Letter: Diapered Teacher

By | February 21, 2016

I met this woman, online, and we started writing back and forth. We eventually agreed to meet at a local coffee shop, in public, near the Lynnhaven Mall. I brought along some toys in a backpack, so she could look at them, ask questions and things like that. I brought an assortment of gags, restraints, a hood and some spanking implements, as well as 4 or 5 different diapers.

We sat outside, we were talking and drinking coffee, and she basically told me she wanted to learn, experience bondage and humiliation. I asked her had she ever considered being forcefully made to wear and use a diaper ? and her jaw dropped. She told me she never would, I started explaing how humiliating it was, and I could see the lightbulb turn on in her thoughts. We talked and soon I handed the back pack to her, and she went inside in the Woman’s rest room, after a few minutes, she came out blushing. She was very excited, and said she lived a few blocks away, and was a Teacher, literally at the School, my apartment complex was across from. She invited me back to her house, and I followed her in my car.

Once there, we talked some more, and I explained safewords, and signals in case she was gagged, and she was just eager to get started. Soon, I had her leashed on her knees, naked, with her hands restrained behind her. Eventually she had to pee, and started to crawl to her bathroom, but i held onto the leash and told her “No”. She whispered back, she didn’t think she could hold it, and I offered her a choice, pee on the floor, or use a diaper, she practicaly choked as she said diaper.

I soon had her nicely diapered in an Abri Form Super. And she started telling me how humiliating it was, but she couldn’t wet the diaper, I uncuffed her hands, and she gripped my knees, I told her close her eyes and concentrate, I want to say it took 10 minutes, but it may have been closer to 5, I heard a familiar “hisss” and she wet her diaper. She immediatly blushed, but at the same time was relieved and felt she accomplished something, I scolded her on how naughty it was for a grown woman to be in a diaper and wet it. It was late, and I instructed her to go too bed in it, and not change or take it off until morning.

The following Friday, she expressed to me, she loved the experience and wanted to take it farther, I told her to come to my apartment on Friday, my friend was coming over to hang out. When she arrived, I had told her to bring some lingerie, and quickly I put her in an Abena X Plus, and she wore her stockings and lingerie over the top, we talked and had some drinks, listened to music, while we waited for my friend to come over. About an hour later, there was a knock on the door, and she was already red faced, and I sent her to go open the door. She opened the door, and my friend had a redder face then she did, he mentioned “Only at your house, do girls open the door with diapers on lingerie and bondage toys”.

I invited him in, and we played some Halo, listened to music,while the Teacher fetched drinks..she squirmed slightly, and just had a look on her face, and I looked at her questioningly and she explained she thought she might have to poop. I told her she was in a diaper, and to use it, she had already wet it. She tried, but just couldn’t do it..so I took her into the other room and tied her into a Strapedo position, spreader bar, arms tied up and behind her, and finally stuffed a large ball gag into her mouth, and explained to her, when I came back to check on her, her diaper had better be full.

I went back out, listened to music and checked on her, every few minutes, but no diaper messing results. On the 3rd time, I went to go check on her, the odor hit me as soon as I walked into the room “someone has been naughty”  I said, as I reached my hand down and felt, as well as saw a nice bulge in her diaper. I unrestrained her, took the gag out and led her back out into the living room. My friend, who was over, was in shock, and the Teacher was very, very humiliated. I sat down and her kneel between my legs and explain to my friend, what she did. She stammered and stuttered in her explanation “i,iii  pooped my diaper”.

My friend laughed at her, and he really isn’t into diapers or anything BDSM, and I couldn’t script it any better. I could tell she was mortified, then I told her crawl over and beg him to let you give him a blowjob, she asked if she could be permitted to change or be changed first and I told her “absolutely not”. She crawled over and reluctantly begged, and of course he said yes, she gave him a blowjob and soon he came into her mouth. I unzipped my own jeans and pulled my cock out, and she crawled over, except I had her lay across the couch, and fully expose her loaded diaper, as she sucked me off. When i had finished into her mouth, I kept her there.

Eventually, my friend had to go home… and Teacher and I went to bed, as punishment for taking so long to mess her diaper, I kept her in her poopy diaper, all night. Looking back, I’m not sure, who was punished more, me or her !! the odor was hard, obviously. In the Morning I changed her, and washed her in the shower, and she confessed to me it was the MOST humiliating, yet erotic scene she ever did, and couldn’t wait for more.


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