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Story: Paine’s Nursery

Paine’s Nursery

 Mr. Paine was a psychologist of the worst sort. He understood what made people tick. He knew what frightened them. He delighted in the mental anguish of others (especially women).

The scion of a wealthy family, Paine was no stranger to money. His father Tom was the executive of a food processing company. During his childhood he watched over the workers with his father. He enjoyed the abuse his father inflicted on employees.

Paine had an older sister named Jane. She was 14 years old at the time (4 years older than Paine). She had platinum blond hair and baby blue eyes. Her face was innocent and childish. Indeed, she looked more like a 10 year old than a developing woman. The most delicious part about her was her smooth, pale, silky thighs and innocent smile.

Paine’s parents punished any form of misbehavior. His sister Jane was caught pilfering makeup from a local beauty shop. Money wasn’t an issue. She could have easily bought the entire store. Instead, Jane enjoyed the thrill of five finger discounts. The local sheriff dragged her home after castigating her severely and telling her next time he wouldn’t be so nice.

Enraged by her actions, Tom beat her with his belt in front of little Paine. Her pain and suffering sparked something in little Paine: A certain passion and desire to cause little girls to cry and face humiliation.

These dark desires would build over time. Eventually, his sister became so frightened of her father she began wetting the bed. She blamed the ensuing nightmares and the abuse of her father as the primary cause. The bedwetting grew worse and she wet herself almost every night.

Tom would have none of that. She was a disgrace to the family name. No self respecting man would ever marry a woman who wet herself. Tom had a plan. His daughter was obviously a baby. Baby’s are selfish and steal things just like his little daughter he thought. They also wet themselves and have no control. If she was going to act like a baby she was going to dress like one too!

The next day Paine’s mother called him into his sister’s bedroom. Inside the room lie little Jane laying on the bed with nothing but a shirt on, her private parts exposed for all to see. Next to the bed lie baby wipes, baby powder, and a pink diaper with little Cinderella images clearly meant for teenage bedwetters. His mother appeared from the darkness of the adjacent bedroom and told him to observe. Paine watched with delight as she wrapped the diaper around Jane’s clean shaven little crotch. Her face burned crimson red with embarrasement.

“Leave!” screamed little Jane as tears streamed down her cheeks. Paine only laughed with glee at his sister’s predicament. He felt a twinge of pleasure deep down inside his pelvic area. There was something special about seeing a girl embarrassed and wearing a diaper. The event become one his fondest childhood memories.

His mother was absent most of the time. She was immersed in drugs, alchohol, and all forms of bodily abuse. She had no self control. No willpower. In a sense, she was “incontinent.”

One day, Paine’s mother suffered a drug overdose. She was sent to the hospital and died of cardiac arrest. Little Paine was grief sicken and angered by this. The lose of his mother was devastating – his psyche permanently altered.

He came to believe all women lacked such restraint. Women needed to be controlled, humiliated, and dominated (much like his father’s workers).

His sadistic desires and fantasy’s multiplied over the years. 14 years later Paine was a newly minted graduate with a dual PhD. in medicine and psychology from an ivy league university. A brilliant student and genius tactician, the young doctor excelled at everything he did. Like his father he had an entreprenurial bent.

Paine started a business.

This was no ordinary business. Ostensibly the firm’s purpose was to reform women suffering drug addiction and domestic abuse through counseling and drug therapy. However, Paine’s methods were unorthodox to say the least. Indeed, he delighted in the psychological torture and humiliation him and his colleagues dished out.

Paine protected himself by having patients sign a waiver which released him from any future liabilities (in case one of the girl’s disagreed with the treatment and later tried to sue).

Paine shared his father’s beliefs. If women act like babies they deserve to be treated like babies. This includes diapers, pacifiers, cribs and teddy bears.

His first patient was a young woman named Christina. Christina had a serious problem with alchohol and knew deep inside she needed to take corrective action. She flew from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles just to visit Dr. Paine. It was 2 P.M. when she stepped into Mr. Paine’s office. She had already been drinking even though it was early in the day.

“You’re the doctor?”, inquired the young lady in a sarcastic and rude manner. “Indeed, my name’s Dr. Paine” he replied cordially as he extended his hand in an attempt to give her a handshake. The woman softly nudged his hand in a failed attempt at a handshake. Her coordination was off.

“Hey, can I get a drink!?” yelled the woman obnoxiously in a slurred manner. She was clearly intoxicated and out of her mind. She was very cute and innocent looking. However, this was a girl who should not be wasting her life away drinking Paine thought.

“Of course, my lady…” said Paine softly with a crooked smile. “I always like to treat my new guests to a drink” he said. “The brew is one of my special mixtures. It’s sure to give you a kick but contains no alchohol. Remember, we’re trying to get you away from the bottle” he explained. However, the last sentence was misleading. He wanted the girl to be on the bottle… a different kind of bottle.

He stepped over to the cupboard in the back of the room. His body was now partly concealed by the tall counter. He reached into the cupboard and pulled out a special flask.

This drink was different. It was non-alchoholic and innocuous. It looked and tasted like regular alchohol but was actually a concoction brewed by Paine himself. The substance immobilized the victim and created peaceful, passive feelings which the doctor could then exploit.

Mr. Paine added something special to the concoction: A powerful laxative that would act within the hour. The beverage would cause her to completely lose control.

He brought the drink over to the young woman. She hastily gulped it down. “Perhaps you should visit with the other girls” suggested Paine. The woman took the suggestion to heart and joined the other women in the lobby.

The other women were also patients. They were brought in by Paine’s colleagues and were under their guidance. Many of them had difficult lives. They were all young and cute but had chosen to destroy themselves through drugs and alchohol.

Prior to meeting in the lobby the girls were also given a taste of Paine’s serum. Soon the urges of nature would take over and they would need to relieve themselves. Unfortunately for them, they would not be using the toilet.

“Welcome ladies” shouted Paine as he entered the lobby. “We’re ready to begin your treatment. Each of you have faced difficult times. I understand your problems. My mother also suffered from many of the same ailments you do. That’s why we’re here to help you.” stated Paine in a caring and friendly manner.

“Come this way. This is where we perform our therapy sessions,” he explained. The girl’s entered the large room.

This was no ordinary room.

The room was gigantic and very opulent. It was decorated with stars and paintings of castles and serene wilderness. In the center lie a large white table with black straps. Behind the table in the far back was what appeared to be a large wooden jail cell. Upon further inspection it was a crib the size of a small house.

They were in a nursery. Paine’s nursery.

“As you can see ladies, this isn’t going to be your average therapy session,” stated the doctor.

“You’ve all acted poorly. You’ve all show a lack of restraint in your lives. You’re a disgrace to yourselves and society” he said angrily.

“We’re going to fix that. Take of your clothes!” ordered the doctor.

“What!? You can’t do that to us! I didn’t sign up for this! This is insane!” the girls cried out. The doctor stared at them. His face remained expressionless. He glanced over to his colleagues and made a slight nod with his head.

They responded immediately. With great alacrity the men rushed across the room and grabbed the women by their arms. They struggled but were eventually subdued by the men.

“As I’ve said: You’ve all acted poorly. You’ve all shown a lack of restraint in your lives. You’ve all acted… dare I say, like babies?” he said forcefully.

“Because you’ve acted like babies you will now be treated as such” he asserted. “Does anyone know what little girls wear?” he asked.

The girls thought for a second but didn’t want to say what they were thinking.

“This…,” he said as he pulled out a large white diaper from the drawer next to the entrance. “This is what little girls wear. Tonight and for the rest of your time here you will be wearing one of these!”

“Discipline! Discipline is what each of you needs. Discipline is what you all lack. Discipline… is what will transform you back into grown women. Until you have it, you will remain immature little girls under the watchful eye of myself and my colleagues,” he bellowed.

Succumbing to the sedatives mixed into their drinks they began to relax and allow the men to take control. Each of them was stripped naked and diapered. They could no longer resist. They were tired.

“Play nicely now. We’ll be back to check on you later,” he told them. The men followed Paine as he left the nursery.

The girls began to get sleepy. Some of them had the urge to pee badly from the drinks they imbibed earlier. A few of them released their bladders and soaked their diapers with the hot fluid which gushed from their little vaginas like a yellow tsunami. Their conciousness began to fade as they slipped into dreamland.

Christina began to dream about her childhood. She remembered how her parents forced her to wear diapers at night just as the men had forced her to wear diapers in Paine’s nursery. “No, stop it!” she screamed. “I don’t need diapers. I just had an accident that’s all!” she told her father.

“An accident? You’ve been having them all week. Your mother and I are becoming very concerned. Perhaps we should take you to the doctor. Until then your mother and I have decided that diapers are the only way to keep your bed dry,” explained her father. “We love you. I’m sure the doctor will help you. Good night,” he said softly as he shut the door. She crossed her arms and slowly drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later Christina and the other girls woke up. Her vision was blurred and she had forgotten where she was or what was going on. Reality struck her hard in the face as she looked down at her diaper and remembered the other girls who were now also wearing diapers. Worst of all, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.

The laxatives began to churn in her stomach. Her bowels screamed in pain as their contents began to liquefy. A wet fart bubbled up from her diapered behind. Her cheeks flared up with embarrassment.

The room grew quiet.

The other girls observed silently. Fear turned into morbid curiosity as they watched intently. They knew they would soon been in the same situation. They wondered what little Christina would do. Would she run for the bathroom and risk further punishment? Or, would she succumb to the inevitable and fill her diapers like a good girl?

A few moments passed. Christina glanced around the room. Time was running out. Carefully, she slowly stood up. Any abrupt movements would cause her to violently expel the contents of her aching bowels.

Another wet fart signed things were headed downhill. The smell made her gag and she felt like throwing up. However, she was resolved to get away from the others. She began to quietly move to the other side of the room towards the couch. If she could hide behind the couch she could fill her diaper in peace – away from the prying eyes of others.

She made it only a few feet before doubling over in pain. It was too much. She got down on her knees. Her diapered behind was in plain view of the others. She let out a soft grunt as a torrent of watery fecal matter spurted into her diaper. Wet farts accompanied her final steps back into degrading infancy.

Christina shed silent tears of humilation. She was now a bad baby and she smelled like one too! The other girls held their noses in disgust as the dark corrupt smells emanating from Christina’s pamper filled the room.

Crack! The door to the nursery flew open banging against the wall. Mr. Paine stood towering in the doorway. His face was obscured in shadow. The white silhouette made its way towards Christina. He picked the crying girl up with little effort and whisked her away to the changing table.

The tension was palpable. The other girls became nervous. They wondered how long it would be before they faced the same fate.

Christina lie on the table. Her soiled diaper visible to the other girls. Some of the girls choose to look away while others watched with their hands covering their face. Slowly, Mr. Paine ripped the tabs off the girls diaper. He looked her in the eyes. His eyes were hypnotic, they reassured the girl that everything would be okay. Daddy Paine was there to clean and help his little girl.

Her poop covered crotch was visible for all to see. She felt so weak. So exposed. So vulnerable. Mr. Paine wiped and cleaned the girl front to back in a very caring and loving manner. On the inside, Paine was a caring person. Although he got off on the suffering of others he also cared for them and wanted them to improve their lives.

The smelly diaper was removed and tossed into the diaper pail next to the table. He placed a fresh diaper under her and powdered her clean shaven vagina. Indeed, her little pussy was now powdered white just like a child’s birthday cake ready to be devoured.

Christina was sent back to visit with the other girls. They spent the rest of the day together. All of them had to go through the humiliating experience of wetting and messing their diapers in front of each other. However, the ordeal seemed to bring them closer. Indeed, the girls began to develop a sisterly bond over the coming days and weeks.

Morning sunlight pierced through the dark curtains of Mr. Paine’s laboratory. He got up and dressed himself in his usual attire. It was the girls’ final day of therapy. He would release them today if they had shown clear improvement.

He walked briskly down the main hallway ready to check on his little girls. The stench of stale urine overtook him as he opened the door to the girls’ nursery. They lay sound asleep in the oversized crib.

A yellow tinge glistened off of the girls’ pampers. They had finally begun bedwetting. Mr. Paine couldn’t wait to see the humiliation on their faces. He opened the gate into the crib which resembled more of a large wooden jail cell with blankets and teddy bears.

“Wake up!” Paine barked. The girls opened their eyes. They looked around at their surroundings. Why were they wearing diapers, they thought to themselves. Then they began to feel the wetness between their legs. Their urine drenched diapers irritated their skin and made them want to rip them off. One girl screamed and trembled. She was completely disoriented and had no idea what was going on. Then she remembered the events of the previous night.

She couldn’t believe what she had done. Why had she wet herself last night? She was frightened by the accident she had. Usually, she would wet herself after waking up like the other girls. However, she also felt a strange twinge of excitement between her legs. She couldn’t believe she was actually starting to like diapers and being controlled by Dr. Paine and his associates.

The doctor’s words echoed throughout her subconscious. She knew he was right. She knew she lacked control and needed to fix her life. She new she was a bad girl. However, she also thought Dr. Paine’s methods crude and overly sadistic.

The doctor felt differently. He knew that desperate times called for desperate measures. He was determined to save the girls from their own gluttony. Each of them reminded him of his mother in some way. He vowed to prevent the same fate happening to them.

The women had finally passed Paine’s test. He instilled a desire to maintain control over their own lives. Their experience with diapers taught them valuable lessons and what it means to be an adult and live responsibly.

In the end, Paine’s subjects gained greater control and awareness of themselves. They understood what it meant to be a functioning adult in society. Paradoxically, the “torture” they endured was actually a form of healing. The women thanked Mr. Paine and began to share his little fetish. At night they secretly lusted for domination and forced diaper wearing. They loved it when their husbands would baby them and control them.


Story: Diapered Slave for Pay

I can’t believe I’m going through with this. If I wasn’t desperate for the money, I never would have agreed to become someone’s sex slave for two weeks. Amazing what $50,000 can convince a person to do, especially when they’re in danger of losing their house.

Under normal circumstances, I would have assumed he simply wanted to have sex all the time for that period of incarceration. However, his list of potential activities has me scared. Adult diapers, anal plugs, enemas, bondage, spanking… and that was just the mild stuff.

Ding dong! I rang the doorbell at the address I was given at 8pm on the dot. A moment later, John, a man in his 40s answered the door and invited me in. We shared a few minutes of small talk about the drive down and about my nervousness. He asked for ID to make sure I was of age. He seemed satisfied with my age of 19.

Next he pulled out a contract from a nearby desk drawer and asked me to read and sign it. It detailed everything we spoke about in email and over the phone. How I would spend the next two weeks completely at his mercy. If at any point I chose to leave, I would be paid only $500 per day. I signed it and handed it back to him. He then showed me the $50,000 in cash I would be paid at the end of the two weeks.

After locking the contract and the cash into the desk drawer, he grabbed me by the hand and led me to another room with a large crib in the center. There was also a wall covered with baby supplies, such as diapers, wipes, powders, cremes, ointments, etc. Another wall was dominated by paddles, straps, gags and bondage equipment. Along the back wall was a large changing table covered in straps that were obviously designed to hold someone down. Next to that was a large pink pillory and a set of standing stocks.

We had stepped only a couple feet into the room when John stopped me by grabbing the waistband of my jeans. He turned me to face him as he unbuckled my belt and slowly undressed me. Once I was naked, he said my first day would be an example of what I could expect if I refused to follow directions.

He led me to the pillory where I was bent over at a 90 degree angle and my neck and wrists locked into place. A large ball gag was shoved into my mouth and fastened behind my head. He walked away and for several minutes I thought this was what he had planned. My lower back was already becoming sore and I knew even a short period of time in this contraption would be incredibly uncomfortable.

I could hear him walking around the room, but with my view of the wall and floor I had no idea what he was doing. I figured it out after a few minutes when I felt his hand near my anus. Without warning, I felt something press against my sphincter and then suddenly penetrate it. He did this three times before I felt something large press against my asshole. It was clearly a lubed up plug, as I could feel it get wider and wider as he pushed it into my ass. My sphincter spread painfully as the plug invaded me until it finally popped into place at the smaller base.

It only took me a minute to realize the first three intrusions were suppositories, as I felt them melting inside of me and doing their job. I could already feel the need to poop, but with the plug in the way it wasn’t going to happen. And it was only going to get worse.

Much worse it seems. Shortly after I realized what he had done, I felt the sting of a leather belt across my ass. If I hadn’t been locked into the pillory, I would have jumped through the ceiling. The belt fell hard across my ass over and over for what seemed like an eternity. By the time he stopped, maybe 50 or 60 swats, I was bawling my eyes out.

He wasn’t finished though, as he had simply gone to the wall to choose a different implement. I screamed into the gag when I felt the large wooden paddle on my already reddened ass. He commented to himself about how easily I bruised from a wooden paddle, which was followed by another ten hard strokes across my ass. My ass was on fire and I was ready to go home, but I couldn’t let him know that because I was bound and gagged.

After putting the paddle away, John returned to my side and slid his hand down between my legs and began to massage my pussy and clitoris. As much as my ass hurt and the urge to poop was overwhelming, I felt myself becoming turned on. He fingered my pussy for several minutes before I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. Surprisingly, the urge to go home was replaced with the desire to earn that money.

Next, he spent another ten minutes rubbing baby lotion into my throbbing butt. He then unlocked the pillory and helped me to stand up before leading me to the changing table. It was rather high off the ground, so he picked me up and laid me down on the table. He pulled out two thick disposable diapers and placed them under my ass. After making sure they were placed well, he grabbed the base of the plug in my ass and slowly started to pull. It hurt like hell at first, but after the thickest part passed my sphincter it just slid right out.

The first diaper was quickly pulled up between my legs and taped into place. He spent a minute with a razor blade cutting slits in that diaper before pulling the second diaper into place and taping it up. John then removed the gag from my mouth and helped me off the table. I was tempted to ask to use the toilet, but I knew he wouldn’t allow it and feared the punishment I might incur if I asked.

I was led to the side of the crib where John left me for a moment. He opened a closet and returned holding a straitjacket. He held it up in front of me and I knew what was expected. I slid my arms into place and then he pulled the jacket closed behind me and began to fasten the straps. After pulling the sleeves tight and locking my arms in a self bear hug, he reached down and pulled the crotch straps extra tight. I realized at this point that pooping was going to be a chore.

Once he was satisfied that the straitjacket was tight and inescapable, he lifted me once again and placed me inside the crib. The side was raised up and I realized there was no way I would be getting out. He placed a pacifier in my mouth and told me if it wasn’t still in my mouth when he came in the next morning, I would earn another punishment.

I lay there for two hours desperately trying to poop, but the tight straps seemed to make it impossible. Finally I discovered that if I rolled onto my belly and up on my knees, my ass would stick up and the straps would slide to the tops of my legs just enough to allow me to poop. After fifteen minutes of messing my diaper, I finally felt human again. Although, the mess had spread to all areas of the diaper and it stunk horribly. It took me another hour to fall asleep, but sleep did come as I was exhausted.

At daybreak, the sun was shining through the window so brightly it woke me up. There were no clocks, so I had no idea what time it was. My entire diaper area was itching from the mess I had been lying in all night. I also had to pee really bad. To top it off, I realized the pacifier had fallen out of my mouth while I slept and was lying at the edge of the mattress. I rolled over to scoop it back up into my mouth, but I bumped it with my nose and it fell onto the floor. Tears came to my eyes very quickly knowing this meant another punishment.

It must’ve been very early, because after laying there for an hour I still heard no signs that John was awake yet. The urge to pee became unbearable and I realized if I didn’t pee before he changed me I would just end up in a wet diaper immediately after being changed. Of course the urine quickly mixed with the mess in my diaper and really churned things up. The smell, which had dissapated overnight returned twofold.

After probably three hours of waiting for John, I heard his footsteps in the hallway. The door opened and John walked in buck naked with a raging hardon. He walked to the crib and placed his hard penis between the bars of the crib and told me to drink my milk. I scooted as best I could and took his cock into my mouth. After a few minutes(and a sore neck), he started to climax. He warned me that if I didn’t swallow every drop I would pay for it. When his climax hit, he squirted so forcefully into my mouth I began to choke on his semen and instinctively pulled my head back. This caused him to squirt the rest of his load onto my face.

He gave me a disappointed look, then bent over and retrieved the pacifier from the floor. After placing it back into my mouth, he told me he would be back after his shower to commence my punishment and then left. Here I was, an attractive 19 year old girl, sitting in a filthy diaper, sucking on a pacifier with semen covering half my face.

It took John about an hour to finish his morning rituals. When he returned to the nursery, he pulled down the side of the crib and helped me to my feet. He led me to the attached bathroom where he first removed the straitjacket. Next he had me stand in the large shower as he unfastened the diapers and let them fall to the shower floor. The shower was turned on and the detachable sprayer was used to clean me thoroughly from head to toe.

I was still soaking wet, as John placed leather restraints around my wrists and locked them behind my back. A rope was then attached to the restraints. This rope went through an eye hook in the ceiling of the shower, then pulled down to another eye hook on the wall. He pulled it slowly, causing my wrists to be lifted into the air behind my back. This forced me to bend forward as he pulled them up into an almost painful position above me. The rope was then tied off to the hook in the wall.

John left the room only to return a few moments later carrying the largest enema bag I have ever seen. It must have held at least two gallons. On the end of the tube was a black enema nozzle shaped like a butt plug with an inflator bulb attached to that. He turned on the water in the sink and tested it with his hand until he was satisfied with the temperature. I watched in horror as he filled the bag to the brim.

After hanging the bag from the shower rod, John added a little lube to the nozzle and then quickly shoved it right into my ass. After squeezing the inflator bulb six times I was ready to cry. When he hit ten, I squealed and yelled out the F word. He stopped squeezing, which was a blessing, but only long enough to grab a bar of soap and stick it into my mouth. Then, he squeezed the bulb two more times for good measure and then pulled on it a few times to ensure a tight seal. The inflated nozzle didn’t exactly hurt, but inflated as much as it was I had an incredibly desperate urge to poop.

Without warning, he released the valve on the enema and I felt the full force of two gallons of water rushing into my colon. He used hot water, so there was very little cramping, but after just a minute I felt fuller than I ever had in my life. I couldn’t help but grunt from the water filling up my ass. I began to cry when he announced that the bag was only half empty. I looked down and could clearly see my belly begin to distend.

Once the bag was empty, he announced that I needed to hold it for fifteen minutes to get the most benefit of the cleansing. As uncomfortable as it was, I had become resigned to my fate at this point and just tried to focus my mind on happy thoughts as I waited for the clock to tick down.

When that fifteen minutes had passed, he pulled the nozzle from my ass, closed the shower curtain and walked out of the room. It was only a matter of seconds before the contents of my ass began to spill out into the bath tub and down the drain. I stood there, still bound, for probably half an hour slowly spilling more and more of my bowels.

When it was clear my colon was empty, John returned to clean me up. He pulled the bar of soap from my mouth and used the shower sprayer to clean my lower body once again. I was then unbound and led back to the nursery.

In the nursery, John helped me up onto the changing table and taped me up into double thick diapers once again. Next he pulled a snap crotch sleeper over my head and snapped it into place. He then sent me to the kitchen with orders to make us some breakfast.

As requested, I cooked pancakes, eggs and sausage for breakfast. I served John his plate and when I went to sit down next to him at the table, he stopped me. He instead pulled an adult sized high chair out of a nearby closet and placed it next to the table. He motioned for me to sit down and then he latched the tray into place. He gave me my plate, but utensils. Like an infant, I had to eat my breakfast with my fingers which made quite the mess. Next he retrieved a bottle of milk from the fridge and placed on the tray as well. After breakfast, he gently cleaned my hands and face with a washcloth and let me out of the high chair.

I followed him into the living room where he removed his shirt, lay on the couch and demanded a massage. I massaged him for well over an hour. Then he told me to go wash the breakfast dishes while he watched the game on television.

It only took me about twenty minutes to clean the kitchen, so I returned to the living room to see what else he had in store for me. He stood up, dropped his pants and underwear and told me to suck his cock until the game was over. I sat there on my knees with his cock in my mouth for nearly two hours. He stayed hard the entire time, but never climaxed. My knees, lower back, neck and jaw were sore as hell.

He seemed satisfied with this, so he motioned for me to sit next to him on the couch. We cuddled for several hours while watching movies. All I could focus on was not earning any more punishments, but I knew that the punishments turned him on so they were bound to happen regardless.

After a few hours of cuddling, John mentioned that he was hungry and ready for some lunch. I asked what he would like to eat and he responded that he wanted to go out for seafood. A mild sense of panic set in when I realized he intended to take me out into public. I really didn’t think I could handle utter public exposure. He had other ideas though.

He grabbed me by the hand and led me back to the nursery once again. After removing the sleeper and unfastening the top tapes of both diapers I was wearing, he ordered me to bend over and grab my ankles. I was expecting a spanking, but instead he grabbed a good sized butt plug from the wall, lubed it and shoved it roughly into my ass. He explained that he didn’t want any stinky diapers while we were out, so was taking precautions. After refastening the top tapes of both diapers, he retrieved a pair of clear locking plastic panties and pulled them up my legs and over the diapers. The chain through the waist was pulled extra tight and padlocked at the small of my back.

John then went to a nearby closet and picked out several articles of clothing. The first thing he put on me was a white t-shirt with the Pampers logo on the chest. Next came a pair of denim shortalls that were adjusted to fit me. I realized the full cut of the shortalls did a great job of hiding the thick diapers underneath, but John wasn’t going to allow that. He grabbed each leg and rolled them up a few inches each. This made them fit tight around the legs and accentuated the fact that i was thickly diapered. There was also elastic sewn into the lower back, which also worked to betray my undergarments. Short socks and tennis shoes completed the outfit, but John decided to add one more layer to my humiliation in the form of a pacifier attached to the bib of the overalls.

It wasn’t until we left the house that I realized the combination of double thick diapers and large butt plug made me walk a little funny. It was sort of a half waddle, half walk. He led me to his car and opened the door for me. I climbed in gingerly, very aware of the intruder in my ass, but John insisted I sit straight up as he reached in to buckle my seatbelt. This, of course, caused the plug to press even deeper into my ass which was incredibly uncomfortable.

After buckling me in, John climbed into the driver seat and drove us about twenty minutes away to a fast food seafood restaurant. It wasn’t very crowded, but it still felt like everyone was staring at me. John forced me to suck on the pacifier as we stood at the counter and he ordered an all you can eat for himself and a kids meal for me. He took his time eating and went back for more multiple times. Obviously a ploy to increase my discomfort by keeping me in the public eye as long as possible.

When he finally had his full, we left the restaurant and climbed back into the car. Instead of going back to his place though, he drove us to the local mall. I started to have a panic attack at the thought of walking through crowds of people dressed like this, but he assured me we were only going to one clothing store and not the main mall.

As we walked through the door of the clothing store, a young woman came toward us and asked if we needed any help. In a very matter of fact tone, John informed her that we were shopping for skirts that could be worn over diapers without exposing them. The woman glanced my direction as my face blushed deep red. Being as professional as she could manage, she invited us to follow her to the ladies section where she helped John pick out half a dozen potential skirts.

John asked if there was somewhere I could try them on, she walked us to the nearby changing rooms. He handed me the skirts and told me to try them on one at a time and to step out while wearing each one, so he could see for himself. The first skirt was way too short and the diapers were clearly visible from any angle. Knowing better than to disobey him, I stepped out of the changing room and watched as the saleslady stifled a laugh. Without the overalls on, not only did the skirt not cover the diapers, but the Pampers logo on the front of my shirt was clearly visible.

Of the half dozen skirts I had to try on, he was only satisfied with one. That one wasn’t much better than the others. As long as I stood up straight, it hid the diapers, but the slightest bend would expose my secret to anyone watching. John asked if I could wear it out and the saleslady said of course. She simply cut the tags off the skirt as I was wearing it, which she had to flip up the back of the skirt to reach one of the tags – exposing my diapered ass even more. It was clear she understood the humiliation dynamic and was taking part. Dressed in the Pampers shirt and short skirt, we walked to the cash register and John paid for the skirt. We then headed back to the car for the trip back to his place.

Back at his place, he undressed me down to my diapers as soon as we walked in the door. He told me that was one of the hottest things he had ever experienced and he needed some relief. I started to get on my knees, thinking he was asking for a blowjob, but he had other plans. He unlocked the plastic panties and took them off. Then he pulled the slightly damp diaper down to my knees before bending me over the back of the couch.

I heard him pull the belt from his jeans moments before I felt the first swat across my ass. I jumped a little, but held onto the couch firmly. Stroke after stroke came until I was bawling once again. I was starting to figure this man out. He was turned on more by the crying than the spanking. Would have to remember that in the future and not hold back the tears.

The spanking stopped, so I looked over my shoulder to see him rip open a condom and roll it down his hard cock. Then he grabbed the plug in my ass and pulled it out, but it was quickly replaced by his dick. He pounded my asshole for about five minutes before climaxing and pulling out. As he pulled up his pants and rethreaded his belt, he told me to go stand in the corner. I waddled to the corner as quickly as I could with the diapers still around my knees.

Only minutes after moving to the corner, I realized that the plug and ass fucking had churned up my bowels and I desperately needed to poop. Not wanting to make a mess while my diapers were around my knees, I called out to John and made him aware of my predicament. He responded by squeezing a mini-enema into my ass and then pulling up and refastening my diapers and locking plastic pants.

Within two minutes I was filling the diaper with more excrement than I thought could possibly come out of my ass. Whatever was in that mini-enema, it was definitely doing it’s job. Even when I thought I was completely empty, my bowels were still trying to expel more. I reached my hand around to my backside and could clearly feel what must have been a very visible lump in the seat of my diaper.

