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By | November 3, 2009

I posted a letter from Addie a while back about her first experience with diaper punishment at my hands. We’ve had a couple more visits since then and she promised to write about them, but it appears she’s just too busy to do so. So, I will have to think of a special punishment for her laziness, but in the mean I wanted to relate some of the fun we’ve had the last couple visits.

The second time Addie came to see me, she told me about her ridiculously strong desire for pain and humiliation. I quickly found out just how true that was after giving her a particularly brutal spanking with the hairbrush. Her ass was purple and I was actually scared I was going to cause permanent harm, but she kept insisting I continue. After about 100 stroke, she began to moan and I could tell she was on the apse of an orgasm. I ran the brush between her legs and over her clitoris and she erupted into a violent orgasm that lasted several minutes.

She also told me about some fantasies she had of putting stinging nettles or poison ivy inside her diaper and then having it locked on for an extended period of time. Since both of those can cause serious medical problems, I told her that I wasn’t comfortable with doing any such thing. I did promise her something she would never forget the next time she came to visit.

By some bizarre coincidence, the day before that visit I had read about a thing called figging. Figging is where you take a hand of ginger, peel it and then trim it into the shape of a butt plug. You insert it into your sub’s ass and it burns like a hot pepper. Despite the burning sensation, it’s quite harmless and was used in the Victorian Era to prevent people from tensing their ass cheeks during a caning. You see, the ginger causes a burning sensation just being inserted into the ass, but it is amplified tenfold if you tighten your ass around it.

On our next visit, I locked Addie into the pillory and stripped her down. I gagged her to keep her from screaming, just in case. When I first inserted the ginger there was no reaction at all. However, a couple minutes later she was desperately trying to push it out by squeezing her sphincter, which just made it worse. The only thing left to do was just try to relax and wait for it to be removed. Of course I had no intentions of removing it right away. While still locked in the pillory, I fastened an extra thick cloth diaper around her waist with a stuffer strategically positioned to keep her from expelling the plug. I covered this with a pair of tight plastic pants to keep her from jamming her hands in through the leg hole and then a pair of locking plastic pants over that. Once they were locked into place, I let her out of the pillory and told her I would remove the plug after she scrubbed my entire kitchen floor on her hands and knees.

After about fifteen minutes, I wandered into the kitchen to check her progress and found her humping a chair trying to orgasm. It seems once the initial shock of the ginger wore off, she was just in heaven. I was glad she was enjoying herself, but I still needed to punish her for having an orgasm without permission. I will post about that another time… =)

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  1. Dprd Post author

    Unfortunately, I have no answer. She is reticent to have any pictures at all made public, but she said she would go through them and pick out some that I could use. I’m not going to rush her though. =)

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