationship because I would become beligerent about submitting when the mood was gone. After a few rocky weeks, Stacy came up with a solution that initially scared the hell out of me. Enforced chastity.

Stacy purchased a CB3000 chastity device and wasted no time in locking it in place. It felt weird having something locked on me like that, but the really weird feeling came when I became aroused. The blood flowed, but my penis couldn’t grow any larger than it had room. It wasn’t exactly painful, but it wasn’t comfortable either. Regardless of my inability to get an erection, after two weeks of no orgasms I began having wet dreams and waking up with that same uninterested in submission feeling. Ever the researcher, Stacy found lots of information online about how withholding release would simply cause increased sensitivity to the point that simply touching the penis could cause an orgasm. Once again, she found an answer to our problem.

From that point on, I was subjected to weekly prostrate milking. Every Sunday, she bend me over the table and ties my hands down. My diaper and the CB3000 are removed. She dons a latex glove and inserts two fingers into my ass and begins massaging my prostrate. After about 10-15 minutes of this, fluids begin to drip from my penis. It’s an ejaculation without orgasm, which removes the added sensitivity from lack of release. Using this method, she has been able to keep me chaste for over eight months now. I am constantly turned on, but orgasms are forbidden.

She also uses this weekly ritual to allow me some time out of the device, which is recommended. I am still bound to the table and unable to touch myself, but it does allow for a temporary erection. After the milking is complete, she will place a butt plug into my ass since I will not be diapered for the next couple hours. She says she can’t trust me not to make a mess on the floor. After I’ve had time to air out and she has thorougly cleaned the CB3000, she will reattach it and put me back in diapers until next Sunday.

Such is my life. I will write more when the opportunity arises.

2 thoughts on “Letter: Zach Meets Stacy

  1. little Dee

    You are a very lucky boy Zach, I wish I had a Mommy like yours.

  2. ab simon

    wish i was u with a mommy like that she so understanding wish i could find one

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