Been a while…

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted here. I thought I would just merge the blog into my main site, but people keep asking me to update this blog. I guess I will just post my thoughts and stories here. =)

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to talk about some things I’ve noticed after talking to many girls about how they came to enjoy diaper punishment. One in particular that I heard about the other day…

This girl was raised by her mother and had a single sister. When she hit puberty and started getting her period, she would often not pay attention to certain things and her pad would leak. This would inevitably lead to stains on the furniture. After the first couple times that this happened, her mother started forcing her to wear diapers during her period. She didn’t make her use the diapers for potty priveledges, except one time when she threw a fit about being forced to wear diapers to school. Her mother allowed her to stay home, but insisted that for that week she would not be allowed to use the toilet. Her mother relented on forcing her to mess after the first time, but insisted she use the diaper for #1 until her period was over.

Many people will insist that stories like this are not true. I, however, believe her completely. I have personally witnessed diaper punishment being used on friends of mine(hence the start of my own fetish). There are also a lot of similar stories from other girls. Of course, some might be made up fantasies, but very few of them seemed far fetched to me.

What people don’t realize is back in the day(for people age 30+ in general), parents often believed that children wet the bed because they were lazy, or acting out, or any number of other ridiculous reasons. They truly believed that the best way to get their kids to stop wetting the bed was to humiliate them into wanting to stop. Humiliation was also used often to punish kids for bad behavior. Some of these seem less harsh than diaper punishment(dunce caps, announcing their bad behavior in front of others, etc), but parents back then didn’t think diaper punishment was any worse.

There are, however, some points to be made about these anecdotes. The vast majority were not forced to use their diapers. The humiliation was in the form of exposing them to others while wearing diapers. Some were forced to use their diapers, but that really seems to be a minority. Also, most were not publically humiliated while diapered. They were most often only exposed to their family members, primarily as a means of instilling fear of similar punishment in their siblings.

That being said, I very much enjoy reading your own anecdotal stories of how you were diaper punished. Please keep sending them in. =)


Future Models…

Okay, I need some feedback. I get a lot of emails asking for certain things. Some people want to see new girls all the time. Others want to see the same girls over and over. At this point I think I am running out of authentic ABDL women for photoshoots and I want your opinion on the matter. Here are the options:

1. Continue with authentic ABDL women only. Even if that means shooting the same girls over and over. Of course I will continue to search for new ABDL girls, but currently the tank has run a bit dry.

2. Hire professional models that have no interest in the ABDL lifestyle. Of course the content would be as authentic as possible, but in the end they are just models. The benefit would be very attractive women.

3. Hire the ABDL women I have turned away in the past for multiple reasons. Not to sound harsh, but these reasons usually included being overweight, older than average or just not very attractive. My apologies if that offends anyone I have turned away in the past.

I have included a poll to the right side of this page where you can choose the option you would like best. Personally I enjoy working with real ABDL women. It makes everything much more fun, however, I will do whatever it takes to make DiaperedOnline the best it can be.

Thank you for your assistance.


Self Bondage with Tabitha #2

Tabitha sent me another email describing a recent self bondage adventure she had. Enjoy!


It’s been a few months since my first attempt at self bondage and I’ve had several successful runs with it since. I’ve come up with a bunch of ideas on my own and incorporated some of the ideas people have sent me. Then, a few days ago I was trying a new idea and had my second backfire… sort of.

I have spent a lot of time looking for time release padlocks, or something similar, with no luck. The ice cube tricks were great for single position self bondage and the mailing yourself the key trick is great if you just want to be locked in diapers for a day, but I wanted more restrictive bondage while still being able to walk around. This is what I came up with…

First, I created the key release mechanism through trial and error. A small shelf was installed high on my living room wall – about nine feet up as I have a ten foot ceiling in that room. On the shelf I placed a small desk lamp with a 100 watt incandescent light bulb pointing down onto a separate section of the shelf. In this separate section under the bulb, I placed a a candle that I had melted a string into. The string, in turn, was tied to the key and a small fishing weight. The lamp was then plugged into an electrical timer, so the light would turn on after the predetermined period of time and the bulb would soften the wax enough that the weighted key would fall to the floor. I tested this new contraption several times to make sure it worked and it worked flawlessly every time.

