Blog: Brittney’s First Visit

By | June 28, 2009

I honestly didn’t have high hopes for Brittney at first. We had scheduled photoshoots several times in the past and she never showed up. Finally though, she was able to work up the courage and showed up this morning. I had seen her photos before, but she was a real piece of eye candy in real life.

She made it obvious from the start that she didn’t want this to be a structured photoshoot. First thing she did was insult me and continued to act like a brat as I tried to discuss what she should expect during the shoot. Once I realized she was doing it on purpose, I stepped right up and got down to business. I ordered her to strip and put a diaper on as I got stuff ready. She stuck her tongue out at me, so I gave her a firm swat on the ass. She tried to conceal the smile on her face as she grabbed a diaper, but I saw it.

I started her off in the pillory, where I pulled down her diaper and inserted my largest inflatable plug into her ass. Once the plug was firmly in place and inflated, I punished her with a heavy handed belt spanking. After the spanking, I made her drink a full 40 ounces of water through a straw and left her there until she finished it.

After her first punishment, she tried to run off to use the toilet, but I was having none of that. I set up the camera so we could all witness the humiliation of Brittney wetting her diaper for the first time. As she started to wet, I noticed her urine was bright yellow. Turns out she takes high doses of B-vitamins that cause urine to turn bright yellow.

After thoroughly wetting her diaper, I sent her to take a bath. After the bath, I gave her a reminder spanking over my knee so she would remember who was in charge. She still resisted though, so I decided to use a medium sized butt plug as an additional reminder. She was then re-diapered and given back her pants. The thick diaper left an obvious ‘diaper line’ through her pants, but that didn’t stop me from sending her down the street to check my mail.

After the shoot was finished, she apologized for being snotty. She said she was afraid she would back out if she didn’t stay in character, but she was glad she stuck it out. She asked if she could come back again, so we set up another shoot in a couple weeks.

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