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Blog: Diaper Fetish Origins and Demographics

I was having a conversation with some folks about the origins of diaper fetishes and they suggested I share my views, as they found them interesting. So, bear with me, as this is going to be long. I’ve been a member of the ABDL community for about 25 years and I’ve seen a lot. In… Read More »

Blog: Funny Experiences

I get asked all the time about my life and if I have any good stories to share, so I decided to write down a few while I’m in the mood to write. We’ll start off with a couple of semi-famous people: A few years ago, there was a girl that used to come see… Read More »

Blog: First scripted session!

I had an interesting morning with a semi-local diaper girl. Usually when I do a diaper punishment session I call the shots, though I respect their limits. This girl was insistent on following something of a script however, and when I finally agreed we set up some time for this morning. Her script was not… Read More »

Blog: A Day with Ona

Ona contacted me quite some time ago, but was having difficulty finding the time to come see me. Well, this last week she finally found a full day to herself and made the long drive up to see me. She has been craving some serious diaper punishment for a long time and we discussed her… Read More »

Blog: Shopping with Addie

This morning I had another great session with Addie. I really wish she was comfortable with photos and videos, but alas I must respect her wishes. Anyways, I had something extra special planned for her this time. She has expressed interest in the dangers of public play, meaning she wanted a situation where she was… Read More »

Blog: Diapered Stable Slave

I’ve posted before about things spoken of at fetish parties regarding ABDL topics. Since these people know of my interest in the subject matter, I get a lot of people coming to me to tell me stories related to my own fetish. Well, I was a fetish christmas party the other day and this professional… Read More »

Blog: When things go wrong…

The email I posted the other day about things going wrong during playtime reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. My ex and I were having some weekend fun and I gave her a choice of helping me with the yardwork in only a diaper and shirt or spent the afternoon in… Read More »

Blog: More Punishment for Addie

I posted a letter from Addie a while back about her first experience with diaper punishment at my hands. We’ve had a couple more visits since then and she promised to write about them, but it appears she’s just too busy to do so. So, I will have to think of a special punishment for… Read More »

Blog: Diapers in the Fetish Community

I went to a local fetish party last night, as I do on occasion, and was lucky enough to sit in on a conversation that turned to diapering. It started when one dominant woman related a story about when she got pregnant and decided that until the child was potty trained, her submissive husband would… Read More »

Blog: Alyssa’s Diaper Punishment

Alyssa contacted me a few months ago about doing a photoshoot, but since she lives so far away the logistics just didn’t work out. Finally, middle of the summer, schedules clear and she finally has time to fly out for a shoot. I had seen photos of her before, but they were nothing in comparison… Read More »