Next came the real test. Three bambino diapers came first with the two inner diapers slit for drainage. A locking pair of plastic pants covered those and was locked at the small of my back. Long socks and a short t-shirt completed my outfit, but not my bondage. A twelve inch long pair of shackles was attached to my ankles to make sure I could still walk around, but wouldn’t be able to climb on anything to get the key early. Last came a waist belt with eighteen inch chains cuffed to my wrists. This would ensure I could still feed myself and deal with emergencies, but not reach higher than my mouth to grab for anything. The timer was then set for 24 hours and I went about my day. I would be able to retrieve the key and free myself about 6pm the next day.

I was soaking wet by bedtime and very messy by noon the next day. By 6pm I was ready to get out and clean up. At 6pm, as scheduled, the timer clicked over and the light came on. After twenty minutes I began to worry as this had never taken more than ten minutes before. An hour later I was trying to think of a way to get the key down. All this worry just made things worse, because I’m one of those people that desperately has to poop when I get really nervous. This, of course, led to an even messier diaper. After four hours, I was sitting on the couch debating my options when the key suddenly fell to the ground. I unlocked myself, cleaned up and then went back to investigate why it took so long to fall. I climbed up on the stepstool and took a look. For some reason only half the candle was melted. The only thing I can think of is that candle was different than the others I had used in the past, as they had always melted completely within 5 minutes under the heat of a 100 watt light bulb.

Despite the issue, I intend to refine this method a bit more as I like it very much. Hopefully I can come up with a more consistent method. Of course, the knowledge that something might go wrong increases the excitement of self bondage. It’s mentally easier when you know you will be released at a set time. When something goes wrong, and you spend more time in that predicament than planned, it increases the danger of being caught. Good luck to all of you with your own self bondage adventures!


Letter from Zach

I’ve had an interest in diaper discipline for as long as I could remember. Always fantasized about finding a dominant woman that would keep me in diapers and humiliate me. After a lot of searching and several bad relationships, I found Stacy – the woman of my dreams – on a fetish dating site. She enjoyed being in charge and was very dominant without being over the top in the fetish lifestyle. She loved the thought of keeping me in diapers and punishing me when necessary. Amazingly she even had no problems with changing diapers – be they wet or messy.

When we started our relationship we discussed many details and agreed that she would be in complete control of every aspect of our lives and I would be her diapered subordinate. The only problem was a small detail I had overlooked about myself. Every time I orgasm, I lose all interest in being submissive and diapered. Sometimes it only lasts for a short while, but other times it can last for days. This is actually a common problem for many men, but it was threatening our relationship because I would become beligerent about submitting when the mood was gone. After a few rocky weeks, Stacy came up with a solution that initially scared the hell out of me. Enforced chastity.

Stacy purchased a CB3000 chastity device and wasted no time in locking it in place. It felt weird having something locked on me like that, but the really weird feeling came when I became aroused. The blood flowed, but my penis couldn’t grow any larger than it had room. It wasn’t exactly painful, but it wasn’t comfortable either. Regardless of my inability to get an erection, after two weeks of no orgasms I began having wet dreams and waking up with that same uninterested in submission feeling. Ever the researcher, Stacy found lots of information online about how withholding release would simply cause increased sensitivity to the point that simply touching the penis could cause an orgasm. Once again, she found an answer to our problem.

From that point on, I was subjected to weekly prostrate milking. Every Sunday, she bend me over the table and ties my hands down. My diaper and the CB3000 are removed. She dons a latex glove and inserts two fingers into my ass and begins massaging my prostrate. After about 10-15 minutes of this, fluids begin to drip from my penis. It’s an ejaculation without orgasm, which removes the added sensitivity from lack of release. Using this method, she has been able to keep me chaste for over eight months now. I am constantly turned on, but orgasms are forbidden.

