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By | October 11, 2009

I went to a local fetish party last night, as I do on occasion, and was lucky enough to sit in on a conversation that turned to diapering. It started when one dominant woman related a story about when she got pregnant and decided that until the child was potty trained, her submissive husband would have to wear diapers as well. Her reasoning being that he would work harder to help their child with potty training if he had an actual stake in it. She talked about how she would not change his diapers for him, but he had to ask her permission to change them himself. A few examples of how he would spend hours in a messy diaper, because he was too embarassed to call her while in a public place and ask if he could change his messy diaper. Turns out, she insisted that he use the words “Can I please change my messy diaper?” in order to be granted permission. Needless to say, he was quite embarassed about this story.

That story led to a dominant man talking about how his female submissive loves figging(inserting ginger into the ass), but that she would always become partially incontinent for a day or two afterwards. Rather than give up figging, he just puts her into diapers for a couple days afterwards. He also talked about using diapers when he had extended bondage sessions planned, which others agreed with.

After that, one of the professional dommes(that most don’t like) related a more negative story about a submissive client she has with a diaper fetish and all the horrible things she does to him. Of course that ruined the conversation and the topic moved on. Either way, it was very interesting to see just how common diapering can be in the fetish community.

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  1. A person

    Diaper fetish hmmm sounds a bit strange out of general curiosity are the diapers comftable or dose it depend on the brand (if so witch is best) and where do you get them (Internet supermarket pharmacy ect)

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