Blog: Alyssa’s Diaper Punishment

By | July 6, 2009

Alyssa contacted me a few months ago about doing a photoshoot, but since she lives so far away the logistics just didn’t work out. Finally, middle of the summer, schedules clear and she finally has time to fly out for a shoot. I had seen photos of her before, but they were nothing in comparison to how gorgeous she was in real life. Trust me… as good as she looks in her photos and videos, it’s not even close to how beautiful this eighteen year old girl is in person.

She had explained in her previous emails that she had often fantasized about being punished by a paternal figure. Her interests were primarily for spanking, corner time and such, but she admitted she had fantasized about being punished with diapers a few times.

We started off by playing out one of her ultimate fantasies. Roleplaying the mean spirited paternal figure, I catch Alyssa coming home late and promise her a spanking. Knowing she was going to be late, she took some precautions and padded her ass with a thick disposable diaper before walking in the house. After she receives a few swats with my leather belt, I realize what she has done and order her to drop the pants and diaper around her knees. With a clear shot at her bared ass, I lay into her with the leather belt until her ass is glowing red. Afterwards, as she stands in the corner, she thanks me for the spanking as she chokes back tears.

Next, Alyssa gets a healthy dose of real diaper punishment. Before leaving the corner, I insert two glycerin suppositories into her ass, followed by two disposable enemas. I then lead her upstairs to the pillory with instructions not to make a mess. As I lock her neck and wrists into the pillory I explain that if she can hold it for thirty minutes I will release her and let her use the toilet. If she fails, she gets to stay in the pillory until dinner. After a mere three or four minutes she loses control and messes her diaper.

After dinner, I let her take a shower and get cleaned up. A few hours in a very messy diaper can lead to diaper rash, which we wanted to prevent. Once clean and refreshed, Alyssa grabs a box of crayons and draws me a pretty picture while I clean up the dinner dishes. She is clearly enjoying this roleplay and this was her way of saying thanks.

My way of thanking her for such a great evening was to place her over the corner of the bed, pull her diaper out of the way and give her a good hard hand spanking. For most that would be a punishment, but for Alyssa spanking is a treat.

Alyssa returned home the following morning, but promised to return again. I can’t wait…

2 thoughts on “Blog: Alyssa’s Diaper Punishment

  1. Matt

    I loved Alyssa’s work and also can’t wait for her to be back!

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