Letter: Diaper Punishment is Real!

My name is Charlotte and I just wanted to write this letter to clear up some confusion if I can. I’ve read a lot of forum posts around the internet about childhood diaper punishment. Those posts are almost always followed up by lots of other people calling them liars based on the belief that social… Read More »

Origin Story: Diapered in Jail

Hey! My name is Patricia and I developed my diaper fetish while serving time in jail for drugs. I wasn’t any type of addict or anything. I was 19 and got pulled over for having a headlight out and the cop found a quarter ounce of marijuana in my purse. I plead guilty, because my… Read More »

Letter: Diaper Punishment Tidbits

I asked Trina if she would be willing to share some specific stories of her relationship and diaper punishment of her diapered husband. This is her response. ——————————— Hey MrWashington, Absolutely. I don’t have a lot of time to write at this time, but will share a couple tidbits as time allows. As I said… Read More »

Letter: Husband’s Diaper Punishment

Hey MrWashington. Just thought I would drop a note explaining how your web site lead to the permanent diaper punishment of my husband. Hopefully you can post it, so others will know about his shameful life in diapers. Early last year, I found a link to your web site in the browser history of our… Read More »

Letter: Diapered in Hospital

I’m a 26 year old women that developed a diaper fetish as an adult in a very strange way. When I was younger – 18-19 years old – I was quite the rebellious party girl. Always getting drunk with friends, doing extacy and other stupid shit. I also had a thing for being humiliated and… Read More »

Letter: College Diaper Boy

Hello sir. My name is Adam and I’m a huge fan of your site. Even though I am a submissive male and your site deals with submissive females, I like to view your videos and imagine that it is me enduring those punishments. To that end, I would like to share a story of something… Read More »

Origin Story: Diapered at Orphanage

My name is Delores and I wanted to share this account of how my desire for diapers came about. In 1968, I was 12. My mother died and I was sent to live in a catholic orphanage. The sisters that ran the orphanage were quite nice for the most part, but they were very firm… Read More »

Letter: Mary’s Diaper Punishment

I don’t have many experiences yet, but I wanted to share one I had a few years ago. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a thing for the diaper punishment of women. Something about the humiliation of putting a grown woman into a diaper and knowing that I control every aspect of… Read More »

Letter: Diapered Teacher

I met this woman, online, and we started writing back and forth. We eventually agreed to meet at a local coffee shop, in public, near the Lynnhaven Mall. I brought along some toys in a backpack, so she could look at them, ask questions and things like that. I brought an assortment of gags, restraints,… Read More »

Letter: Diapered Co-Worker

Several years ago, I was working at a Hospital in Virginia. And my Co-worker had recently transferred into the area, and was assigned to the same Department as me. We flirted a little bit, from time to time, but nothing major. I always include kinky things while I talk, I mean you never know who… Read More »