At this point, John approached me and pulled me out of the corner. Still standing, he put one foot up on the seat of a nearby chair and pulled me over his knee. My entire body was lifted off the ground and supported fully by his leg. I grasped his leg for balance, but I still felt like I was teetering. John held me firm though. While over his knee, he gave me several hard swats on the seat of my diaper squishing the mess all over. Once he was satisfied that the mess was sufficiently spread, he let me down and had me sit cross legged on the floor with some infant toys to occupy my time.

The mess I sat in smelled foul beyond words, but I learned that if I sat still the plastic pants did a decent job of keeping the odor contained. Any movement, however, and a fresh breeze of that foul smell escaped. It was clear he wanted me to play with the infant toys, so I did my best to look like I was having fun. John sat on the nearby couch and watched sports.

After a few hours of different sports shows, John got up and went to the kitchen. I could hear him cooking dinner and all I could hope was that he would change me before dinner. No such luck it turned out. When he did come to retrieve me, he simply led me to the kitchen and put me back into the huge high chair. Once the tray was in place, he set a plate of raw veggies and ranch dip in front of me. My appetite was suffering, thanks to the constant stink coming from my diaper, but it didn’t seem to affect him at all. He sat at the table and polished off a steak and baked potato while I picked at my veggie tray.

When we were finished eating, John led me back to the bathroom where the plastic pants were unlocked and removed. I was once again bound in the shower – hands above me this time – as he unfastened the double thick diapers and let them fall to the floor. He removed the majority of the mess with the sprayer nozzle, but finished my cleaning with a rough brush.

After towelling me dry, he lifted me onto the changing table where he placed four diapers under my ass. He spent several minutes massaging diaper rash creme into my pubic area and ass crack before applying a liberal dose of baby powder. Then, one by one he fastened each diaper – cutting drainage slits into the first three. A new pair of locking plastic pants was added and locked again at the base of my back. Next he pulled a pair of white pantyhose up my legs and over the diapers. This was followed by a tight onesie t-shirt that snapped in the crotch. The onesie had a decal on the front that read “Does this diaper make my butt look big?” The final touch was a short pleated skirt and Mary Jane shoes.

The thickness of four diapers made walking normal impossible. Waddling was the only way to get around at this point, which is exactly what I did as John led me back outside to a truck waiting in the garage. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but I soon found out. We drove directly to a drive in movie theater, where John pulled in backwards and then jumped up into the bed of the truck to lay out blankets and snacks. When he was finished, he pulled me out of the cab of the truck, which was incredibly humiliating as it was barely dusk and people around could clearly see me and the way I was dressed.

I tried to ignore the stares coming from the vehicles around us as I tried to climb up into the bed of the truck. I couldn’t lift my feet very high, thanks to the thickness of the diapers, so John stood on the tailgate and grabbed me under the arms and lifted me like a child. I quickly dove for the blankets in an attempt to hide my shame, but John would not allow me to cover up until it got cold.

It was a double feature, so when John decided to head to the restroom during intermission he insisted on taking me with him. I had to stand outside the men’s room where everyone could see me while I waited. After five minutes of ignoring the comments made under breath and stares, John exited the bathroom, but my ordeal was not over. He decided he wanted popcorn and soda, so we walked into the concession booth and waited in the long line for twenty minutes to order. It was hard to ignore the jeers and conversations about me.

When we finally got back into the bed of the truck, I broke down crying. The humiliation was just too much for me. Realizing he might have pushed me too far, John cuddled up next to me and promised me the next 48 hours without any public humiliation.

Of course there was bound to be a little more public humiliation, even though he promised none for 48 hours. When the movie was over, they turned on a lot of big flood lights. I had to slowly climb out of the back of the truck, which was quite an ordeal with such thick diapers. People were staring at me once again as they were preparing to leave the drive-in. Once I returned to the cab of the truck, I hid my face the best I could and waited for John to put everything away in the back of the truck. When we returned to his place, it was quite late. Rather than put me in the crib for the night, though, he led me to his bedroom and stripped me down to just my diapers. We both crawled into bed and fell asleep with him spooning me.

I woke to the feeling of John rubbing my ass through the diaper. I rolled over to see him lying naked with his cock in his right hand and his left hand on my diapered butt. He said he was waiting for me to wake up, because he needed some special diaper girl attention. His left hand moved from my ass to the back of my head as he led my face down to his cock. He twisted me around so his cock was buried in my face and my diapered ass was straddling his face. Next, he instructed me to wet my diaper, which was easy since I had just woken up.

As I peed into the diaper, I could feel him becoming more and more excited. Within two minutes he came and sprayed cum into my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could, fearing a punishment if I didn’t. As any typical guy would do, he pushed me off and rolled over on his side. Before drifting back to sleep, he told me to wake him in an hour and to have breakfast ready. So, I headed for the kitchen and checked the clock on my way out of the bedroom. The last thing I wanted was another punishment, so I would have to be extra careful to do exactly as instructed.

Knowing it would only take twenty minutes to cook his breakfast, I spent the first 40 minutes making sure I had everything in order. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to cook myself breakfast or not, so I decided the best course was to fix only his breakfast. I was very hungry though and figured he would probably give me a tray of veggies or oatmeal for breakfast, so I snacked on a piece of the bacon I cooked for him. When the hour was up, I returned to the bedroom to gently wake him up. I followed him into the kitchen, where he sat and ate his breakfast in silence. I just stood nearby in case he needed anything else.

After he was finished eating, he grabbed me by the wrist and led me back to the nursery. I was once again locked into the pillory in a bent over position. John then told me that he knew I ate a piece of his bacon. I had no clue how he knew, but I was terrified at this point. I was expecting the worst, but he just retrieved a small bottle and a large spoon and returned. He poured three large tablespoons of the thick liquid onto the spoon and forced me to swallow it. It tasted horrible, which I thought was my punishment. After swallowing the third spoonful, however, John explained that it was castor oil and I would soon be in a world of hurt and that I should think before I eat in the future. He then left the room explaining that I would be released when he felt I had learned my lesson.

It took about two hours for the castor oil to kick in. It started with some pretty severe cramping, which I initially thought was just soreness from being locked into this bent over position for so long. After about an hour of cramps, I suddenly realized the true purpose of the castor oil. The cramping turned into some very nasty diarrhea, which I discovered when I thought I was releasing a fart and ended up filling my diapers. Every few minutes, the cramps would hit extra hard and I would mess a little bit more. Over an hour of continuously messing myself before I felt truly empty.

It was still another two hours before John came to release me. He asked if I had learned myself and I broke down into tears as I promised I had and begged him to change me. He led me once again to the shower to hose me off. Once I was clean again, he led me back to the changing table where another pile of diapers waited. Triple thick diapers and locking plastic panties came next. Followed by pink t-shirt with the Huggies logo on the front.

Right after leaving the nursery, the doorbell rang. John handed me a $20 bill and told me to answer the door and pay for the pizza. I freaked out a little bit, as he promised me no public humiliation for 48 hours. He simply told me his house isn’t public and to answer the door or he would invite the pizza guy in to watch me be spanked.

I opened the door and the pizza guy’s jaw dropped visibly. He stammered for a second before he could tell me the cost of the pizza. The total was $18, so I handed him the $20 and told him to keep the change. He handed me the pizza and I shut the door. John gave me a sideways look and told me that he didn’t give me permission to tip the pizza guy. He explained that he believes in tipping, but it’s not my place and I should have asked him before assuming such a thing. I would need to be punished.

He told me to put the pizza in the kitchen as he went to the nursery. A moment later he was met me in the kitchen holding a leather strap. He had my stand at the end of the kitchen table as he pulled my diapers down to my knees. I was then bent over the table and told to hold onto the opposite edge. He told me I would be getting fifty swats, but that if I let go of the table edge he would start over. On the first stroke, I jumped and my left hand came away from the table edge. He admonished me for failing so quickly and told me not to let it happen again or not only would he start over, he would double it.

The next thirty strokes hurt like hell, but I was able to maintain my grip on the table. The 31st stroke, however, hit wrong and the tip of the leather strap landed between my legs and bit hard into my clitoris. Both hands flew off the edge of the table and down between my legs. It hurt so bad, I thought I would pass out from the pain. John had no compassion, though, and simply locked cuffs around my wrists and locked them to the table legs on the other side of the table. He added a gag next and told  me he didn’t want to hear my screaming from the 100 strokes I was about to receive.

I don’t know if my ass was just becoming deadened to the beating or if he was going a little easier on me, but those 100 strokes didn’t hurt nearly as much as the first 30. That’s not to say they didn’t hurt, because they hurt like hell. It just seemed like the first 30 were so much more painful.

After my spanking, John released me and pulled my diaper back up. He put me in the high chair and placed a paper towel with two pieces of pizza in front of me. As much as my ass hurt, I was starving and gobbled it down pretty quick.

To be continued…

Story: Patti Comes Home to Daddy

I waited up half the night for Patti, my 25 year old daughter to get home. It really angered me that she would defy me and show such disrespect. Oh, I suppose you’re wondering why should I care, after all she is old enough right?..Well let me explain a few things so that you might understand the situation. Patti had left home when she was 18. She thought she was a big girl and decided that she could make it on her own. After seven years out on her own, she decided she could no longer support herself and survive by herself. She had been living with a man, twice her age, and he had got her started on drugs. Well as a result, her life for the past seven years was a living hell.

Patti had ended up in jail and a rehab center. Once released, she called me and asked me reluctantly if she could come back home. Being the loving father that I am, I told her she could move back in. I also told her very sternly, that if she came back home, she would be living under the same rules she lived under prior to her departure. In other words, the same rules that she had to obey as a child. Well Patti, was in such a bad mess, she agreed with reluctance. Apparently she didn’t give the matter a lot of thought. She was going to regret moving back in.

Patti, was a very pretty girl, when she had left home. She was 5’6″, about 125 pounds, long auburn hair, with green eyes. But When I came to pick her up she looked like she hadn’t eaten in over two weeks, her long beautiful hair, was cut short, well above her shoulders, and she looked as if she only weighed 100 Lb.. She looked skinny as a rail. She needed to be back home where she knew her parents would take good care of her. How quickly she had forgotten about all of the rules of living at home again.

Just after two weeks at home, I discovered one day that she took my car without my permission, and noticed a big scrape on the side. Well she soon was reminded of the rules again. My wife and I agreed that enough was enough. We were constantly picking up her clothes, cleaning the microwave and kitchen after her mess, doing her laundry and cleaning her room, which was always filthy. The bathroom was left with toothpaste and soap scum, hair spray strewn about and her makeup messing up the sink. She was worse than a small child!

It was 1:30 am before Patti decided to get her butt home that night. She tried to sneak in without being noticed, but I was waiting up for her. I kept the lights off, because I knew she would try something like that. Boy, was she surprised when she saw me standing in the hall with my arms fold waiting for her. “Daddy!, what are you doing up?”

“Why I’m waiting for my little girl to get home. ” I said. Patti stood and looked at me with her little girl eyes pleadingly, “But Daddy you didn’t need to do that, I’m a big girl now. I can take care of myself. Well Daddy, as you can see I’m home safe and sound, there wasn’t any need for you to worry.” She walked up to me, reached up and kissed me on the cheek, and said “Good night Daddy, I need to go to bed, and get some sleep.”

As she turned and started to walk away, I reached out and took hold of her upper arm turning her towards me and said, “Not so quick Patti, we need to have a little talk about a scrape that’s on the side of my car. Do you happen to know how that got there? And I also noticed that the gas tank was very low. I thought maybe you might know something about this?” As I was saying this to her, I could see her eyes were getting bigger, she couldn’t look me in the eye and she was slowly trying to pull away.

By this time, her mother had woken up and came out where we were discussing Patti’s situation. “Isn’t it past your bedtime Patti?..What are you doing out so late?..” Patti ignored her, so I turned to my wife. “Margaret, it seems our little girl here is doing as she pleases and not obeying the house rules, so it’s time we reminded her about her behavior and took the steps to see to it that she becomes a good little girl.”

Patti was elusive, thought angry about the references to her acting like a child. She knew the rules and tried to change the subject. “Ah, Daddy, I don’t know any thing, really. And I really need to get to bed. So please let me go.” As she was talking I was walking her into the dining room. I stopped by the side of the dining table and picked up a chair, turning it around. Patti’s eyes watched my every move, and started to back away, but I held tight. “Daddy, what are you doing, you can’t be serious?…., your not going to do what I think you are about to do, are you????”

“Oh, yes I am, young lady! I told you that when you moved back home, you would be subject to all of the same rules as before you left home in the first place. And since you don’t follow the rules, you are going to get punished appropriately. And we shall start with a good old fashioned spanking young lady!” I said. Patti fought a bit and muttered, “My God, daddy, I’m a grown woman now, I’m 25 years old, and too old to get a spanking! Now let go of me!!…I refuse to let you touch me!….” Patti said. Looking Patti directly in the eyes, I told her, “Well okay then Patti, I will let you go, but that means you will be moving out of this house tomorrow morning, right? Because as long as you live here in my house, you will do as I say, and if not, you will then cooperate with your punishment. Now you have a choice Patti, either you take the spanking you have coming to you, or you can find another place to live, it’s that simple.”

Margaret stood by with a smirk on her face. Patti was backed up to the corner and had to make a decision quickly. Patti just stood there in a daze, not saying a word, and looking downcast sullenly. She knew that she didn’t have any other place to go, except back on the streets and she didn’t want that. As she continued to stand there, she started looking around the room as if someone was going to come to her rescue, shifting from one foot to the other and her arms hanging down to her side. I was growing impatient and said sternly, “Well Patti, what’s it going to be, I don’t have all night.” There was a slight pause and then she said, “God, you don’t really give me much choice, so can’t you find another way to punish me, I mean come on dad, I’m 25 years old! A spanking, that’s so unreal, to think that you would even consider spanking me.” I gave her a stern look and reeled back, “But as we both know young lady, that’s just the beginning and we will carry out all of the discipline, I assure you!…”

Taking Patti by both arms, I stared her in the eyes and said, ” Patti, once again, when you asked to come home, I told you it would be by my rules and my rules alone, now either you take the spanking, or find another place to live.” Patti didn’t say a word, she just let her arms hang lose, looked me in the eyes and said, “Daddy this isn’t fair! And you know I don’t have any place to go, so I guess I will have to agree to your silly old rules, and take a spanking!..But I warn you, if you try anything funny with me, I’ll report you to the authorities.” I ignored this last comment. Before Patti came home, Margaret and I sought custody and Patti was released to us and would be her legal guardians. In other words, she had the status of a child, not a prim and proper twenty five year old woman.

Patti’s face didn’t have that happy look about her, as I sat down in the dining chair. I took hold of her hand and forced her to stand straight in front of me. Margaret stood behind her just in case. I reached up for the snap on her jeans, as she jumped back and said, “NOO way dad, you aren’t going to take my jeans down!” Margaret now held her by her shoulders. “OH YES I am Patti, and your panties are coming down also, for your rudeness. This isn’t some game we are playing, you know I always gave you your spankings are given on the bare bottom.” Margaret grabbed her wrists and forced her to raise her arms above her head, so she wouldn’t interfere. Patti just gave just looked at knowing full well that her jeans and panties were coming down, so she just stood there as I unfastened her jeans and slid them down to her knees.

She was standing there in front of me, head hanging down, hands folded in front of her, with her jeans down to her knees. Taking her by the hand, I pull her until she was laying across my lap. Her legs were stretched out, and her body was laying across my right leg. I placed my left hand on her back, and with placing my right hand down on her soft pantied covered bottom, I said, “Well Patti how does it feel being across your daddy’s lap again, it’s been quite a few years, hasn’t it, my girl.” “OHHH Daddy, please don’t spank me, I’m too old to be treated this way.” Patti said. I raised my hand in the air and brought it repeatedly across her pantied bottom.

She jerked and jumped, but I held her tight. It felt kind of funny at first having Patti across my lap again, it’s been seven years since I had her in this position. And just like before, she started her promising to be good. “I know SMACK!! that SMACK!! you won’t ever SMACK!! SMACK! SMACK!! be naughty SMACK!! SMACK!! again young lady. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! By the time I’m SMACK!! SMACK!! finished with SMACK!! you, you won’t be SMACK!! SMACK!! sitting down SMACK!! for a SMACK!! SMACK!! week!” “OWWW! God Daddy, it really hurts, please stop!” Patti was squirming across my thighs, trying all her might to get up, so I reached down and pulled her right arm up behind her back. Then I took the waist band of her panties and lowered them down to below her ass cheeks. Margaret took the cue and pulled them completely off. She then said, “Patti, you have been very rude towards your dad and your use of the English language is deplorable. perhaps you need something to think about!…” With that I stopped her spanking momentarily as Margaret grabbed her by the hair and Patti opened her mouth extra wide, just in time for Margaret to stuff her solid panties deep within her mouth. Patti coughed and tried to spit them up, but Margaret slapped her and pushed her head back down and I resumed her spanking.

I could see that her ass was already turning red, but not red enough to please me. Holding her arm with one hand, I began an assault on her bare bottom. “Patti, I’m SPANK!!! SPANK!!! so SPANK!!! ashamed of you SPANK!!! SPANK!!! to have to put you SPANK!! back SPANK!! across my lap SPANK!! SPANK!! like a five SPANK!! SPANK!! year old SPANK!!” Patti, was really screaming her lungs out, “OWWWW! GODDD! DADDYYY! PLEASEEEE!!, MY BUTT IS HURTING!! I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE!!” I gave her another twenty-five good hard spanks on each ass cheek, then I stopped. I patted her by now very red butt and told her to get up stairs, take a shower, get her pajamas on and get to bed.

She slid off my lap like a wet rag, I took a hold of her shoulders helping her to her feet, big tears streaming down her face, she was deeply embarrassed and picked up her jeans as she was told and couldn’t face either her mother or me. It looked as though she was about to say that she was very sorry, but didn’t. Remembering how I use to treat her, when she was a little girl, I said, “Wait Patti, there’s one more thing we need to do.” I let go of her and told her to wait, and I would be right back.

Going into the kitchen, I returned with the bottle of Castor Oil and a table spoon. Patti looked up and when she saw the bottle, of Caster Oil she gasped, and said, “OHH NOO DADDY, NOT THAT TOO!” I didn’t say a word, just walked over to her side, took the cap off the bottle, and poured out a table spoon full. “Open wide,” I said to Patti. She held her head up, but refused to open her mouth as she realized just how bad this little girl medicine was, so Margaret helped her along by pinching her nostrils tightly, forcing her mouth open. I held the spoon up to her mouth and pushed it in. She choked and gagged as the castor oil made it’s way down her throat. She added a soft moan, and the look on her face, was something like you would see in a horror film. For extra measure, I gave her a second dose and she nearly threw up. This delighted both Margaret and I.

I gave her a hug and kissed her on the forehead, and told her “Off to bed now, because there’s more punishment coming to you tomorrow. This was just a light spanking to let you know, that you are not too old to be spanked, and you also should remember the other part of your regular punishment.” “Oh no dad, you can’t be serious, your not going to give me an enema also!” “Yes Patti, you know that routine by now, for when you get spanked and the Castor Oil, there’s an enema to follow the next day, plus more spanking. If it was earlier in the day, you would get all of the above at once!….Now off to bed young lady or we will have another spanking for you now!”

Margaret and I sat down to discuss Patti’s continued breaking of the house rules and came up with a new one. This punishment would definitely guarantee peace and quiet in the household and see to it that she stays in the house. Margaret laughed and nodded. Patti was in for another surprise real soon. We also decided to enact a clothing humiliation that we had used when she was younger and that worked very well. She would not like this at all. She probably thought that we had forgot all about it.

By the time morning came around, Patti had already been up and gone shopping with some of her friends , boy was I mad. She knew that she had more punishment coming, but she left anyway. Was she ever going to get it now!!

The next morning, Patti was not in her bed when i checked at 9AM. She was gone and I was angry. She was really in for it now!….I had my breakfast and made a few calls. Then I heard a car pull into the driveway and walked up to her room to await her presence.

I sat in a big over-stuffed chair when I saw the door open and Patti came walking in. She looked at me with a surprise, but didn’t say a word, for she knew it wouldn’t do her any good. I got up and walked over to her, taking her chin in my hand, pulling her face up looking at me. “Patti, I’m now going to finish your punishment, you have been a very naughty girl.”

She just looked into my eyes with a pout, she said, “Daddy, please, my bottom is sooo red and it hurts something awful. Can’t you please let me off? I learned my lesson, really!….I will do anything you and mom say.” I think Patti knew by the look in my eyes that she was talking to deaf ears. I let go of her chin, turned and walked over to her big chair, turning it around with the back of it facing us.

Looking back at her I said, “Patti, I know that your bottom is very sore and red, but you not only disobeyed me, but you also lied to me. I feel that you need to be taught a very good lesson and a hand spanking is not quite enough.” I went over to Patti’s closet, opened the door, and pulled out her own black belt. It was about 25″ long, 1/4″ thick and about 2 1/2″ wide. I walked back to her side telling her that I was going to use her belt, so she would be reminded about this belting when ever she wore it.

But first, she was going to get an enema, just like when she was a little girl. Here it was just 11:30AM and I was in my grown daughters room about to give her an enema and a belting! I didn’t think I would ever be doing this to her again, not after all of these years. “Patti, I want you to get undressed completely, just like when you were little.” “But DAD, I’m 25 years old, I’m not going to get naked in front of you!” All I had to do was look her straight in the eyes and said, “Patti do it now!” She was angry now. “Where’s mom?…” I laughed. “Mom’s away for the day, she won’t save you now!…”

And she knew that I was getting mad. So off came her shirt, tight jeans, and shoes, she hadn’t been wearing a bra. She just stood there in her little pink panties with her arms trying to cover her small but firm breast. “Patti, I expect those panties to be off and you on the bed on your tummy , when I get back in here with the enema, is that understood?” “Yes daddy,” is all Patti said, staring down at the floor.

I walked over to Patti’s coat rack and carried it back over to the side of the bed. I picked up the enema bag from the floor where I had laid it, when I had to spank Patti earlier. I went to the bathroom and prepared the solution. I added liquid Ivory soap and castor oil to make her cramping severe and mixed it up before pouring it into the bag. The room was very silent now, except for me hanging the bag on the coat rack, was all that could be heard. Patti had a look of fear on her face. I picked up the jar of Vaseline, took off the lid, took the enema nozzle, a six inch douche nozzle with a fluted tip and stuck the tip of it in the jar of Vaseline.

Also putting my finger in the jar, I scooped up a little of the Vaseline, and smeared it all over the nozzle, making it slick and shine. I reached over and patted Patti on her bare bottom and said, “Well dear are you ready for you enema?” She made a little whimper and said, “NO!….AND I DON’T DESERVE ONE EITHER!..YOU CANNOT KEEP TREATING ME LIKE THIS!….” I slapped her bare butt and continued getting her punishment ready. “STOP THE FUSS RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY OR ELSE!….” Patti whimpered and relented, crying. “Yes daddy!..” I could see now, that Patti had submitted to me, and wasn’t going to give me any more fuss.

Sticking my finger back into the jar, I took some more of the Vaseline out and put my hand down to Patti’s bare ass cheeks. With my fore finger and thumb, I spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could and placed several of my fingers with vaseline in between them. Patti made a soft low moan, as she felt my cold greased tight little asshole. I moved my finger around the outside of her asshole, and slid my finger tip inside of her little rose bud.

Working my finger in a little further, I pushed it all the way inside her. Letting her get used to it, I just held it still, not wanting to hurt her. Patti, moved her butt around and told me it hurt, and said, “OH DADDY, PLEASE! TAKE YOUR FINGER OUT!” I told her just a little more and than she let my finger slide almost all the way out and then pushed it back in a little, just to make sure she was open and ready for the nozzle.

Pulling my finger out all the way, I replaced it with the tip of the enema nozzle. I held the tip right up next to her opening, and let just the tip slide in. “OHHH! DADDY! NOOO!” is what you could hear Patti say, as I slide the nozzle all the way in.

“Now just relax, honey and it won’t take long. It’s been awhile since you had one of these and it might take some getting use too. And if you are going to remain living here, you will have to get use to taking them more often.” I said to Patti, as I reached over to the clip on the hose. Releasing the clip with one hand, I put my other down on to Patti’s ass cheek. “Ohh! GAWD! NOO!! DADDY!!, PLEASE STOP!!” I knew then, that the warm soapy water was flowing into her bowels, for the first time in over seven years. “Okay baby, just relax and it will be over before you know it.”

“I’m only treating you this way, because you acted like a naughty little girl, and you know, that when you act like a child, Daddy has to treat you as such.” I told her. Patti was moaning from the pressure of the water and the Ivory soap filling her bowels and stomach. The addition of the castor oil added to her torment and made retention difficult and increased her cramping. I could tell she didn’t like this one bit. I look up at the bag and noticed that over half of the bag was empty, now. My 25 year old daughter, who thought she was too big for this, is now laying her on the bed getting her bottom filled with an enema. Boy, wasn’t this a sight to behold. I thought to myself.

“Daddy! PLEASE! IT’S MAKING MY STOMACH HURT! CAN’T YOU STOP NOW?” I moved my hand over to her now swollen stomach, and rubbed it for her, “Just a little more, baby, and it will be over.” I said to her. Letting the enema bag empty into her, I slowly took the nozzle out of her asshole. “Okay, honey, that part is over, I want you to just lay there and hold it for a few minutes.” “Oh please daddy, I feel like I have to go!”, Patti told me. I looked at my watch, I wanted her to hold it for at least a couple of minutes.

“Just another minute, honey and than you can go. I want this to be something you will remember. And hope that you will be a good daughter from now on.” After waiting another minute, I patted Patti on her bottom and said, Okay, you can go now.” Patti jumped up off that bed in a flash, holding onto her stomach all the way to the bathroom. I gave her a couple of minutes, and knocked on the door and said, “Patti, I want you to get cleaned up, and then put your pajamas on and meet me back in your room.” I could hear her mumbling now. I smiled. Pajamas?…At 11:30a.m.?……She must have been wondering why!

I gave Patti about ten minutes to get cleaned up, before I returned to her room. When I entered, she was sitting on her bed in her pajamas, reading a book. “Those aren’t the pajamas I had in mind young lady”…I held up the clothes I had selected for her to wear and she pouted. “You remember then what we used to make you wear to behave don’t you?..Well your right!..These are your punishment tights and this is what you will wear from now on in this house!…Maybe then you won’t gallivant all around with your friends. Little girls belong at home and your tights will see to that!….” Patti shook her head no and with an angry expression on her face. I smiled, Oh yes!…You will wear these after your strapping!…”

“Patti, I want you to go over to your chair, pull your pajama bottom’s down all the way to your feet and bend over the back of it.” She looked at me not saying a word, but just did as I said. “Now Patti, I’m going to spank you with this belt and I don’t want any fuse from you. Now stretch up on your toes and lean over, I want that bottom of yours up high.”

I stood there looking at my little girl submitting to her deserved punishment. Her little bottom was sticking right up ready for me to begin. I walked to her side with the belt doubled over and told her I was going to begin.

I held the buckle end in my right hand, stretched the other end out with my left, raised it up above my head and brought it down across both of her ass cheeks, right in the middle. She Tensed up, sucked in a mouth full of air, and then laid back down. I saw a bright red strip appear where the belt had just landed. I raised the belt again, and delivered another. WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!!

Patti, could not stay down, she jumped up reaching back with both hands grabbing both of her ass cheeks. “OWWWWW! DADDYYYY!!! PLEASE!!! I CAN”T TAKE IT!!!” I heard her words being said through her tearful pleas. She half turned and looked at me. I could see tears running down her face. “OWWW! PLEASE DADDY! DON’T SPANK ME ANY MORE!!” “Turn around Patti and bend back over the chair, I’m not finished.” With her eyes full of tears, she slowly did as I said. WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!! “Am I going WHAP!! to WHAP!! WHAP!! have you in WHAP!! WHAP!! here again WHAP!! for WHAP!! this?” Patti could not answer me, she was laying over the chair bawling her eyes out.

I helped her up, took her over to her bed, and I sat down and took her onto my lap. She just sat in my lap holding onto me crying her heart out. Big tears were running down her cheeks. I was patting her on the head and saying, “It’s okay, Patti, you’re still Daddy’s little girl.” After we sat there for a few minutes, looked into Patti’s eyes and said, “Now remove your pajamas this instant”.

She looked quite flushed and embarrassed as she removed the pajamas and placed them neatly on the bed. Then she pulled on the white Barbie panties with red elastic and the Dark Pink turtleneck with long sleeves. She was not allowed a bra as I told her that little girls aren’t allowed such things. She sat on the bed and pulled up the red nylon tights and stood as I helped her stretch them up over her red and inflamed buttcheeks. I stretched the elastic waistband to annoy her and checked the fit. I know that this annoyed her to no end, so I made sure I was thorough and concise. I then helped her put her shoes on. To treat her so childishly gave me a feeling of superiority over her as I used a shoe horn to guide on her black patent platform tie shoes and tied them with little childish bows. Now she whimpered again…She hated wearing tights and I knew it!… “But daddy!…I hate wearing tights, it’s so childish and the turtleneck is too short to cover even the elastic waistband. What if my friends or relatives come over?..Oh daddy!…” I smiled at her and said, “It’s too late for that Patti. You will be tights punished for your own good! Besides your mother and I are tired of you walking around in your tight pants. Now you will wear tights instead. Your mother will pack away all your tight pants and give them away to the Salvation Army”. I then stated,

“This is your punishment for lying and betraying me. Now go and stand in that corner with your hands on your head. I accompanied her to the corner and left the room. As I stood at the door, I had a good laugh at her!….With her hands on top of her head, not only was the waistband of the tights in view, but a good part of her bare back above her belly button, I laughed at the reinforced crotch and seam up her backside and those extra tight and one size too small Barbie little girl cotton panties. She was very uncomfortable and humiliated. She was fidgety and acting irritated at the childish manner in which I treated her. “Unless you want another enema young lady, I suggest that you stand straight and not to make any noise, Is that understood? Patti stomped her foot on the floor. “OK, I guess you’ll need a thorough cleansing after lunch then, right?…” She didn’t answer and stood straight, so the message must have hit home.

