Addie’s Experience

I saw Addie a couple weeks ago. Of course Addie is not her real name. It is changed to protect her identity. She was not interested in being photographed or video taped, so a written account of her experience is the next best thing. I fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes, but it is in her own words. Enjoy!


My name is Addie and I just turned eighteen a few months ago. One of the first things I did was join Diapered Online. I’ve long had this very strong desire for humiliation and diaper punishment and now that I was old enough to make my own decisions, I was going to live out my fantasies. I watched the videos on Diapered Online over and over and fantasized that I was the girl being punished and diapered. It was incredible to finally be able to fantasize with visual aids.

Then, one day, I made a startling discovery. The guy diaper punishing all those girls in the videos was actually fairly local to where I live. I immediately sent him an email introducing myself and was surprised to get a reply back almost immediately. We chatted back and forth for a few days, then I asked what it would take to be one of the girls in those videos. He told me all I had to do was show up. I was ecstatic. We discussed my fantasies in detail and I let him know what my hard limits were. He assured me everything would be great, so we made plans for me to visit him that weekend.

I got cold feet and almost backed out. All I could think about was what if reality didn’t match up with my fantasies. As I got close to his place, I nearly turned around and went home. In our discussions, I had insisted on not using a safeword. I wanted this to be a real diaper punishment day without any choice in the matter. That mentality was important to me.

When I rang the doorbell, he answered right away. I expected some sort of meet and greet, but after introcuding myself he jumped right into character. He told me to remove my pants, as I knew the rules and was not allowed to wear pants in the house. I had my jeans about halfway down my legs when I felt a firm swat on my ass. I nearly fell over, because the pants had me hobbled at the knees. He asked why I was not wearing a diaper, to which I had no answer. After a few seconds, another hard swat hit my ass. He asked again, louder this time, why I was not diapered. Not knowing what to say, I simply said I didn’t know. With my pants still around my knees, he placed his left foot on the couch, lifted me up into the air and planted me across his knee. Without saying a word, he gave me twenty hard swats on my ass with his bare hand.

After the spanking, he told me that panties were spanking targets and if I wanted to skip future spankings I had better be diapered. He then pulled off my jeans and panties and tossed them onto the couch. He pulled me off his knee and then led me to his bedroom where he told me to remove the rest of my clothes and then lay on the bed. As I stripped out of my shirt and socks, he went to the closet and came back with several disposable diapers, locking plastic pants and a jar of suppositories. When he saw me eye the suppositories, he told me that the spanking was for wearing panties. The suppositories were my punishment for not being diapered when I showed up.

Once naked, I lay on the bed as he methodically went through all of the diapers but one and cut slits into the plastic backing. There were five, thick Bambino diapers in total. Once he was finished preparing the diapers, he opened the jar of suppositories, pulled on a latex glove and squeezed a little bit of lubricant onto his finger. He lifted my legs into the air and quicly plunged his middle finger into my asshole. It wasn’t huge, but it was definitely an invasion. He moved it in and out for a couple minutes to loosen me up, then added a second finger. Just as I was starting to get into it, he pulled out his fingers and grabbed five suppositories from the jar. One at a time, he popped them into my ass and pushed them up as far as he could. Immediately I could feel them working.

Next, he diapered me one thick bambino diaper at a time – making sure to get them nice and tight. By the third diaper, I knew I couldn’t put my legs together if I tried, but he kept going until all five diapers were tightly taped on. To top them all off, he pulled a pair of pink locking plastic panties over them all and rolled me over onto my side to fasten the lock in the back. Laying on my side, my left leg was sticking way up in the air from the bulk between my legs. After fastening the lock, he pulled me to my feet and I almost fell over. It was possible to walk, but it wasn’t easy. He then gave me a list of chores to complete and told me if I finished them all before messing my diaper, he would let me use the toilet. If I messed before I finished, I would receive a two quart enema and butt plug when he decided to change me.

At first, I figured I’d give it a try and see if I could hold it that long, even though I really did want the enema and butt plug. However, I realized that the sheer thickness of the diapers was going to make that impossible. Under normal circumstances, I could clench my butt cheeks and hold in almost anything. With my legs forced so far apart, the first sign of distress and I was going to make a mess. In fact, I only finished one chore on the list of five before I lost control for the first time. I felt the poop slide right out of my ass, with little help from me, and fill the back of the diaper. After that, I felt a little more squeeze it’s way out every ten or fifteen minutes. It was very uncomfortable, but I loved it!

