Letter: Diaper Punishment is Real!

By | February 21, 2016

My name is Charlotte and I just wanted to write this letter to clear up some confusion if I can.

I’ve read a lot of forum posts around the internet about childhood diaper punishment. Those posts are almost always followed up by lots of other people calling them liars based on the belief that social services would get involved in something that was so obviously abusive. While that might be true today, it was not when I was a child.

Born in 1964, I was raised in the 60s and 70s. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” was almost a mantra to most parents. It was common to see mothers spanking children in the middle of a supermarket. Not simple slaps to the ass, but full blown belt on the ass until they’re bawling spankings. The reaction from other parents? Praise for the parent that just finished beating their kid in public. Humiliation was not only acceptable, it was considered a ‘godly’ form of discipline.

Diaper punishment was not nearly as common as public beatings, but it did happen. It happened to me for most of my childhood in fact. I also knew of at least two others that received diaper punishment as well. They were both boys though. I will touch on them at the end of this letter.

My mother kept me in diapers every night until I was eight years old. I had a bedwetting problem that persisted nightly until I was about five, but I continued to wet the bed sporadically until I was eight. By that time I was only wetting the bed once every few months, so my stopped diapering me at night. She told me that I was old enough to get up and use the toilet if I needed it and if I wet the bed again I would be punished.

I don’t recall how long I went without wetting the bed after that point. It seemed like a long time, but was probably only a few weeks. When I woke up wet, I told her what had happened. She spanked me with one of her slippers on my wet pajamas and told me that only babies wet the bed. She pulled a set of night diapers and plastic pants out of the closet and made me lie on the floor as she diapered me. I spent the entire day in that diaper. I wore knee length dress over it just in case anyone visited. When I had to go to the bathroom, she unpinned the diaper and let me go, but it was back in the diaper when I was finished. I slept in the diaper that night as well and woke up dry, so Mom let me go back to normal clothes. This became the normal routine every time I wet the bed, which was only a few times a year at this point.

When I hit puberty, I was unprepared for monthly periods. Mom did the motherly thing and showed me everything I needed to know, but I was a kid and I was lazy. On occassion I would forget to change my pad for too long and would leak through my pants or on the furniture. For this, I was again spanked and put in diapers. This form of diaper punishment, however, was longer than a day in diapers. I had to stay in diapers until my period ended. She never made me use the diapers, for which I was always grateful.

During diaper punishment, I was not excused from any normal activities. School, shopping, church were all still expected. Being a girl, I was able to wear a long dress, but sometimes she would humiliate me anyway if she thought I was being cheeky or spoiled. One time, while being diaper punished, my mom and I were at the grocery store waiting in line. One of the neighbor boys walked by and said hello, but I didn’t like him so I stuck my tongue out at him. My mom acted appalled and pulled me dress up high enough to expose my diaper before swatting my ass three times with her hand. Then she loudly admonished me for being rude.

Another time we were at a barbecue and several kids were playing games in the yard. Wearing a thick diaper and plastic pants, I chose to sit out. My mom insisted I play though, which didn’t turn out too well. In the middle of a game of ‘red light, green light’ I was tripped by another kid, which sent me flailing to the ground and my dress flew up over my head. Everyone saw my diapers and teased me about it. They all got in trouble for teasing me, but it was still traumatizing.

The last time I received diaper punishment was when I was sixteen. My mother caught me talking dirty in the backyard with a college boy and decided that I needed a lesson on the fact that I was underage. He was visiting the next door neighbors for the week, so I was kept in diapers until he left. I think it was more her idea of a chastity device than a punishment though.

As for the two boys I mentioned earlier, one of them was a boy I saw when we went to the Grand Canyon for vacation. He wasn’t there on vacation though. His parents owned the motel we were staying at. I was twelve or thirteen and he was about the same age. The first time I noticed something odd was when I looked out the window at 5 am and saw him dropping complimentary newspapers in front of everyone’s door. He was wearing thin shorts and a shirt, but it was clear he was wearing a thick diaper under his shorts. At that point I assumed he was a bedwetter and would be going back to bed after delivering the newspapers, but then I saw him dressed the same way later that day when I saw him putting clean towels in a linen closet. It’s possible he was disabled or simply incontinent, but his mode of dress seemed like it was purposefully humiliating.

The other boy was a boy that went to a nearby school and lived a few blocks from me. His father was one of those super macho types that wanted to turn his son into a real man. He was always trying to teach him to fight, ride a dirtbike, shoot a gun, etc. Any time he would do something his father considered ‘unmanly’ he would punish him by making him walk around in a diaper and t-shirt. The first time I ever saw him, a friend and I were walking through the woods behind his house and saw him chopping wood in his backyard dressed only in a diaper and shirt. And his diaper was clearly wet and saggy. His diaper punishment treatments were legendary around the neighborhood. So much so that even other parents would talk about how abusive his father was. None of them did anything about it though, because back then you stayed out of other people’s business.

Anyway, all of those experiences growing up had an impact on me and now I have this incredible desire to be diapered and humiliated. I have a wonderful husband that is supportive to a point, but it’s really not his thing so it’s a rare pleasure for me. I just wanted to write this letter to let all the naysayers out there know that diaper punishments really did exist in the 60s and 70s. I think the practice mostly died off in the 80s as child protection became more focused. Thank you for reading and for the awesome site. If I wasn’t married, I would love to come stay in your nursery for a while. 🙂

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