I went downstairs and as I entered the parlor, I noticed a car pulling up!..It was Cynthia, a friend of my wife and her 20 year old daughter Pam. I greeted them at the door and invited them both in. I knew they had a lunch date with my wife but unfortunately was detained in traffic. I invited them in and they began preparing lunch. I excused myself and went upstairs to get my daughter, as she was still facing the corner. I snickered to myself at her appearance. “Just like when she was a young girl.”, I thought. “The laughs and talk about her at a birthday party was rightfully received. There was Patti attired in red tights, white panties and a dark green turtleneck and her clumsy tie shoes forced to greet our friends and relatives. I would use the same reason as I did then!…That would do the trick!….”

I then entered her room and spun her around. Placing my hands on her shoulders, which forced her to look me straight in the eye, I said, “Now Patti, you will come downstairs for lunch now, understand?…” She looked me tearfully in the eye and took my hand. I surmised that she didn’t know anyone else was in the house, as I wanted her to feel humiliated and ashamed, as well as surprised. I made her walk ahead of me downstairs to greet our guests. She reluctantly did so and we went straight into the kitchen. Patti was in shock as she saw the both Cynthia and Pam standing there, staring back at her and just as surprised!….She jumped and immediately turned around, but there was nowhere to go for I blocked her way!…. The ladies giggled as they looked at her and Pam being very curious spoke up!….”HELLO PATTI! (giggle)…Nice tights!…Shouldn’t you be properly attired??…” I think at this point both ladies noticed the Barbie panties too, but wasn’t sure. Patti’s face turned red with humiliation. I laughed at this and responded, “Well I warned her that I was having guests over and she apparently didn’t care until now, so she will stay dressed this way!….” Patti looked at me with daggers in her eyes. Pam laughed and held her hand to her face!

Patti balked and moaned. “Don’t let them see me this way!..dammit I’m not a little kid anymore. This is soooo humiliating!. Laughter filled the room. Then I grabbed her by the arm and sat her down at the table. I made her sit in a higher chair, one that I used for cutting hair, so she would be seen in her punishment attire for all of our amusement. This chair had a locking tray that I rarely used and decided to leave off, so we could get a perfect view of her. Pam stuck her tongue out at her in a snotty little girl way and snickered. I whispered to Cynthia, she then smirked and brought out dinner. No food was placed in front of Patti and for this she grew restless. Then Pam placed a warmed bottle of baby formula and a bowl of hot mushy oatmeal mixed with stewed prunes in front of her. She looked up at me with daggers in her pouty little girl blue eyes!

Before Patti could speak up, I looked straight at her and warned, “If you don’t sit still and eat every drop, you’ll get a thorough colonic irrigation in front of our guests young lady!.” Pam laughed. “Does that mean an enema??…..” Cynthia nodded and laughed too. I looked at Patti and frowned. It was delightful to see her so humiliated and ashamed. Patti cringed and ate the hot, pasty oatmeal and horrid prunes. She was really having a tough time swallowing the pasty mess, but did so reluctantly. Then she put the babybottle to her lips and began to drink the Similac infant formula. She made sourpuss faces at the taste, which wasn’t pleasant and it was very warm which was not to her liking. The bubble sounds that emitted from the bottle made Pam laugh a bit and I’m sure Patti was annoyed with Pam making faces at her. We ignored her deliberately in our adult conversation. but just like a naughty little girl, she began to seek attention and annoy daddy as she mimicked, played and grew restless at her choice of food for lunch. Pam crossed her fingers, sliding them back and forth, as she whispered, “Shame, shame, shame….” Cynthia smiled in a condescending way.

That did it!…She finally got my attention alright, but in the wrong way. All she had to do was to be quiet and finish her babyfood. I got up and as I did, in walked Margaret, my wife!…. Margaret smiled. “Hello Cynthia, Hi Pam!…OhOh!…Has our little girl been naughty again?…Oh My!…And so improperly dressed!…Shame on you Patti!….” I laughed too. “Our little girl apparently didn’t care how she was dressed to receive guests. What do you think we should do about that?..Oh, and she was very fidgety at lunch!….” Margaret looked at the ladies and spoke, “I see!…Well I think a spanking is in order to start!…” I went for the long handled wooden spoon. I pulled her away from the table and facing me, I ordered her to raise her arms up over her head. I then with one motion, pulled her tights and panties to her knees, then pulled her across my lap. I brought one arm around and up into her back, holding tightly onto her wrist and started the spanking.


Patti screamed in agony and acted much like the little girl she was being punished for and crying. I let her up and made her once again hold up her arms as I brought up her Barbie panties, then stretched the red tights over her sore asscheeks, very slowly and deliberately. By then, both ladies noticed the childish panties that could be clearly seen through the transparent toddler tights. Pam smirked at the reinforced seam as well. “Such improper wear in public, naughty girl!…”, thought Pam to herself, then said aloud, “Barbie panties?..Oh my!….I’ve seen them sold in the little girl’s section mother!….Can you believe it??….” Pam laughed whole heartedly. Cynthia nodded and joined in the laughter. On the other hand, I was glad Patti was getting her comeuppance. The humiliation and shame would do her a world of good….

Pam smirked and Cynthia nodded in agreement. “Such a naughty girl!..She deserves to be sent to bed!…Indeed!!!…” Pam laughed and laughed at her. Then I made Patti stand before both women and wanted her to feel as uncomfortable as possible. “Patti, your mother and I decided that since you have been too wild and out of control that you will undergo more stricter punishment to curb your behavior. First, remember back in the bedroom I told you that you will be wearing tights about the house just as you are now!…” Margaret took the cue and continued. “That means young lady, no more jeans or tight pants!….Just tights and little girl panties. You will also wear cotton turtlenecks and your clumsy tie shoes!…Since you insist upon wearing these clothes in front of our guests and embarrassing us, then so be it, you shall have your way!….” I then spoke. “I think it’s partially because she enjoys wearing such humiliating attire and showing off her childish underwear in public. Margaret!…” Pam interrupted for a moment, trying to hide her laughter. “Did you know that the turtlenecks come in a wide variety of colors??….I believe that Land’s End or L.L. Bean’s has them in at least sixteen different colors. Would you like to borrow my catalog??” She smirked as she looked at me with the news. “Why thank you Pam. Margaret and I will be placing an order shortly. I’ll look forward to receiving that catalog from you.” Patti shot daggers at Pam. Margaret frowned at her daughter. She had been looking forward to this ever since we found out that Patti was coming back home. She apparently wanted the attention and now she would get what she deserved. Margaret spoke sternly and stared straight at her.

“In addition, we have decided that everytime you break a house rule, you will go to bed. I predict that this will be a very quiet household, as we envision you in bed a great deal of the time. You will have a new strictly enforced bedtime to keep you off the streets. Also since you won’t work, you made that decision very easy for your father and I. Your bedtime will be 4p.m.each day, that is during the week.” She paused as Patti looked at her cross. Her shame could be clearly seen. Margaret continued. “Your weekend bedtime schedule will be 3 p.m., even if guests are present. Is that clear??…” Patti looked up and started to complain. But not to her mother, whom she disliked a great deal, but pleaded to her daddy, which made me feel superior. “Daddy!…I’m a grown woman and you must stop treating me this way. I will not go to bed at such a childish hour!….I….” I cut her off mid-sentence. “SILENCE PATTI!…That will be enough. Your mother already told you the rules, Now I want you to apologize for your behavior and then MARCH UP TO BED!!!……”

I grabbed by the ear and held her as she apologized in utter humiliation. “I’M sorry!…(sniffle)….Goodnight”…(sniffle) She was downcast, as she couldn’t face the ladies and their smirks and nods, as they were in agreement with her father. Pam and Cynthia nodded with smiles on their faces. She was spun around and marched up to bed by her ear. The clock then chimed at noon. The laughing at the table continued as Patti was marched by force upstairs and into her bedroom. As we walked up the stairs, Margaret was being applauded for exercising her matronly authority and shortly after, the sound of high heels on the stairs, indicated that she was coming up to help me.

Once there, she was made to stand in the corner as I turned to face Margaret who just entered the room. She spun her errant daughter around and lectured her. “Patti, As a result of your comeuppance at the dinner table, I am going to invite Pam and Cynthia to help in preparing you for bed. That’s your punishment!…Now stop that sniffling and stand straight, facing the wall!….” I smirked and stood aside, admiring Patti’s plump bottom outlined in those extra small childish panties outlined by her red punishment tights and followed the seam that ran up her backside. I went to the intercom station and called for the ladies to come upstairs and assist. They were giggling and laughing. Soon there were footsteps heard they entered the room. They saw Patti in the corner and giggled. Margaret turned to the ladies. “Pam, would you please close the curtains and blinds?..It should be nice and dark for Patti’s bedtime!..”Cynthia drew down her bedclothes and Pam closed the heavy curtains and blinds, blocking the beautiful sun of a fine summer’s day. I got out a new punishment device and set it up. “Great idea!…”, Pam exclaimed. “A Fisher Price baby monitor. Now you can check on her every waking moment to see if she is compliant…,neat!…” Cynthia nodded and laughed. Patti moaned in the corner, deeply ashamed and humiliated.

“Turn around Patti!…NOW!….”, Margaret said with authority, as she pulled off her turtleneck, revealing her naked breasts and dropped a cotton flowered nightie over her head, brushing it into place. Pam smirked at her exposed breasts. I then pulled out some padded hand mittens and with Cynthia’s help, forced her fingers into the individual slots and put on them quickly and efficiently. We fastened them with velcro at the wrists. Patti was appalled and surprised at these two innovations: restraint mittens and a baby monitor. Margaret addressed her fidgityness and to my liking. “Well since you will be in bed a very long time, you won’t be allowed to use the bathroom so, we’ll have to put you in diapers.” Patti’s eyes lit up!…This was too much now!…. DIAPERS!!!!…”, she screamed. “Oh no you won’t, I’ve had enough, get away from me!….” Margaret walked out of the room momentarily and returned with a brown bottle and spoon. She removed the lid and poured the contents onto the large spoon. Patti clamed up when she saw that and with my help, I held her head back and pinched her nostrils. Margaret placed the spoon into her mouth and Patti tried to spit. I placed a towel across her mouth, as Margaret poured another and we repeated the process. Patti was trying so hard to spit up the castor oil!….I then introduced another neat idea. I shoved the adult sized pacifier right into her mouth. Patti stopped screaming and Margaret and I strapped it behind her very tightly. Patti’s eyes started to roll around and she made the most hideous faces at this intrusion. “Gee Patti, it can’t be that bad!…You just can’t talk, that’s all, right?…” Pam looked over at me. “Yes that’s true Pam, but this special pacifier has one more indignity for the adult child….(pause) It comes in flavors!…..” Pam and Cynthia looked puzzled as I smirked. “Yes flavors such as black licorice, soap, baby formula, nail biter solution and Patti’s favorite…castor oil. Recognize the taste Patti?…It lasts up to twenty four hours without a refill. Hope you enjoy it!….That’s why you’ll need the diapers!…” Now the ladies laughed.

They both lowered her tights and panties to her knees and placed the three soaker pads within the diaper. They coated each pad with vaseline and sprinkled some sweet smelling baby powder. Then carefully placed the cotton garment between her legs and efficiently taped it tightly in seconds. Then her panties and tights were drawn back up. Pam snapped the waistband of her tights and laughed. “Mother, do you remember when you used to make my bratty brother wear my tights for misbehaving?..” (Cynthia a nodded) “I used to snap the waistband of his tights too..hahaha…” Cynthia laughed. “Of course I do and he was better behaved in tights more than pants, so he wore them all the time in the house or yard. The neighbor girls he used to terrorize were so thrilled to see him this way. They would taunt him for hours!..”

Patti was forced into bed on her tummy and covered with blankets, six total. I used blanket pins to secure her tightly and prevent her from getting up, another neat idea, as Pam put it laughingly.. Margaret and I looked at each other satisfied. This would prevent her from turning on her back, a position she preferred. I kissed her on the forehead, as did Margaret, and she then walked out of the room and returned with another neat idea from the bathroom. She hung the Red Faultless enema bag on the stand and coiled the white tubing and douche nozzle. “Let this be a reminder young lady, that after our guests leave, daddy and I will return to see that you use your diapers properly.” Pam seemed to be excited over Patti’s treatment. “Does that mean that she will expel into them?….” Margaret of course nodded and turned out the lights, waiting until Cynthia turned on the nightlight on the far side of the room, then the room was plunged into total darkness. “Goodnight Patti!…I will return at dinnertime with some another bottle of warm formula for you. If you feel the urge, use your diapers. That’s what they are for, goodnight and sleep tight!….”

I turned on the receiver to the baby monitor and clipped it to my belt. Margaret was very ingenious in the selection of all these neat bedroom punishment devices. It was Pam that noticed a tag that had been placed on the monitor. “That’s neat!…What does it say?….” She then stooped to read it aloud and laughed even more. It says, “Patti has been naughty and punished by an early bedtime again!”, written in bold print. As I explained to the ladies, “That’s so everyone knows and don’t have to ask!…” They laughed and nodded in approval. “Goodnight Patti, sweet dreams!….”, chorused Cynthia. “Yeh goodnight brat!…” Pam stated sarcastically, feeling superior and more mature than the little girl that was laying in bed. We paraded out of the room and Margaret closed, then locked the door. The sounds of footsteps faded off into the distance as Patti became groggy and closed her eyes. The sleeping pills dissolved in her formula did the trick. When her friends would call later, I would tell them Patti was put to bed as a punishment for being a bad little girl. They probably wouldn’t be calling anymore….” She laid in bed, hearing us laugh and talk about her as she learned another lesson in humility…..Her baby monitor would pick up the slightest of sounds and before she closed her eyes, she stared at the curtains and the glimpse of sunshine rays trying to break through without success. The room would stay dark now, for it was her bedtime. It would be a long night for Patti indeed!

The conversation downstairs, revolved around poor Patti and the laughing picked up in momentum. Patti was burning with anger as she could hear them making fun of her!….Then Pam asked with a serious look on her face, “If both of you are working during the day, who will be watching Patti?…(pause) I would love to babysit!….” Pam leaned back smiling. I smiled too. “Of course you can!…That’s a great idea, don’t you agree Margaret?….We all laughed. “Wouldn’t Patti be frosted to be babysat by a girl five years younger than herself!…” And just maybe another day she might even grow up!….(But I doubt it)

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 6

?Nice to meet you,? Ms. Johnson said warmly as she reached over and took her hand.

?I?m honored to meet you,? Jordan replied sweetly, ?I?ve heard so much about how you?ve turned problem boys around. I only hope I can do as well when Chrissie comes home.?

?Oh, you?ll do fine,? Ms. Johnson assured her, ?Just keep his paddle close at hand and you won?t have any troubles at all. Chrissie may seem like a grown up sissy, but he?s really just a big baby inside. He usually starts crying the moment I put him over my lap.?

The women giggled at that revelation while my ears burned in shame. I was required to sit in my chair, with my hands placed in my lap and submissively await Ms. Johnson?s summons for whatever she might require.

?Sounds like he?ll be a cinch to control,? Jordan said with a chuckle, ?I have quite a bit of experience with disciplining children, so a big sissy in diapers shouldn?t present any problems.?

?In my opinion,? Ms. Johnson offered sagely, ?You would do well to give him a spanking right now?just to establish your authority with him.?

My heart skipped a beat and I gulped hard as I saw Jordan looking intrigued with the idea.

?What do you think Mrs. Brooks?? she asked, turning to face my mom.

?I think it?s a wonderful idea,? she said brightly, as if she were discussing a picnic, ?I think it?s an excellent way for you to get to know each other.?

I was biting my lip nervously as Ms. Johnson turned to face me.

?Chrissie?? she said, ?Go and fetch your paddle.?

I began whimpering fretfully and I faced my mom, my eyes pleading with her to intervene but she only smiled back at me wordlessly, while I squirmed in discomfort.

?Run along Sissy, and do as you?re told,? Ms. Johnson warned me, ?Or you?ll be taking a trip over my lap as well.?

I choked back a sob and stood up quickly, bowing in deference to the boss of the house.

?Yes Ma?am,? I responded.

I trudged back to the nursery, dreading every step I was taking. Today had started out so good and now I was about to be spanked! And for doing nothing! Nothing at all! It was so unfair!

Once in the nursery, I waddled over to my pink dresser, with its Barbie dolls arranged neatly across the top. Hanging from a peg on the wall above it was my paddle, an oval shaped piece of polished wood, 3/8? thick with six large holes in the face of it. I cringed as I held the fearsome instrument in my hand, tears brimming in my eyes. How many tears had this paddle caused me, I wondered to myself, as my bottom twitched nervously. It was large enough to cover both of my buns, yet small enough so as not to be unwieldy. And I knew all too well the skill with which Ms. Johnson could apply it to a particular area, giving it extra attention if she felt the need.

I walked out in a daze, my head hung low as I made my way back to the living room. I wanted to meet this pretty and sexy woman but certainly not in this manner! Would she spank me hard? Would she make me cry? She looked too nice to do that, I thought. Maybe she?d just give me a few practice swats and that?d be it. Maybe she?d even let me keep my diapers on. I hoped and prayed that that would be the case.

Walking slowly into the living room, I went over to Jordan who was now sitting in a straight backed chair and I presented her with the paddle. She looked very sexy with her short skirt and high heels, and the tight, snug-fitting halter top she had on, barely concealing her big, plump bosom. Looking at her brought out strong feelings of inferiority in me and her high heels made me fearful.

?Thank you, Chrissie,? she said, beaming a warm smile up at me, ?You and I are going to be spending a lot of time together so I think its only appropriate that we should start things off right, with a nice, hard spanking.?

With her pretty smile and the way she said it, she made it sound like she were talking about giving me a bath, instead of a painful and humiliating punishment.

?From now on, I want you to address me as ?Aunt Jordan? or ?Miss Jordan?. Okay Honey?? she said sweetly.

?Yes Miss Jordan,? I quivered before her.

Suddenly, I felt the front of my diapers growing warm and wet and I realized belatedly that I was uncontrollably flooding them at the worst possible time. Once a full stream had started, it was quite impossible to stop it and my face turned bright red.

?Oh!? I squealed and my hands went down in a futile attempt to hide my shameful act. Somewhere over the course of the last three months I had lost whatever marginal control I had once had over my bladder and once I started, it was impossible to stop peeing until my bladder was completely emptied. As I stood shifting from one foot to another, my diapers grew heavy with the accumulated pee until it began to seep between my legs and up into my seat. My tights, rumba panties and baby pants all ensured that my bottom cheeks felt the full effects of my wetting as the cloth absorbed it and spread it all around. As the women watched me humiliate myself, I stood there, my face the color of crimson, as I waited for the last bit of pee to finally come. Oh, how I hated my childish incontinence!

Ms. Johnson shook her head in dismay.

?I?m afraid our little sissy has just demonstrated why he needs his diapers so badly,? she said scornfully, ?Do you need me to take over, Jordan??

My stunning tutor didn?t pause for even a moment to reconsider.

?Not at all, this is all part of getting to know my little baby,? she said as she smiled warmly at me. Placing the paddle on her skirted lap, she waited silently for me to stop peeing with the patience of someone who?s used to dealing with toddlers.

?All done?? she finally asked in her sweet voice.

?Uh-hm,? I mumbled as my face burned scarlet.

Pulling her own skirt slowly and teasingly back to reveal her sexy, creamy thighs, she looked deep into my eyes and I could feel her superior personality overwhelming me, making me feel every bit the naughty little boy.

?Chrissie, this is only the first of many spankings you will receive over my lap. I know this going to hurt you but it?s for your own good, okay Honey??

?Yes, Miss Jordan,? I sniffled.

?You can cry as much as you want to and feel free to kick your legs?I know you are a big sissy and you can?t help it. And after we?re done, we?ll go and change your wet diapers, okay??

?Yes, Miss Jordan,? I sobbed.

I felt defeated by this pretty nanny before she?d even pulled my diapers down but I knew that was what was coming next would be even worse.

?Chrissie? I want you to hold your dress up and out of the way?can you do that for me, Honey?? she asked in her pleasant, kindly voice.

?Yes, Miss Jordan,? I replied meekly.

Grasping the ruffled hem of my dress delicately, I pulled it up to reveal the thick, embarrassing diapers I was wearing underneath, now soaking wet with pee. Jordan reached over and put her long nails underneath the waistband of my satiny rumba panties, snaking them off the bulk of my diapers with ease as she lowered them to my ankles.

?You?re wearing such pretty panties, Chrissie,? she remarked sweetly, ?But don?t you worry, I?ll make sure we put them back on after you?ve been paddled.?

My heart skipped a beat at her warm manner, which contrasted so dramatically with what she was doing.

Next, she did the same with my glittery tights, working them over and down, despite the tight elastic waistband that held them up. She encircled my calves with her slim hands as she lowered them down to my ankles, just above my gathered panties. Looking up at my fear filled face, she smiled again reassuringly as she reached over and put her long nails inside the waistband of my pink plastic baby panties, working them around and gradually peeling them off of the sopping wet cloth of my diapers, until they were free of the bulk. Then she pushed the dewy panties down until they were also encircling my ankles.

?Okay Chrissie,? she told me, ?It?s time for you to get spanked.?

A tear trickled down my face as she gently pulled me over her bare lap. I landed with a wet and humiliating squish and I was deeply ashamed that this beautiful woman had to feel my incontinence so intimately on our first meeting. I whimpered in fear as she began patiently removing the diaper pins holding the wet cloth together. She even began humming a tune while she pulled my diapers back, exposing my bare, wet bottom to everyone present.

?P-please?please don?t spank me hard,? I sobbed fearfully.

?There, there,? she said in almost a whisper, ?A good cry is just what mommy?s little baby needs.?

Quivering with anticipation, I felt her stroking my damp cheeks with the paddle, in an almost soothing manner.

?You have a very nice bottom, Chrissie,? she remarked softly, ?And I?m going to enjoy spanking it, nice and hard.?

With that, she raised the paddle up high and brought it down again with a biting wallop, searing my dewy buns with a shockingly harsh impact. I wailed loudly in pain and kicked my feet frantically as she brought it down again, slapping my right cheek forcefully and leaving an angry red oval tattoo. I gasped helplessly at the severity of her assault, just as the paddle came down to blister the other cheek, in a vengeful, punishing delivery.

Kicking my feet wildly, I burst into tears as she kept up a carefully measured spanking, designed to make me savor every stinging, blistering slap of the paddle. My cheeks were on fire and I howled miserably as she took her time, swatting every square inch of my blazing buns with a strength I didn?t think possible. My soft, tender buns danced each time the hard oak paddle landed, jiggling merrily before it landed again to instill this painful, humiliating lesson.

I cried like a baby, slapping the floor with my hands as she continued the paddling without pause. How was it that women could so easily take advantage of me and punish me? I didn?t know but as I lay across her lap, feeling the fury of the paddle on my scorched bottom, I knew that I would be taking orders from her in the future.

At long last, the terrible spanking ended, and I lay in place, bawling uncontrollably in front of everyone. With gentle kindness, Jordan carefully helped me to my feet where my wet diaper fell heavily to my ankles, exposing my miniscule genitals to her smiling face. She looked down at them and suppressed a giggle, flicking my tiny penis with the long nail of her finger while I cried in shame, covering my tear stained face with my hands.

?Are you ready for your diaper change now, Chrissie?? she asked me.

I sobbed loudly and nodded my head, completely defeated by this knockout. I knew I would never question her authority and I would always do what she said.

?Okay, can you carry your wet diapers, Honey?? she asked tenderly, ?We?ll put them in your diaper pail when we get back to the nursery.?

I nodded again and reached down to pick up the heavy, pee-soaked cloth as I shuffled after Jordan, taking baby steps since my panties and tights were still gathered around my ankles.

?Come on little baby, let?s go change your diapers,? she said gaily as she held my hand to pull me along.

As I continued crying pathetically, I couldn?t believe how hard she?d just spanked me! Looking over my shoulder and pulling up the back of my frilly dress, I could see my round bottom was a bright, fiery red, with purple blotches and raised skin. Her manner was soft and comforting but she wielded the paddle like Ms. Johnson! I sobbed woefully as I pondered my future with this woman, bent over her knee getting my bottom spanked on a regular basis.

When I reached the nursery, Jordan was already waiting for me with a fresh set of bunny soft diapers and the diaper rash cr?me. She took my hand tenderly and sat me down on the changing table where I erupted in a fresh set of tears.

?There, there Baby,? she said as she brought a pacifier up to my quivering lips, ?Why don?t you nurse on this for awhile, maybe it?ll make you feel better.?

I accepted the big rubber nipple of the pink pacifier as she passed the plastic loop over my head.

Using baby wipes, she cleaned my diaper area gently, before taking a generous handful of cr?me and smearing it across my stinging, candy-apple cheeks.

?Now you?ve learned what?ll happen if you disobey me, haven?t you Chrissie?? she said with her warm smile.

I nodded my head, still crying as I sucked the fat nipple filling my mouth.

?You see, I like to spank sissies, especially ones like you that are still wearing diapers like a little baby,? she said as she coated my blazing bottom with the cr?me, ?And I?m going to make sure you get at least one good, hard spanking every week.?

I swallowed hard and sobbed, realizing she had every intention of continuing Ms. Johnson?s practice of weekly spankings.

Jordan reached over and picked up a big rubber butt plug, dipping it deeply in a jar of nursery jelly before positioning it below me.

?Hold your legs up, Sissy,? she instructed me as she held the vaseline covered plug at the ready.

Since I was on my back, I raised my legs again which spread them wide for her intentions.

?That?s a good little boy,? she said sweetly as she began working the greasy plug into my back hole. I pouted and squirmed as she twirled it around, pushing it in and out to get me used to the fat tip.

?Spread your legs wider, Sissy?.that?s it?.that?s Mommy?s baby?there you are?? she coaxed me as she put more and more pressure on it to push it in. I moaned and shook my head no but she placed her other hand on my thigh and pushed harder against with the plug, unwilling to let me escape. Finally, as I let out a cry of pain, it eased past my defeated sphincter and slipped inside as my hole closed around the shaft of it, locking it in place until she decided to remove it.

I was whimpering like a little girl as she smiled down at me in satisfaction.

?That?s a good little boy,? she said cheerfully, ?And that should take care of your messes until we can get you home.?

Taking the thick stack of diapers, she raised me up and slid them beneath my sticky rump, setting me down gently upon them. As I wiped away my tears, I gazed at her big, swaying breasts that were literally bursting from her halter top.

?You like big breasts, don?t you Chrissie,? she said with a smile as she caught me staring at her chest.

I nodded my head yes meekly and she beamed down at me warmly.

?I thought so,? she said as she pulled the thick cloth of my diapers up and between my legs, pinning either side securely with pink clown pins, ?but if I catch you staring at them again, you?ll be going over my lap for another lesson in manners?do you understand me??

?Yeth, Mith Jowdan,? I lisped as I sucked on my pacifier. I was frustrated to discover that this pretty woman, despite her kind, loving manner, was every bit as strict as Ms. Johnson.

Pulling up my plastic panties, she briefly wiped the still wet insides of them with baby wipes before pulling them up my legs. I hated having to wear panties that had been wet in previously because the elastic legs bands would always remain cool and damp around my thighs. I shook my head in protest and whimpered stubbornly but she ignored me as she continued to pull them up, wrestling them over the bulky soft cloth of my diapers with her finely manicured hands.

?I know these are a little wet, Sissy, but that?s too bad. You?ll just have to get used to it,? she told me.

I pouted in silence as she powdered between my legs and pulled my tights back up and into place, effectively ending the issue.
I was somewhat surprised when she began pulling my Alice in Wonderland dress off of me and I whimpered in angst, sounding like a little girl whose doll was being taken away.

?One thing Ms. Johnson and I may disagree on, are the clothes you?re entitled to wear. You see, I think that anyone who?s fifteen years old and still wetting his diapers like a baby–should be dressed like a baby.

?I?m going to make sure everyone knows that you wear diapers Chrissie?starting right now,? she said emphatically, ?You?re going to come home in the most babyish outfit I can find for you?one that clearly shows off your diapers and plastic panties to anyone who might be nearby.?

I cringed and choked back another sob as I pondered how my future was shaping up with this busty disciplinarian eager to humiliate me.

Standing up, Jordan went over to the closet until she found a very short baby dress with frills and frills all over it. It was pink with white satin lace and a hemline that I knew would leave my fat diapered bottom fully exposed. I pouted as she worked my arms through it and buttoned it in back, checking the fit to make sure my diapers were clearly visible. Once she was satisfied, she pulled me to my feet and pulled my lacey rumba panties back into place while I sucked my pacifier in frustrated silence.

?You might as well get used to that as well,? she said as she looked down on me and crossed her arms across her big br.easts, ?Because I?m going to be taking you out in public all the time, so people can see what a fifteen year old boy who wears diapers and baby clothes looks like.?

I blushed hotly at the thought of what that would be like and I stamped my feet in frustration as I realized how powerless I was to prevent her from doing what she wanted with me. And I could feel the fat rubber butt plug stuffed inside me, serving to remind me exactly who was in charge here. She looked down on me with complete superiority and confidence, knowing full well there wasn?t a thing I could do to stop her.

?Come on Chrissie,? she said taking me hand, ?Let?s go show your mommy what a big sissy you really are.?

Dominated and defeated, I waddled out behind Jordan where my mom was waiting in the living room for us with her car keys in hand. When she saw me, she began nodding her head in obvious approval, clearly agreeing with Jordan?s methods.

