Origin Story: Jared

By | March 20, 2010

First of all, I just want to say I love your blog and your site. Thank you for all your hard work bringing those of us into diaper punishment some real content to enjoy. I also wanted to share one of my own experiences and hope you are able to post it on your blog. A lot of people will not believe the following story, but I assure you it is very true. Some of the details might be hazy as it’s been quite a few years since it played out, but the general story is accurate.

When I was nineteen, my dad kicked me out of the house because his new girlfriend didn’t like me. He said I was old enough to earn my own way and gave me two days to be out. Without many options, I stayed with one friend after another while working a minimum wage job at a gas station. After a few months wearing out my welcome with friends, I went to stay with another friend and his mother. She was very accomodating and told me I could stay as long as I needed. She often pushed me to go to community college and get some kind of degree so I could get a real job and support myself correctly.

After a few months, her son Ben(my friend) decided to join the military and went off to boot camp. With him gone, I figured I would have to find a new place to live but his mother(Mary) insisted I could still stay as long as I needed. However, with Ben gone she began to act a little differently than normal. She became very abrupt and would give me a list of chores to do every day. If I was slow of failed to finish them to her satisfaction, she would say things like “You’re lucky I don’t beat your ass”. It was confusing at first, but after a couple weeks she told me that she had found my stash of femdom porn and read the fantasy stories I had written about being dominated by my friend’s mother.

I was quite embarassed, but she insisted we discuss it. After a lengthy conversation she was convinced that despite my hesitance about the subject, it was actually something I was very interested in. So, she told me that my room and board was now contingent on my ability to obey. The new rules were that I would do as I was told when I was told, I would enroll at the local community college and I would quit my job at the gas station so I could focus on schoolwork. Failure to follow her rules would be met with harsh punishment.

To emphasize how serious she was, she ordered me to drop my pants and lie across her lap. I wasn’t sure how to react at first, but the look in her eye told me she was very serious. I slowly dropped my pants around my knees and moved into position over her lap. She grabbed my right arm and twisted it behind my back to hold me in place. Then she pulled my underwear down and in a disgusted tone admonished me for the skidmarks she found there. After a tongue lashing about hygiene, she proceeded to lay into my ass with her hand. After fifty swats I was fighting tears and struggling to get off her lap, but with my feet unable to get leverage on the floor and hands useless I just had to endure her punishment. I lost count, but somewhere around one hundred swats she told me the spanking would continue until I gave in and cried. This first punishment was less about inflicting pain and more about putting me in a vulnerable headspace. A few quick swats later and I was sobbing.

After the spanking, she led me to a corner and placed me there like a child with orders not to move until she said I could. My pants and underwear were now around my ankles and my ass was on fire. I continued to sob to myself in the corner as I contemplated what was happening. This had always been a fantasy of mine, but the reality was not quite the same. The spanking hurt and I dislike pain, but as I stood in the corner I became aware that just thinking about what just happened had given me a raging hardon. After a couple hours in the corner, she told me I could pull my pants back up and finish the list of chores she had given me earlier in the day.

The next few weeks saw a lot of changes around the house. I was no longer employed and was waiting for the next semester of community college to start. I spent most of each day doing my chores the best I could. I only earned one more spanking in that first few weeks when I forgot to trim the grass at the bottom of the fence when I mowed. That spanking was more about punishment than putting me in my place. I was just a quick fifty swats and an hour in the corner. This few weeks did lead up to the next stage in my submission though.

One of the biggest issues she had with me was my hygiene. I showered every day and brushed my teeth regularly, but apparently I had a problem with properly wiping my ass. No matter how much I tried to get clean, I ended up with skidmarks in my underwear. So, one day she decided to teach me a lesson and told me if she saw one more skidmark she would put me back in diapers for a week. The very next day she found a skidmark…

Apparently she expected me to fail, because she was already prepared. She walked right into her room and came out a minute later with an assortment of items – baby powder, baby wipes and the largest disposable diaper I had ever seen. I teared up at the thought of wearing a diaper when it became clear she actually intended for me to wear it. My pants were already around my knees, because she had just checked for skidmarks a few minutes before, so she ordered me to remove the pants and underwear and lie on the floor. I wanted to run away, but knew better and did as I was told. She unfolded the diaper and placed it under my ass, then pulled out several wipes and aggressively cleaned my entire ass and pubic region. Once I was clean to her satisfaction, she sprinkled on liberal amounts of baby powder and then pulled the diaper closed and taped it tightly into place.

I was stifling tears from this new humiliation as she told me that I would be in diapers for one week and my toilet priviledges for that week were revoked. The look on my face gave me away as she clarified that meants I had to use the diapers for everything. The tears began to flow freely at this revelation and I began to sob. She simply stated that I was acting like a baby and I should just accept my punishment like a man.

It was a tough week which led to much more intimate domination. It seems changing my wet and messy diapers helped her jump whatever hurdle was holding her back from the more traditional style of female domination. Rather than simply being a maternal figure that ordered me around and punished me when necessary, things took a much more sexual turn. She began buying items at the local adult toy store and practiced using them all on me. The first items she purchased were restraints, butt plugs and a strapon dildo. These types of items were all center stage in my fantasies, but once again reality was quite different. The fantasy of being bound was incredible, but the reality was that several hours in tight bondage was very uncomfortable. Couple that with a huge butt plug in your ass that makes you constantly feel like you have to take a dump and it really sucks. On the flip side, however, after an intense domination session my fantasies are fueled tenfold. Hate it when it’s actually happening, but love it afterward.

Anyway, after a week in diapers I was allowed to go back to my normal clothes. This didn’t last long though, because Mary realized that she very much enjoyed having me in diapers. So, diapers became a permanent part of my wardrobe simply because she liked them. I got used to hiding them under my clothes and before long I didn’t even give them a second thought. That was just my life for the next three years. It all ended when my friend Ben became injured while serving in the military. He came back home so his mother could help care for him as he recovered. We couldn’t continue this relationship with him around and he was going to be around for a long time. I had gotten my degree by this point, so I found a good paying job and moved on with my life. I’ve had a couple of femdom relationships since, but none quite as good as Mary. Maybe some day I will find that again.

3 thoughts on “Origin Story: Jared

  1. Jasmine

    Hey Jared,
    I find your story very interesting. I find it even more interesting that you are looking for that type of relationship again. I think we should talk. >;-D

  2. brittany

    Hi i am 16 and was diaper punished twice in one month last year when i was 15.I was baptized at easter vigil last year[catholic] and got into trouble two weeks before and lied to my parents and stayed out past my curfew,etc.Per the parish requirements i had to wear a poofy,white top of the knees dress with a head wreath,lace anklets and white shoes.As my punishment for two weeks earlier,my parents made me wear a thick cloth diaper and baggy plastic pants under my dress.the plastic pants crinkled when i walked around and people could hear them.a month later i made my first communion and my parents again made me wear the diaper and plastic pants under my communion dress.the plastic pants crinkled under that dress also and i was really embarrassed!

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