Letter: First DaddyDom Experience

By | February 23, 2016

It was mostly what I expected, but I honestly underestimated everything. You see, I am straight but wanted a DaddyDom experience for several reasons.

First, having someone that is stronger than me and actually capable of forcing me to do something is a mindfuck I can’t fully explain. I have seen pro-dommes before, but I always knew that I could just walk away at any point and it kind of soured the experience a bit.

Second, even though I’m straight, I’ve always been drawn the humiliation of being dominated by another man. Knowing that whatever he does is not something I want, but something he requires of me. This aspect actually scared the shit out of me when I agreed to meet this guy. How would I legitimately respond if he insisted on something sexual?

There are other reasons that I wanted to have this experience, but I won’t bore you with the small details.

We decided to meet at a coffee shop in town and he told me to be wearing a discreet diaper under my clothes. I chickened out on the way to the coffee shop and pulled into a public restroom to remove the diaper. I just had this ridiculous fear that it was all a set up and some frat boys were going to make some huge scene or something.

Luckily that didn’t happen and I saw him sitting at a table drinking coffee when I arrived. We made introductions and then sat down to talk. It was just small talk at first and he said he wanted to make sure I wasn’t a mental case before inviting me to his home. Apparently he has had those issues in the past. He is in his mid 60s, but in decent shape and seemed very normal. He accepted my mental state as well and invited me back to his place.

His house was a few miles away and I followed him in my car. When we went inside, he told me to strip down to my diaper. I stripped off my pants and when he realized I wasn’t wearing a diaper, I told him about my freak out. He just told me not to make excuses and pulled me into the living room by my upper arm.

He sat down on the arm of the couch and pulled me over his lap. He began spanking me really hard. His spanking was definitely much harder than any pro-domme I had been to and it hurt like hell. While I rather enjoyed the humiliation of being pulled over his lap, the pain was just excrutiating. By the time he finished, I was begging him to stop through sobs and tears.

After that, he moved to the middle of the couch and had me straddle his lap. He pulled my head into his shoulder to cry, while he reached around with both hands and rubbed my butt. I felt really awkward in that very intimate position, but it also felt good. After a few minutes of that, I felt his finger slide it’s way to my asshole and just sort of massaged it for a moment. Then he told me we needed to get it clean out.

He took me to the attic where he had all of his kink stuff laid out. He put leather restraints on my wrists and then attached them to a chain hanging from the ceiling. He pulled up on the chain until my arms were straight up in the air. Then he put leather restraints on my ankles and connected them to a wide spreader bar. I felt very exposed and vulnerable, which was awesome.

He left me there for a few minutes as he went downstairs and came back with an enema bag and an inflatable nozzle. He hung the bag from my wrist restraints and then pressed the lubed nozzle into my ass until it was all the way in. Then he squeezed the air bulb about ten times, which made me feel like I desperately needed to shit. Without saying anything, he flipped the stopper and I felt the water running into my ass. It felt weird at first, then I felt pressure. There was a lot of pressure and I began to sweat immediately. At one point I thought I was going to burst open, then suddenly the pressure was gone.

It only took about two minutes for the bag to empty, then he just left it there and told me to hold it while it did it’s job. While I stood there, he pulled out an Abena L4 and wrapped it around me. He taped it up tight and then used duct tape to wrap around the top of the diaper about three times.

After that he removed the chain from my wrists, but pulled them behind my back and locked them together. Then he helped me kneel down, which wasn’t easy with the wide spreader bar. He gave the nozzle a couple more squeezes, which made me yelp. Then he pulled out his penis and told me he would remove the nozzle after I made him cum.

It was time to see if I could go through with it, which turned out to be a particularly easy answer. I was already deep in subspace and I would have done anything he asked at that point just to have the nozzle removed. I just opened my mouth and tried to do the best I could, but I failed miserably. His dick kept sliding out of my mouth and then I had to bob my head around to find it. Not having use of my hands was a serious pain. He ended up just holding my head and fucking my mouth, only to pull out just before cumming and squirting it all over my face.

He took a minute to wipe his dick and put it away, then he released the pressure on the nozzle and pulled it out from the thigh band of the diaper. I thought for sure I was going to erupt into the diaper, but nothing happened at first. He removed the spreader bar and helped me stand, then made me stand in the corner. As soon as I stood though, I felt gurgling in my colon and released a huge mess into the diaper as soon as he pressed my nose into the corner.

It took about an hour to release the entire enema, as it kept moving down my colon in steps. Just when I thought I had finished, another bit would hit my lower colon and I would have to release it. The smell was horrid, but the subspace was awesome.

When he came back to get me, he slid a pair of pink plastic pants over the diaper, removed the restraints and pulled a short, pink t-shirt over my head. Then he took me downstairs and told me he would change me after I scrubbed the kitchen floor. He gave me a bucket of water and a hand brush to work with, so I got down on my hands and knees and did as I was told.

It took me a couple hours to clean the floor, then he changed me right in the middle of the kitchen. I was surprised he was willing to change a messy diaper, but he clearly enjoyed that part. After cleaning every nook and cranny, he slid a good sized butt plug into my ass and wrapped me in another L4 diaper with two huge stuffers(I need to get some of these btw).

After that we cuddled on the couch for a bit. We only had half a day for the first visit, because he had to go to work. He sent me home in the super thick diaper and plugged, with orders not to remove it until tomorrow morning. I am trying my best to do as he said, but the drive home really agitated the plug in my ass. I’m a little worried about hemmorhoids, but we’ll see if it subsides while i’m not moving.

Overall, I would say it was a good visit and he says he definitely wants me to come back again. He said I just need to work on losing a bit more weight, so I have that motivation to help me. He wants to remain anonymous, but I know he will read this, so I just wanted to say thank you. 😀

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