Wet/Messy, Real or Fake?

I get a lot of emails asking if the wet and messy diapers on Diapered Online are real. At first they insisted they weren’t real, because the liquid was clear and indicated it was just water. The problem was that the girls didn’t always have to pee during a shoot, so I would have them drink lots and lots of water. Drinking lots of water has the effect of making your urine very clear – like water.

Since so many people were upset that they didn’t pee yellow, I began giving the girls B-Complex vitamins, which has the effect of making them pee bright yellow regardless of how much water they drink. Of course, some people just can’t be happy and insisted it was TOO yellow and must be food coloring, dye or something else.

Then we come to messy diapers, which has the same issues. Most people only have a bowel movement once a day or less. So shooting messy diaper scenes are very tricky. The only way to get a girl to have a bowel movement when needed is through the use of enemas or suppositories. The problem with this is they tend to be very runny rather than solid. This led to complaints that it didn’t look like a true messy diaper. Unfortunately, there really is no way around this one.

That being said, I can assure everyone that every wet and/or messy scene on Diapered Online is very real. Of course it takes some coaxing and assistance, but the end result is very real.

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  1. luvtobediapered
    1:33 pm on October 23rd, 2009

    I tend to find that more people rather see the effect of an enema anyways than a regular messed diaper. A regular messed diaper is not always a guarantee that you will be able to tell that it is messed from a photographic image.

    An enema will show up through the diaper, while a regular messing will most likely result in just a bulge; maybe not even a noticable bulge.

  2. dlrob
    1:29 pm on October 25th, 2009

    Hi, I agree, messy diapers caused by enemas are much better than just a bulge. Also like the idea that the girl really had to let go the mess. Even if she wanted to keep it in, she eventually had to use the diaper.

    Anyway, never mind what other people say, just have fun making your pictures! As long as you like it, that’s the most important thing. And to let you know, I like your blog very much! Keep up the good work ;-)…

  3. suggestions...
    1:27 pm on October 27th, 2009

    if you are going to tell us you used an disposable enema, why cant you just film it and show us… 1 fluid video: enema, diaper, mess.

    A good amount of the videos look great… but there are some that are rather questionable…

    just my 2c

  4. Dprd
    3:08 pm on October 27th, 2009

    In some cases that is possible and I will keep it in mind. Some girls, however, have specific requirements when doing a shoot. Some require no nudity on camera. Others insist that nudity is okay as long as there are no spread leg shots. A few are fine with nudity, but don’t want anything in their ass on camera. Next time I do a shoot with a girl that has no issues with it, I will do as you requested. =)

  5. question
    1:28 pm on October 28th, 2009

    totally off topic and for that im sorry, but i saw you respond to the comments on this post so i thought id just throw this up…

    ive been a member of this site for a while now… and while i never gave it a second thought… until now… the front of site talks about contests and prizes for members… am i blind an never saw them or is that not something that has happened yet?

  6. Dprd
    12:27 pm on October 29th, 2009

    The contests are based on membership. Once you join, I have access to all usernames and each month one active member is picked at random and offered a selection of prizes. Usually a choice between diapers, a gift card to a fetish web site or a few months free membership.

    At first, I tried making it active participation, but nobody seemed interested in adding their information. Less than ten people submitted to the contests.

    At this point, I had hoped some of the winner might be more vocal about their winnings. If they choose not to share, then I must respect their privacy. =)

  7. suggestions...
    3:45 pm on October 30th, 2009

    thats awesome that you are following through with it in your own way though… from what was on the front of site… i woulda been interested in the “exclusive DVD video” which brought to mind content that wasn’t part of the site… but i am curious as to what other site(s) you offer as a gift card? there are few that offer quite this brand of content

  8. Dprd
    8:48 pm on October 30th, 2009

    I need to remove the exclusive DVD comment. Forgot I even listed that. The DVD in question was a ‘behind the scenes’ compilation video that I put together, but then found out that sending it via the mail could open me up to litigation and stopped offering it. I may just add it to the site, but need to get permission from a few people first.

    The gift card is for whatever kinky retailer I happen to buy it from. Adam & Eve, Extreme Restraints, etc. I actually had one from a woman that makes specialty cloth fitted diapers, but she turned out to be a flake.

    If you have other ideas, feel free to speak up. I have my own ideas of what I want to see in the site, but everyone is different. I’d be more than happy to consider all requests and suggestions. =)

  9. suggestions...
    12:29 am on October 31st, 2009

    behind the scenes would be awesome!

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