Blog: First scripted session!

By | March 21, 2010

I had an interesting morning with a semi-local diaper girl. Usually when I do a diaper punishment session I call the shots, though I respect their limits. This girl was insistent on following something of a script however, and when I finally agreed we set up some time for this morning. Her script was not very detailed, so I knew this was going to be a short session. Regardless it turned out rather satisfying.

She shows up at my door at the appointed time and I invite her in. I bring up the subject of a safeword, but she insists on playing without one. So, I lead her up the stairs to my room where I had everything prepared. I stripped off her clothes and laid her across the bed on her back. Three bambino diapers were placed under her ass – the two inner diapers being slit to allow drainage through to the third. Her legs were then raised and three glycerin suppositories were inserted as deep into her ass as I could push them with my finger. One at a time I fastened the diapers as tightly as I could without ripping them. This was followed by a pair of locked plastic pants she had brought with her. I placed one of my own padlocks through the chain in the small of her back. One of the two keys was placed inside an envelope I had previously addressed to her apartment. This was later dropped in the mailbox to be delivered to her place in a day or two.

Next I stood her up and started threading a long nylon rope around her body. The rope was tied in such a way that she could be suspended from two hooks in the ceiling with most of her weight resting on the part of the rope that went between her legs. Once suspended a few inches off the ground, the rope between her legs was pulled very tightly against the triple thick diapers, forcing them into her ass crack. The point of this bondage was to prevent her from messing while the suppositories gave her intense cramps. As per her script, she was gagged and left suspended in that position for three hours. Every ten or fifteen minutes I would tease and torment her by tickling her feet or smacking the back of her thighs with a paddle. Despite the obvious discomfort, she seemed to be in a great headspace. I’m pretty sure she even had an orgasm at one point.

After her three hours was up, I let her down and removed the gag. I made us some lunch and we sat down to eat. In the middle of lunch, the suppositories she had been holding all that time did their job and she made quite the stinky mess. We discussed how things went and she was very pleased. After lunch, she got dressed – still wearing the triple thick and now very messy diapers –  and headed home. She will be locked into those diapers until the key I dropped in the mailbox reaches her. She only lives about 90 miles away, but today is Sunday so she won’t be receiving the key until Tuesday. I realized after she left that she probably didn’t realize there is no mail service today.

Scripted or not, I learned some new tricks today. That was a lot of fun and I hope she comes back again. Maybe she will eventually allow me to video tape it.

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