?Well,? she said as she looked me up and down, ?Looks like you?re in good hands. Come along Chrissie, it?s time to go home.?

With an uneasy feeling, I said goodbye to Ms. Johnson, whose strict rules I had had to live under for the last three months. I had hoped I might get to live the life of a little girl at least, but now even that was being taken away from me. It looked like diapers and the life of a baby were what I could look forward to when I got back home.

I guess I had always been afraid to admit that I was a sissy, but now, there was no point in denying the truth. I needed my diapers and I needed the strict hand of a superior woman to ensure I toed the line. I wasn?t a man and I knew I never would be one. Rather than try and be something I knew I could never be, the only thing that made sense was to embrace my sissyhood. It was time for me to start all over, as the big baby everyone knew that I was but which I had always been afraid to admit to.

Looking over at the busty, dominating profile of Jordan, I knew I would be feeling the sting of her paddle on a regular basis but I realized deep down?she was just what this sissy needed.

The End

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 5

The two of them laughed as Ms. Johnson carefully lifted her heavy breast out of the lace cup of her push-up bra, positioning it before Timmy?s brightly blushing face.

?Here you are Sissy,? she said soothingly, ?Time for baby?s milk.?

Timmy squirmed uncomfortably and made a half hearted attempt to move away but Ms. Johnson easily held him in place and she ran her erect nipple across Timmy?s quivering lips.

?Open up Timmy, time for num-nums!?

Timmy closed his eyes and shook his head no but before long, he acquiesced, taking the erect nipple in his mouth and submissively suckling on the tremendous breast being pushed against his face.

?Thaaaat?s it,? Ms. Johnson said in a whisper, ?suck like a good little baby.?

I was whimpering now with jealous impatience, fidgeting while I waited my own turn to nurse from Crystal?s fantastic chest. She smiled down on me warmly and looked me directly in the eye.

?Don?t worry Babykins, I haven?t forgotten about you.?

With that, she brought the warm bottle of milk up to my mouth and pushed the rubber nipple against my lips. I whimpered in protest but she slid it across my lips until I surrendered to her efforts. Looking deep into her pretty eyes, I was forced to suck from the bottle, taking in mouthfuls of warm milk and swallowing it while she kept the bottle firmly in place. I moaned in protest but the big rubber nipple filling my mouth prevented anything intelligible from coming out. Meanwhile, Crystal?s hand wandered down to softly stroke the smooth surface of the front of my diaper, sending electric shivers through my body.

?That?s mommy?s little baby,? she cooed as she smiled down at me, ?Drink your ba-ba like a good little baby.?

I blushed deeply as I submitted meekly to her ministrations, yet I felt intensely frustrated that I wasn?t being allowed to nurse from her breast directly. They were so close, yet I couldn?t see underneath her thin sweater that was stretched tightly across her ample bosom. Looking across at Timmy, I saw that his face was dwarfed by Ms. Johnson?s titanic boob, and I watched with fascination as he sucked obediently from her. She was cooing down at him, softly encouraging him while still treating him very babyishly. I had to admit, he looked rather cute with the pink lipstick kisses still covering his blushing face. His legs were slightly apart, due to the thick bulk of his naptime diapers, which Ms. Johnson was also slowly stroking. Even her hands were sexy, with her creamy skin and long manicured nails. I watched as she softly rubbed the front of Timmy?s diaper, making him mewl like a kitten. His legs were bare except for his usual pink Keds and anklets he was wearing and I noted the smooth, hairless skin of his thighs. His feet were fidgeting slightly as he tried to cope with the raw sexuality of Ms. Johnson and my heart beat faster just watching him. He looked so completely babyish that I couldn?t ever imagine him growing up.

After finishing off one breast, Ms. Johnson, tucked it back into its lace cup and pulled the other out, forcing it into Timmy?s pouting mouth, much as she?d done before. I squirmed in frustration as I sucked helplessly from the warm rubber nipple in my mouth. Looking up at Crystal?s pretty smiling face, I whimpered in protest but she merely smiled back at me, holding the bottle firmly in place to prevent me from refusing it.

When Ms. Johnson finally finished with Timmy, after ten maddeningly long minutes, I thought my chance had finally come. But rather than producing one of her delicious breasts for me, she instead buttoned up her blouse and we traded positions over the two women. Now Timmy was being cradled by Crystal and Ms. Johnson was holding me. I began whimpering louder, desperate to get my lips around one of her gorged nipples I saw poking rigidly through her blouse but she looked at me determinedly and firmly placed the bottle back in place for me to drink from. I didn?t want any part of it, especially as I watched Crystal begin to slowly unbutton her sweater from the front, revealing two massive melons, restrained only by her lacy white bra.

?No?? I whimpered weakly to Ms. Johnson, ?No, please?I want? I want??

She cut off my protests by pushing the wet rubber nipple between my quivering lips, forcing me to suck again from the large bottle. I choked back a sob but I sucked submissively on the baby bottle, taking more and more of the hated warm milk.

Timmy tried to shake his head no as Crystal delicately offered her big, bare breast to him but she reached behind him and pulled his head forward, forcing him kiss her dark nipple. Her breasts were so bursting with milk; I could see it already starting to dribble down from the tip of her nipple where she slowly, tantalizingly rubbed it across Timmy?s lips. Whimpering like a girl, he finally submitted and took her breast into his mouth where he began suckling in defeat.

During this time, I was kept prisoner in Ms. Johnson?s arm, my head resting against her big, soft bosom while she made me drink the remainder of the bottle. With each frustrating moment that passed, I became angrier and angrier that Timmy was getting sexually pleased and I wasn?t. I wanted to fight back but when I looked up into Ms. Johnson?s beautiful but stern features, I got butterflies at the mere idea of rebellion. Finally, I finished the bottle of milk and she slowly withdrew it from my mouth, a line of drool connecting the nipple to my lips as she pulled it away. I thought she?d let me up but with a cruel smile, she produced another baby bottle, also full of milk!

?No?no?? I whimpered again but with a confident smile, she brought it down and coaxed it between my lips and held it there, forcing me to submit once again. I felt the warm liquid trickling into my mouth and I sobbed with defeat. My tormentor knew how weak willed I?d become and her gorgeous smile was filled with victory for dominating me so fully.

?That?s it?? she coaxed me, ??That?s mommy?s baby?Drink your milk Chrissie, and then it?s naptime for my little panty princess.?

I sucked miserably, even though my stomach was completely full of the babyish drink. Meanwhile, Timmy was looking back at me with half closed eyes, his mouth sucking greedily now at the massive breast pressed against his face. He was breathing hard through his nose and Crystal?s sexy hand was stroking the front of his diapers which had the obvious effect of making the sissy giddy with excitement. His face and chest were bright red and although I knew he was tremendously embarrassed by the whole situation, I also knew he was deeply turned on by it all too. Crystal?s deep cleavage was only an inch in front of his nose and I knew he had a perfect view of her other bountiful melon, held delicately by the half cup of her bra. I heard him mewling with unbridled passion and Crystal was saying sweet things as he sucked her big br.east for all he was worth. Suddenly, he moaned out loud and his head rolled back as he came forcefully in his diapers. Gasping for breath, Timmy gazed back at me placidly, overcome by the intensity of his climax. Crystal smiled and brought his head between her two huge mammaries, allowing him to snuggle in her deep cleavage while he slowly recovered.

And that was when something inside me snapped. My tiny little wiener was sore and painful from trying to become hard within my own diapers and with all the sexual stimulation I was being forced to endure, I just couldn?t take it any more. I jumped off of Ms. Johnson?s lap and grabbed Timmy by the shoulder, jerking him away from Crystal?s comforting bosom. With a sudden impulse of anger I didn?t realize I had within me, I slapped Timmy on his groggy face, as punishment for an orgasm that had been denied me.

He immediately burst into tears and began crying like a baby, holding his cheek in his hands while the two women looked at me in utter shock. Ms. Johnson however, quickly recovered, and she jerked me around with a jolting grip of my wrist.

?You?ve just earned yourself a nice, hard spanking,? she said tersely, and she stood up abruptly, towering over me fearfully with her high heels.

?It?s not fair!? I cried vehemently in frustration, ?it?s not fair!!?

Reaching down, she swatted me harshly on my diapered bottom, landing her hard hand with a loud thud and causing me to buck forward.

?That?s right Chrissie. And now everyone?s going to watch you cry like a baby when I put you over my knee and paddle that sissy bottom of yours.?

She jerked me along as she strode down the hall and into the nursery, the other two not far behind us. Ms. Johnson has very long legs, and I struggled to keep up with her as she pulled me along behind her. Looking down, I saw how shapely her calves were and the confidence with which she walked in her five inch sandals. I began crying softly, knowing the terrible punishment that was awaiting me, just moments away.

As we entered into the warmly lit room, Ms. Johnson reached over and picked up the wooden paddle before sitting down in the straight backed chair next to us. Hitching up her skirt, she pulled me over to her, ordering me to hold up my dress so she could reach underneath and pull my plastic panties down. By now, Timmy was in the room and he was watching me with grim satisfaction, still rubbing his sore cheek. With several sharp, angry tugs, Ms. Johnson yanked my pretty panties down my legs and around my ankles.

?Chrissie. Before I pull you over my lap for your spanking, I want you to apologize to Timmy for your behavior,? she told me, her eyes blazing with fury.

I was blubbering with fear as I looked from her strong, dominating features, to Timmy?s.

?I-I-I?m s-sorry, Timmy,? I sobbed pitifully.

?Timmy, if you?d like, you may slap Chrissie the way he slapped you,? Ms. Johnson told the effeminate boy.

Without hesitation, he stepped forward and slapped me as hard as he could, although that wasn?t very much given what a weak sissy he was.

?OOUCHH!? I cried nonetheless and I held my hand to my own stinging cheek.

?And now it?s time for you to pay the piper,? she said as she pulled me over her firm lap. I struggled weakly as I fell forward, squirming over her smooth, bare thighs while she reached for the pins holding my thick diapers in place.

?No?no?I don?t want a spanking,? I wailed as she drew back the soft cloth covering my rump.

?You should have thought about that before you started misbehaving,? Ms. Johnson snapped as she pulled my diapers back, pushing them between my flailing legs.

I squirmed in terror as I looked up to see Crystal, her thin arms crossed over her massive bosom with a look that said I was getting exactly what I deserved.

The first slap of the paddle landed squarely across both cheeks, right in the middle of my still pink buns and I howled with pain, kicking wildly.


Ms. Johnson swatted each cheek individually with great force, using her strong, toned arms to deliver a harsh, resounding impact. I wailed helplessly, the tears streaming down my face as she kept up a steady, punishing rhythm, slapping each round, tender cheek, once, twice, then both at the same time. The sting was incredible and I slapped the floor in anguish, wishing I could somehow alleviate the pain.


She wielded the hard oak paddle mercilessly, bringing it down again and again on my soft, pliable bottom. It jiggled and yielded miserably to each punishing slap as I bawled my eyes out, kicking and thrashing each time the paddle blistered my youthful fanny. Finally, I surrendered and lay there in abject defeat, passively taking my spanking while Ms. Johnson turned my scalding bottom into two cherry-red globes of fire.


I could barely make out Crystal through the tears filling my eyes but she looked immensely pleased, seeing a babyish sissy like me crying and getting a good, hard paddling.

Finally, the painful ordeal at last ended. I lay over her lap, my breath coming in ragged sobs, as she slowly brought my diapers back up and pinned them back into place. I was too ashamed to look at anyone as she helped me to my unsteady feet while I bawled like a baby in front of everyone.

Ms. Johnson looked over at me severely, the paddle still clutched tightly in her hand.

?Have you learned your lesson, Chrissie?? she challenged me.

I couldn?t speak coherently but I blubbered an acknowledgement and nodded my head, tears streaming down my face in profusion.

?Good. Because I won?t have any fighting in my house?is that understood??

I was afraid to look into her stern eyes but I nodded my head again, trying to answer her through my crying.

?You?re a little sissy who wets his diapers like a little baby,? she scolded me severely, “And I?ll decide when, and if, you ever deserve to have an orgasm?is that understood??

I sobbed again in agreement as she began roughly tugging my plastic panties back up my legs.

?You?re going to be in diapers for a very long time, so you might as well get used to being treated like a baby.?

I cried openly, feeling full of self pity and I think even Timmy felt sorry for me because he came over and hugged me, kissing me tenderly on the cheek.

?Its okay, Chrissie,? he whispered to me.

I threw my arms around him and hugged him, crying hard on his shoulder as the stinging in my diapers continued to make itself painfully felt.

Crystal smiled and came over to put her arms around both of us.

?That?s much better. Now why don?t you two sissies kiss and make up.?

Wiping the tears from my face, I leaned forward and kissed Timmy softly on his warm mouth, even as I sobbed in defeat.

?Alright babies,? Ms. Johnson said as she stood up, ?let?s get you two into your cribs–you?ve had quite a day already.?

Tearfully, I stood there while Ms. Johnson unbuttoned my dress and removed it, hanging it up in the closet while she brought out a pink and peach colored onesie, decorated with Birdseye lace. She put the soft garment over my head and brought it down over my outstretched arms, lowering it over my torso and down to my waist. I winced as she pulled the front and back of it tightly across the fat thickness of my diapers, since it rubbed my blazing bottom closely, and snapping the row of three snaps between my inner thighs. The onesie had an elastic waistband that hugged my middle section and gave me a distinct bell shape as it hugged my embarrassing diapers. Looking down at the big bulge around my hips, I could see the Birdseye lace that surrounded my legs and waist, giving me a very babyish look.

Ms. Johnson removed my mary janes and lowered the rails on my crib, guiding me onto the vinyl covered mattress with soft words of encouragement. She tucked me in and then pulled up the soft pink baby blankets around my chin, after she handed me my teddy bear.

Looking across to Timmy, I saw that busty Crystal was doing the same to him and Ms. Johnson finished by pushing a big pink rubber pacifier between my lips.

?Nightey-nite, babies,? she said as she turned out the light but left the door open.

I sucked desperately on my pacifier as I shifted onto my stomach, still crying softly to myself. My bottom felt like a five alarm fire and I knew for sure that I?d never act up in Ms. Johnson?s house again.

…Three months later…

I sat at my vanity, carefully applying my make-up as I waited for Ms. Johnson?s summons. Today was the day when my mom was coming back from Europe and she would be finally taking me back home. Ms. Johnson wanted me to look very proper for her arrival and I was very careful in the way I did myself up. After a light layer of foundation, I had put on a soft blush and just a hint of pink eye shadow. Lastly, I put several glossy coats of bubble gum pink lipstick across my full lips which added considerably to the illusion that I was a girl.

Smacking my lips together, I sat back and looked at myself in the mirror, evaluating my efforts.

My longish hair was tied up in two sassy pigtails, the base of each being secured with a big pink floppy bow of its own. Ms. Johnson had picked out an Alice in Wonderland dress for me to wear and the short puffy sleeves accented my skinny arms, while the short ruffled hem would keep me busy ensuring it didn?t creep up in back to expose my pretty rumba panties. After changing my diapers in the morning, Ms. Johnson had dressed me in some glittery white tights and Mary Janes, after which she made me step into a lacey pair of pink rumba panties, silky and delicate, yet large enough to stretch over the fat bulkiness of my diapers. The three rows of bouncy ruffles across the seat added to the babyish feeling that was never far away anymore.

Just then, Ms. Johnson appeared in the doorway, looking beautiful, yet stern and imperious at the same time.

?Your mother has arrived, Chrissie. Stand up and let me take a look at you,? she ordered me.

?Yes Ma?am,? I replied submissively, as I stood up and held the edges of my dress delicately.

?Turn around, Sissy,? she told me, and I bashfully rotated to show her all sides of me.

?Have you wet yourself?? she asked bluntly, without offering any compliments on how I had prepared myself.

?No Ma?am,? I said quietly.

?Come along then,? she said as she reached down to take my hand.

She pulled me along down the hallway, her high heels announcing our presence as we made our way out to the living room. With her superior height, and quick, confident gait, I felt like a little girl being led out to be shown off to her mommy. As soon as we turned the corner, I spied my mom standing in the middle of the room, with an attractive, well endowed woman beside her. Despite my best efforts, I found myself blushing hotly as I bent down to give them my best curtsy.

?Hi Mommy,? I said respectfully, keeping my eyes respectfully downcast and demure.

My mom smiled at me and came forward, holding me closely and hugging me warmly.

?Well!? she exclaimed, ?You certainly have changed?and much for the better!?

?Thank you, Mommy,? I replied.

I felt her hand reach down and squeeze my thickly diapered bottom, confirming her suspicions about me.

?Chrissie, go fetch us some tea while your mother and I discuss things,? Ms. Johnson said dismissing me.

?Yes Ma?am,? I answered as I bowed to her and quietly left the room. I made a surreptitious sidelong glance at the other stranger in the room as I went to the kitchen to look at the pretty female that I hadn?t been introduced to yet. She looked to be in her late twenties, with a fantastic body and long, luxuriant, auburn hair. I found her to be stunning in every way and although I was extremely ashamed to be exposed to her in this way, I looked forward to finally meeting her.

While I was preparing the tea set for the three of them, I did my best to listen in on their conversation out in the living room. Ms. Johnson was telling my mom about my progress under her tutelage, making no attempt to leave out any humiliating details.

?When Chrissie first came here, he had a big problem with masturbation,? she was explaining, ?But I?ve got that all taken care of now. He wears a chastity restrainer underneath his diapers that prevents any sort of mischief from the little sissy. Of course, young boys being what they are, I knew it was necessary for the sake of his health that he should get some kind of relief from time to time. So I?ve taken the step of milking him once every week?that eliminates the nasty semen he?s built up while still depriving him of any kind of orgasm.?

?Frankly I?m amazed that you were able to achieve so much,? my mom said in obvious admiration, ?He was such a stubborn boy before I left.?

Ms. Johnson chuckled with amusement.

?Oh believe me?that kind of bluster doesn?t last long around here. You?ll find that he?s a changed boy?docile, obedient, polite, and respectful. I think you?ll be very pleased with the results.?

?I saw that he?s still wearing diapers,? my mom pointed out, ?does he still need them during the daytime too??

?Yes, unfortunately so,? Ms. Johnson sighed wearily, ?We made a try at potty training him but he just couldn?t manage to stay dry, even during the day. I?m afraid some little boys just can?t be without their diapers and plastic panties and Chrissie is one of them.?

?Well, I guess I really didn?t expect any different from him, he?s always been such a sissy,? my mom admitted.

?Yes, he certainly is,? Ms. Johnson agreed, ?I could tell that right off, from the first time you brought him in?he seemed like such a prissy, delicate, immature little boy, still wearing diapers like a little toddler. I?m afraid his prospects for landing a girl some day are remote, at best. What he needs is someone who can give him the discipline he so badly needs?a firm, maternal hand that?s not afraid to blister his bottom with the paddle when he misbehaves.?

As I stood in the kitchen, my face, ears and neck were blushing a bright red as the two of them discussed me in such belittling terms. It was as if they were talking about a three year-old, rather than a young man nearly sixteen. However, the tea was ready to serve and I didn?t dare dawdle?I knew all too well the consequences for making Ms. Johnson angry. Placing the cups and saucers on a tray, I minced back into the living room, the bulky thickness of my diapers preventing me from walking with any kind of grace.

?Have you had to use the paddle frequently?? my mom asked, ignoring me as she took one of the cups I silently offered her.

?No, not as much anymore,? Ms. Johnson said as she studied my service to them with a critical eye, ?He gets spanked once a week now, on Sundays, whether he?s been good or bad. We review his behavior for the past seven days and then I take him over my lap to correct his errors.?

?Does he always warrant a hard spanking?? my mom asked curiously.

?No, not usually. But I feel a good paddling helps clear the air and helps him to know his place. I also think a good cry is good for him, as it is for all sissies. He doesn?t like his spankings–believe me, but he?s a much better little boy for them?aren?t you Chrissie?? she said as she faced me.

?Yes Ma?am,? I immediately replied. I knew better than to contradict her, especially since I feared she might feel tempted to give my mom a demonstration of the power of her paddle.

?I?m sure you?re right,? my mom said in agreement, ?which is why I?ve hired Jordan here as Chrissie?s tutor and nanny.

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 4

Timmy obviously didn?t like that response and he sniffled in silence, fighting back the tears that threatened to overwhelm the chastised sissy.

Finally, I finished his nails and a part of me took a measure of pride in how well they came out. Timmy looked even prissier than he did before, if that was even possible, and he looked down on his feminized hands with a sob of resignation.

?Now it?s your turn,? Alyssa said as she pushed me roughly.

My pride and subtle sense of superiority evaporated as Timmy gleefully took the nail polish from me and began doing my nails. I could only imagine what these two knockouts must think of us, submitting submissively to their orders like docile sheep when any other guy would never have stood for it.

As I sat down while Timmy painted my nails, I saw Barbie snapping pictures of me, taking humiliating shots that made me look totally sissyish and compliant. After my nails had partially dried, the two girls made us apply glossy lipstick to each other and then pose in the most humiliating ways, holding hands, kissing each other?s cheeks and leaving pink lipstick impressions all over each other, then hugging like pansy lovers, all while the digital shutter clicked away repeatedly to capture our shame on film.

?I was just going to show this to our friends but now I?ve decided that I?m going to post these all over the internet so everyone can see what a pansy-ass sissy you?ve become, Chrissie,? Alyssa promised me.

?Please don?t!? I begged her pathetically but she just crossed her lithe arms over her perky breasts and smirked back at me, nodded in confirmation of my fears and daring me with her eyes to oppose her.

?Okay. Now for the crowning shot,? she said wickedly, ?I want you two sissies to kiss each other, right on the lips.?

Barbie giggled at the cleverness of her friend?s wicked plans, slapping Timmy on his diapered bottom for good measure.

?Go ahead, Panty-waist,? she sneered, ?Kiss your little boyfriend.?

?Please, please don?t make us!? we begged her again but she picked up her strap-on in her small hands and thrust it in our faces.

?Do I need to use this on you?? she said threateningly.

We shook our heads violently in fear and then looked at each other with apprehension.

?Then plant your pink lips all over your boyfriend?s there,? she said as she rudely pushed me again, ?do it now or I?ll make you French kiss him too.?

I gasped in shock at her suggestion and choked back a sob as I turned to see Timmy wiping a tear from his face. Holding him in my arms, I drew him closer but at first, he was afraid to face me. He looked fearfully at our two sexy tormentors and then back to me, realizing we had no choice but to do their bidding. As Barbie kept snapping the shutter on the camera, I pulled Timmy slowly towards me and kissed him tenderly on his lipstick covered lips. He gasped and blushed as no doubt I was as well but Alyssa wasn?t satisfied.

?Make it a longer kiss?reach around and squeeze his butt while you do it. I?m going to time you and if you stop kissing before I tell you to, I?m going to hump your little ass with the strap-on ?til you can?t walk straight.?

I gulped hard and threw my arms around Timmy, kissing him hard as my hands went down to fondle the thick, pliable seat of his plastic baby panties. Even though I had never kissed a guy before, nor had I ever wanted to, I felt a strange mixture of emotions swirling around inside of me. Timmy?s lips felt soft and warm against my own and his bottom felt cushiony and erotic. I could feel the wetness that had seeped up into his seat and I pulled his panties up by the waistband, so that his diapers wouldn?t sag so much. A tear trickled down Timmy?s cheek but I kept kissing him passionately, afraid to let go. At the same time, my own little wiener was fighting against its bonds within my diaper as it struggled to become hard. For some reason, I was getting tremendously turned on by forcibly kissing Timmy and I couldn?t have been more surprised.

Meanwhile, Barbie was getting countless shots of our lusty embrace, my hands squeezing Timmy?s thickly padded rump while he did the same with mine. Oddly enough, I began to feel Timmy?s tiny little penis beginning to grow within his diapers and as I opened my eyes, I could see that his were half closed, surrendering to my advances. His lips began to part, as if he wanted my tongue and without thinking, I accommodated him. His mouth was hot and he moaned like a girl as I tentatively explored with my tongue, shocking myself with my own lack of inhibition.

At last, Alyssa gave us the signal and we were allowed to stop. Standing there breathlessly, we both blushed profusely at each other, deeply ashamed at having committed the ultimate act of sissihood. What have I done, I demanded of myself. I had just French-kissed the biggest sissy I had ever met and now everyone who had ever known me would see the pictures of it!

I saw the two girls wink at each other and they stepped aside, taking their miniskirts down in unison. I stared openly at their smooth, sexy legs and upper thighs that were now completely revealed to us and for a fleeting moment, I thought we were about to be rewarded for cooperating with their cruel demands.

But my hopes were quickly dashed as I saw them stepping into the strap-on harnesses, a look of evil glee on their pretty faces.

?Bu-bu-but I thought?I thought you said if we did what you wanted?that-that you wouldn?t use those on us,? I stammered nervously.

?I lied,? Alyssa said simply, as she snugged down the wide straps that held the monstrous dildo in place. I gulped with fear as I looked down at the intimidating device, jutting out menacingly from each of the slim, fit, cheerleader?s pelvises. My anus twitched nervously as I contemplated what was about to happen. Judging by the look on Timmy?s horrified face, I don?t think he even knew what a strap-on was but I could tell he didn?t like it. My mind raced as I tried to think of a way to escape our horrible fates but I couldn?t imagine any way out of it. Unlike myself, these girls were in excellent physical shape and neither one of us was any kind of match for them.

Alyssa was facing away from me as she cinched her strap-on up snug against her crotch. I gazed in admiration at the sheer panties she was wearing that stretched across her firm, shapely buns but when she turned around, I was greeted by the incongruous sight of a huge rubber cock jutting out from in front.

?We?re going to help out you two sissies by preparing you for your future boyfriends,? she said as she pushed me down onto my knees into a kneeling position, ?And the first thing you need to learn, is how to properly suck a cock.?

Staring at the massive head of her dildo, inches in front of my face, I gulped hard and shook my head frantically, hoping to dissuade her from her humiliating plans. Reaching forward, she placed her hand on my head, to guide it towards her dildo and I was afraid to struggle against her.

?Oh yes Chrissie, this is just the first of many cocks you?ll be sucking. Better get used to it because no woman is ever gonna have anything to do with you.?

Her biting words stung me, making me want to cry and I looked up at her with a sad, pleading expression. By contrast, she looked down at me with an evil smile of smug confidence and power, a woman fully in control and used to having her way.

She pulled my head closer until my pink lipstick covered lips were pressing against the big, bulbous head of her dildo. Refusing to submit any further to this degradation, I kept my lips tightly closed to deny her the satisfaction.

?You want to suck a nice big cock, don?t you Chrissie,? she taunted me cruelly.

?No?? I responded, but the second I opened my mouth she shoved the dildo past my pink lips, cramming it all the way in until it bottomed out against the back of my throat. I squealed in shock, gagging desperately but both girls laughed at my plight with great amusement.

?That trick works every time,? Alyssa chuckled as she began slowly pumping the dildo in and out.

Kneeling before her, I was forced to su-k on the fat rubber cock as she held my head in place and moved back and forth with her sexy hips. I heard another squeal of surprise and out of the corner of my eye, I could see Timmy getting a similar treatment.

?That?s right, suck the big cock Chrissie,? Alyssa said from above me, ?This should come very natural to you.?

I blushed deeply as she kept up a steady stream of humiliating comments about my performance.

?Use your tongue Sissy?that?s right, suck it like it was you wittw ba-ba?your future boyfriend will really appreciate all the practice you?ve made?.there you go?that?s it, take it all the way in?wrap those pink lips around my cock?that?s it??

I could see a pink ring around the base of her dildo representing the farthest extent that I had been able to take it in. Her dildo filled my mouth completely, stretching my cheeks wide as it plunged in and out.

?If only your little friends could see you now,? she said as she placed one hand on her curvy hip and left the other one on the back of my head to guide my rhythm, ?but then?they will see you?just as soon as I make prints of these photos.?

Looking up, I saw Barbie snapping a shot of me with my mouth full of fat rubber cock and my faced blushed bright red again.

?Smile for the camera, Chrissie,? Alyssa laughed, ?but then, it must be a little hard when you?ve got a big cock stuffed in your mouth.?

The girls laughed again and I wondered when they would ever stop tormenting us.

?You see?this is what you?ll be doing to get your boyfriend all nice and hard. That way he can bend you over and ram it in your ass so you can cum like the big sissy you are,? she said caustically.

My jaws were getting sore from having been stretched for so long and at last, Alyssa pulled it out of my mouth.

?Okay, that?s enough fun for you Chrissie,? she remarked as she picked up the jar of vaseline from the top of the dresser.

Barbie had brought two straight backed chairs into the nursery and they bent us down over them, pushing our heads through an opening in the backs that I could just barely squeeze my shoulders through. This left me on my hands and knees, my stomach supported by the seat and my bottom exposed while my torso was trapped through the back of the chair. They had cleverly arranged the chairs so that both of us would be forced to look at each other?s face, now only inches apart. I thought I would try and be tough about the situation but when I saw Alyssa take the oak paddle off the wall, I began crying crocodile tears of fear. Barbie was pulling our plastic panties down and unpinning our wet diapers, exposing our damp bottoms to these merciless vixens while we both whimpered in terror.

Alyssa had positioned herself behind me and because of my restricted position, I couldn?t see her. Nonetheless, I could feel Barbie tugging my wet diapers down, leaving my bottom both helpless and defenseless to their cruel intentions. No sooner had my damp buns felt the chill of the air when I felt the searing impact of the paddle across my tender cheeks. I howled out loudly and tried to move but the chair held me in my awkward position, preventing me from getting up.