After finishing the chores, he led me to the dining room and sat me down in a hard wooden chair. This caused the mess in the back of my diaper to find it’s way to every other area of the diaper. Once seated, he handcuffed my hands behind the chair and proceeded to feed me five jars of the nastiest baby food ever created. After my feeding, he made me stand in the corner for an hour while he made himself a big lunch and ate it at the table right behind me.

Once he finished eating, he led me to the master bathroom and had me stand in the middle of the tub. He removed the locking plastic pants and slowly removed one diaper at a time and placed them into a big garbage bag. After the final, and messiest, diaper went into the bag, he turned on the water and starting spraying all of the poop off my body. It took several minutes to get me clean, but he managed. Once I was clean, he told me it was time to clean me on the inside as he led me to the pillory and locked me in. With my neck and wrists bound in this contraption, I realize just how vulnerable I was.

Within a few minutes, I was already aching from standing in this bent over position and he hadn’t even started my punishment yet. A few moments later, he entered the room carrying a full enema bag and a nasty looking inflatable nozzle on the end. He didn’t say a word as he lubricated the nozzle and my asshole. The nozzle slipped right in, but the real surprise came when he began to inflate the thing. A couple squeezes of the bulb felt like plenty to me, but he gave it five good squeezes to make sure. I immediately felt the urge to poop again from the size of the nozzle inflated in my ass. The plug was not inflated more than fifteen seconds before I felt the enema flowing into my ass.

I never had an enema before and my first reaction was panic. I asked him to stop the flow for a second, so I could get used to it. His only response was to force a ball gag into my mouth and fasten it behind my head. Fear really started to set in now, because I realized I was the one that specified no safeword. The enema kept flowing and I felt fuller and fuller. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, he announced the bag was only half empty. Despite my prediction that I couldn’t possibly take more, within a few minutes I had take the entire two quarts from the bag.

He warned me to hold it in as he slowly deflated the nozzle. As he pulled the deflated nozzle from my ass, I clenched my ass as tight as I could. I expected him to put on another diaper, so I could release the enema. Instead I felt something else being pressed against my ass. I had forgotten that he promised me an enema AND a butt plug. The plug was a lot bigger than the nozzle and I felt my ass slowly stretch around the intruder. Just as I thought it was going to split me in half, I felt it slide all the way in as my sphincter grabbed hold of the narrow base. As he explained that the enema needed to be retained for fifteen minutes, I felt the new plug inflate inside my ass. The inflatable nozzle was bad, but this was far worse. Three pumps later, I desperately need to poop. The finally touch came when he flipped a switch and the plug in my ass began to vibrate.

As I stood there, unable to focus on anything but my ass, I heard him in the other room cutting slits in more diapers. After the promised fifteen minutes, he released me from the pillory but kept the plug in my ass. He led me back to the bedroom and laid me across a plastic sheet and a towel under my ass. He placed another five thick diapers under my ass and then deflated the plug. He pulled it out slow and cautioned me not to make a mess. I squeezed my cheeks together and managed not to spill. He quickly fastened all five diapers into place and then told me to stand. He pulled a canvas straitjacket from the closet and ordered me to put my arms into place. He pulled all of the straps tight, so my upper body was completely immobile. Then, he pulled the crotch straps up and tightened them extra tight – forcing the thick diaper up. Next, he turned me around and pushed me down on the bed. As soon as I hit the bed, my sphincter failed and the enema began to fill the diaper. He pulled me up into the middle of the bed, removed the gag from my mouth and told me to take a nap. He then left the room.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to actually sleep, so I sat there and thought about everything that had transpired. Even though it had been a very uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, experience, I was in heaven. I absolutely loved this experience. The more I thought about it, the more turned on I became. I started rubbing myself on the bed through the diaper and before long I had a full fledged orgasm. Over the course of my three hour ‘nap’, I must have had half a dozen orgasms rubbing myself through the messy diaper I was wearing.

After three hours, he came back into the room and gave me a few swats on my ass. He could tell what I had been up to somehow and commented about it. Our pre-discussed time was up, so he helped me stand as he removed the straitjacket. I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower. There was no diaper rash, but there was a bit of chafing. This would be my constant reminder of this day for the next week. I felt completely submissive and humble. What a great day!