She also uses this weekly ritual to allow me some time out of the device, which is recommended. I am still bound to the table and unable to touch myself, but it does allow for a temporary erection. After the milking is complete, she will place a butt plug into my ass since I will not be diapered for the next couple hours. She says she can’t trust me not to make a mess on the floor. After I’ve had time to air out and she has thorougly cleaned the CB3000, she will reattach it and put me back in diapers until next Sunday.

Such is my life. I will write more when the opportunity arises.

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First scripted session!

I had an interesting morning with a semi-local diaper girl. Usually when I do a diaper punishment session I call the shots, though I respect their limits. This girl was insistent on following something of a script however, and when I finally agreed we set up some time for this morning. Her script was not very detailed, so I knew this was going to be a short session. Regardless it turned out rather satisfying.

She shows up at my door at the appointed time and I invite her in. I bring up the subject of a safeword, but she insists on playing without one. So, I lead her up the stairs to my room where I had everything prepared. I stripped off her clothes and laid her across the bed on her back. Three bambino diapers were placed under her ass – the two inner diapers being slit to allow drainage through to the third. Her legs were then raised and three glycerin suppositories were inserted as deep into her ass as I could push them with my finger. One at a time I fastened the diapers as tightly as I could without ripping them. This was followed by a pair of locked plastic pants she had brought with her. I placed one of my own padlocks through the chain in the small of her back. One of the two keys was placed inside an envelope I had previously addressed to her apartment. This was later dropped in the mailbox to be delivered to her place in a day or two.

Next I stood her up and started threading a long nylon rope around her body. The rope was tied in such a way that she could be suspended from two hooks in the ceiling with most of her weight resting on the part of the rope that went between her legs. Once suspended a few inches off the ground, the rope between her legs was pulled very tightly against the triple thick diapers, forcing them into her ass crack. The point of this bondage was to prevent her from messing while the suppositories gave her intense cramps. As per her script, she was gagged and left suspended in that position for three hours. Every ten or fifteen minutes I would tease and torment her by tickling her feet or smacking the back of her thighs with a paddle. Despite the obvious discomfort, she seemed to be in a great headspace. I’m pretty sure she even had an orgasm at one point.

After her three hours was up, I let her down and removed the gag. I made us some lunch and we sat down to eat. In the middle of lunch, the suppositories she had been holding all that time did their job and she made quite the stinky mess. We discussed how things went and she was very pleased. After lunch, she got dressed – still wearing the triple thick and now very messy diapers –  and headed home. She will be locked into those diapers until the key I dropped in the mailbox reaches her. She only lives about 90 miles away, but today is Sunday so she won’t be receiving the key until Tuesday. I realized after she left that she probably didn’t realize there is no mail service today.

Scripted or not, I learned some new tricks today. That was a lot of fun and I hope she comes back again. Maybe she will eventually allow me to video tape it.


Letter from Jared

First of all, I just want to say I love your blog and your site. Thank you for all your hard work bringing those of us into diaper punishment some real content to enjoy. I also wanted to share one of my own experiences and hope you are able to post it on your blog. A lot of people will not believe the following story, but I assure you it is very true. Some of the details might be hazy as it’s been quite a few years since it played out, but the general story is accurate.

When I was nineteen, my dad kicked me out of the house because his new girlfriend didn’t like me. He said I was old enough to earn my own way and gave me two days to be out. Without many options, I stayed with one friend after another while working a minimum wage job at a gas station. After a few months wearing out my welcome with friends, I went to stay with another friend and his mother. She was very accomodating and told me I could stay as long as I needed. She often pushed me to go to community college and get some kind of degree so I could get a real job and support myself correctly.