I wailed out in pain and grabbed the chair legs as Alyssa delivered several stinging wallops to my soft, round bottom, quickly bringing me to real tears. I sobbed and cried helplessly as she delivered a series of harsh, angry swats with that dreaded instrument of discipline, aiming careful and applying as much force to each slap of the paddle as she could. Those holes in the paddle really added to the sting and that, combined with the dampness of my bottom, made each swat feel like I was being spanked with a red hot frying pan.

As I lay there sobbing, she handed the paddle to Barbie who took up a similar position behind Timmy. The poor sissy didn?t even wait for her to start spanking him, he burst into tears immediately and began crying like a baby.

?Keep that pretty little bottom right where it is,? she said wickedly as she raised the paddle up and behind her, ??cause I?m about to give you something that?s really gonna make you cry.?

Through the tears in my eyes, I saw her bring down the paddle in a blistering swat at poor Timmy?s defenseless bottom. His eyes widened like saucers and he howled out at the top of his lungs. I watched with perverse fascination as my sissy companion had his fanny paddled without pause or mercy. He beat his little fists on the floor and kicked his legs as the paddle slapped his helpless cheeks in blistering, angry succession. His youthful buns jiggled miserably with each punishing swat and I looked into his face to see the tears streaming down his distraught face.

Before long however, Barbie finished and she set the paddle down with casual disregard, taking the time to coat her dildo with a thick, sticky layer of vaseline. As I contemplated what was about to happen to him, I felt Alyssa?s own strap-on, pushing firmly against my back hole, probing for entry. I moaned weakly but the fight had already been spanked out of me. Submissively, I lay there while she pried my stinging cheeks apart with her long, manicured fingers, attempting to gain entry to my virgin back hole. I looked to Timmy for support and saw that he was whimpering with fear, crying softly while Barbie slowly and tauntingly rubbed the thick head of her dildo up and down the crack of his red, hot and stinging bottom. His moans were coming in shorts squeals now, more out of fear than any real pain. Barbie had an evil gleam on her face as she positioned the fat dildo against Timmy?s hole, making him squirm with terrified apprehension. Pushing firmly, she forced the rubber phallus past his pouting sphincter and deep into his anus, making him savor the fullness of a giant cock.

Timmy squealed loudly, his face a picture of shock and distress while Barbie drove the big dildo deep inside him, holding it in place to make him feel every humiliating inch of it. She smiled with smug satisfaction as Timmy squirmed helplessly, his body trapped within the chair. Just then, I felt Alyssa?s own strap-on push past my rim and it slid deep inside me, making me cry out with a loud squeal. I felt like I was being split in two as she pushed it farther and farther, forcing me to spread my legs in abject submission.

I had never felt so emasculated in my life as these two sexy babes began to slowly and methodically hump us. At my young and tender age, I hadn?t given too much thought as to what it would feel like to have a big, thick cock pumping me in and out but I was surprised by the sensation. It had initially hurt quite a bit as I struggled to accommodate the massive invader in my little hole but as she slowly slid it in and out, I felt another sensation starting to take hold?that of sexual pleasure.

Looking back up at Barbie, I saw her reach down and switch something on, followed by a low buzz. Alyssa must?ve had the same thing because I could feel a slight vibration around the dildo sliding inside me. It appeared that the vibrating device was connected to a part of her strap-on that was intended to provide stimulation to the female wearer and I could see the effect of this when I looked up to see Barbie, her eyes half closed as she savored the waves of passion flowing through her curvy, sensual body. She looked utterly ravishing, her long blonde curls swaying back and forth as she drove the strap-on deep into poor Timmy?s bottom while he squealed like a schoolgirl. Her round br.easts, which were the size of two ripe cantaloupes, jiggled in her snug, form-fitting top with each thrust she made into my helpless, hapless companion. From time to time, she?d bite her lip as she held the dildo as far in as it would go, which also had the effect of pressing the vibrator hard up against her sex. Both she and Alyssa were now moaning with pleasure as they ground their dildos into our sissy holes. I looked at Timmy?s face which was still covered with my lipstick kisses and even he was starting to get tremendously turned on. He was moaning freely with each thrust of Barbie?s strap-on, and breathing deeply from the pounding he was getting.

Both girls picked up their pace and the dildos slid in and out, faster and faster, as they gripped us tightly by our hips. Timmy?s moans were coming closer and closer together and all of a sudden, I heard him cry out as he came uncontrollably in his wet diapers. I too, would have liked to cum, but my chastity restrainer prevented my efforts to get hard. Despite the intense stimulation my hole was receiving, by tiny little wiener was still held with implacable bonds that refused to allow me to enjoy any sort of sexual activity. I could only cry tears of frustration as Alyssa pounded my back passage thoroughly, digging her long nails into the soft skin of my hips as she sought to get the best grip she could. I wailed and squealed while Alyssa enjoyed every tantalizing vibration of her device, sending her to the brink of orgasm.

At last, both girls seemed to peak at the same time and with one last hard push, they jammed their dildos in as far as they could go. My hole was stretched to the limit and I could feel the fat rubber head pushing furiously against me. Alyssa used all her body weight (all 120 pounds of it) to keep the dildo crammed up inside me, while I moaned like a helpless little girl. With a room deafening cry, both the girls came with great exuberance, spending themselves as wave after wave of orgasm roiled through their slim, youthful bodies. I watched with fascination, Barbie?s face reddening as she gasped from the strength of her climax. Her curly hair was spilled over her pretty features in a picture of wild dishevelment as she ground her dildo against Timmy?s backside. He whimpered and squirmed, trying to get away from the monster cock buried inside him but there was nowhere for him to go. I too, struggled to escape my tormentor?s determined assault, but I could do nothing to alleviate my suffering. My poor back passage was tired and sore from the intense reaming it had taken and I waited impatiently for Alyssa to free me.

When the girls had finally spent themselves, they reached down and clicked the vibrators off, slowly easing the fat dildos out of our bottoms. I breathed a deep sigh of relief and when I looked into Timmy?s eyes, I saw that he was smiling sheepishly back at me.

?There,? Alyssa said breathlessly, as she began undoing the straps to her strap-on, ?Let that be a lesson to you sissies. Now you know your place in this world. Only next time, I?ll have my boyfriend come over and cum in your mouth. I?ll bet you?d like that, wouldn?t you Chrissie.?

She emphasized her question with a harsh slap to my still red bottom.

?OWWCHH!!? I cried out, still immobilized by my position within the chair.

After cleaning up their dildos, the girls re-pinned our wet diapers and pulled our plastic panties back into place, leaving us to endure the cool, clammy embrace of the wet cloth. Frankly, at this point, I was afraid to ask them to change us and I shuddered to think what else they might have in mind for us. After putting their strap-ons back into their purses, the girls stepped back into their miniskirts and zipped them up, an act that was extremely arousing all in itself.

Just then, Ms. Johnson came back home and it appeared we would saved from further torment at the hands of these totally hot, yet cruel cheerleaders.

?Hi girls, how did it go with the sissies?? she asked as she set her car keys down. I saw that another woman had come in behind her and much to my relief, she smiled warmly at us.

?Well, after they started playing with their make-up, they kinda got carried away with each other,? Alyssa remarked with a smirk directed at Barbie.

Ms. Johnson came up and stood over me, her pretty features creasing as she looked down at the lipstick kisses all over mine and Timmy?s face.

?What on earth have you two been up to?? she said with exasperation.

My mouth dropped open and I wanted to relate the entire humiliating hour that had just transpired but a stern look of warning from Alyssa who was standing behind Ms. Johnson told me that there would be hell to pay if I did. For a moment, I struggled to find the words as I looked around, first at Timmy, who was now biting his lip guiltily, and then at Alyssa who was regarding me coldly.

?Um?I guess um, we were just?you know, kinda havin? fun, Ms. Johnson,? I mumbled meekly.

She shook her head in obvious disapproval but said no more of it, apparently thinking that it was only natural that two sissies left alone would sooner or later begin kissing each other.

Reaching down, she squeezed the seat of my diapers and felt the soggy cloth within my vinyl panties, confirming her suspicions of my condition.

?Looks like these two sissies are due for a diaper change,? she told her friend that had come in with her, ?Would you like to help me, Crystal??

?Sure,? Crystal replied brightly, ?I?ll take this little cutie here.?

I blushed as she began tugging my clinging plastic panties down without any prompting, as if she were my own mother. Nonetheless, I couldn?t help but notice that she was totally sexy with a thin, clinging sweater she was wearing that hugged her immense br.easts closely. She appeared to be in her late twenties, tall, and she had her dark hair swept back in a sassy pony tail. Her manner was warm, yet firm, and I could tell she was quite used to dealing with helpless babies who wet themselves. She treated me as if I were just another one that couldn?t do anything for himself and she made me hold the hem of my party dress up while she worked my panties off my diapers and down my legs. After putting my soiled baby pants in the diaper pail, she sat me down on the changing table and proceeded to unpin my soaking wet diapers.

?My, my?? she tsked me, ?This one?s quite a little wetter.?

My face reddened and I bit my lip with embarrassment.

?Yes, he has no more control of his functions than any baby,? Ms. Johnson told her as she stood towering over me, ?Personally, I?m doubtful that he can even be potty-trained.?

Crystal shook her head but she smiled down at me nonetheless.

?That?s okay Chrissie,? she said as if she were addressing a two year-old, ?We?ll get you all fixed up in some nice thick diapers before your nap.?

My face reddened some more and as I glanced over, I saw Timmy smiling down at me and I suspected some part of him enjoyed seeing me humiliated.

Crystal pulled the wet diapers out from under me and she noticed the distinctive, red oval marks that had been left by the paddle.

?Well, it looks like someone?s been a very naughty boy,? she said, half smiling at me, ?Did you get a wittw spanky-wanky??

I couldn?t stop blushing from her babyish treatment of me and I nodded in acknowledgement.

?Awww?does baby?s little bottom hurt, hm?? she asked with mock concern, ?Aunt Crystal?s gonna make it feel all better, just you wait.?

Grabbing a big handful of diaper rash cr?me, she smeared it across my entire backside, coating it liberally with the sticky stuff while her other hand gripped my ankles and held them up over my head. I held onto the sides of the changing table desperately, blushing furiously as this stranger ran her soft slippery hands across my punished buns, working the greasy emollient thoroughly into my skin.

Barbie and Alyssa watched us in silence, shaking their pretty heads at my babyish routine. After setting me back down, Crystal took a stack of three thick diapers and slid them under my rump, positioning them evenly on both sides.

?Here you are Sissykins, a nice big diaper for our big baby,? she said brightly. Taking the baby powder, she began shaking it all over my crotch and stomach, humming a nursery rhyme as she did.

I bit my lip with embarrassment as everyone stared down at me, a young man being pinned into his diapers like a helpless child.

After snicking them closed, she patted me on the thick front and said, ?Now just you wait, Chrissie, while I find you a nice pair of plastic panties for you to wear.?

I sat waiting in silence, my face and ears burning with shame while she sifted through the drawer looking at various baby pants, holding some up and commenting on them.

?Now these are cute,? she said admiringly, ?such soft ruffles around the leg and waist?they?re perfect for a sissy like you who?s still in diapers!?

I wilted under her humiliating treatment as she gathered the leg openings in her delicate hands and began pulling them up my legs.

?Hopefully, these will fit over your thick diapers, Chrissie,? she said as she slowly drew them upwards.

?They should be fine,? Ms. Johnson offered helpfully, ?those are all full-cut to accommodate thick, thirsty diapers like these sissies wear.?

Sure enough, as Crystal began snaking her long fingernails around the waistband, she worked the shiny pink plastic panties up and over the bulky circumference of my diapers, sealing them up fully and completely.

?There,? she said satisfied as she patted the smooth, vinyl covered front of my bulging diapers, ?you?re all set for your afternoon nap.?

The cheerleaders shook their heads once more and then said goodbye to Ms. Johnson and Crystal. While Timmy got his diapers changed, I sat in uncomfortable silence, still trying to come to terms with the intense humiliation I?d suffered today. I?d never felt like such an emasculated sissy in all my life.

At the same time, Ms. Johnson went and filled a jumbo sized baby bottle with milk and warmed it up, bringing it in right as Crystal was finishing up.

?Well Julie, here you are; two sissies, diapered, changed, and ready for beddie-bye,? Crystal said as she slapped my thickly padded bottom.

?And now it?s time for the babies to get their milk before their naps,? Ms. Johnson said with an evil gleam in her eye.

Taking our hands, the two sexy women led us out into Ms. Johnson?s spacious living room and sat us on the expansive couch next to them. I meekly submitted as Crystal sat down and pulled me up onto her lap, cradling my head against her big, soft breasts. I was filled with sexual excitement as my cheek touched the fuzzy, comforting material of her thin sweater that was wrapped tightly across her swollen bosom. I was positive that my moment had finally arrived?at last, I was going to get to nurse from a bare breast! I had hoped for Ms. Johnson, of course, but this woman was exciting in her own different way. Her big, round boobs had captured my attention from the moment she had walked in the room and now I was about to get the chance to suckle from them. My tiny little penis began to immediately harden, only to be painfully restrained by my chastity harness.

I was facing the other end of the couch where Ms. Johnson had positioned Timmy, evidently to give him the same treatment. I smiled across at him, even as he became apprehensive of another humiliating session at our guardian?s big breasts.

?I?m so glad you were able to help me out with my?you know, situation,? Crystal said to her.

?Oh, don?t mention it,? Ms. Johnson replied with a waving dismissal of her finely manicured hand, ?Its good experience for a sissy to nurse from the breast again.?

?Its just that with my baby being unable to take mother?s milk, I was forced to use a breast pump to get rid of all of it?it just seemed like such a waste.?

?Oh yes, I totally agree,? Ms. Johnson said as she began unbuttoning her straining blouse, ?And this little sissy needs all the milk he can get to be a big, strong boy.?

She said the latter part in her mocking voice which left no doubt about how she felt about Timmy.

?Looks to me like you?ve got quite a bit to feed him, just by yourself,? Crystal remarked as she admired the mammoth size of Ms. Johnson?s right breast, now visible that her blouse was fully open. I felt my temperature rising as I stared past the twin mountains of Crystal?s, at the soft, plump skin of Ms. Johnson?s mammary now revealed. I licked my lips in excited anticipation of what was about to happen.

The latter chuckled at Crystal?s observation.

?Yes, well, I?m sure we can count on little Timmy waking up from his nap this afternoon with a very wet diaper.?

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 3

After a short while, I found myself upstairs, moving down the hallway in the general direction of Ms. Johnson?s bedroom. I felt full of nervous, sexual tension and my little wiener constantly twitched within the encircling bonds of my chastity device. Up ahead, I could faintly hear the sounds of Ms. Johnson?s voice, filtering out through an open crack in her doorway. Inching forward as silently as possible in my mary janes, I snuck up to investigate the situation better.

As I peeked around the edge of the door, I saw Ms. Johnson sitting on her bed with Timmy laid across her lap. Once again, I was mesmerized by the erotic scene before me.

Ms. Johnson had unbuttoned her halter top and it hung loosely from her slim arms, leaving her fantastic chest nearly fully exposed. Her two massive breasts were supported by a white lacey bra that held her two curvy melons in an alluring double cleavage, due to the fact that they pushed up and against each other in the most exciting way imaginable.

I gasped in utter awe at her beautiful boobs and watched with burning jealousy as my rival Timmy, suckled from her right one like a baby. She was cradling his head in the crook of her arm while her other hand was reaching over and softly stroking the front of his fat diapers. Apparently, she had dressed him in some sort of thin, stretchy panties because they were tangled around his ankles, just above his pink Keds sneakers. His smooth, feminine looking legs gave him a particularly childish appearance and his shiny plastic covered diapers completed the scene.

Nonetheless, the humiliated sissy looked distinctly uncomfortable in his position. He was whimpering with embarrassment as he suckled from the gigantic nipple filling his mouth. Her big breast dwarfed his little head and he had his mouth full, sucking and nursing while he fidgeted nervously.
Ms. Johnson was gently encouraging him, as she had when she was administering our enemas.

??Sh-shhh?there you go?that?s a good little boy?drink all you can?that?s it?that?s a good baby??

I bit my lip and felt my penis growing stiff within its little prison and I stifled a gasp of pain as it fought madly to break free of its bonds. Unconsciously, I reached down to try and move it as one might do when your wiener is trapped by some part of your underwear. The only problem was, now my underwear was a big, thick pair of diapers, covered by plastic panties, and there was no amount of re-arranging that I could do to relieve the pressure on my throbbing wee-wee.

I cursed silently to myself but I couldn?t force myself to move away from the enrapturing scene taking place before me.

Ms. Johnson was alternating between stroking Timmy?s head, then the front of his thick diapers, helping to stimulate the emasculated sissy further. From time to time, she?d hold her big breast up to his mouth when he tried to back off, to make sure he couldn?t escape this most babyish of feedings. The poor sissy whimpered and mewled, squirming in her lap and desperate to escape his predicament but she was determined to make sure he got his full share.

?Come on Sissy, suckle from that nipple?I know it?s a lot but you?ll just have to try?there you go?that?s mommy?s baby?such a good little sissy.?

Timmy squirmed some more in her lap, trying weakly to rise up but Ms. Johnson held him in place.

?What?s the matter Timmy?? she asked innocently, ?Is mommy?s little baby going to wet his diapers? Is that the problem??

With his face mashed against her massive breast, Timmy was entirely unable to articulate any kind of response. All he could do was to fidget and whimper in weak protest.

?Ahh, I know,? she exclaimed suddenly, ?You?re finished with the right side and you want the other one??

Timmy shook his head no but she easily pushed his head between her breasts and then towards her left one. With deft movements, she tucked her big right boob back into its lacey cup and then pulled the other one out to position it before Timmy?s trembling mouth. He moaned babyishly but kept his eyes shut, apparently because he found the situation so utterly overwhelming to his senses. Ms. Johnson smiled down on him and forced her swollen nipple in between his lips, making him suckle from it as he had the other one.

?There you are?that?s my baby,? she said soothingly, ?You?re getting quite a feeding today, aren?t you??

I bit my lip hard and pushed against the cushiony surface of my crotch, desperate to relieve the strain being imposed on my balls and wiener. My little member was straining furiously in its prison and the pain was almost unbearable.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps down the hall and I tore myself away from my voyeuristic ambitions to run and hide.

Late that night, as I lay in my crib listening to the sound of Timmy sleeping, my mind was consumed with trying to find a way to defeat Ms. Johnson?s chastity device that she had secured me in. Every time I thought back to the scene in her bedroom where she was pushing her beautiful, massive breasts into Timmy?s squirming face, my heartbeat doubled and my little penis fought against its bonds determinedly. It was just so frustrating! I wanted to kiss her sexy boobs in the worst way but even more than that, I wanted to be able to stroke my little member without restriction.

Whereas before, the soft cushiony cloth of my diapers had served to assist my masturbatory misadventures, now, they mocked me with their caressing, tempting embrace. And pretty Ms. Johnson only added to my frustration with her clinging blouses and tops that showcased her fabulous bosom. She was so beautiful, but yet so strict!

With absolutely no way to relieve myself, all I could think about was sex. Would she ever release me from my bonds? Would I ever get to cum in my diapers again? I could think of little else as I drifted off to a troubled sleep.

The next day, after having our diapers changed and fed breakfast, Timmy and I were left in the nursery to amuse ourselves. With little else to do, we soon found ourselves playing with Barbies and after a while, I totally forgot that I was dressed in diapers and a short dress, and I gradually started acting more like a little girl of six, rather than the fifteen year old guy that I actually was. Timmy too, was soon giggling like a sissy and we seemed to lose all our inhibitions with each other.

As a young sophomore back in school, I was used to maintaining a certain false masculinity to keep the bullies from constantly picking on me. But here, I felt like I could just be myself and relax, letting my true self come out. Timmy certainly wasn?t judgmental and if anything, he seemed to be the epitome of a sissy, with his childish giggling and feminine mannerisms.

We were playing and laughing, having forgotten the outside world, when all of a sudden, a pair of gorgeous young women walked through the door unexpectantly. I dropped my Barbie in stunned silence as I gaped up at the two hot babes dressed in skimpy cheerleader?s outfits. One was a brunette and the other was blonde but both were dressed identically in pink shimmery, form-fitting halters and bouncy short skirts. The latter barely managed to cover their panties and I imagined that if they were to turn around and bend over, their perky bottoms and panties would be revealed to us in all their glory. Their halter tops were very low cut and the scoop style in front showed off their wonderful round brea$t$ to my roaming eyes. These girls were both very pretty and the brunette had her long, silky hair pulled back showing her high, model-like cheekbones while the blonde had curls and curls spilling over her soft, bare shoulders. They looked down at us with a mixture of surprise and amusement but I felt I sensed a trace of cruelty in the brunette?s eyes.

?I found them, Julie,? she called out over her shoulder in the direction down the hall, ?they were in their nursery, playing with dolls.?

I blushed three shades of red as I looked up at the statuesque girls in their sexy high heels, staring down at us and laughing at our appearances. Here I was, dressed in a very short party dress and diapers, caught in the act of playing with Barbie dolls when any other guy my age would have been out raising hell and getting into trouble. In my extremely agitated state, I suddenly felt the front of my diapers growing wet and warm, as I uncontrollably wet myself. Instinctively, I squealed with panic and my hands went down to as if I could staunch the flow by pressing against my crotch. This only served to bring everyone?s attention to me and they laughed all over again as they realized I was wetting my diapers like an incontinent toddler.

Just then, Ms. Johnson strode into the room and taking in my infantile display, she frowned and shook her head.

?I see you?ve met my two sissies,? she said disdainfully as she crossed her arms over her very impressive chest.

?Yes,? the brunette giggled uncontrollably, ?And I think he just peed his diapers.?

Ms. Johnson regarded me sternly and she reached down to put her hand against the warm surface of my plastic panties. As she did so, I stared down the cavernous gap of her cleavage, seeing the delicate lace cups of her bra hidden beneath her blouse. With her bending down so close to me, I inhaled deeply from the subtle feminine scent of her skin and I felt her undeniable superiority overwhelm my senses. Feeling the wetness in front through my vinyl panties, she reached around and felt my bottom while I squirmed in uncomfortable silence, my face glowing a bright red.

?Well, his diapers can still take some more if you?d like to wait to change him,? Ms. Johnson pronounced authoritatively, ?Chrissie is used to wearing wet diapers so he can go around like that for a while and it?ll be fine.?

My humiliation knew no bounds as she discussed me in the same terms and tone of a helpless two year-old.

?He often wets himself like a baby whenever he?s startled,? she explained to the pretty cheerleaders who were shaking their heads in amazement, ?but I keep him in very thick diapers which can really hold a lot. Just keep an eye on him and check him from time to time and when his seat becomes saturated, that?s usually when I change him.

?I?m going to meet Crystal for lunch,? she continued as she checked her watch, ?but I?ll be back in time to tuck the sissies in for their afternoon nap.?

I bit my lip nervously and kept my eyes downcast but I couldn?t stop blushing from the circumstances. I was so ashamed to be spoken of like an infant, especially since I was sitting in front of these hotties in my now very wet diapers, looking and acting like a helpless baby girl.

?You go ahead and take off Julie,? the brunette assured her, ?Barbie and I can take care of these two sissies.?

?Oh, I almost forgot,? Ms. Johnson said as an afterthought, ?their paddle is hanging up there on the wall. Make sure to use it if they give you any trouble?any at all.?

The two girls smirked at each other and suppressed their giggles.

?Oh believe me?we will!? Barbie exclaimed.

?I like to paddle their bottoms until I see real tears?and then I really lay into them,? Ms. Johnson added with determination.

The girls were nodding their heads in complete agreement.

?Don?t you worry, I?ll make sure they cry if they even think of misbehaving,? the brunette replied.

I shrank in fear as I contemplated the steely will of these pretty vixens that held total power over us in Ms. Johnson?s absence.

?Good. Thank you Alyssa,? Ms. Johnson said as she walked out, ?I?ll see you two later.?

The cheerleaders said their goodbyes and then turned their attention back to us.

?I just can?t believe it,? Alyssa said, her tone of voice suddenly becoming very disparaging, ?I remember when you were still going to our school?I knew you were a wuss then but I had no idea!?

I felt my face and neck growing hot from my blushing and I could hardly look her in the eye. Casting my eyes down at the shiny surface of my pink plastic panties, bulging out from the thickness of my cloth diapers, I realized just how infantile I looked. It was absolutely mortifying to be seen in this situation by my former schoolmate.

?I should put you over my knee right now,? she said menacingly, ?but I have a better idea.?

With that, both she and Barbie pulled a pair of big rubber dildos out of their purses and my heart skipped a beat as I saw that they were mounted on a harness of some sort.

?If you two don?t do exactly as we say?we?re going to bend you over and fuck you in the ass with our strap-ons,? she threatened us as she waved the monster sized dildos at us.

Timmy was quivering like a leaf and I saw his lip trembling with fright as Barbie looked down on him with an intimidating glare. I could hear the faint hiss of pee as he began helplessly wetting himself, breathing in short gasps as he looked around, hoping desperately for some kind of escape.

?I think we?ll have you two little fairies pose for us,? Alyssa announced, ?I brought my digital camera and I want to take lots of pictures of you two to show everyone what sissies you are.

?But first, why don?t you paint your sissy boyfriend?s nails, Chrissie,? she ordered me as she walked over to the vanity and snatched up a bottle of bubble gum pink nail polish.

Both Timmy and I were too terrified of the girls, to try standing up to them. I took one look at the fat, ten inch strap-on dildo she had in her hand and I quailed at the thought of refusing her. With perhaps a little more eagerness than I would have preferred, I took the nail polish from her and sat next to Timmy who looked like he was about ready to cry. Barbie got into it as well, dividing the effeminate sissy?s fingers with wads of Kleenex while I applied several coats of glossy pink lacquer to his nails. He sniffled and whimpered but sat there submissively while I added coat after coat to each of his fingertips.

I knew Timmy had little more control of his bladder than I, and sure enough, while he was getting his nails done, I heard him wet himself once again. He began shifting in his seat as the soggy cloth began to surround his crotch and buns and he fidgeted as the minutes ticked by, while his diapers became more and more soaked. Finally, he couldn?t stand it anymore, the warm, wet cloth clinging to his sensitive little bottom.

?Barbie–? he started to whine.

??That?s Miss Barbie, to you, Sissykins,? she snapped.

?Miss Barbie,? he began again meekly, ?Do you think I could please get um, changed?I kinda um?wet myself,? he said lamely, still keeping his eyes downcast on the floor.

?Too bad, Panty-waist,? she retorted, ?you?ll just have to get used to it.?

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 2

My buns were still pink and sore from her earlier paddling and when the hard, unyielding oak instrument slapped them again, it was like an explosion of wasps had descended on my poor fanny.


I wailed miserably and scissored my feet, even though they were tangled within my plastic panties. With a stinging wallop, she delivered another and another blistering swat to my defenseless bottom, re-igniting the inferno that had only been dormant for a matter of a few hours.

Timmy had moved to a better position to watch my punishment and he watched with fascination as the paddle landed with ferocious impact, causing my bright red cheeks to jiggle helplessly before bouncing back to an even brighter and deeper shade of hot, angry red. He watched each stinging slap with interest followed by the reaction on my face as I cried unashamedly, the tears streaming down my face and making my cheeks wet. I hated the added humiliation of having someone else witness my punishment but at the moment, that was several notches down on my list of priorities.

I was kicking frantically as Ms. Johnson slapped my glowing globes harshly with her paddle, not missing any square inch. She worked in a rough circle, swatting the pale, tender sides that had thus far, escaped her wrath. I cringed and squirmed over her lap as she delivered each fearsome swat with frustrating precision. Soon, the entire surface was once again, a bright purplish-red, shiny and blotchy with the heat of a stove top.

I was wailing at the top of my lungs when Ms. Johnson finally stopped her assault on my rear and let me up. I could barely stand on my shaking legs and she scooped me up and placed me on the edge of her bed, sending another wave of searing pain all over my rump as it came into contact with her bed sheet.

?You sit right there, Sissy-boy,? she snapped, ?I have something for you that will serve our needs perfectly.?

I was too upset to think what she had in mind and out of the corner of my eye, I could still see Timmy watching me in silence as he sucked his thumb like a baby.

Ms. Johnson came back over to me with something in her hand although because I was still crying profusely, I couldn?t see what it was. Spreading my thighs apart to expose my genitals, she grasped my tiny, limp penis and began working it through a series of loops that appeared to be interconnected in a confounding design. Ms. Johnson?s top was still mostly open and I could easily see her big breasts swaying within the shiny cups of her push-up bra as she manipulated the contraption in her hands.

?This will put an end to your masturbating, once and for all,? she assured me as she wrapped the last loop around my diminutive scrotum. I felt her cinch it up snugly and then I heard the distinctive sound of a high tensile lock being closed which sent a shiver of dread through my being.

Wiping the tears from my face, I looked down and saw my little package trussed up within three loops of some sort of material that felt soft to my skin. Ms. Johnson pulled it one way and then another to test the security of the device until she was satisfied it couldn?t be removed.

?There,? she said with a smug smile on her pretty face, ?The next time you try to play with yourself, you?ll be in for a bit of a surprise.?

?Wha-what is it?? I sobbed pathetically.

?It?s a chastity restrainer that I use on especially troublesome masturbators like yourself,? she explained, ?You?ve proven time and again that you can?t be trusted so you?ve forced me to take greater measures to control you.

?Sissies that are allowed to play with themselves freely, undermine the discipline that I provide here?and I won?t tolerate it. Like it or not, your masturbating days are over.?

The finality in which she said that made me shudder but I was too frightened to try and prove her wrong.

?It?s diaper time for you, Sissy, and then into your crib for an early bedtime.?

I pouted in mute helplessness, stymied by her absolute power to do what she pleased with me. I chewed my lip in frustration as she pinned me into my thick diapers and pulled my plastic panties back into place. The whole time, Timmy watched in silence although from time to time, I thought I saw him smiling as Ms. Johnson dressed me for bed.

