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I have been a long time fan of diaper punishment. When I was around ten or eleven, my family lived next door to another family with boys around my age. Anthony was a few months younger than me, so we became fast friends. He was also a bedwetter with a mean spirited mother that thought his bedwetting was caused by laziness and not a medical condition. So, in her infinite wisdom, her method of dealing with his bedwetting was to diaper him every night and keep him in diapers all day on the mornings he woke up wet. This led to one or two days a week of Anthony being diapered during the day.

Regardless of the teasing her received from the other children about his diaper punishment, he was still my friend. In fact, I empathized with him and often wondered what it would be like to be in his position. Rather than be frightened by that prospect, I actually came to crave it. I had always felt ignored by others and being diaper punished would definitely grant me some attention – albeit negative.

As I passed through puberty, I thought about being forced to wear diapers more and more. I developed fantasies of extreme diaper punishment and even had my first orgasm while fantasizing about being paraded around the neighborhood in diapers. These fantasies quickly grew from simply being humiliated with diaper punishment to being bound, spanked and other types of punishments.

As I grew older, I found ways of purchasing baby diapers, which I would tape together to make a diaper big enough to fit me. I hid them the best I could, but having two snoopy brothers led to several of my stashes being discovered. My brothers would tease me about it, but they never caught me with the diapers myself, so they really had no proof they were mine. My mother once asked if I had a bedwetting problem, but I was still too scared to admit the diapers were mine, so I told her no.

At the age of eighteen, I moved in with my friend Charles and his mother. After a few months, Charles joined the Navy and went off to boot camp. His mother promised to let me stay as long as I continued to attend community college. The day after Charles left, his mother told me she knew all about my diaper fetish as she had read through my stash of diaper stories hidden under my bed. Being an older and not very attractive woman, she figured exposing my secret was a good way to gain the attention of an athletic young man. She offered to help me live out my fantasies, but I was so embarassed I declined.

After a few days of trying to avoid her, she took the initiative and decided to act out some of the things she had read in the stories I had written. Rather than let it be my choice, she came to me with an adult diaper and insisted I allow her to change me into it or suffer the consequences. Those consequences being exposure to all of my friends and family. I was still apprehensive, but it was actually exactly what I wanted and I submitted to her.

I spent the next three months experiencing the diaper punishment I had always craved. She rather enjoyed changing my diapers and spanking me when she felt I deserved it.  She seemed to genuinely love playing the maternal disciplinarian. It all ended when Charles didn’t make the cut in boot camp and headed home. I stayed there another year while I finished school and then moved on. Definitely one of the highlights of my life.

Over the next few years I had a couple girlfriends that freaked out when I told them about my diaper punishment fetish. They didn’t expose me to my friends, but they didn’t want to stay together either. That is until I met the woman that became my wife. When I told her about my desires, she had no problem with it. In fact, she seemed almost giddy to give it a try. It wasn’t a lifestyle for us, but we did have roleplay weekends almost every week.

We had a great marriage up until I found out she had gambled away my entire life savings. We lost our house and things got bad. Her gambling addiction was so bad, we had nothing resembling a marriage anymore. I tried to get her help, but she refused to accept it. After two years of spiraling downhill, the marriage ended.

That is pretty much my story up to this point. I will post some of the other events in my life another time. :)

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  1. Henri
    9:01 am on October 19th, 2009

    Where have you bought the straitjacket?

  2. Paul
    6:22 am on October 28th, 2009

    Wow those are some good life experiences. I can relate to some of those. I hope you find someone else one day. Right now I am trying to get my wife to be more forceful, it’s a slow process.

  3. Steve
    12:29 am on February 15th, 2010

    I’m happy other members feel the same way I do. I had no idea where to show my dissatisfaction until I saw these posts. I signed up because I saw a beautiful girl in a straitjacket wearing the sexiest most full diaper ever. However since I have sighed up I have seen nothing like your advertisement. I’m pleased to see that you will be bringing in a new girl as I also have seen more then enough of Natalia. I look forward to the better material you are promising.

  4. Ashley
    2:29 am on March 4th, 2012

    I was wondering how to become one of these models. I have never been diapered but i would love to be punished . please let me know

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