First Attempt at Self Bondage

I just got this email from Tabitha about her first try at self bondage. She gave me permission to share it and I think some of you may have some insights for her. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future self bondage projects, please post them. She is looking forward to reading what you have to say.


I finally tried some of the self bondage you turned me onto. After reading some of the threads you suggested and going over some ideas in my head, I came up with a plan. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped…

The self release trick I decided on was to tie a string to a handcuff key with a big knot at the other end. This was routed around the chair in such a way that the end of the string was released, the key would fall low enough that my handcuffed hands could reach either the key or the string and unlock myself. The knotted end was placed under a large 44 oz cup of ice water with a long twisty straw that could easily be reached by my mouth.

The trick here was that in order to release the key to unlock myself, I would have to drink enough of the water in the cup that I could tip the cup over by manipulating only the straw. To ensure that I didn’t drink it too quickly and ruin the entire experience, I filled the cup with ice first. This way, regardless of how quickly I drank the water, I would still have to wait for the ice to melt and drink it as well.

I started off by inserting three suppositories into my ass to ensure a very messy diaper, followed by a thick bambino diaper with three of their stuffers inside. Next, I sat on the tall wooden chair I had prepared for this proceeded to tie my ankles to the legs of the chair and then tied a long rope around my midsection to keep myself seated. Once I was sure the key would fall correctly when the cup was moved, I handcuffed my wrists together behind the back of the chair.

It was already an uncomfortable position, so I got to work drinking the water and waiting for the ice to melt. After about twenty minutes, I could feel the suppositories working and the cup was only half empty. A few minutes later, I had a cramp in my bowels and began to fill the diaper. The thickness of the diaper prevented any kind of eruption, so it was just a slow release of poop. It actually made my ass burn a bit, which I guess was caused by the glycerine in the suppositories. I already wanted out, but the cup was still half full of ice. I spent the next hour trying to tip the cup over with the straw while I continued to mess my diaper further every few minutes.

After nearly two hours in this position, the cup was finally empty enough to tip over. However, the one thing I didn’t think of sent me into a panic. Because the cup was filled with ice, it had a lot of condensation on the outside. This dripped down onto the table and soaked the string with water. When the cup tipped over, the string didn’t budge. I nearly had a panic attack as I started tugging against my bonds. I really didn’t want to yell for help…

Luckily, after another hour, the puddle of condensation dried up enough to allow the key to drop and I was able to free myself. All in all, I think back at the experience fondly, but know that the next time I will need to find a more foolproof method.

Thanks again for giving me the idea! ;^)

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  1. suggestions...
    8:43 pm on November 15th, 2009

    that would have been rather entertaining to watch!

  2. Sarah
    9:05 pm on November 15th, 2009

    Next time put the key under a cell phone that is set to vibrate. Make sure to put it on a slant using a book or something so when the phone goes off the key will slide out from under the phone. I put it up on a cieling fan blade(its already angled). So i can either set an alarm for it to go off or you could wait for someone to call you….

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