That night, as I sucked from the big bottle of warm milk Ms. Johnson had given me, I tried to tell myself that it wouldn?t be so bad, not being able to play with myself. After all, there were other things to life than masturbation. With my bottom still hot and stinging, I did my best to sleep on my stomach and minimize the fire blazing from within my warm diapers.

At the age of fifteen, I was used to waking up with a boner. Not only that, at my age, it took very little to get my diminutive wiener excited and this morning was no exception.

I was half dreaming of watching Timmy being breastfed by Ms. Johnson and the memory got me extremely excited. She had such big, plump boobs and it fascinated me to no end what it must have been like to kiss them and suckle from her warm flesh. That Timmy had been granted that privilege made me green with envy and not just a little jealous. I was dying to talk to him to find out firsthand what it was like.

My natural inclinations being what they were, I slipped my hands under the baby blankets to stroke the fat, soft surface of my diapers, to give way to my needs. The slippery plastic panties felt wonderful to my touch and the cushiony cloth inside was like a personal pillow, caressing my pee-pee in its welcome embrace.

Somewhere, in the course of the night, I had wet myself although only enough as to be a mild annoyance in the cold light of day. My baby pants did a good job of trapping my body heat which meant the wet cloth was relatively warm to my skin. Spreading my legs, I reached down and began fondling the thick front but instead of the usual immediate gratification that I was used to, I felt a sudden jab of pain. Normally, my wee-wee would immediately rise to the occasion but to my shock and surprise, it was impeded by the restraining loops of the strange chastity device Ms. Johnson had put on me last night. I had forgotten all about it until now and I winced as the loops now pinched my little member viciously. Instinctively, I reached down the front of my diapers to tear the thing off of my genitals but I soon learned that it was secured with an uncanny design and I was completely unable to budge it.

It?s just a matter of easing my wiener carefully out of it, I told myself, but no amount of prying or fiddling with it could extract even the slightest part of my penis from its implacable grasp.

Looking through the bars of my crib, I spied Timmy watching me struggling. He was su-king his thumb again and I stopped what I was doing to sit up straight and face him.

?Hi,? I said, somewhat embarrassed.

He sat up as well and he grasped the bars of his crib as he returned my gaze.

?Hi,? he replied.

His hair looked tousled from his sleep and he was looking around like he needed something. I recognized the look of someone who badly needed to go pee and I knew he was in a dilemma. I watched him fidget in place and saw that his nightey was pulled back in such a way as to leave his thick diapers and pink plastic panties exposed.

?I hafta go potty,? he whispered frantically as he squirmed within his crib.

Suddenly, as if he had said some sort of subliminal key word, I also felt a strong need to go myself. Together, we looked at each other?two helpless sissies that were about to wet their diapers. I tried hard to stop it, but I soon lost the battle and I proceeded to flood my diapers. The pee saturated the front of my diapers and then began seeping inexorably into the seat. As Timmy watched me humiliate myself, I blushed in shame but once it was started, there was no way for me to stop it.

He was squirming in place, obviously debating what to do when I heard him let out a small cry of despair. As he clutched his crib bars with desperation, I could distinctly hear a subtle hissing sound as he began wetting his own diapers before me. Now it was Timmy?s turn to blush and his face turned a bright, scarlet red with embarrassment.
Finally, we both sat back, having little choice but to allow our soaking wet diapers to squish against our backsides.

Just as I always do, I felt very babyish at that moment, my sissyish lack of control verified once again before someone.

I sighed heavily and looked across at Timmy who was crying softly to himself.

?Don?t cry Timmy,? I said as I gazed over at him through my crib bars.

?Have you always worn diapers?? I asked.

He nodded slowly and I could tell he was greatly ashamed of the fact.

?My mommy used to diaper me before bed because I would always wet myself at night?? he began.

?But then I started having??accidents?, during the day too??

He looked away and then gazed down at the shiny vinyl outer surface of his wet diapers.

?My mommy would tell me I was just a sissy and then one day, when I had wet my pants at school, she found out I was wearing a pair of panties underneath that I had stolen from my cousin??

I listened with silent fascination as he told his tale.

She spanked me harder than usual and then told me I was going to wear diapers all the time?last week, she dropped me off here ?cause she said I needed what she called, ?sissy discipline?.
?I?ve already been spanked by Ms. Johnson four times,? he said with quiet desperation.

Even though I knew I should continue to try and console him, I was very eager to find out more about his breastfeeding session with her.

?What was it like last night?in her bedroom,? I began tentatively, ?you know?sucking from her boobies??

He turned away and I could see he was blushing again.

?I don?t wanna talk about it,? he replied, his embarrassment obvious.

?I know she?s strict?? I ventured, ?But she?s so beautiful too…?

I knew I was in awe of her and my admiration for her was plain to be heard in my voice.

?She has such big boobs,? I said in wonder, ?I would give anything to kiss those things.?

?She smothers me with them,? he said, his tears returning to his face, ?I can?t breathe?and she makes me suckle like a baby, drinking her milk.?

?Really?? I said in amazement, ?What does that taste like??

?I don?t like it,? he answered petulantly, ?but she makes me drink from both boobs even if I?m full.?

My wiener was once again struggling against its bonds as he described the scene which I could still see so easily in my head. She was just so awesome and even though I had seen little of her except for her stern, disciplinary side, I was still infatuated with her.

?Tell me??

Just then, the door to the nursery opened and Ms. Johnson strode in, interrupting me in mid-sentence. I saw she was wearing a much more casual outfit today, a pair of short, snug fitting white shorts that showed off her long, smooth, creamy thighs. Her tight halter top was a light pink color and it hugged her voluptuous chest in the most mouth-watering way imaginable. I stared at her big, jiggling bosom with rapt fascination, unable to take my eyes off it.

?And how are my two little diapered sissies?? she asked with mock sincerity.

Looking across at Timmy, I could see him sniffling about his wet diapers and he blushed as Ms. Johnson reached down and squeezed his thick, padded bottom.

?Wet as usual,? she commented as she unlatched his crib, ?Well, it?ll just have to wait until after breakfast. I?m sure you?re quite used to going around with wet diapers, aren?t you Timmy??

He sniffed and then shook his head no, keeping his eyes downcast in shame.

Suddenly, Ms. Johnson reached down and pulled his nightey up in back, bringing her hard hand down to swat his exposed diapered bottom. It landed with a loud thud, bucking poor Timmy forward as he gasped in shock.

?Answer me when I speak to you!? she snapped.

The tears tumbled down Timmy?s face as he looked up in fear at his busty tormentor, an expression of abject remorse now showing.

?Ye-yes Ma?am!? he quaked in terror, ?I?m v-very familiar with wet diapers.?

?Just like a little baby aren?t you?? she asked, ?Except that you?re a big sissy now that still wets his diapers.?

?Yes Ma?am,? he replied sorrowfully.

My eyes were glued to her firm, round buns that were tightly wrapped in her shorts while she stood towering over the cowering sissy Timmy. She had such long, trim legs that she was much taller than either of us which caused us to fear her, all the more.

Abruptly she turned around to face me and I think she caught me staring at her sexy bum.

?And what about you, Little Miss Priss??

As she took the few steps to cross over to my own crib, her fabulous breasts jiggled within her snug halter top.

I grew suddenly afraid, as if no matter how I responded would earn me a trip over her lap.

?I wet my diapers, Ms. Johnson!? I suddenly burst out in a sissyish confession of guilt.

She crossed her slim arms over her ample chest and shook her pretty head in understanding.

?Just as I expected,? she nodded.

?Well don?t you sissies worry; both my highchairs are covered with practical waterproof vinyl, for just that reason,? she said with a cruel smile, ?Maybe if you have to sit in your wet pampers for a while, it?ll teach you a little lesson and you?ll make more of an effort to control yourselves.?

She unhooked my crib bars and swung it open, grasping me by the wrist and pulling me out. I was both amazed and delighted at the extremely low scoop cut in her halter top, which served to reveal her deep cleavage and give me a glimpse at her delicious breasts. I could feel myself getting hotter just stealing sidelong glances at her unbelievable profile. What a body she had!! And to think that lucky sissy Timmy had nursed from those twin melons of pleasure?it was almost too much to believe!

We went out into the kitchen with her holding our hands like we were two toddlers who needed their mommies. Her maid in the French uniform was waiting there for us and I saw her testing the temperature of a big baby bottle filled with warm milk.

?Well there you are!? she said sweetly as she saw me sheepishly entering the room, my diapers sagging from all the pee.

She helped me into the tall highchair which I soon found had nothing to support my feet on. This left me helpless while she secured my wrists on either side of the sturdy plastic tray with a pair of Velcro straps.

?This will keep mommy?s little baby from getting into any trouble,? she assured me.

I felt very babyish as my wet diaper squished against my damp seat and between my thighs, reminding me of how childish I really was. In addition, my feet swung uselessly in the air preventing me from using them to resist with.

As soon as my wrists were taken care of, her sexy maid pushed the warm rubber nipple of the bottle in between my lips, whereupon I was soon rewarded with a steady supply of warm milk. I whimpered in helpless frustration as I was forced to swallow mouthful after mouthful of the hated liquid. The hole at the tip of the nipple was just large enough so that as long as the bottle was tipped upward, milk would flow freely out of it without requiring any sucking on the part of the recipient. This meant that as long as she held it in place, I would be forced to drink and swallow the entire contents, going at her pace, not mine.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Timmy being spoon fed some sort of baby mush by Ms. Johnson. While her sexy maid was generously well endowed, Ms. Johnson certainly had the bigger br.easts between the two of them and I gazed longingly at her big, round globes.

Strangely, I observed that Timmy wasn?t drinking from a bottle like I was and I wondered why. Could it be that he was going to be visiting Ms. Johnson?s bedroom for another delightful session nursing from her heavy, milk-laden boobs? I felt certain of it and it made me so frustrated I wanted to scream! My little penis was being strangled by my chastity device as I gazed at these two sexy babes before us and here the other sissy was getting all kinds of wonderful attention.

?After breakfast, I?ll take you both in to get your wet diapers changed,? Ms. Johnson promised us, ?And then, little Timmy has a big surprise waiting for him.?

She winked at the blushing sissy whose face was covered with baby food.

Why did he get to be so lucky?! I shouted inside. It wasn?t fair!!

It made me want to go out and do something obnoxious, just to get back at her, but then, I realized I?d probably just get my bottom paddled soundly for my efforts.

At last, I finished my bottle and Ms. Johnson?s maid began feeding me the same mush as Timmy had had. The latter was let out of his highchair and led into the other room while I was force-fed baby food. Her maid paid little attention to me as she shoveled the big, heaping spoonfuls of mush into my mouth and I struggled to keep up with her breathtaking pace. Often she would miss my mouth, either through carelessness, or by accident, and she?d smear the runny food all over my face. She?d chide me for my sloppiness and continue the feeding without making any effort to clean me up.

When I was finished, she undid the straps, rubbing my face with a warm washcloth and then she led me down to the nursery. When I walked in, Timmy was face down over Ms. Johnson?s lap, his diapers unpinned and pulled back, exposing his soft, round little bottom. A long slender tube ran from a hanging red rubber bag that looked as if it were now mostly empty, down to a thick rubber nozzle that was buried in Timmy?s quivering bottom. He was squirming uncomfortably and whimpering helplessly as Ms. Johnson kept the fat nozzle firmly in place. Once again, I found myself strangely aroused by the scene, that is, until Ms. Johnson turned to face us.

?I?m just about done here, Michelle,? she told her maid, ?Would you mind filling up another enema bag for Chrissey here??

My heart skipped a beat as I imagined myself, soon to be in Timmy?s position, getting my own hot soapy enema forced into me.

?No problem!? her maid responded enthusiastically.

Timmy was moaning weakly now, his soft little buns flexing and unflexing helplessly around the thick shaft of the rubber dildo nozzle buried deep inside his rectum. I watched with rapt fascination as Ms. Johnson used her immaculately manicured hands to squeeze and pat Timmy?s round cheeks.

??That?s mommy?s little baby?? she told him soothingly, ??Take it all in?that?s it?all that nice, soapy water?what a good little sissy…?

I could hear Timmy whimpering and crying softly but still, my little package was struggling to grow harder within my own wet diapers as I watched him.

Somehow, between the visual of her big breasts and her steady administration of the soapy enema into helpless Timmy?s bottom, I was getting horny as hell. On the other hand, the idea that I would soon be in his position, filled me with a strange and terrifying excitement.

Just then, Michelle returned with another rubber bag filled to bursting with hot, soapy water.

We heard the last bubbles disappear into Timmy?s rump and then Ms. Johnson slid the slippery dildo slowly out of his anus. He moaned loudly and sobbed pitifully as she helped him to his shaking feet. His face was a bright red and his stomach full as he glanced fleetingly up at me and then back at the floor. Even though part of me felt a measure of pity for the poor sissy, part of me was guiltily pleased to have been able to witness his purging at the hands of our sexy Mistress.

?Go release that Timmy,? she instructed the fidgeting sissy, ?And then come back here where I?ll dress you in your diapers for the day.?

?Yes Ma?am,? he squeaked, and he wasted no time in retreating toward the bathroom, struggling to hold his water as he limped away.

?And now, it?s time for our other sissy?s enema,? she said brightly to me.

Suddenly, I was very nervous as she reached over and began snaking my clinging plastic panties down my skinny legs.

?Please,? I begged her, ?Please don?t make me take that.?

Now that the reality hit me full force, tears began to fill my eyes as she took me gently over her lap.

?This is just what all sissies need,? she told me as she unpinned my wet diaper.

?No, no, no,? I sobbed, ?Please don?t make me, please??

?Hush, little baby,? she cooed as she pulled the wet cloth back and stuffed it between my thighs, ?You?ll feel much better when you?re done and you?ll be all squeaky clean inside.?

She sounded so enthusiastic about it I found it very frustrating.

Before long, I felt the familiar blunt tip of her enema nozzle prodding eagerly at my hole, searching for access. With a sigh of defeat, I spread my legs and let her push the fat rubber dildo deep into my protesting rectum. I moaned involuntarily as she slid it in and around, teasing my hole with the thick, slippery phallus.

?I just know you?ll come to love this Chrissie,? she promised me, ?All sissies come to crave the feeling of a nice big piece of meat filling them up in back?it makes them feel satisfied and complete.?

I squirmed over her lap and whimpered fearfully, too afraid to contradict what she was saying. My back hole felt stretched to the limit but I had to admit, the dildo felt warm and pleasing to me?but it also made me feel even more sissyish, if that was even possible.

Ms. Johnson continued to pump me slowly with the dildo, waiting patiently for me to relax and quit fidgeting. When she was satisfied that I had calmed down, she released the clip and let the hot soapy water surge into my bowels.

I moaned again more urgently, as I felt the liquid gurgling its way deep inside me. I made a perfunctory attempt to rise but Ms. Johnson easily held me in place, ensuring that I remained helpless for her ministrations.

From time to time, she?d snap the clip shut, allowing the water to work its way deep into my insides, while she rubbed my bottom cheeks tenderly, giving me words of encouragement. Several times I was sure I would be unable to take even the slightest drop more when she?d prove me wrong by undoing the clip and sending another flow of soapy water surging into me. I moaned and squirmed, hating the fact that I was so weak and helpless with this buxom disciplinarian.

Somewhere toward the end, Timmy came back into the room, sucking his thumb and holding his other hand over his tiny privates in a childish display of modesty. Beads of sweat were on my forehead and I was gasping for breath trying to accommodate all the soapy water being forced into my rectum.

?Ohh!…ohh!…m-mommy!? I whimpered, ?Ohh!…oh mommy!…I want my mommy!?

?There, there, Sissy,? Ms. Johnson said as she patted my buns, ?This is just what mommy?s little baby needs.?

Timmy walked over and was gazing with interest at my predicament.

?Timmy, you can take a seat on the changing table, I?ll be right with you,? she told the curious sissy. Now it was my turn to blush as he witnessed my own session with the enema and I whimpered unashamedly before his wandering eyes.

At long last, the final gurgle of bubbles disappeared down the tube and into my backside, signaling the end of the enema. I immediately tried to get up but Ms. Johnson stubbornly refused to allow it.

?Not just yet, Chrissie,? she said, placing her free hand on my back to hold me in place.

I wanted desperately to get up and run to the bathroom but for some reason, Ms. Johnson was holding me down. She began pumping me once more with the dildo, teasing my hole with the fat rubber invader. I moaned helplessly as she pulled it out slightly, only to plunge it in deeply and make me squeal like a girl. A glance up at Timmy revealed that he was smiling as he watched me being punished and I was angry at his lack of compassion. How quickly I had forgotten about my own feelings upon seeing him take his enema!

Finally, Ms. Johnson pulled the slippery dildo out of my aching rump and she slapped my bottom to send me to the bathroom. I needed little encouragement and I practically ran down the hall to the restroom, my sides feeling like they were ready to burst.

Some time later, when I finally emerged from the bathroom, I made my way tentatively back to the nursery, since that was the only place I had any clothes. Michelle the maid was waiting there and she was humming to herself as she arranged a thick stack of diapers on the changing table.

?Ah, there you are,? she said when she saw me in the doorway, ?Come in and sit down so I can put you in your diapers, Sissy.?

I went inside and sat down on the now familiar changing table that was lined with pink plastic lace around its edges. Michelle was apparently unaware of my chastity device because she eyed it closely as she helped me get ready.

?Looks like someone?s gotten in trouble for masturbating,? she observed, looking me in the eye.

I blushed hotly as I looked back at her pretty face in embarrassment but said nothing.

?Around here, playing with yourself is a no-no,? she chided me, making my face get even redder.

She raised my ankles and began applying a sticky coating of diaper rash cr?me to my rump while she continued to discuss my ?problem?.

?Did you receive a spanking for playing with yourself?? she inquired, apparently wanting to make sure I had been properly punished.

?Yes Ma?am,? I mumbled, too embarrassed to look her in the eye.

?Good, you deserved it,? she told me, ?I know Ms. Johnson spanks hard, but sissies like you need to be paddled hard to teach you a lesson.?

?Yes Ma?am,? I responded submissively.

Effortlessly, she raised my ankles again and slid the tall stack of diapers underneath my coated bottom. As she let me down, I was treated to magnificent view down the top of her frilly maid?s uniform, revealing her substantial cleavage and the clasp of her bra underneath. Her big, soft br.easts mocked me with their closeness and I ached to be able to kiss them.

?Before long, you?ll come to accept your situation and understand that sissies don?t deserve orgasms like men do,? she explained, ?I know it?s hard for you right now, but the sooner you realize that, the better.?

She was powdering my little package and between my thighs before she drew the tortuously soft cotton up and over my crotch. She was so frustratingly sexy with her big, plump breasts displayed before me, while she continued to lecture me on the evils of masturbation.

?It?s best if you just forget about girls and trying to be a man?I?m pretty sure you?ll be in diapers the rest of your life,? she said with absolute confidence.

I whimpered and shook my head but she plopped a big pacifier into my mouth.

?There you go Baby, a soft wittw pacifier to sooth your sissy needs.? She spoke to me in a syrupy, condescending voice and a tear trickled out of my eye to tumble down my cheek. Michelle pulled the ends of the diaper together and snicked them closed with the bunny-headed diaper pins she had nearby. I felt very babyish again and unsure of what lay in store for my future. Was I destined to wear diapers forever? And when would I ever get to c-m again? I was going crazy after only 24 hours?what would it be like in a week?s time?

?Now?let?s see here?? she said as she thought aloud, ?what kind of plastic panties can we find for a big sissy like you? They need to tell the whole world that you?re no different from any other bed-wetting toddler, and yet?they should also affirm your feminine side too?

?These look like they were made for you,? she exclaimed.

In her delicate hands, she held forth a pair of pink, nursery print side-snap panties with a row of soft, fuzzy ruffles around the leg holes and waist.

?These are just darling,? she added, ?We?ll need to find an outfit that shows them off too.?

She threaded my feet through the babyish panties and then up my hairless legs, working them over the bulky diapers pinned around me. As she pulled and jerked on the plastic pants, her big breasts came close to my face and I could smell the scent of her perfume surrounding me. I wanted badly to nuzzle her soft bosom but I had to be content to stare at it instead.

When she finished, she went over to the closet and picked out two outfits that she then brought over.

?Today, you get to choose between two scrumptious outfits?which one do you like more?? she taunted me.

One was a frilly pink confection with a super short hem that I knew would barely reach the waistband of my diapers. The other one was a diaper shirt of sorts that had a pattern of pink lambs and blocks on the front, its short sleeves decorated with more lace.

?I?ll take the shirt,? I mumbled, unhappy with either choice.

?The dress it is,? Michelle said happily, putting the shirt away.

?No, I said the shirt?I want to wear the shirt!? I exclaimed, seeing her misunderstand me.

?I always make a point of dressing a sissy in clothes that he doesn?t like?that way, it gets you used to not having any choices. Because those days are long gone. From now on, everything will be decided for you?you?re much too immature to handle things yourself,? she told me in no uncertain terms.

Removing my nightey, she tossed it aside and lowered the soft, frilly dress over my head. Just as I expected, it was so short that it didn?t even come past my waistband. It also had a wide lace-bordered bib that covered much of the front and appliqu?s of diaper pins and baby bottles all over. Quite simply, it was the most babyish outfit I had ever seen in my life and I blushed at the thought of being seen in it. It was bad enough that this stunning babe was putting it on me–before long, everyone else in the house would see me as well and I cringed at the thought of it.
Michelle put some lace topped anklets on me and buckled a glossy black pair of mary janes on my feet.

?There you are Sissykins,? she said as she stood up and looked down on me, ?You?re all ready to go.?

She slapped my thickly padded rump for emphasis and then strode out of the room, leaving me to stare at my humiliating reflection in the full size wall mirror. For a moment, I twirled around and gazed at my big, bubble shaped bottom, bulging out from below my dress. The light shone off the shimmery pink plastic, serving to remind me that I was well protected for a long day of wetting.

I decided to go find Timmy and as I walked out of the room, I was forced to waddle slowly because of the thick bulk of my diapers that slid between my thighs.

Story: Chrissey’s Summer in Diapers – Part 1

As my mom rang the doorbell of the upper middle-class home, she held my hand firmly. I fidgeted nervously as another stream of warm pee escaped into my already wet diapers. The thick cloth was already soaked between my legs and my snug plastic panties kept it in uncomfortably close contact with my skin.

I trembled with nervous anticipation at the fate that was in store for me behind this door. We were once again at the home of Ms. Julie Johnson, a stern and strict disciplinarian my mom had hired to watch me for the summer while she was away in Europe on business. Ms. Johnson was well known for her ‘spank first, and ask questions later’ policy, and I had been the unlucky recipient of one of her severe paddlings which had left my bottom hot, stinging, and red. She seemed to relish the opportunity to apply her hard oak paddle to little boy’s buns and I feared another trip over her lap was not far off.

I was nervous for another reason as well, due to my present attire. My mom had dressed me in a little girl’s party dress, a fluffy, satin ensemble in soft pink with delicate white lace accents. It had short, puffy sleeves and a big ruffled bib making it look particularly babyish. Underneath, I wore a soft, yet stiff petticoat that flared the hem out to reveal my thick, embarrassing diapers.

Today, I was wearing glittery, lilac colored tights over my legs and a pair of ruffled pink rumba panties, stretched tightly over my big, bulky diapers. On my feet, my usual sneakers had been replaced with a pair of glossy black mary janes.

My mom had gone all out to replace my normal clothing with baby dresses, onesies and diaper shirts, steadily adding to my growing wardrobe of toddler items. They were now stuffed into the giant suitcase next to me that she’d packed for my extended stay.

I glanced around me nervously, desperately hoping that no one was watching the overgrown sissy baby standing at the door.

After what seemed an eternity, but in fact was probably only a minute, I heard the sound of high heels clicking on the hardwood surface inside followed by the door opening. I recognized the maid from my previous visit, a pretty brunette in a french maid’s uniform that was incredibly sexy. Her low cut white blouse clung deliciously to her perky, well rounded breasts and her long, sexy legs looked fabulous in her sheer, dark hose.

She smiled down on me and invited us in but I was crushed with shame as I waddled in the door, my thick wet diaper clinging humiliatingly to me,
“Ms. Johnson is looking forward to seeing you again,” she said sweetly to my mom as she ushered us into the foyer.

“Well, unfortunately, I can’t stay long,” my mom replied, ”I’m on my way to the airport to catch my flight.”

“Yes, of course,” she said, “I’ll just get Ms. Johnson.”

I watched in captivated silence as she sashayed out of the room like a model, her pert buns moving in an alluring rhythm.

My mom sat me down and I landed with a wet squish in a simple wooden chair.

“Now I want you to behave yourself while I’m gone, do you understand me?” she said facing me, ”you are to do exactly as Ms. Johnson tells you–got it?”

“Yes, Mommy,” I replied as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

Just then, Ms. Johnson strode into the room looking very smart and businesslike, as well as extremely sexy. She wore a trim, smooth, dark skirt that hugged her every move and dark hose with high heeled black pumps. Her purposeful stride and the authoritative click of her heels sent a shiver of anticipation down my spine.

She came over and shook my mom’s hand, a polite smile on her lovely face.

“I’m pleased to see you again, Mrs. Brooks,” she greeted her.

“Yes, it was so good of you to accommodate my little Chrissey,” my mom replied.

For the first time, Ms. Johnson appeared to notice me and as she turned to face me, she placed her manicured hands on her curvy hips, looking down at me with obvious disdain.

“Well Chrissey, it doesn’t look like you’ve managed to graduate out of your sissy diapers and dresses, have you?”

”No, Ma’am,” I replied obediently. I knew how strict she was and I didn’t want to take the chance of angering her.

“Are you wet?” she asked pointedly.

I quailed in front of her dominating presence as I looked up into her dark, demanding eyes. She had a thin white blouse that was literally bursting at the buttons because of her tremendous breasts and it stretched tightly over her round, voluptuous form.

I cleared my throat nervously before replying.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answered reluctantly.

She shook her head with disappointment.

”It looks like I’ve got work to do,” she said resignedly, turning back to face my mom.

”Well, I know you’ll be in good hands, Chrissey,” my mom said as she gathered her car keys.

I couldn’t say I shared her enthusiasm but I really had no choice in the matter.

After a few more pleasantries, the sexy french maid ushered my mom out and Ms. Johnson reached down to take my hand.

“Come along, Chrissey,” she said, the annoyance plain in her voice, ”let’s change those wet diapers.”

I waddled after her, my thick diapers rubbing against my inner thighs noticeably.

She led me back into the spacious interior of her house, back to a softly lit room I remembered from my earlier visit. It was the nursery and it looked to all appearances to be like any other baby’s room although it would have certainly belonged to a girl because of its pink decor. I immediately noticed the prominent smells of vinyl, baby powder, and the faint smell of stale pee, the latter a pungent reminder of my own immaturity.

Ms. Johnson led me in and sat me down on a low changing table, its surface covered with smooth, shiny waterproof plastic with a white nursery print pattern. As she began snaking my satiny rumba panties down my hose covered legs, I looked over to see stacks of white disposable diapers on a shelf nearby.

“Those aren’t for you, Sissy,” she remarked, as if reading my mind, ”a heavy wetter like you needs thick, absorbent cloth diapers.”

I blushed at that while she tugged at the snug, wide elastic waistband of my tights and panties, wrestling them over my fat diaper and down my skinny legs, leaving them gathered in a bunch around my ankles.

“Your mother is to be commended,” she said curtly as my pink side-snap plastic panties came into view, ”this makes changing big babies like you much easier.”

With that, she undid the row of snaps on either side of the panties and pulled it out from underneath me, exposing my saturated cloth diaper as she tossed the damp panties into a nearby pail. The smell of urine surrounded me and I blushed anew, biting my lip with shame.

She shook her head in disapproval and unpinned the two large bunny pins that secured my diaper, pulling it out from under me as well.

As she began busying herself wiping my still hairless genitals and rump, I couldn’t help but stare at her magnificent chest that was tantalizingly close to my face. Her big breasts swayed slightly as she moved and I could easily make out the pattern of lace on the cups of her bra. My diminutive wiener stirred at the sight and my heartbeat quickened from pubescent sexual excitement.

Ms. Johnson also noticed it as she shook baby powder over my crotch and as she lifted my ankles with one hand, she delivered a sharp, stinging slap to my exposed bottom.

“OOUCHH!” I cried as I tried to kick my feet from the shock. Her grip was much too strong however, and she easily held me in place as she applied a thick, sticky layer of diaper rash cr?me to my cheeks.

“Some little boys, once I’ve fastened them into their diapers, are tempted to play with themselves,” she warned me as she lifted my rear end off the changing table and slid a stack of three fresh diapers underneath.

“If I so much as THINK that you’ve been doing that, I’ll put you over my lap and paddle your bottom, do you understand me?” she demanded as she shook even more baby powder over my wee-wee.

“Y-yes, Ma’am,” I gulped fearfully.

My little pen-s twitched nervously as I gazed helplessly at the smooth, supple skin of her voluptuous chest.

Drawing each of the corners of the thick cloth together, she locked them securely together with a pink set of clown faced diaper pins, sealing my frustrated wiener back into its bunny soft prison.

Ms. Johnson paused from her ministrations long enough to open a nearby drawer to find some plastic panties for me. I watched and fidgeted as she sifted through various types and colors; pinks, lilacs and nursery prints, until she pulled out a pair of yellow side snap panties. Undoing the rows of snaps, she placed the open panties dull side up between my legs and slid them underneath me, positioning them under my well padded rump. With my ankles still bound by my tights and rumba panties, she drew the front of the plastic panties up between my legs and began snapping the side snaps together, enclosing the fat diapers I was swaddled in.