After a few months, her son Ben(my friend) decided to join the military and went off to boot camp. With him gone, I figured I would have to find a new place to live but his mother(Mary) insisted I could still stay as long as I needed. However, with Ben gone she began to act a little differently than normal. She became very abrupt and would give me a list of chores to do every day. If I was slow of failed to finish them to her satisfaction, she would say things like “You’re lucky I don’t beat your ass”. It was confusing at first, but after a couple weeks she told me that she had found my stash of femdom porn and read the fantasy stories I had written about being dominated by my friend’s mother.

I was quite embarassed, but she insisted we discuss it. After a lengthy conversation she was convinced that despite my hesitance about the subject, it was actually something I was very interested in. So, she told me that my room and board was now contingent on my ability to obey. The new rules were that I would do as I was told when I was told, I would enroll at the local community college and I would quit my job at the gas station so I could focus on schoolwork. Failure to follow her rules would be met with harsh punishment.

To emphasize how serious she was, she ordered me to drop my pants and lie across her lap. I wasn’t sure how to react at first, but the look in her eye told me she was very serious. I slowly dropped my pants around my knees and moved into position over her lap. She grabbed my right arm and twisted it behind my back to hold me in place. Then she pulled my underwear down and in a disgusted tone admonished me for the skidmarks she found there. After a tongue lashing about hygiene, she proceeded to lay into my ass with her hand. After fifty swats I was fighting tears and struggling to get off her lap, but with my feet unable to get leverage on the floor and hands useless I just had to endure her punishment. I lost count, but somewhere around one hundred swats she told me the spanking would continue until I gave in and cried. This first punishment was less about inflicting pain and more about putting me in a vulnerable headspace. A few quick swats later and I was sobbing.

After the spanking, she led me to a corner and placed me there like a child with orders not to move until she said I could. My pants and underwear were now around my ankles and my ass was on fire. I continued to sob to myself in the corner as I contemplated what was happening. This had always been a fantasy of mine, but the reality was not quite the same. The spanking hurt and I dislike pain, but as I stood in the corner I became aware that just thinking about what just happened had given me a raging hardon. After a couple hours in the corner, she told me I could pull my pants back up and finish the list of chores she had given me earlier in the day.

The next few weeks saw a lot of changes around the house. I was no longer employed and was waiting for the next semester of community college to start. I spent most of each day doing my chores the best I could. I only earned one more spanking in that first few weeks when I forgot to trim the grass at the bottom of the fence when I mowed. That spanking was more about punishment than putting me in my place. I was just a quick fifty swats and an hour in the corner. This few weeks did lead up to the next stage in my submission though.

One of the biggest issues she had with me was my hygiene. I showered every day and brushed my teeth regularly, but apparently I had a problem with properly wiping my ass. No matter how much I tried to get clean, I ended up with skidmarks in my underwear. So, one day she decided to teach me a lesson and told me if she saw one more skidmark she would put me back in diapers for a week. The very next day she found a skidmark…

Apparently she expected me to fail, because she was already prepared. She walked right into her room and came out a minute later with an assortment of items – baby powder, baby wipes and the largest disposable diaper I had ever seen. I teared up at the thought of wearing a diaper when it became clear she actually intended for me to wear it. My pants were already around my knees, because she had just checked for skidmarks a few minutes before, so she ordered me to remove the pants and underwear and lie on the floor. I wanted to run away, but knew better and did as I was told. She unfolded the diaper and placed it under my ass, then pulled out several wipes and aggressively cleaned my entire ass and pubic region. Once I was clean to her satisfaction, she sprinkled on liberal amounts of baby powder and then pulled the diaper closed and taped it tightly into place.

I was stifling tears from this new humiliation as she told me that I would be in diapers for one week and my toilet priviledges for that week were revoked. The look on my face gave me away as she clarified that meants I had to use the diapers for everything. The tears began to flow freely at this revelation and I began to sob. She simply stated that I was acting like a baby and I should just accept my punishment like a man.