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This Week’s Update

The small update this week on http://www.diaperedonline.com is due to a major hard drive failure. Of course, I didn’t have anything backed up. That would be too smart. lol. Anyway, I’m working on recovering everything off the hard drive and will make up for the small update this week with a big update next week(or sooner if all goes well with the drive).

Even though it’s small, this week’s update is bound to please at least a few of you. Diaper Girl Carmen gets her first diaper punishment… She is locked into the pillory, where I give her a full two quart enema. After the enema, she is led to the bedroom for four thick diapers. Of course slits were cut into the first three to allow all four of them to soak up the expelled enema. After being very thickly diapered, a straitjacket is added to prevent her from messing with her diapers. She tried to resisting expelling the enema into the diaper, but when I checked on her eight hours later she was completely soaked and very messy. Very hot!


Diaper Girl Jessica

This one isn’t a preview specifically. I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with a beautiful young woman named Jessica. Jessica craves the humiliation of diaper punishment and discipline. She adores being bound very securely for hours on end until her diaper is soaking wet and extremely messy. She is not, however, fond of having her picture taken. She did agree to some photos, so long as her face was not shown in any of them. The following small gallery was approved for posting by Jessica with, hopefully, many more to come as she approves them.

These photos show Jessica tightly bound in a straightjacket with doubled up Bambino diapers. Before being diapered and bound, she had three glycerin suppositories inserted into her ass to ensure a VERY messy diaper. She spent four hours in this position and though she was very hot and sweaty afterwards, she loved every minute of it.


Diaper Girl Jane – Preview

A few photos of one of Diapered Online’s favorite diaper girls of all time. Jane absolutely adores the diaper punishment aspects of the fetish. She always has such a naughty look on her face after wetting or messing her diaper.


Diaper Girl Alyssa – Preview 2

More of everyone’s new favorite diaper girl, Alyssa.


Diaper Girl Brittney – Preview 2

More of this diaper punishment seeking blonde hottie!


Pizza Delivery – Video

During a recent photoshoot with Brittney, we got a little hungry and ordered a pizza. When the guy rang the doorbell, I was ready to answer the door. However, Brittney insisted I turn on the camera as she answered the door with her diapered butt on full display. The pizza guy was very professional and tried to maintain eye contact, but you can see him stare at her diapered ass when she turns to shut the door. Then he stands on the porch for a minute trying to figure out if he really just saw that. LOL!

Click here To Watch Video
Click to Watch!

Searched While Diapered

I got pulled over today by a cop that thought I had thrown a lit cigarette butt out my window. Problem is, I don’t smoke. It was the driver in front of me that flicked his butt and it bounced off my windshield. Anyway, it reminded me of something that happened when I was eighteen.

My driver’s license had been suspended for failing to pay off a speeding ticket and I got pulled over again. The cop had me exit the car, so he could search me and my car. While patting me down, he got to my waist and heard the crinkle of my diaper through the pants. It was obvious he thought it was the crinkle of a baggy full of drugs and said “So what do we have here?”. My response was simple… “Not what you think”. He pulled back the waistband of my jeans, expecting to find drugs, and found a diaper. I’m pretty sure he was more embarassed than I was, as he apologized and rather than give me a ticket he just insisted I walk home.

The moral being… Diapers saved me from a $500 ticket for driving with a suspended license! LOL

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Diaper Sisters Terry & Tabitha – Preview

Two of the sweetest adult baby girls around – real life sisters Terry and Tabitha.


Behind the Scenes – Terry & Tabitha

Believe it or not, this is my ninth shoot with Terry and Tabitha. You can probably tell from the extreme size of their galleries in the member section. LOL

This shoot was pretty much the same as previous shoots. I show up, they take over. No direction, no say in what happens. They are so involved in the AB/DL lifestyle, they just do what they always do and I scramble to get photos and videos.

They started off getting a bit tipsy with some wine to loosen up. They both have very difficult jobs and they need to unwind sometimes. Of course the alcohol led to a pretty brutal pillowfight and a cutthroat game of Monopoly. After a couple hours of fun, they both wet their diapers within minutes of each other. Rather than change into fresh, clean diapers they decided to take a nap and deal with it later.

All in all great fun. I always look forward to shooting with these girls. :)