I looked down at the shiny vinyl surface and watched as she shook more powder on my inner thighs where they rubbed against the diapers. Putting the powder aside, she grasped my tights and began tugging them up my legs, followed by my silky rumba panties.

“Stand up,” she ordered me tersely.

I did as I was told and she wrestled the restrictive tights over my bulky diapers, pulling the elastic waistband over the top. The rumba panties, with their light, stretchy material, went on much easier, and she slapped my thickly padded bottom with a start.

“I expect you to tell me when you wet yourself,” she warned me severely.

“Yes Ma’am,” I quivered nervously.

This is where I keep the paddle,” she said ominously, holding in her hand the polished oval instrument of punishment that I greatly feared. My bottom twitched as I gazed at the six large holes drilled into its smooth face and I looked back up into Ms. Johnson’s dark, intimidating eyes.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said, swallowing hard.

“My nieces have arrived and are in the other room,” she informed me, ”why don’t you go play with them.”

The last thing I wanted was to be seen by a pair of girls but I didn’t dare argue with the strict disciplinarian towering before me.

“Yes Ma’am,” I bleated out weakly.

I waddled out of the room reluctantly, my crinoline petticoat swishing noisily as I made my way to the sound of little girls giggling. I bit my lip nervously outside the door of their room, not wishing to humiliate myself all over again. However, before long, I heard the distinctive sound of Ms. Johnson’s high heels clicking in the hallway behind me and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I stumbled into the room, my mouth dry with anticipation.

I discovered two young girls, probably about seven years old each, sitting before a low table with a tea set arranged on its surface. Their conversation ended abruptly at my entrance, and they burst into uncontrollable laughter. I felt myself blushing a hot red and I fought back tears of humiliation.

“Who are you?” one of them asked when she was finally able to stop laughing.

“My-my name is Chris,” I said at barely a whisper.

They burst out laughing again as if even my name was funny and I looked around the room nervously.

“Why are you dressed up like a baby girl?” the other one asked.

I shifted my mary jane covered feet and coughed nervously.

“I-I um, have a sort-of um, problem with um, wetting,” I stammered uncertainly.

The two girls giggled at that as they looked me up and down.

“You must be a real sissy to wear that girly dress,” one of them commented.

I was about to say something in defense when Ms. Johnson suddenly appeared at the doorway.

“I see you’ve met my nieces, Samantha and Susie,” she said as a statement, ”be sure you get along with them or you’ll be going over my knee for a lesson in manners.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I acknowledged.

She gave me a stern look before she turned and walked off.

The girls giggled and patted the chair occupied by a doll.

“C’mon Chrissey, since you’re still in diapers, you can be our baby,” Susie said.

I blushed hotly and bunched my fists in rage.

“I’m not a baby!” I said indignantly.

“Better watch that temper, Baby,” Samantha chided me with a wag of her small finger, ”or else my aunt will have to spank you.”

I cringed as I reconsidered my outburst. I still remembered all too well the last time Ms. Johnson had paddled me and I’d never cried so hard in my life.

“C’mon Sissy-boy,” she coaxed me, patting the seat once more.

Hesitantly, I took a seat in the low chair, my knees spreading out awkwardly. The two girls stared openly at the silky front of my panties, stretched out tightly over the fat diapers within them. I tried in vain to cover them with the frilly hem of my petticoat and dress but they were hopelessly too short.

“Too bad we don’t have a highchair,” Susie commented.

“That’s okay, I know where aunt Julie has a baby bottle,” Samantha said brightly as she got up in a flash.

She came back about a minute later with a bottle decorated with nursery characters filled with milk which she brought over and held up to my face. I tried to take it from her but she pushed my hand down and placed the rubber nipple up to my lips. Although both of these girls were shorter than I, Samantha was still slightly taller than I was while I was sitting down. I pulled my head away, refusing to let her bottle feed me but she followed my head stubbornly.

“No!” I said petulantly.

“Better su-k your ba-ba, or I’ll tell Aunt Julie,” she warned me darkly.

I gritted my teeth and stopped fighting her, letting her coax the warm nipple in between my lips.

“That’s it…that’s a good baby,” she said with a mischievous smile.

I sucked the warmed milk in humiliation as Samantha held the bottle in place. Each time I tried to hold it myself, she’d push my hands away and chide me for interfering. At the same time, the two girls chatted away with each other, treating me as if I really were nothing but a big baby.

When at last, I had finished the bottle, Samantha rushed out of the room to refill it. While Susie was waiting for her sister, she came over to check my diapers, pulling my dress and petticoat up to expose the waistband of my panties. Her little hands pulled my tights and plastic pants out while I was forced to endure the humiliation of having my diapers checked by a little girl half my age.

?My brother stopped peeing his pants when he was ten…how come you can’t?” she asked pointedly.

“I-um…well I?” I mumbled.

“Maybe you’re just not ready for big-boy underwear,” she offered.

Just then, Samantha returned with the baby bottle refilled. I could still feel the milk sloshing in my stomach and the last thing I wanted was more of the hated stuff.

“No…no more,” I protested, putting my hands up to block her.

“C’mon Baby, take your milk like a good sissy or I’ll call Aunt Julie,” she warned me.

“No way,” I said firmly, keeping my hands in place.

Without hesitation, Samantha called out her aunt’s name, making me freeze with fear.

Grabbing the bottle in a panic, I jammed it in my mouth and began su-king earnestly.

“There. there, Baby,” she said as she took hold of the bottle again and put my hands down, ”I’ll help you.”

My face reddened again but I kept glancing behind me to see if Ms. Johnson was coming. Fortunately, she didn’t appear to have heard Samantha’s summons and I was forced to finish off the second bottle. My young tormentor ensured that I drank every drop of milk before she took it from my lips. I felt miserable with so much liquid in my belly and I wondered desperately what further humiliations these two had in store for me.

Just then, Ms. Johnson appeared behind me, standing imperiously with her manicured hands on her curvy hips.

“Its naptime, Chrissey,” she announced simply.

I rose to my feet while the girls giggled once more and followed Ms. Johnson down the hall. She led me back into the nursery and folded down the side of the crib, sitting me on its shiny, vinyl covered mattress. The waterproof liner was a pale pink, with a pattern of rattles and toys on its surface and I noted that it smelled vaguely of stale pee. It annoyed me that I was being made to sleep on a mattress for bed wetters although I was hardly in a position to judge, given my recent history.

Ms. Johnson busied herself removing my short dress and petticoat, hanging them up in the closet and leaving me naked from the waist up. She sifted through the dresser until she found a peach colored onesie with a Care Bears logo on the front. This, she laid out next to me as she undid the buckles on my mary janes. Putting them aside, she put her long nailed fingers inside the light, stretchy waistband of my rumba panties and began snaking them down my hose covered legs.

“Sorry to take away your fancy panties, Chrissey,” she said sarcastically.

I remained silent while she drew the soft cotton onesie over my head, feeding my arms through and pulling it down over my fat, bulging diapers. I gazed longingly at the deep cleft between her big, round breasts, visible from the three buttons that were undone in her blouse. My little wee-wee ached with desire as I caught sight of the lace from the cups of her bra, visible when she bent over due to the tremendous weight of her breasts.

Ms. Johnson stood me up and pulled the front and back of the onesie over my diapers, joining the two ends together between my legs and fastening the three small snaps together firmly. With that, she sat me back down on the crib mattress and looped a large pink pacifier around my neck, inserting the thick rubber nipple into my mouth. I sucked on it obediently as she tucked me under the covers, bringing the baby blankets up to my chest and placing a stuffed teddy bear under my arm.

Just then, Samantha and Susie walked into the room and giggled when they saw me in the crib, clad in a frilly Care Bears onesie and su-king on my pacifier.

I blushed anew and Ms. Johnson turned her attention to them.

“Are you girls ready to make some cookies?” she asked pleasantly.

They let out a chorus of enthusiastic yeses and ran out of the nursery as Ms. Johnson turned on the mobile hanging over the crib and shut out the lights. I was left alone with the low nightlight and a nursery rhyme playing above me.

My frustration over my treatment finally gave way to sleep and I nodded off to a restless slumber.

I awoke in the semidarkness with the familiar feeling of a soggy, wet diaper enveloping my hips. The combination of the onesie, tights and plastic panties ensured that the saturated cloth hugged me closely all over. Squirming around or shifting the outer surface of my diapers proved pointless as the wet cloth quickly returned to its close contact with my skin. Feeling around to the sides soon revealed that I had soaked all the way to the back of the waistband and sides.

Strangely, the pacifier was still in my mouth. I was just about to spit it out when I heard an angry, low voice from the next room over. This was followed by a different voice, whining in protest. He sounded as if he were about ready to cry and within moments, I heard the rhythmic slapping sound I recognized instantly as a spanking.

su-king my pacifier feverishly, I cringed in my crib as I listened to the hapless youth getting his bottom paddled. Within seconds, I could hear him bawling like a baby, howling in protest as Ms. Johnson smacked his defenseless rump with that fearsome paddle of hers.

I twitched and chewed nervously on the big rubber pacifier in my mouth as I listened closely to the spanking, even while a secret part of me was strangely enthralled. I can’t explain my feelings but I felt a curious excitement as I visualized busty Ms. Johnson slapping the tender bottom cheeks of this unknown and defenseless youth even while the prospect of being in his shoes terrified me.

At last, the spanking was over and all I could hear were the plaintive sounds of the boy’s urgent sobbing. I pulled the baby blanket up higher around my neck for comfort and strained my ears for further clues as to what was happening. After several moments, I heard the other door open and shuffling feet, accompanied by the high pitched clicking of Ms. Johnson’s high heels approaching.

I shivered with fear as she strode into the room, holding the hand of a still sobbing boy who was using his free hand to rub his stinging bottom.
She turned on the lights and we both got our first good look at each other.

He looked a couple years younger than me, maybe ten or eleven I guessed, with short hair and a frail looking body. He wore a short hemmed top with frilly short sleeves that barely covered his belly button and a bulging, pink plastic panty covered diaper that was impossible to hide. On his feet he was wearing lacy pink and white anklets and Keds sneakers, also in pink.

As soon as he caught sight of me, he blushed furiously and he tried in vain to stop his crying. I too found my face reddening, particularly since I was about to be exposed before one of my peers.

Leaving the other boy standing in the middle of the room, Ms. Johnson came over and unlatched the side of the crib. I was so worked up that I felt a hot stream of pee flooding the front of my already soaking wet diapers.

Ms. Johnson proceeded to pull back the covers, unfastening the three snaps holding the crotch of my onesie together. I turned beet red as she snaked my tights off of my diaper and down my legs, removing them from off of my feet. Now my wet diaper was exposed before both of them and I felt tears of shame moistening my eyes.

“Well Chrissey,” she said as she looked down on me disdainfully, ”looks like you’ve managed to soak your diapers, again.”

I might have said something in response but I realized the pacifier was still stuffed in my mouth.

“C’mon,” she said as she pulled me to my feet and sat me down on the changing table with a soggy squish, ”time for a diaper change.”

By now, the boy in front of me was sniffling and wiping the tears from his wet face as he stared down with a mixture of surprise and interest. Obviously, he was just as shocked to see another boy dressed like a baby as I was.

“Chrissey, meet Timmy, a boy that is badly in need of discipline, much like yourself,” Ms. Johnson said by way of introduction.

I could barely hold my head up as he eagerly watched my diapers being taken down. Ms. Johnson dropped the wet and heavy cloth in the diaper pail with a dull thud. Just as she was cleaning my tiny pecker with a washcloth, Susie burst into the room, a baby bottle of warm milk in her hands.

“Here’s the bottle you wanted Aunt Julie,” she said as she stared down at my hairless crotch. Ms. Johnson made no attempt whatsoever to cover my nakedness and I choked back a sob of shame.

“Wow,” Susie marveled, ”he’s really got a little thing!”

“Susie? Can you give Timmy his bottle and then pick out a pair of plastic panties for Chrissey here?” Ms. Johnson asked sweetly.

“Sure thing!” she replied, obviously proud to be included in this adult activity.

While Timmy reluctantly nursed from his bottle, Ms. Johnson slathered my bottom with a generous handful of diaper rash cr?me. Under such intense humiliation, my little wiener had shriveled up to the size of a small grape. When I looked up at Ms. Johnson, it was obvious that she thought of me as being no more mature, physically or psychologically, than a toddler.

I was crushed with shame as she powdered me profusely with baby powder, filling the air around me with its infantile scent.

Taking a thick stack of diapers from the shelf next to the table, she slid them under me and pinned them securely in place.

“How’s this, Aunt Julie?” Susie asked as she held a pair of plastic panties right above my head. They were light pink, with a nursery print and fluffy ruffles running across the back of the seat in three rows.

“Perfect,” Ms. Johnson replied, ”They’re perfect for a big sissy who still needs to wear diapers.”

My face grew even redder and she snaked the panties up my legs, wrestling them over the thick, bulky diapers.

“Now how about a top for our little Miss Priss,” she said as she pulled the onesie I was wearing off my torso.

Susie went to work while Ms. Johnson tucked Timmy into the crib and arranged his teddy bear. She came back holding a pink and white gingham dress with a built in petticoat that flared the short lacy hem out in a wide triangle.

“That will match his pretty panties quite nicely,” Ms. Johnson said approvingly.

I raised my arms obediently as she lowered the girlish dress over my head and began securing the buttons in back.

“This is so you don’t get any ideas about taking this off yourself,” she told me as she fastened up the buttons that were well out of my reach.
The dress had a large lace bib on the bodice and short puffy sleeves lined with white satiny lace. After tying the wide silk sash in back into a big bow, Ms. Johnson sat me back down on the changing table to put some stockings on me. They were white and went just above my knees with a pretty satin bow adorning the tops. These were followed by my obligatory mary janes.

“There,” she said satisfied, ”our little pantywaist is all ready for company.”
I whimpered in shame as I sucked on the big rubber nipple filling my mouth. Where would my humiliation end?

She led me out of the nursery room, turning the lights out and taking Timmy’s empty bottle as she went. Holding my hand, Ms. Johnson took me to her opulent living room where a young woman was sitting on her plush sofa.

She looked to be about 27 or 28 and very pretty, with long, silky blonde hair that spilled over her bare, soft shoulders. She wore very tight white shorts and an equally snug top that hugged her curvy round bosom in the most revealing fashion. I could clearly make out the lines of her push-up bra underneath and my little wiener stirred within the baby soft cotton of my diaper. Her legs looked flawless to me, firm and silky smooth and when she crossed them, my heart missed a beat.

Under different circumstances, I would have done anything to impress a woman like this but wearing my sissy dress, diapers and mary janes, I was crushed with shame.

She stood up when she saw me and beamed a gorgeous smile that was devastating to behold.

“And who is this little cutie?” she exclaimed as she bent down to look at me.

“This is Chrissey, one of my client’s children,” Ms. Johnson introduced me, ”he still wets his pants so he has to wear diapers for protection.”

My face was a deep shade of red and I looked away in utter humiliation.

“Do you like to wear dresses too, Chrissey?” the woman asked as she smiled down at me.

“No!” I protested vehemently, ”my mom makes me wear them.”

“I’m afraid our little sissy isn’t quite telling the truth, there,” Ms. Johnson explained patiently but firmly, ”he has a history of sneaking panties and dressing up, only to be caught later.”

”Aww, I think he’s cute as a button,” the woman commented enthusiastically as she adjusted the puffy sleeve of my top.

“Chrissey, this is Heather, say hello like a good little boy,” Ms. Johnson prompted me.

Her perfect, round breasts were right at my eye level and my heart fluttered as she moved about me.

“He-hello Miss Heather,” I said uncertainly, using the more respectful title in addressing this beautiful stranger. I was meek by nature but Ms. Johnson’s formidable presence made me even more so.
“Well, it looks like Julie has got you very well protected,” she added as she reached down and lifted up the hem of my dress, exposing my nursery print plastic panties and diapers. She patted my well padded bottom playfully. My face only grew redder and I wanted to run away from this humiliating examination but I didn’t want to take the chance of angering Ms. Johnson. She only needed the slightest excuse to put me over her knee for a blistering spanking.

“Run along now, Chrissey, and play with your dolls,” she told me.

I did as I was told without protesting, and I wandered into the den to try and find some way to amuse myself. I tried to think about normal things but my mind was in a turmoil and my thoughts kept returning to Heather who had such a spectacular, sexy body. I fantasized about stroking those perfect br.easts, while kissing her full, sensuous lips and my heartbeat quickened feverishly.

Ms. Johnson was sexy but in a rather different way. Her big, bountiful breasts looked large enough to smother me with and her dark eyes were beautiful and riveting. But whenever I saw her voluptuous profile, I was filled with fear from the harsh discipline she meted out to weak young males like me. A very secret part of me felt just like the girlish sissy she believed that I was and when I looked down at the bubble bottom created by my fat diapers, my hand went down to touch the lacy ruffles. Did she know things about me that I was afraid to admit to myself?

Ms. Johnson seemed all knowing and powerful to me. Beautiful, smart, and sexy, she carried herself with such confidence and poise that I was quite simply in awe of her.

Sitting down, I pondered these two women as I gazed down at the shiny front of my diapers. The pretty pink vinyl seemed to mock my attempts to be a young man and the cartoon characters only emphasized how babyish I looked.

Visions of Heather and Ms. Johnson danced in my head, making my heart pound in my chest and I ached with sexual need.

At the same time, my little wee-wee felt restrained in my bunny soft diapers, embraced in its warm, welcome folds.

Idly, I lowered my hand to stroke the smooth surface of my panties, indirectly caressing my pen-s which was held prisoner inside. My head swam with excitement as my little member started to grow in response to my eager ministrations. I recalled the soft delicate skin of Heather’s chest and I rubbed myself harder. I imagined her bending down to kiss me and the thought made me want to explode. I was rubbing my diapers furiously now, oblivious to my surroundings with my cheeks flushed and my breathing heavy and labored.

“Well, well, well,” I suddenly heard from behind me.

I gasped in shock as I turned around to see the two of them avidly watching me in rapt silence. Ms. Johnson walked over swiftly and she jerked me to my feet, her hard hand swooping up, only to come down and swat me hard on my diapered bottom. Her friend giggled as I yelped in fear.

“What did I tell you about masturbating in this house!?” Ms. Johnson demanded.

“I-I-I…I just…” I stammered incoherently. My excited passion vanished abruptly, to be replaced with abject terror.

“Looks like our little sissy has just earned himself a spanking,” she finished for me.

“Oh No!” I begged her, “Please don’t spank me, Ms. Johnson, please?” Tears began filling my eyes and my wee-wee shriveled back into insignificance from fear.

“Come along, Chrissey,” she said tersely as she took my hand and led me back out into the living room. Taking me over to a prominent corner of the room, she pushed me into it and swatted my bottom again.

“I want you to put your nose in the corner and think about what you’ve done,” she ordered me, “and in a half hour, I’m going to put you over my knee for a much deserved paddling.”

I began crying softly to myself as I did as I was told, my mind now filled with visions of the spanking I knew was unavoidable. Ms. Johnson left for a moment, leaving me alone in the room with her sexy friend.

“Poor little thing,” she said sounding sympathetic, “here you are.”

She picked up the pacifier that was looped around my neck and gently eased it in between my pouting lips, making me blush with shame.

Ms. Johnson came back shortly and she laid the oak paddle down next to me, where I could look at it while still keeping my nose in the corner. The sight of it redoubled my fear and I felt a stream of pee leak helplessly into my diaper.

“Oh!” I squealed as I tried to cross my legs. It wasn’t really possible because of the thickness of my diapers and another, stronger stream soon followed the first.

For the next half hour, I sniffled pathetically, alternately looking at the corner directly in front of me and the smooth oak paddle at my side. At one point, I glanced over my shoulder at the large grandfather clock on the wall but Ms. Johnson took notice immediately.

“You’ll be over my lap soon enough, Chrissey. There’s no need to check the time,” she scolded me.

Her friend giggled again, and it was plain that she was looking forward to seeing me cry like a baby.

The big wet spot in the front of my diapers made it harder for me to maintain any restraint on my bladder and before long, more pee was hissing into the soggy cloth surrounding my loins. I was mortified at my own lack of self control, which would soon be evident to Ms. Johnson’s lovely friend.

“Alright Chrissey,” she said at last, “it’s time for you to pay the piper.”
I turned around slowly, as tears tumbled down my face.

“Please, Ms. Johnson, I’m so sorry for what I did,” I sobbed pathetically, “Couldn’t you just let me go this time?”

“Come here, Sissy,” she said beckoning toward her lap, “time for a good, hard spanking.”

I shuffled forward numbly, as the full realization hit me I was about to have my bottom paddled soundly. When I was within reach of her, Ms. Johnson jerked me over to her side roughly, making me gasp with the suddenness.

“Oh!” I cried, even as Heather stifled another giggle.

“You are the biggest sissy I’ve ever seen in my life,” Ms. Johnson said disgustedly, “and that’s saying a lot!”

I stared at the ground, feeling her hard eyes drilling into my face demanding a response. I was too meek to offer any argument and I stood there, my face hot with humiliation.

“Just look at you! A big boy of thirteen still wetting his diapers like a two year old! You should be ashamed of yourself!” she continued to scold me. The wet spot in the front of my diapers was now quite obvious and tears of shame ran down my face.

“And then, I catch you playing with yourself after I specifically told you not to…what do you have to say for yourself?”

I was quaking with fear and my mind was racing trying to think of a way to alleviate my punishment.

“I guess…um…I just…er…I was,” I stumbled.

“You can think about that while I warm your little sissy bottom,” she said as she yanked my pink plastic panties down off my wet diaper. I shuddered with apprehension as she pulled them down below my shaking knees, the smell of pee surrounding us, and I glanced up to see Heather staring at the dark stain covering the front of my diaper. She was shaking her pretty head and my face burned hotly.

“Chrissey, I’m going to cure you of your masturbating habit once and for all,” she told me as she hiked up her dark skirt, “you’re a naughty little boy and naughty little boys get spanked in this house.”

She had defeated me without even touching me and I didn’t resist her as she took me over her firm lap. She unpinned my diapers and pulled them back out of the way, exposing my bare bottom for her paddle. I felt the wet cloth of my diaper between my crotch and her toned thighs and I was even more humiliated knowing that she was also feeling the effects of my incontinence. Sniffling and whimpering, I looked up to see Heather looking down on me from where she was sitting on the couch. She smiled pleasantly as she crossed her silky legs as if this were the most light-hearted affair in the world.

The last thing I felt was Ms. Johnson’s paddle resting on my cheeks and it sent a shiver of terror down my spine.

“Chrissey, this will teach you a lesson as to what happens to little boys who break the rules in this house,” she said with icy calm.

The paddle swung up in a high arc, descending back down to land with a furious thunderclap.


I shrieked with pain and kicked my legs even as she brought it down again and again. I quickly lost my ability to breath and I tried to gasp between swats from her ferocious paddle.


I howled in response and beat my fists on the ground and she continued determinedly on her avenging mission. My face was wet with tears as I cried like a baby, jerking over her lap and thrashing around, desperate to escape the blows of that blistering oaken instrument of punishment. She held me firmly, making sure each stinging swat with her paddle landed precisely where she wanted it. Each cheek received its due and she turned them both into flaming globes of fire.


Through the blur of my tears, I could just barely make out Heather as she nodded her head in obvious agreement. I knew I looked like a baby, sobbing and crying but I was helpless to stop it. At last, I stopped struggling and just lay there submissively while Ms. Johnson spanked me with impunity. My cheeks were a bright reddish-purple when she stopped at last.

I was too weak to rise on my own and my chest heaved with heavy sobs that came from deep within me. Never again would I be tempted to stroke my diapers for my own pleasure–the price was simply too high to pay. Ms. Johnson lifted me gently to my feet and she set the paddle down next to her. I swayed uncertainly as I continued crying loudly and profusely.

“Chrissey, I want you to hold your diapers up with your hands and go back to your corner,” she told me, “if I catch you touching your bottom, I’ll put you back over my lap and we’ll start all over again–do you understand me?”

I stared at the rising and falling of her big breasts, straining at her white blouse and nodded my head abjectly.

“Ye-yes, Ma’am,” I sobbed noisily.

Heather giggled as I waddled back over to the corner and put my nose back into its recess, sobbing like a toddler.

Later that evening, I was wandering around the vast interior of Ms. Johnson’s house, exploring to find what there was. It was apparent to me that she was very well off, although the source of her wealth remained a mystery to me.

At one point, I was making my way down a large hallway upstairs when I thought I heard voices coming from one of the rooms. Upon more careful investigation, I soon found that the voices seemed to be coming from a door that had not been fully closed near the end of the hall. Creeping up on tip toes, I listened carefully and tried to see inside.

“There, there, baby,” I heard Ms. Johnson’s familiar voice saying, “Take mommy’s nipple…there you are…that’s a good baby?”

Vastly intrigued, I strained to look inside the room which from what I could see, appeared to be Ms. Johnson’s bedroom. On the far wall was a huge dresser, ornately carved from fine woods and above it was a long mirror that covered much of the wall behind it. I couldn’t get inside the door any further without widening it but I had a good view of Ms. Johnson sitting on her bed with what looked like Timmy on her lap. My eyes widened in amazement as I saw her stroking the back of his head gently, while she held him close to her tremendous bosom. Even from where I stood, I could plainly see that one side of her blouse was open and Timmy was nursing on her exposed breast, although he seemed to be squirming uncomfortably, no doubt from embarrassment. I had never seen a woman’s br.east up close without clothes on, not even while it was still in a bra so this was truly a lifetime experience for me. Gaping in awestruck silence, I stared dumbfounded at the situation taking place, not ten feet away. I could clearly see Ms. Johnson’s big, smooth breast, which seemed to dwarf little Timmy’s head by comparison. He had his eyes clenched shut, as if he could will the humiliating experience away simply by closing his eyelids. Nonetheless, I could see him submissively su-king away at her engorged nipple while she stroked his head and patted his diaper gently.

“That’s it baby…nurse from mommy’s bosom…don’t worry little sissy, there’s plenty of milk for you…you still have the whole other br.east to nurse after this one?” she told him soothingly as she smiled down on the bashful boy.

I had never seen anything like this in my whole life and I felt a strange buzz of excitement in my stomach although I couldn’t explain my feelings. With her big, beautiful breast exposed, I could see much of its exciting shape and my eyes wandered over the entire curvy expanse. How could poor Timmy ever expect to finish off a breast of that size I wondered in amazement. It was only then that I realized I had been holding my breath, and I slowly exhaled as silently as I dared, determined as I was to continue as a witness to this strangely wonderful experience. I could feel Timmy’s embarrassment as if it was myself lying on her lap and I could even feel my cheeks growing red from blushing. He must have felt completely overwhelmed, being surrounded by such incredible and intense femininity. The shy little sissy couldn’t even bear to open his eyes to look up into the bold, beautiful face of Ms. Johnson while he sucked from her swollen bosom like a baby.

Wiping the drool that had dribbled down my chin, I realized my little wiener was rock hard and twitching from excitement. My breathing was coming in short gasps and I trembled with nervous excitement. I wanted badly to go off somewhere and rub the front of my diaper but I was riveted to where I stood, unable to take my eyes off the two of them.

I watched as Ms. Johnson gently pulled her breast out of Timmy’s mouth and then placed it back into the lacey cup of her bra, pulling out the other one and positioning it in front of his lips. He opened his eyes briefly but jammed them shut again in terror as she rubbed her firm nipple across his pursed lips.

“Come on baby, time for more milk,” she coaxed him, “come on little sissy…this’ll make you grow up to be a big, strong boy.”

Timmy was whimpering with embarrassment and he tried desperately to turn his head away from the proffered nipple.

“Uh-uh,” he squealed weakly in protest.

Taking his face in her hand, Ms. Johnson guided his lips back to her nipple and she pressed her bosom against his face. Timmy whimpered and with a barely stifled sob, opened his mouth once more and began submissively nursing.

“That’s mommy’s baby…” she cooed, “that’s a good boy…”

Reaching down, she gently stroked the shiny vinyl surface of Timmy?s plastic panties which made me gulp with envy and lust.

I swallowed hard and reached down to feel the front of my own diapers, which separated my hand from my raging boner. The plastic panties and cloth underneath felt cushiony and soft in my palm and I rubbed it furiously, my head swimming with passion and desire. Ms. Johnson was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my entire existence and in my unbridled excitement, I quite forgot about the punishing spanking I’d received not three hours ago for just this reason.

Panting like crazy, I rubbed my plastic panties and spread my legs slightly to facilitate my need. Ms. Johnson was once again stroking Timmy’s head and verbally coaxing his efforts, despite the intensity of his shame. With rapt attention, I stared hard at her fabulous chest, one breast barely contained by the cup of her push-up bra while the other was mashed against Timmy’s blushing face. It was all too much for the premature ejaculator that I was and I shot my tiny deposit into the warm, soft folds of my diaper. At the moment of my release, a small cry of ecstasy escaped from my lips before I could close my mouth and I fell backwards in a panic.

Terror filled me to the core as I heard approaching footsteps from the other side of the door, which abruptly swung open to reveal Ms. Johnson staring down at me, her hard eyes boring into me like an icy drill.

“What is going on here?!” she demanded angrily.

My face was flushed red and I was still panting heavily, trying to recover from the incredible orgasm I’d just achieved.

“N-n-nothing,” I stammered but Ms. Johnson quickly surmised what I’d been up to. She’d already tucked her breasts back into her blouse although it was still unbuttoned for most of its length, revealing a sensuous view of her lacey bra and her incredible cleavage. She reached down and abruptly yanked me to my feet, causing me to squeal like a girl. Jerking me into the bedroom, she went so fast that I was pulled along on my tip toes, stumbling to try and keep up with the tall, buxom woman. At the edge of the bed, she stopped and yanked my plastic panties down and then unpinned one side of my diapers. Realizing my game was up and I was about to be caught red handed, I burst into tears and tried half-heartedly to stop Ms. Johnson from finding out the truth. Whimpering and sobbing, I flailed my hands in the way but Ms. Johnson merely slapped them and continued what she was doing.