It was a tough week which led to much more intimate domination. It seems changing my wet and messy diapers helped her jump whatever hurdle was holding her back from the more traditional style of female domination. Rather than simply being a maternal figure that ordered me around and punished me when necessary, things took a much more sexual turn. She began buying items at the local adult toy store and practiced using them all on me. The first items she purchased were restraints, butt plugs and a strapon dildo. These types of items were all center stage in my fantasies, but once again reality was quite different. The fantasy of being bound was incredible, but the reality was that several hours in tight bondage was very uncomfortable. Couple that with a huge butt plug in your ass that makes you constantly feel like you have to take a dump and it really sucks. On the flip side, however, after an intense domination session my fantasies are fueled tenfold. Hate it when it’s actually happening, but love it afterward.

Anyway, after a week in diapers I was allowed to go back to my normal clothes. This didn’t last long though, because Mary realized that she very much enjoyed having me in diapers. So, diapers became a permanent part of my wardrobe simply because she liked them. I got used to hiding them under my clothes and before long I didn’t even give them a second thought. That was just my life for the next three years. It all ended when my friend Ben became injured while serving in the military. He came back home so his mother could help care for him as he recovered. We couldn’t continue this relationship with him around and he was going to be around for a long time. I had gotten my degree by this point, so I found a good paying job and moved on with my life. I’ve had a couple of femdom relationships since, but none quite as good as Mary. Maybe some day I will find that again.

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A Day with Ona

Ona contacted me quite some time ago, but was having difficulty finding the time to come see me. Well, this last week she finally found a full day to herself and made the long drive up to see me. She has been craving some serious diaper punishment for a long time and we discussed her desires by email at length. To be honest, we emailed back and forth for so long I was beginning to wonder if she was really a he just looking for some cyber. Unfortunately, that is all too common.

I was quite pleased when she did finally show up at my door. We had discussed her fantasies at length many times, so I got right down to business. I ordered her to strip down and when I found her in panties instead of a diaper, she had already earned her first punishment. First I got her into a diaper and berated her for disappointing me so early. Then I gave her a onesie and a pair of shortalls to wear and let her know what a big baby she was for not following the rules.

Her apprehension was apparent as I prepared the enema bag and led her to the back room where the pillory was waiting. Afraid she might back out, I rushed her along and got her locked into the pillory. I had the gag ready in case I started to hear stronger apprehension. Once locked in, I exposed her ass, lubed up the nozzle, inserted it into her and inflated it. She took a full 1.5 quarts of clear water rather quickly. I was tempted to refill the bag and keep going, but didn’t want to overwhelm her the first time.

Once the nozzle was removed and the diaper pulled back up into place, she was clearly fighting the urge to release into the diaper. I told her if she could hold it for fifteen minutes, I would release her to use the toilet, but within a few minutes I could see the telltale signs of leakage. Before long she was wearing a very wet and messy diaper.

After a few hours waddling around in a messy diaper, I hosed her off with cold water in the shower and then filled her ass with a large butt plug  in case there were any remnants of the enema left. I didn’t want to smell a dirty diaper while I tried to eat. After inserting the plug, I gave her a good paddling so she would be extra uncomfortable when she sat to eat dinner.

By this time, our time had come to an end. She had to get back home to work the next day. She confessed she almost gave in and used our safeword at times, but was glad she didn’t and promised to come back as soon as possible. I look forward to it.


Shopping with Addie

This morning I had another great session with Addie. I really wish she was comfortable with photos and videos, but alas I must respect her wishes. Anyways, I had something extra special planned for her this time. She has expressed interest in the dangers of public play, meaning she wanted a situation where she was not obviously diapered in public but in a position that she could expose herself.

When she showed up this morning, I had everything ready for her. I stripped her down, laid her on the bed and placed a Bambino diaper with two stuffers under her ass. Then, I pulled out a large 10″ cock shaped dildo, lubed it up and slowly inserted it into her ass. The base of the dildo was much thicker than the tip, so it stretched her out to the point of pain once it was completely inserted. The diaper was then pulled up and taped into place. Once she was diapered, the dildo had several inches of space to slide out of her ass before being blocked by the diaper. This ensured the dildo would stay in place, but not always completely inserted to the painfully thick base. Addie was then dressed in a cute blouse and a pleated skirt that was just barely long enough to cover her diaper while standing. We then walked three blocks to the nearest shopping center.

