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Origin Story: Diapered in Foster Care

I need to preface this letter by pointing out that I really dislike self-pity explanations. That being said, I never knew my father and my mother was a raging alcoholic. Growing up, I had very little. Up until I was 12, my aunt lived with us and she was more of a parent than my… Read More »

Letter: Mommy Domme Extortion

I wanted to share a very embarrassing incident that happened to me a couple years ago in the hopes that it would prevent this type of thing from happening to someone else. I hope you are willing to post it. As an AB/DL, I have long struggled with my fetishes and have not always made… Read More »

Letter: Cross Country Move

A few years ago I moved from Arizona to Florida for work. After having everything planned out, I was notified by my new job that my start date would be delayed by five weeks and with that delay came a delay in my new house. They gave me an allowance to stay in a hotel… Read More »

Letter: Living the Life

I have been hesitant to write this just because so many people refuse to believe my story. However I have decided that I don’t really care who believes me. They can just come see for themselves if they want. All my life I wanted to be a sissy in diapers. I love cute girls clothes… Read More »

Origin Story: My ABDL Side

So my diaper fetish begin back when I was 15. I went online and started looking at website and pictures and for about 2 years I kept it a secret from my parents. One night I decided to tell my mom. I was extremely nervous about telling her because I did not know how she… Read More »

Origin Story: High School Humiliation

Hi MrWashington! Been a fan for a while, which I probably shouldn’t tell you since I only turned 18 last month. :p I just wanted to share my own story, which is one of my favorite things about your site. My name is Marjorie and I’ve been a ‘little’ and diaper fetishist for as long… Read More »

Origin Story: Big Mistake

About a dozen years ago, I was a typical teenager that enjoyed partying way too much. At parties, I would do whatever drugs happened to be passed my way. If it got me high, I would take it. No questions asked. Well, one time, I took something that turned out to be quite nasty. Some… Read More »

Letter: Follow-up to Straight Diaper Boy With A Daddy

I just wanted to write this follow-up letter. Feel free to exempt it from the drawing or whatever if multiples aren’t allowed. I’ve wanted to write more since you posted my first letter, but I haven’t had much to add until this weekend. You see, I’m about two weeks from massage school graduation. My study… Read More »

Origin Story: Cynthia

My name is Cynthia and this is my origin story. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to share my story, simply because someone one wrote a fictional story that starts off fairly close to my actual experiences. Because of that, I’ve been accused of ‘stealing’ it from that story on multiple occasions. Regardless of that,… Read More »

Origin Story: Zoe

One of my favorite things is reading people’s origin stories. Knowing that so many different experiences led others to this kink makes me feel less alone. I’ve been meaning to write my own origin story for a while, but it always ends with me deleting it half way through. Hopefully I can make it through… Read More »