In a moment, she had pulled down the front of my diaper, revealing the small gooey deposit I’d just made so impetuously.

“Oh, oh!” I cried in panic.

Ms. Johnson glared down at me before walking over to her dresser to pick up a large, oval shaped paddle.

“Well…it looks like you didn’t learn your lesson the first time,” she said as she held me firmly by the wrist, “maybe you need a little reminder, hm?”

Now it was Timmy?s chance to watch as the tables were turned for my punishment. I burst into tears as Ms. Johnson took a seat on the edge of her bed and jerked my plastic panties down around my calves. Watching closely, Timmy made no effort to leave and instead, he popped his thumb in his mouth to watch me get a good, hard, bare-bottomed spanking. Since his own cheeks had felt the sting of Ms. Johnson?s paddle earlier that day, he was only too interested in seeing it happen first hand to someone else. And perhaps my new nanny felt it served her purposes to let him watch for she made no attempt to shoo him away.

With sharp, angry movements, she yanked me over her broad, firm lap and proceeded to finish unpinning my diapers.

?I guess some little sissies just never learn,? she snapped as she shoved the thick cloth of my diapers back between my quivering thighs. I felt the frilly hem of my dress being pulled up to expose the soft, tender cheeks of my bottom for Ms. Johnson?s paddle. I pleaded miserably and strenuously with her for mercy but to no avail.

Story: Baby Susan

“One more word from you susan and I’ll spank that bare bottom again “said susan’s mother harshley, now put your dummy back into your mouth and face the corner like I told you!!.The fifteen year old sullenly returned her dummy back to her mouth sobbing to herself and turned to face the wall. Her mother looked at her pretty 15year old daughter standing facing the corner, her bare red bottom on full display with her navy school skirt pinned up at the back with a pink nappy pin. Around Susan’s knees was the soddon nappy and pink frilly baby pants that her mother had pulled down prior to her bare bottom spanking.

For the past few weeks, susan had been continually wetting the bed and her knickers for no apparent medical reason and her mother had ran out of patience with her daughter. On the previous friday, Susan had been sent home from school with a note from the school nurse explaining that she had wet her knickers in class and not for the first time that week. This was the last straw for Susan’s mother and she then decided that as Susan was acting like a baby she would be treated like one.

On the saturday morning , Susan’s mother began to prepare for her new baby before susan was awake. Many of the required items had been bought the evening before and whilst Susan slept, her mother began removing all her big girl items from the wardrobes and drawers. Leaving only Susan’s school uniforms hanging in the wardrobe. She did however remove the girls navy blue school knickers as she decided that Susan will not be needing these for a long time.

Susans mother stopped and remembered her time at hardy school for girls. She remembered the strictness of the school and how any disobediance of the school rules were punished by over the knee spankings, slippering or caning and always on the bare bottom. Knickers were always taken down and this she remembered from her own experience had been most humiliating in front of her classmates and on one occassion the whole school during assembly. The reason for her sending her own daughter there 20 years on was the level of education aquired and the old school values that were still present. Even today, the school head performed spot checks on school uniform. Girls were lined up and the headmistress would personnallyinspect each girl. All girls wore Navy blue skirts, white blouses, white knee length socks and black patent shoes with straps. School ties were worn correctly and navy cardigans were worn buttoned up. During inspection each girl was ordered to raise her skirt and allow the mistrissto check she was wearing her regulation navy blue school knickers. If girls were wearing underwear that was any different, she was ordered to remove her knickers at once and report to the headmistriss for 3 strokesof the cane on her bare bottom. After her punishment, she would spend the rest of the day without knickers and would have to go to the nurse at end of the day to reclaim them. Many of the girls had tried it on in the past and paid the price of being caught. Not only were they caned, but if they had PE or outdoor games that day, they were often very embarressed. The correct uniform for indoor games was a white Sports top and navy knickers,if you had been unfortunate to have had your knickers confiscated earlier that day, then the pupil would be running around the gym without underwearand often with the three tell tell stripes across her bottom. Outdoor games such as hockey and netball were played in the same uniform but the girls also wore Navy games skirts. many times as the girls skirts rode up during games, the bare bottoms were exposed to tell the school they were being punished.

Susan’s mother gently prodded her sleeping daughter, ” Susie wake updarling its time for mummy to get you ready.” Susan woke up and found her mother sitting on the side of the bed. Why had she called me susie the girl wondered, she hasn’t done that since I was a small child and she knows I hate it now. Susans mother pulled back the sheets and discovered that she was wet again. Susan’s nightie was bunched around her waist and she was laying in a very wet patch. Her small bush of pubic hair protuding just reminded her mother of how young and pretty she was.

” I will go and run you a bath while you remove those wet sheets and nightie” her mother said and off she went to the bathroom. Susan did as she was told and followed her mother into the bathroom to find a soapy bathwaiting for her. ” Thanks mum” she said and went to close the door but her mother stopped her and ordered susie into the bath. ” I’m quite capable of bathing myself mother” susie exclaimed as her mother picked up the sponge and began washing her daughters back and neck. Susans mother now provoked decided to explain to her daughter how things were going to be now on!! ” Firstly susie, as you cannot seem to stop wetting your bed and your knickers like a little baby, you are in no position to decide whether or not you can bathe yourself. I am no longer going to wash your soddon sheets and pee stained knickers and have decided that as you act like a six month old baby, I am going to treat you like one until further notice.I will tell you this right now, this punishment is going to last for atleast the next six months and probably for 18 months”.

Susan was ordered to stand up in the bath whilst her mother continued to wash her daughter. She was about to protest when a her mother gave her a hard slap on her wet bottom and told her not to say a word. Susan’s mother then produced a razor and soaped her daughters pubic area, ” Susie you are now a baby and Babies do not have any body or pubic hair ” she explained. She then removed all traces of Susan’s maturity and continued to explain the new regime. ” Starting immediatly, you will be kept and treated like a six month old baby girl. You will wear nappies and frilly pink baby pants 24hours a day and will use your nappies for their intended purpose. You will not be able to use the bathroom under any circumstances and I will make no secret of your baby status to anyone.

” Susie immediatly burst into tears and at the thought of having to wear nappies and was utterly mortified as her mother continued. ” In future I will dress you , feed you, bath you, change your wet and dirty nappies and put you to bed. You will be dressed in baby clothes at all times with the exception of school, Whilst you are now a baby full time, your education is important and you will continue to go to school but in future you will be wearing your nappy and frilly baby pants under your school skirt instead of your navy blue school knickers”.

Susan’s mother continued, ” Any disobediance or bad behavour will result in me immediatly taking down your nappy and Baby pants and putting you over my knee for a bare bottom spanking. And trust me I will spank you wherever we may be and in front of whoever is present young lady. After any spanking, you will stand in the corner for one hour with your nappy round your ankles and your baby dress pinned up at the back. I won’t care if we have or are expecting visitors during this punishment, it will be carried out immediately.” Susan’s mother ordered the sobbing girl out of the bath and began to dry her. She continued to explain the new life for baby susie, ” I want you to know susie that I will not keep your baby life a secret from anyone.Whilst you are at home you will be dressed in your baby clothes and your nappies and frilly baby pants will always be visible to whoever is present. If your friends visit they will see you as a baby and you will be spanked in front of them and also sat on the potty in front of them whenever it’s neccessary.When we go out shopping or to the park or beach or to visit any of mummys friends, you will be dressed as a baby and again your nappy and frilly baby pants will be visible for all to see.”

Susie could not believe what she was hearing and cried uncontrollably as her mother led her back to her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She picked up a large white fluffy nappy and slid it neatly under susan,s bottom. She then picked up a tub of nappy cream and began to rub it into the girls now shaved and hairless pubic area.

Lifting the sobbing girls legs high in the air, she began rubbing the cream into the girls small bottom and then sprinkled an ample amount of baby powder into the girlsnappy area. Quickly and expertly she then drew the nappy up between the girls legs and pinned it tightly on either side with large pink nappy pins. Next she put susies’s legs through a pair of pink frilly plastic baby pants and pulled them up securely over the bulging nappy, tucking in all parts of the nappy that were outside of the leg and waist holes. Susie tried to pu her legs together but found the nappy so bulky that this was impossible. Next her mother pulled a pair of white ankle socks over her feet. These had pretty pink bows on either side and looked very babyish.Then to susie’s suprise and astonishment, her mother produced a short babydress with puff sleaves and a smocked top in pale pink and ordered susie to sit up whilst she pulled the baby dress over the girls head and zipped it up at the back.

Susies mother then brushed the poor girls hair and tied her hair into two pig tails with pink ribbon To complete the baby attire,a dummy attached to a piece of matching pink ribbon was put over her head and the dummy placed into her mouth. Susan still in tears was then led over to the full length bedroom mirror and stared in horror at the reflection of herself. her hair tied up in pigtails with ribbons that matched her pretty but very short pink baby dress that left her nappies and frilly baby pants clearly exposed. Susan looked every bit the baby she was now to become and her mother delighted in continuing to expain the new rules. ” From now on susan, this is how you will be dressed when you are not at school. As I told you earlier, I don’t care if we have company or not, or if we are visiting, shopping or simply at home on our own. You will NOT touch or attempt to remove your nappies at any time and I or whichever grown up is present will change your nappies when they need changing. In future after I have fed and changed you when you come home from school you will be put to bed at 6:30pm every night unless we have company and I allow you to stay up until 7:30pm. If I have to go out and you can’t come with me I will have a baby sitter for you, who incidently will spank you in the same way as I will if you are naughty. All bare bottom spankings will result in you standing in the corner or put to bed immediatly.”Susan was then led down stairs and due to the thickness of her nappy she could only waddle like a baby. Her mother sat her down at the kitchen table and produced a baby bottle of warm milk for her.

Before giving her the bottle to suck on, her mother tied a pretty white satin bib around the girls neck with ” Baby” in large letters embroidered into it. Susan suckedon the nipple of the bottle and began pondering how she was going to manage on monday at school wearing nappies and frilly baby pants under her navy school skirt. perhaps she could take them off when she got to school and she still had a pair of navy Knickers in her locker she could change into. The utter shame and mortification she would endure if her classmates found out was too much for the poor girl to bear and she burst into fresh tears again.

Susan’s mind began to wander back to the previous Monday at school, She had been shopping with her best friend Jenny the weekend before and they had bought some rather sexy underwear. Both had vowed to wear their new purchases to school on the monday and had laughed with nervous apprehension at the thought of a spot check that day and the resulting caning that would follow. Netherless they had decided to risk it and with no spot check that morning were giggling and making jokes during lessons.

Susan had been warned to stay quiet and to stop misbehaving earlier and her teacher was getting more than annoyed that her warnings were going on deaf ears. Without further warning her teacher bellowed “Susan bards come out here this instant ” . Susan got to her feet and proceeded to the front of the class to face her now fuming teacher. ” I have warned you enough times already today and now I’m going to give you the spanking of your life” with that the teacher placed a chair in front of the giggling girls and pulled susan over her lap with her bottom facing her classmates. Susan’s short skirt was pulled back over her back and her new pretty undies were displayed to all. ” Susan, these are not your regulation navy blue knickers and for a serious breach of school rules you not only will recieve a spanking from me, but will also be caned by the headmistress at break time today”. She then pulled susan’s knickers down to her knees and proceeded to spank her bare bottom until susan was screaming for her to stop and crying like a baby. At the end of thespanking, susan was told to take the customery position in the corner with hand on head. She was about to pull her knickers back up when the teacher instructed her to leave them round her knees and stand in the corner. The teacher then proceeded to tuck her skirt up above her red bottom and leave her in full view of the class and whoever went by the classroom door.

At break time, she was instructed to remove her knickers and hand them over.she was then marched down the corridoor with her skirt still tucked into the waistband and her bottom and pubic bush on full display to the othergirls. During break she was caned for improper uniform dress and spent the rest of the day without knickers and with a very sore bottom.Susan was awoken from this memory by her mother taking her bottle and replacing it with another full one. This one tasted slightly differently but susan could not place the potent laxitive her mother had mixed with the milk. Her mother was looking forward to some interesting results later that day when she planned to take susan shopping.

Susan’s mind went back to her earlier thought, ” What if I had been sent to school wearing my thick nappies and frilly baby pants ” she thought.”How would I have ever lived down being called up in front of the class and having my teacher raise my schoolskirt and expose my nappy and frillies for everyone to see ” .Her thoughts continued down the same path, ” Would my teacher have taken down my nappy to spank me, What if it had been wet??. everyone would have seen my baby smooth pubic area” The sheert hought of all of this was beginning to frighten her and without realising it she flooded her nappies.

Susan’s mummy noticed the expression on her daughters face and smiled to herself. The diartetic in her bottles had not had time to work yet but Susan had soaked her nappy and was looking very uncomfortbale. Mummy decided that she would leave her in the soaked nappy for a while and instucted Susan to get down from the table and wait for her in the lounge. Susan could only waddle to the lounge, the bulk of her now wet nappy caused it to sag quite heavily and made walking normally almost impossible.

When she had left the kitchen, her mother picked up the phone and called her old friend ” Jack, I would like you to come round and complete the plans as we discussed. Have you managed to finish what I asked you ? ” ” Thats great, I will take Susan shopping and keep out of your way until this evening. see you tonight. Susan is in for a big suprise when she come home “.

Susan’s mother went into the lounge and instucted her daughter to follow her upstairs. Once in her bedroom, Susan was laid on the bed and her mother pulled down the frilly baby pants and unpinned the soggy nappy. ” Lift your legs babykins, lets get you nice and clean, ready for a nice dry nappy.” Her mother gently began wiping Susans bottom and hairless privates with a soft flannel. She then proceeded to rub a large amount of zinc cream into Susan’s nappy area. This was followed by a large dusting of baby powder, Lifting her daughters legs high in the air and gently rubbing the powder into her bottom, Susans mother informed her that they were going out for the day and reminded Susan of the punishment for any naughty behavour whilst they were out. ” Don’t think for one moment that I won’t take down your nappy and spank your bare bottom in the shopping mall. I warned you yesterday that I don’t care who see’s my baby in her nappies and who see’s her have her bottom spanked if neccesary.” Her mother then folded two thick nappies together and slid them under Susans bottom. Quickly pinning the nappy on both sides with pink nappy pins. Next came the frilly pink baby pants which were pulled up over the bulk of the nappies. Susans mother pulled a pink Tshirt over her daughters head which had a nice picture of a bunny rabbit embroided into it.

” Now Susan, I suggest you put your school skirt on over the top of your nappy. I need to see what it looks like anyway because this is what you will be wearing on Monday to school. You can keep those pretty white ankle socks on, I think the bows on them match the pretty ribbons in you hair” Susan gave her mother a horrified look. ” Surely you won’t make me wear these outside mummy ” she sobbed.

“One more word from you my girl and I will make you wear your matching baby dress also. You are a baby from now on Susan, You wet the bed like a baby, You wet your knickers like a baby and you have wet your nappies like a baby once this morning already. Now put your skirt on and come downstairs immediatly. We are going shopping to buy the rest of your baby attire and all the things I will need to cater for such a big baby.”

whilst mummy went down stairs, Susan stepped into her pleated navy school skirt and pulled it up to her waist. she went to the mirror and was shocked to see that because of the bulk of her nappy, the skirt only just covered her secret and she would have to be very careful when she moved. If she bent down everone would get a very clear view of her baby nappy and frilly plastic pants. In the kitchen, Susan’s mother was preparing a baby change bag with some spare nappies, frilly baby pants, cream, baby powder, wet wipes and a couple of bottles full of nice warm milk for her new baby. she expected the diaretic and laxitives to work whist they were out shopping and susan would need at least two or three nappy changes before this evening.

AS Susan came down stairs her mother looked up at her and couldn’t help smiling to herself. Susans nappy and baby pants were very visable from the bottom of the stairs and she looked very much like toddler of three rather than her 15 years. Susans mother told her to go and get into the car and followed her out, before she left however, she popped Susans pink dummy attached to a ribbon into her handbag.

When Susans mother reached the car, Susan was already strapped into the front seat, “Excuse me young lady, what do you think you are doing, Babies are not aloud to sit up front, now get into the back seat like a good girl”.

Susan did as she was told and her mother reached over and put her belt on. Before closing the door she took out Susans dummy and pinned the ribbon to Susans sweater with a pink nappy pin. ” Put your dummy in your mouth and keep it there until I say you can remove it” Susan was instructed. Her mother went on to tell her that if she removed the dummy for any reason she would not only be made to use it constantly around the shopping centre, but she would also receive a bare bottom spanking at the first opportunity. As they drove to the shopping centre, all Susan could think about was whether she could keep her shame a secret while they were shopping, she wondered what additional attire and supplies her mother intended to purchase and she was in deep in thought before she realised that the car had come to a halt at the traffic lights in town and people were staring and laughing into the car window at the sight of this big girl sucking on a dummy in the back seat. Susan immediatly spat out the dummy and burst into tears. ” PUT THAT DUMMY BACK IN YOUR MOUTH AT ONCE MY GIRL !!! ” her mother barked. ” I warned you what would happen if you took it out and I mean’t it.”

“You are now in for a very sore bottom later and don’t think I will forget. You will learn that when I say something, I really mean it” she continued.

They arrived at the car park and Susans mother unbuckled her daughter who was still sucking her dummy and sobbing to herself. Her mother then removed the dummy and unpinned it from her sweater. ” Susan, as this is only your first real day under your baby punishment I will not make you use the dummy in public today. You will however still get the spanking I promised you earlier. As you get further into your new role as the baby of the house again, I will make you use your dummy in public without any hesitation or embarrassment.”

Susans mother locked the car and whilst they were standing in full view, she raised her daughters skirt and exposing Susans nappy to whoever may have been looking she put her hand down the back of the nappy and exclaimed in a very loud voice that Susans nappies were very wet and she would have to be changed as soon as possible. She then pulled the skirt down again,took hold of her daughters hand and marched towards the shopping mall.

The first stop they made was to a large chemist were Susans mother began piling many of the supplies into her trolley for her new baby, Nappy cream, baby powder, baby bottles, dummies, nappy pins, Bibs, baby wipes and jars of assorted baby food. She then picked up a large pink changing mat and a baby potty, turning to Susan and saying quite loudly that at least she could sit her on the potty in the kitchen, lounge or anywhere mummy happened to be. Susan cringed at the thought of sitting on a baby potty watched by her mother or anyone else and then the thought of having her mummy wipe her bottom before laying her on the changing mat and putting her back into her nappies and frilly baby pants.

Whilst they were paying for the shopping, her mother asked the sales assistant where the baby changing facilites were, the lady immediatly pointed to the mummy and baby room at the side of the store and after thanking her, Susans mother grabbed Susans hand and said outloud ” Come along darling, lets get your dirty nappy changed and make you more comfortable” . Both the sales assistant and the people in the queue behind stared in disbelief as Susan and her mummy disapeared towards the changing faciliies. The lady who was directly behind them in the queue turned to the others and made comments about the fact that she thought that young girls bottom stuck out and it was now very evident she was wearing thick nappies under her schoolskirt.

Back in the Baby changing room, mummy had removed Susans skirt completly and laid her daughter on the floor where she proceeded to pull down the pink baby pants and unpinned her very soggy nappy. She was in the process of wiping her daughters shaven smooth private parts and just as she lifted her daughters legs to wipe her now nappy rash sore bottom the door opened and two ladies came in with their toddler children. The ladies looked suprised at the sight but only made comment that no child is ever to big to put back into nappies.

Susans mother continued to clean and powder her as she talked to the two ladies about how Susan was wetting herself and the bed constantly and how now she was being treated as a little baby as punishment. One of the ladies watched the nappy change and commented how sweet she looked all baby smooth and hairless and didn’t it make sense not to have any nasty hair down there to get in the way when changing her nappies.

After mummy had put double thick nappies on Susan and pulled her frilly baby pants back up, she said goodbye to the ladies and they left the store. They shopped for most of the day and despite Susan taking care not to show her nappy under her short skirt, she was totally unaware of the clear exposure it was getting every time she rode the esculater up to the different shopping levels. Mummy of course was fully aware of just how many people were getting very good views and without Susan knowing it, she was the talk of most of the shopping centre within a couple of hours.

Susan underwent one more nappy change in the shopping area before mummy decided that they had enough supplies and they had to go because she had one more stop to make on the way home. They got back into the car and after putting Susans seat belt back on and re-pinning her dummy back to her sweater, mummy pulled a baby bottle from her bag and put the nipple into Susans mouth. Once again Susan was warned not to remove the bottle until the contents were completly gone.

Mummy set off with Susan drinking her bottle in the back seat and once again visable from the pedestrians who happened to look over.

They drove towards the outskirts of town before mummy turned into a street that susan new very well. Her best friend Jenny lived down here and Susan’s fear turned to utter mortification as they turned into Jenny,s parents drive. Once again Mummy undid Susan’s seatbelt but this time made no attempt to remove the pink dummy pinned to the girls sweater. ” please mummy take this dummy off me, Jenny will see it and laugh at me.” Susikins that dummy is the least of your problems now be quiet and come with me .” replied her mother.

As they approached the front door, it was opened by Jenny’s mother who looked at susan and remarked how sweet she looked but did not appear in the least suprised by the site of the fifteen year old looking so toddlerish with her dummy.

” Hi Jane, is everthing ready for us.” asked Susans mother. ” Yes Betty, everthing is finished as requested, I managed to get the last one finished last night.”

Jane turned to Susan and said ” Susie you look so sweet in that outfit but I expect you need your nappy changing by now don’t you sweetheart” Susan looked aghast, how did she know ? , she burst into tears and then spotted Jenny coming into the hallway. Jenny took one look at Susan and could hardly contain her giggles.

Jane turned to Jenny and gave her harsh look. “Have you got everthing ready in the living room ? ” ” yes Mum ” Jenny replied and gave Susie a pitiful look.

As they all entered the living room, Susie’s face crumpled as she saw the many baby outfits which hung on hangers around the room. All the clothes were larger versions of the baby clothes she had seen in any department store and she realised immediatly that these were intended for her to wear.

” Look Susie “,said her mother, “Aunty Jane has made you a complete new wardrobe, look at these pretty dresses, pink ones, white ones, lemon ones, and all so frilly and babyish. “

” I have also made them with frilly baby pants to match, all your new outfits are nice and short to allow everyone to see your matching frilly baby knickers, I have even made you some cute little rompers with poppers on the crotch to make it nice and easy for mummy to change your nappies. “

” Don’t forget the baby bonnets, mittens and bootees mum ” said Jenny trying not to laugh again.

“Well Susie, what do you say to aunty Jane” asked her mother. Don’t you think you should say thank you and give her a nice kiss for working so hard to make all these pretty things for you to wear ?”

Susan burst into fresh floods of tears and in a moment of defiance and trying to save face with Jenny, screamed ” fuck you if you think I,m going to wear this shit!!!! “

In a moment, her mother had smacked her face and in the same movement grabbed Susan and pulled her down over her lap. ” I warned you earlier I intended to spank you for disobeying me and spitting your dummy out, now your going to get twice the spanking and in front of Aunt Jane and Jenny. Lets show Jenny just how much of a baby you really are!!! “

In seconds, mummy had pulled down Susan’s baby pants and unpinned the soggy nappy, letting it fall to the floor. She began to spank Susan’s bare bottom and did not stop until Susan was screaming for mercy and her bottom was bright red from the spanking.

” Right baby, go and stand in the corner and put your hands on your head, you will stand there for 30 minutes and if you dare move I will start your spanking again and may even let Aunt Jane and Jenny have a go.”

Susan, waddled over to the corner and put her hands on her head as instucted. Her frilly baby pants were around her knees and her mother went across and pinned up the back of her skirt with one of the pink nappy pins she had removed from the sodden nappy. She then put Susans dummy back into the sobbing girls mouth and again warned her not to remove it until told she could.

Jenny looked over to her friend, she could not believe this girl standing facing the corner with her bright red sore bottom on full display and frilly baby pants round her knees, was the same girl who only a couple of weeks earlier had been shopping for sexy underwear with her. Jenny suddenly realised she was going to have a lot of fun making the most of Susie’s baby punishment. The two ladies left the room and Jenny was left alone with the sobbing Susie, ” Well baby I can’t wait until Monday when we get to school, everyone already knows you wet your knickers, wait till they hear you wear nappies and those adorable frilly pink baby pants, not forgetting your little baby smooth pussy.”

” You Bitch!!” screamed Susie who was now furious at her so called friend making fun of her, ” I’ll kill you if you breath a word of this to anyone”

At that moment Susans mother came storming back into the room closely followed by Jane. ” Right young lady that’s it, you obvoiusly did not learn your lesson and have disobeyed me for the last time. Perhaps another spanking will make you realise I will not tolerate any more outbursts from you”

With that, she pulled susan over her knee and began spanking the girls already sore naked bottom until Susan was almost screaming. When she was finished, She instucted Susan to stand up and return to face the wall.

Susans mother then turned to Jennifer and asked if she would like to put the baby into her nappies and dress her in one of her new baby outfits ready to go home. ” yes please ” replied the excited Jenny, ” I know just the outfit to put her in ” ” I think she needs to be sat on her potty first ” said mummy. ” Jenny pop out to the car and bring it in would you “

A few minutes later Jenny returned with the Pink baby potty and Susan was instructed to sit on it and do wee wee’s for the grown ups. Whilst she sat there sucking on her dummy, Jane went to the kitchen and returned with a baby bottle full of warm milk and removing Susan’s dummy, she replaced it with the bottle. ” drink it all up baby ” chided Jenny as she smiled at the sight of her so called friend sitting on her potty in her lounge drinking from her baby bottle.

After ten minutes Susan was instructed to lay on the floor and Jenny knelt down beside her and began removing the rest of the girls clothes. When Susan was completly naked, Jenny folded two thick terry nappies and slid them under Susan, she then began to wipe her hairless vagina with baby wipes before raising Susans legs high in the air to continue wiping the girls very sore bottom. After cream and baby powder had been applied to the nappy area, Jenny proceeded to pin the nappy on both sides before pulling on a new pair of white frilly baby pants over the top.

With Susan tightly encased in her clean nappy, Jenny selected a very short, puff sleave baby dress with Yoked neckline and pullled this over Susans head and zipped it up at the back. Next she added a matching baby bonnet and a pair of little white booties with pink ribbons on. for the final touch she slipped Susans hands into a pair of white mittens and tied them at the wrists making sure Susan could now not use her hands.

” Oh, she looks so sweet and babyish ” said Susans mother, ” now lets try her new shoes on “. She then produced a pair a pale pink Mary Jane t-bar shoes and slipped them on Susan.

” Just a couple more things to finish of the transformation ” said Jane and produced a large baby bib with ” baby susie ” embroided into it. Jane tied the bib around Susans neck and for final effect slipped her new baby dummy attached to a pink ribbon over the girls head and popped it into Susans mouth.

Jane, Betty and Jenny looked down at poor Susan sitting on the lounge floor now dressed as a complete baby and sucking her dummy. ” she looks just like she did when she was 6 months old” laughed Jane.

Susans mother agreed and then turning to Jenny she asked ” How do you fancy babysitting some times, you know your mother and I quite often play bridge and like to have at least a couple of nights out a week. You may bring some of the other girls round when you want to ” Jenny jumped at the idea and agreed to baby sit any time she was needed. She was going to enjoy looking after this big baby and exposing Susans secret to as many people as she could.

With everything settled, Betty and her baby Susan left and returned home. Susan was exhausted from her ordeal and fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home. While she slept she again wet her nappies but without realising, she messed her nappies as well. Mummy knew immediatly, she had not forgotten even after all these years the smell of baby Susans messy nappies and she smiled to herself that despite all the tantrums and pleading, Susan was wetting and messing her nappy without realising it and therefore would be a baby for a long time to come.

When they arrived home, mummy helped Susan, who was still half asleep, into the house and up the stairs. Mummy opened the bedroom door and Susan stood aghast at the sight of what had been her bedroom.

The room looked exactly like a baby nursery, the walls were painted in a soft pink tone and nursery prints adorned the walls all the way round. Her carpets and curtains had been changed to soft pink and in the corner of the room was a large changing table with shelfs above, these contained a large stack of fluffy white nappies, a pile of assorted colour baby pants, some which were frilly, some transparent, some nappy pins, baby powder, baby wipes etc. Where her bed had been there now stood a large baby cot with high vertical bars and in the other corner there was a large nappy pail with the words ” SUSANS NAPPY PAIL ” printed in large letters.

” From now on Susan this is your nursery ” her mother explained. When I said you were to become a baby again I meant every word, now lets get your stinky nappy changed and get you ready for beddy byes”.

Susan was laid on the changing table and her mother removed her baby pants and very full and smelly nappy. after cleaning her up and applying the cream and powder, she was pinned into three night time nappies and a fresh pair of pink transparent baby pants were pulled up over her bulky nappy. Mummy then sat her up and removed the baby dress and replaced it with a pink T- shirt with ” BABY ” printed on the front. The T-shirt was again so short that it failed to cover the bulk of her nappy and see through baby pants.

Susan was then instructed to climb up onto the cot and her mother bent over and kissed the girls forehead. ” night night baby” she cooed and pulled the side of the cot up and latched it in place. Susan still sucking on her dummy was already half asleep as her mother wound up the mobile hanging above the girls cot. by the time mummy had drawn the curtains and closed the nursery door behind her, Susan was drifting off to sleep to the sound of the tune playing from the mobile. As she slept, she dreamt about the days events and without reailising it, she once again flooded her nappies.