Origin Story: Consensual Diaper Punishment

My name is Joey and my diapered history is a bit different than most. I’ve had the desire to be subjected to diaper punishment for a long time. It started during puberty for me and I believe I know the trigger. There was a boy that lived down the street named Mike that had a… Read More »

Letter: Diaper Punishment for Jason

My name is Cindy and for the last 16 years I have diaper punished my husband Jason… You see, when I was 26 I went to this party on the other side of town. I’m not usually the party type girl as I was not blessed genetically. I’m 6’2″ tall and stocky and weigh in… Read More »

Letter: Diaper Punishment is Real!

My name is Charlotte and I just wanted to write this letter to clear up some confusion if I can. I’ve read a lot of forum posts around the internet about childhood diaper punishment. Those posts are almost always followed up by lots of other people calling them liars based on the belief that social… Read More »

Letter: Diaper Punishment Tidbits

I asked Trina if she would be willing to share some specific stories of her relationship and diaper punishment of her diapered husband. This is her response. ——————————— Hey MrWashington, Absolutely. I don’t have a lot of time to write at this time, but will share a couple tidbits as time allows. As I said… Read More »

Letter: Husband’s Diaper Punishment

Hey MrWashington. Just thought I would drop a note explaining how your web site lead to the permanent diaper punishment of my husband. Hopefully you can post it, so others will know about his shameful life in diapers. Early last year, I found a link to your web site in the browser history of our… Read More »

Letter: Mary’s Diaper Punishment

I don’t have many experiences yet, but I wanted to share one I had a few years ago. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a thing for the diaper punishment of women. Something about the humiliation of putting a grown woman into a diaper and knowing that I control every aspect of… Read More »

Letter: Laura Needs Diaper Punishment

The following is a letter from Laura detailing the type of diaper punishment she needs. Enjoy! Finally, I will meet you Master to have my session with you. I enter your house and as soon as you recognize me, you will ask me to get down on the floor so you can put my collar… Read More »

Blog: Alyssa’s Diaper Punishment

Alyssa contacted me a few months ago about doing a photoshoot, but since she lives so far away the logistics just didn’t work out. Finally, middle of the summer, schedules clear and she finally has time to fly out for a shoot. I had seen photos of her before, but they were nothing in comparison… Read More »

Letter: Diaper Thief’s Punishment

Unlike most people, I was not very good at hiding my diaper fetish from my mother. Either I was just lazy or, as my therapist seems to think, I intentionally left my cache of fetish stuff in an easy to find location hoping to get caught. You see, my mother was the snooping type and… Read More »

Article: Enema Training for Diaper Boys & Girls

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of using enemas on the girls that come into my care. I am asked often about usage and such, so thought I would share my take on enemas in diaper training. Safety: – Always make sure your enema equipment is cleaned thoroughly before and after use.… Read More »