Once we arrived at the shopping center, I would give Addie simple tasks to complete like grabbing an item from the bottom shelf. She had a choice of either bending her knees and kneeling down or bending at the waist. Kneeling down would cause the diaper to tighten on her ass and force the dildo almost completely into her ass, but the diaper would remain hidden by the skirt. Bending at the waist would allow the dildo to move less, but would pull the skirt up and expose her diaper to anyone standing behind her. Every time I gave her a task to complete, she would glance around first. If nobody was nearby, she would bend at the waist. If she saw someone, she would kneel down and force the anal intruder deep into her ass.

We shopped for about an hour and then headed home where I removed the dildo, but replaced it with several glycerine suppositories before refastening the diaper. I then locked her into the pillory for a couple hours while I got some work done. Once she had sat in a very messy diaper for a while, I released her from the pillory and gave her clothes back. We talked a bit about the day and she was very appreciative of the experience. She then left for home still wearing the very messy diaper. She is coming back again in two weeks, so I need to come up with another great scenario…


Female Members

I was just going through my end of the year paperwork, making sure Uncle Sam gets his share of my life, when I noticed something about the members of Diapered Online. There is a lot more female members than even I would have expected. From what I can tell, approximately one third of all the people that signed up during the 2009 calendar year had female names. That doesn’t include the five or so percent that had names that could be either male or female. Assuming some of those might be men signing up with credit cards in their wive’s names or some such, I would also have to assume an equal number of the men’s names could be women using their husband’s credit cards.

To me, this is just more proof that there are a lot more ABDL women out there than most people think. Luckily I am in a position to meet and interact with a good many of them, as you can see on Diapered Online. And the women you see on Diapered Online are just the women that are local enough or willing to travel and have their material posted online. I have diaper punished even more women than what you see on the site, but they are unwilling to have their material posted. I really do have the best job in the world.


Letter from Roger

This is a cool letter I got from Roger. I think it’s a great story, even though it’s not particularly diaper punishment related.

I noticed that most of the letters and such I see posted online about how people came to develop their diaper fetish as children. Figured I would relate my story, as it happened in adulthood for me.

Several years ago, I developed a tumor in my prostate and the doctor insisted surgery was the best option. The tumor turned out to be benign, but they removed it anyway. During the surgery, however, the surgeon nicked the wrong nerve and afterwards I experienced total urinary incontinence. Here I was, a 30 year old guy that couldn’t control his own bladder. To make matters worse, the incontinence I experienced was such that I didn’t just piss myself all the time. I simply felt no urge to go at all and when my bladder would fill up, the flow would start. This type of heavy wetting made slim undergarments pointless. I ended up wearing full fledged adult diapers usually reserved for bowel incontinence.

Self pity was the new rule and my wife saw it very clearly. She wanted to make sure I still felt like a man, so she began to incorporate the diapers into our sex life. She would curl up next to me in bed and start rubbing my crotch through the diaper and telling me she thought the diaper was sexy. I knew it was an act, but she refused to give it up. Before long, I had simply accepted the diapers and she continued to treat them like a sexy outfit.

Since she was particularly fond of giving blowjobs, we quickly learned that the only way to avoid a disgusting accident was to make sure I wet the diaper right before sex, thereby ensuring I would have an accident during sex. She would often place her hand on my crotch and coax me to pee when she was feeling particularly horny. She would rub just below my belly button until my bladder emptied. After wetting, she would remove the diaper and wipe me down in a very sexy manner and then either climb on top or go down on me.

After nearly a year, my body managed to recover enough that I regained some control of my bladder. I could now sense when my bladder was getting full and could run to the restroom to use the toilet. Diapers were still necessary when not near a restroom for another several months, but I am now completely continent again. Regardless of my newfound control, I still wear diapers all too often. We had such great times when they were needed that we now use them to keep our sex life smoking hot.

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