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Story: Barbie’s Diaper Discipline

“Piss yourself little baby!” Amber shouted in my face. This was the third time since I wet my pants on the field trip that they have bullied me into wetting my pants at school. I struggled to break free, but all four girls had me pinned against the schoolyard fence. “You gonna cry Piss Pants?!”… Read More »

Story: Diapered Call Girl

I’ve always considered myself a people pleaser and, for the last few years, I’ve put that to the test as a high end call girl. Apparently I was right, because I quickly rose to the top of the scene in this city. The thing that sets me apart from all those other pretty faces is… Read More »

Story: Fantasies Come to Life

My Fantasies come to life. For years, I was on line looking at websites, reading stories, and discovering all that there was about wearing diapers, kinky sex, adult babies, anything that sort of peaked my interest. I was always very shy about my likes, because I really did not know if my thoughts and feelings… Read More »

Story: Club Girl

CHAPTER ONE Being homeless at 18 sucks. Being a homeless girl at 18 is even worse. Constantly fearing for my life and afraid every night that I will wake up to some pervert raping me. I guess that’s what happens when you live under a bridge. My name is Aubrey and this is my life… Read More »

Story: Incontinence Island

Levine Livingston was the Controller of Kimberly-Clark. He oversaw the company’s accounting and had spent many years working there. Today he would have his annual meeting with the CEO explaining the company’s financial performance over the previous year. “Sales have fallen off a cliff. Sales of our incontinence products have steadily fallen over the past… Read More »

Story: Paine’s Nursery

Paine’s Nursery  Mr. Paine was a psychologist of the worst sort. He understood what made people tick. He knew what frightened them. He delighted in the mental anguish of others (especially women). The scion of a wealthy family, Paine was no stranger to money. His father Tom was the executive of a food processing company.… Read More »

Story: Diapered Slave for Pay

I can’t believe I’m going through with this. If I wasn’t desperate for the money, I never would have agreed to become someone’s sex slave for two weeks. Amazing what $50,000 can convince a person to do, especially when they’re in danger of losing their house. Under normal circumstances, I would have assumed he simply… Read More »

Story: Patti Comes Home to Daddy

I waited up half the night for Patti, my 25 year old daughter to get home. It really angered me that she would defy me and show such disrespect. Oh, I suppose you’re wondering why should I care, after all she is old enough right?..Well let me explain a few things so that you might… Read More »

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 6

?Nice to meet you,? Ms. Johnson said warmly as she reached over and took her hand. ?I?m honored to meet you,? Jordan replied sweetly, ?I?ve heard so much about how you?ve turned problem boys around. I only hope I can do as well when Chrissie comes home.? ?Oh, you?ll do fine,? Ms. Johnson assured her,… Read More »

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 5

The two of them laughed as Ms. Johnson carefully lifted her heavy breast out of the lace cup of her push-up bra, positioning it before Timmy?s brightly blushing face. ?Here you are Sissy,? she said soothingly, ?Time for baby?s milk.? Timmy squirmed uncomfortably and made a half hearted attempt to move away but Ms. Johnson… Read More »