Just Models or Real Diaper Lovers?

I get asked this question a lot. Are the women on Diapered Online really AB/DL women or are they just paid models?

Well, every girl on the site is paid for her participation. Mostly because even AB/DL women need a reason to have photos and videos of themselves in diapers plastered all over the internet. Most of us keep this fetish to ourselves and these women are no different. If ever confronted about these photos, they can simply say they were paid to do a modeling gig and they technically wouldn’t be lying. That being said, I only hire models that have a genuine interest in AB/DL.

Some have only a passing interest. They have used diapers or ageplay in their own bedrooms in the past, but for them it is simply a small part of a bigger picture. Others use diapers and ageplay much more often, though it is not a lifestyle for them. There is one in particular that I will not name, so as to protect her privacy, that lives the lifestyle 24/7. She absolutely adores diaper punishment and loves to be left in wet and messy diapers for extended periods of time.

As I talked about in a previous post, there seems to be a distinct difference between women and men in this fetish. Men tend to go full bore into it and diapers sort of take over their lives. Women tend to be more casual about their interests. The majority of the women featured on Diapered Online tend to prefer a ‘little girl’ role. They want their ‘Daddy’ to take care of them and nurture them – with or without the diapers.

In short, every girl I have worked with has shown me they have a passing interest or better in diapers. While it is possible they lied to get a paying job, I doubt it. Also, if I wanted to just hire professional models, rather than real diaper girls, the site would feature many more women and every one of them would be extremely gorgeous. =)

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