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By | February 27, 2010

Ona contacted me quite some time ago, but was having difficulty finding the time to come see me. Well, this last week she finally found a full day to herself and made the long drive up to see me. She has been craving some serious diaper punishment for a long time and we discussed her desires by email at length. To be honest, we emailed back and forth for so long I was beginning to wonder if she was really a he just looking for some cyber. Unfortunately, that is all too common.

I was quite pleased when she did finally show up at my door. We had discussed her fantasies at length many times, so I got right down to business. I ordered her to strip down and when I found her in panties instead of a diaper, she had already earned her first punishment. First I got her into a diaper and berated her for disappointing me so early. Then I gave her a onesie and a pair of shortalls to wear and let her know what a big baby she was for not following the rules.

Her apprehension was apparent as I prepared the enema bag and led her to the back room where the pillory was waiting. Afraid she might back out, I rushed her along and got her locked into the pillory. I had the gag ready in case I started to hear stronger apprehension. Once locked in, I exposed her ass, lubed up the nozzle, inserted it into her and inflated it. She took a full 1.5 quarts of clear water rather quickly. I was tempted to refill the bag and keep going, but didn’t want to overwhelm her the first time.

Once the nozzle was removed and the diaper pulled back up into place, she was clearly fighting the urge to release into the diaper. I told her if she could hold it for fifteen minutes, I would release her to use the toilet, but within a few minutes I could see the telltale signs of leakage. Before long she was wearing a very wet and messy diaper.

After a few hours waddling around in a messy diaper, I hosed her off with cold water in the shower and then filled her ass with a large butt plug  in case there were any remnants of the enema left. I didn’t want to smell a dirty diaper while I tried to eat. After inserting the plug, I gave her a good paddling so she would be extra uncomfortable when she sat to eat dinner.

By this time, our time had come to an end. She had to get back home to work the next day. She confessed she almost gave in and used our safeword at times, but was glad she didn’t and promised to come back as soon as possible. I look forward to it.

One thought on “Blog: A Day with Ona

  1. derrick

    the girl in the pillory shoud have her top removed then a pair of plastic pants put on over her diaper,then she should be given a good whipping on the bare back,at least 20 or 30 lashes,with a horse whip.

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