Letter: Diapered Co-Worker

By | February 21, 2016

Several years ago, I was working at a Hospital in Virginia. And my Co-worker had recently transferred into the area, and was assigned to the same Department as me. We flirted a little bit, from time to time, but nothing major. I always include kinky things while I talk, I mean you never know who is into what. And if someone is offended, it can always come off as a joke or you just don’t bring it up again.

She was very shy…..but we started talking online, and she would open up about things that turned her on and she wanted to try. She mentioned “diapers” and my heart skipped a beat, and I was honest, I told her I was very into them. She proceeded to tell me some of her fantasies, like being taken to the Boardwalk or Ocean Front, thickly diapered, in a dress or a skirt, with the scenario of suppositories involved. She wanted to see how long she could hold it, and if she failed, would be forced to walk up and down the Boardwalk in a loaded diaper, not permitted to change or leave the area.

At work, we stayed very professional. One day she finally had the courage to say she was ready, but when I got to where she lived, she wouldn’t come out, and I didn’t want to pressure her.

Weeks went by and finally she invited me to her house. I had brought a bottle of wine with me, and put it in a baby bottle for her to sip on, and I diapered her into a Dry 24/7. It wasn’t long before she soaked her diaper, we talked, I changed her, and really was impressed that she could wet it , in front of someone. Most people find it hard to wet a diaper the very first time.

One night, it was late, and she called me and said she wanted to be forced to mess her diaper. She came over, we talked for a few minutes, and I took off her clothes and diapered her into a Secure X Plus. I led her by collar and leash into the bathroom, and restrained her arms over her head and secured her ankles with a spreader bar. I took my time filling up a red enema bag with warm/hot, mildly soapy water, sometimes I’ll take glycerin suppositories and put them in the enema bag, as I think that the hot water will melt the suppositories, and add the glycerin to the enema bag mix.

I pulled her diaper down, lubricated the enema nozzle tip, and slowly administered the large enema, she squirmed and mentioned she wanted humiliating photos taken of her and the experience and scene. When the bag was empty, I pulled her diaper up, snugly and un-restrained her. I led her into a bedroom, and quickly cuffed her wrists, spread wide attached to a wrought iron canopy bed frame. I added the spreader bar to force her legs wide, no chance of holding, I slipped a spandex hood over her head, and a leather blindfold, and finally a inflatable panel gag.

I explained safewords to her since she was gagged.. and we worked out a proper signal, I added locking rubber mittens, and laid down on the bed to watch her struggle. It wasn’t long, she “mmmmpppffffddd” a few times into her gag, and I saw her body tighten as she tried to hold, but it was inevitable, and soon very audibly began filling her diaper as well as wetting. Her diaper began to sag from the weight,and obviously discolor slightly, but she kept going, unable to stop herself.

I started taking pictures from different angles, while telling her how helpless she was. I focused and zoomed the camera in on her diaper, which was now bulgy and saggy and clearly showing the amount of mess she released. I explained to her, she would have to stay like that for a while, so we could be positive, she was done pooping.Although quite randomally she would tighten and convulse slightly as she kept messing.  I left the room several times, but checked on her every few minutes, eventually I removed the gag, but forced a pacifier into her mouth, unrestrained her and forced her to crawl around, as well as model her very dirty diaper, while I continued to take pictures.

The night ended with me helping her into the shower, and cleaning and changing her. It was absolutely worth the wait.


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